A/N: One quick thing. There is some Japanese in this chapter. I used Google translator, but I have no idea how accurate it is. Feel free to translate it yourself if you want to read the dialogue. Enjoy!

Slowly, the darkness ebbed away. Pacifica Northwest saw the blurry form of a man leaning over her, dabbing her forehead with a damp sponge. He had chocolate brown hair and deep, hazel eyes. She couldn't point out any other details for everything was a blur. She stirred ever so slightly.

"I think she's waking up," the man said, turning away from her. He turned back and whispered "Pacifica."

The corners of her vision started to darken. The blackness moved in again. She closed her eyes, but the man remained in her mind.

Pacifica shifted from under the covers. She reached her hand out for her gold-plated alarm clock, only to feel a rough, hard surface. She moved her hand about the area trying to find the time device, but to no avail. She reeled her hand back in pain as a splinter embedded itself into her palm. She opened her eyes and sat up, only to fall right back down from pain, aching all over.

Pacifica looked around her, finally taking in the setting. She was in a small room with a rough, wooden floor and brown walls with no formation. A small, wooden door sat at the far side of the room, closed. She was laying on a small mat in the center of the room with a blanket resting on top of her.

"Where am I?" Pacifica croaked, but immediately hunched her body from the pain in her abdomen. She let out a muffled groan as she hugged herself tighter, eventually moving into the fetal position. Her ruckuss must have been loud enough for someone to hear her, for the door opened to reveal a woman that quickly strided in, she knelt beside Pacifica in a caring manner

"Anata wa okite iru," the woman said. "Kokode wa, kore o torimasu." She held out a small, golden pill and a bowl of water. All Pacifica wanted was for the pain to go away, so she snatched the pill and gulped down the water without a second thought.

As soon as the pill went down her esophagus, she could feel its healing properties taking over. The pain in her abdomen subsided and the throbbing migraine in her head ebbed away. After most of the pain was gone, Pacifica looked at the woman and examined her. She wore a dark-red robe and had her black hair pulled back into a bun. She had tan skin and dark, almond-shaped eyes.

"Anata wa ima daijōbudesu?" the woman said.

"Wha-" Pacifica replied. Her throat felt very parched.

"Anata wa ima daijōbudesu?" the woman repeated.

"I don't understand," Pacifica croaked back.

The woman looked up to the ceiling as if she was thinking. She looked back down to Pacifica and said, "Eigo? English?"

Pacifica nodded.

"Y-You… Ok-ay," the woman stuttered.

"Yes," Pacifica replied shakily. "Can I have more water?" The woman looked at her with a confused expression. Pacifica lifted up the bowl and pointed to it. The woman smiled and took the bowl, returning with more water and a bowl of rice.

Pacifica looked at the rice questionably. Never had she eaten such plain, commoner food. She looked back at the woman, who smiled and said, "Eat. Good."

Under normal circumstances, Pacifica would send it back, order a lobster, and probably fire someone. But these weren't normal circumstances. Pacific timidly took a grain of rice from the bowl and nibbled it. When her body finally recognized it as food, it told her mind to forget all that and eat. Pacifica shoveled the rice into her mouth, not even bothering to chew. The woman just smiled as she ate.

"Where am I," Pacifica asked after finishing her meal.

The woman looked puzzled. She then abruptly stood up and left the looked at the closed door, longing for someone to walk through. Then she remembered the brown-haired man from her dreams. She wished that he could just arrive through that door right now and hold her in his arms.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when the door opened. The woman came back, with a man following behind her, but it was not the one she had hoped. He had very similar eyes and complexion to the woman, but his black hair was pulled up in a top-not. He wore a grey robe and held a wooden walkingstick. He had broad shoulders and was very intimidating.

Pacifica reeled back, frightened. She looked to the woman, who gave her a reassuring look.

"Hello," the man said with a heavy accent. "I am Yamato. This is wife, Chiro."

"I-I'm Pacifica," Pacifica managed to croak out.

"Good to meet you, Pacifica. I'm afraid that Chiro doesn't understand English that well," Yamato said, gesturing to his wife. He then turned and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and hurriedly left, then returning instantly with several cushions, placing them on the sat on one of the cushions and Chiro did the same.

Pacifica turned to them; many questions swirled in her head. She didn't know what to say. Luckily, Yamato spoke before her.

"Boss brought you here a week ago," he started. His voice sounded as if it was full of sympathy. "You was wet and covered in blood. Several bones were broken, you had a major concussion, and one of your lungs collapsed."

Pacifica gasped.

"You are lucky to be alive," Yamato continued. "He said that he found you slung over some debris about 7 miles off of shore while he looked for Spider Crab. I don't know why he brought you here, but he healed you miraculously. Unfortunately, he left for other business yesterday."

Pacifica took all this in, staying strong. However, she still let a single tear streak down her cheek. "Who was he?" she said.

"He is Pines-sama," Yamato replied.

"Piensamah?" Pacifica repeated. It was a little hard to understand all of these names.

"Yes, but he wish us to call him by first name; Moses."

"Hmm. Moses Piensamah," Pacifica said.

Yamato gave a slight chuckle. "Yes. He is good man."

"Where did he bring me?" Pacifica asked, looking around. Now that she had been awake and regained most of her senses, she could tell that the walls were infact made of… Dirt? She could detect a very heavy earthy musk scent in the air.

"You are at my father's farm in Southern Japan," Yamato replied.

"Japan?!" Pacifica cried. "How did we drift all the way to Japan? We were on our way to New Zealand. T-then the storm struck." Her voice started to waver as more tears fell from her eyes. "I...I fell overboard. The boat sunk. Every… e-e-every one i-is…" She couldn't even finish. She just drew her feet up to her, nestled her head in her arms, and cried.