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The wind howled across the salted water, causing dark clouds to roll from under the starry sky. A lone yacht drifted silently in the dark abyss. Pacifica Northwest-Taylorson rested over the railing, silently sobbing into the cold ocean. Tears blew back onto her strapless, lavender dress. Her running mascara dripped onto her elegant, white gloves. Her long, golden hair was blown back, away from her face. The 27-year-old woman slowly lifted her hand to her burning cheek, trying to suppress the the pain from the handprint that was firmly imprinted there from her husband mere minutes before.

Why did I marry that jerk? She thought as the Pacific ocean roared beneath her. Oh, that's right. It was my parents who wanted me to marry that rich bastard known as Daniel Taylorson so they could rebuild their fortune. Ever since we moved away from Gravity Falls after that weird triangle-guy made us broke, my parents have been nothing but hard on me. The money was good, though. I try to make money make my problems go away, but it doesn't work all the time.

She was brought out of her thought from gagging and hurling sounds beside her. She turned to see one of the boat's waiters bending over the side, hurling chunks into the sea.

"Ahem," Pacifica said, replacing her sorrow with anger. "What do you think you are doing?"

The waiter turned to face her, still green in the face. Milky-brown spittle dripped from his lower lip. "Ugh?" he groaned.

"Don't talk back to me. Now take some dramamine and get back to work!" She yelled.

"Y-yes madam," the waiter said, stumbling quickly back into the boat, only to throw up again.

"And clean that up!" Pacifica yelled over her shoulder. She huffed and leaned back over the rail.

"Pacifica! Where are you?" she heard an oh so familiar voice call out. "The bed is so lonely without you!"

Pacifica growled under her breath. "I just wish that guy would drown this very instant." she whispered angrily.

"Oh, there you are m'lady," Daniel Taylorson said, rounding the corner. His black hair was slicked back, and he wore a navy blue suit and bow-tie that blended well with his thin, black mustache. The wind seemed to pick up speed as he approached her.

"Go away, Daniel," Pacifica said, turning away from her husband. Rain started to patter on the polished wooden deck.

"But then I would be without your beautiful self," Daniel said. A lightning bolt flashed across the dark, cloudy sky. "Come here so I can tell you how much I love you."

"You don't love me! We both know that the only reason you married me was for my body!" Pacifica practically screamed. She then smacked him across the face. The wind was now more forceful than ever.

Daniel turned back to his wife, eyes blaring red with hatred. "Why you littleā€¦" He raised his hand in the air, preparing to strike the blonde heiress.

The boat then violently lurched to one side, causing its occupants to sprawl across the floor. The smell of smoke started to rise above the smell of ozone from the rain. The captain's voice broke over the ship's speakers.

"This is Captain Lunsford. It appears that the starboard side of the ship has been struck by lightning. I must inform all personnel to calmly make their way to the life bo-"


The speakers were cut off by a flash of lightning that hit the bridge of the ship, lighting it to fire. The fire must've met the endless piles of champagne and spirits, for a huge fireball engulfed the top of the boat.

Pacifica was knocked back by the shockwave, stumbling up over the railing. She was suddenly hit by a cold blast as she was engulfed into the sea. She tried to fight her way up to the surface, only to be dragged down again by a sudden force. Her lungs started burning as she tried desperately to find air. The edges of her vision started to blacken. She stopped fighting and was prepared to let death overtake her. Then she felt her head break the surface of the dark ocean. She flailed her arms wildly. Her hand struck something firm. She quickly grasped it and pulled herself onto it. It was one of those circular life preservers that was on the boat.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, she looked up to see one of her favorite yachts engulfed in a fiery inferno. She could barely hear the muffled screams of people above the roar of the orange flames. The boat then started to tip. Pacifica watched until the expensive vehicle was swallowed by the gaping jaws of the dark ocean.

It was now peacefully quiet. Pacifica felt a strange calmness wash over her. She rested her head on the hands that still clung to the inflatable circle. She closed her eyes, letting the darkness envelope her.