Just a quick note to see who caught the easter egg in the last chapter when you translate the Japanese text. You don't really need to translate it, just look for a Gravity Falls related word. Then read the rest of the paragraph and connect the dots…

Oh, and I thought to change the rating to T just because of some strong language, but it added for some hilarious wordplay.

Dipper sighed as he pulled a small case from under his desk and placed it on the desktop. It was the only thing in his room that he deliberately tried to hide.

"I really don't want to do this," he said as he unlatched the case. "But I have to." He lifted the lid and pulled out a gold plated gun with a screen on the back, a lettered dial on the side, and a blue light bulb in place of the barrel.

He stowed the gun quickly in his jacket pocket when he heard a loud knock at his door. Before he even had a chance to see who it was, the door was thrown open from the other side, followed closely by a panting and sweating Pacifica.

"We need to talk," she wheezed as she tried to catch her breath.

"No, please. Come in," Dipper said sarcastically. Pacifica knelt down on one knee as she tried to bring her heart rate back down to normal.

"Yeesh, Pacifica. Did you crash land on Tatooine or something?" Dipper said.

Pacifica held up a finger until she had enough oxygen for her to stand up. "I found out who stole your invention. It was Yamato!"

Dipper sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Pacifica, I know it was you. I know the motive and the means. Stop trying to deny it."

"But I have proof!" She said. She dug around in her pocket and pulled out a Stan Co. satellite phone.

"You mean the phone that I gave you?" Dipper asked, annoyed.

"No, this is a different one," Pacifica pleaded. "Look inside. Look at this text line."

Dipper looked down at the screen before saying, "You could've easily used that exact same text line to contact our parents and just add the names as an alibi. If this isn't yours, then where is it?"

"I threw it away, remember?"

"Not a very good excuse."

"But 'Agent Y' clearly is for Yamato," Pacifica pleaded.

"You could be right," Dipper said, touching his hand to his chin. "Except for the fact that no electrical impulses were detected by my scanning software while he was in the fields all week."

"But it fell out of his pocket…"

"Pacifica, just stop." Dipper said, firmly. "We are leaving in an hour, so go get ready." He pointed to the door. Pacifica looked up into his eyes, pleading. His stare intensified as he emphasized his gesture towards the door. Defeated, Pacifica sauntered out. Dipper closed the door behind her and returned to his desk. He pulled the golden device from his pocket and placed in on the desk next to the satellite phone that Pacifica supposedly found.

"Is it possible that she was telling the truth?" Dipper questioned to himself. He then rolled his office-chair over to his computer and booted it up.

Pacifica walked out of Dipper's room with her head held low. She could've sworn that it was Yamato, but Dipper didn't believe her. She couldn't blame him, though, given their history.

She meandered back to her room to pack what little she had. Most of the stuff Dipper had bought her at the village. After zipping up a duffel bag, Pacifica decided that she should go say goodbye to the people that have taken care of her over the past month.

Pacifica thought that she could find Chiro in the garden, for she was usually watering the flowers at this time of day. Sure enough Pacifica found her there. Chiro had her back towards her and seemed to be looking off in the distance. Admiring her flowers, maybe? As Pacifica approached her from the rear, she stopped suddenly when Chiro spoke.

"Yes, everything is going according to plan." Chiro spoke with perfect English. Pacifica then noticed a bluetooth bud in her ear. Wanting to not get caught, Pacifica darted under the nearest thing she could see, which happened to be a giant bag of manure. Boy did it stink, but she had to find out what was going on.

"Yes, I did plant the phone on Yamato. I set up everything to look like that dumb, blonde, gaijin was trying to frame him. And remember, I want my payment in yen, not those worthless American dollars."

Pacifica could only hear one side of the conversation, but she could guess pretty well what was going on.

"What do you mean I'm not getting paid yet? I got you the grass! What?! You want me to get the WHOLE plant? LIVE?! How am I supposed to do that? It took me MONTHS to formulate a plan to deliver you what you got! I'm not spending anymore time in this tawagoto hole! Really? Triple? I'll get right on it, Mr. Northwest." Chiro brought her hand up to her ear and took the bluetooth to hide in her kimono. As she turned around, Pacifica tried to sink deeper behind her shitty hiding place and held her breath. Chiro walked back into the house, passing the manure bags without a second glance.

Once Pacifica was sure that Chiro was gone, she let a sigh of relief. She immediately wish she hadn't for she instantly got a wiff of the pungent aroma behind her. She quickly stood up and tried to get as far away from the manure as she could. However, in doing so, she tripped and fell into a trough of mackerel that Yamato's father had recently caught.

"Ugh! Seriously!" Pacifica growled. She pushed herself out of the slimey trough and looked towards the farmhouse. "I must tell Dipper," She said.

Dipper studied the lines of data that was displayed on his monitor. Analyzing the integers, he picked out a particular set of numbers and copied them to his email server and promptly sent it to his uncles. He then switched back to the data table to search for any more anomalies.

It was then that Pacifica barged through the door, not even bothering to knock this time. Her clothes were covered in dirt and other miscellaneous brown spots and her blonde hair was soaked with some sort of oil or grease.

"Hey Pacifica. You stink," Dipper said nonchalantly, not looking away from his monitor.

"Dipper," Pacifica said. "You were right. It wasn't Yamato. It was Chiro. She has been working for my family for months, waiting to get her hands on the recipe. Now, don't you go on about how I'm in denal or anything like that, because I know what I heard." She then promptly stomped her foot for emphasis.

"I know," Dipper said. "I believe you."

Pacifica opened her mouth as she was about to retort something back, but stopped short as her brain processed what Dipper had just said. "Really?"

"Yeah. I know that you wouldn't go this far to clear your name unless you really were innocent," Dipper said, thoughtfully. "A Northwest would've taken pride in their manipulation skills, right?"

Pacifica ran this through her mind before saying, "Nope. I don't buy it. What did you find out."

Dipper chuckled. "I checked for the origins of outgoing radio waves and cross-referenced them with the biosignature readers that I've placed around the property. All energy impulses originated from the locations of Chiro at the time."

Pacifica stood there with her mouth agape. "And why didn't you check this out earlier?"

"Call it an emotional reaction," Dipper replied. He then stood up and looked into Pacifica's eyes. "I truly am sorry, Pacifica. I thought that you would do this for your parents attention, but you have proven that you are strong and reliable. And I am glad that I fished you out of the ocean." He looked down to the floor. "Could you ever forgive me?"

Pacifica reached up with her hand and lifted Dipper's head back up to meet her gaze. She then moved her head in and lightly kissed his cheek. "It's a start," she said.

"Well then," Dipper said, straightening up, his cheeks turning to a light shade of pink. "I believe we have some business to attend to." He then held out his elbow. "Shall we, Miss Pacifica?"

Pacifica smiled and interlocked her elbow around his. "We shall, Mr. Moses."

And so the two walked out of the room, arm in arm. But not before Dipper grabbed a certain golden device from the desk.

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