Sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. Since school started, I've had no time to write. But here it is, the last chapter. I hope you enjoy. By the way, this story was heavily inspired by the novel series Young Samurai, and I highly recommend reading it. I may come back to it later or write a sequel, but I really want to start on my new story/crossover; Brothers: The Origin of Bill Cipher. But until then, I hope you enjoy this!

P.S. if you want a sequel, give me ideas.

Dipper stood underneath the Sakura tree in the main gardens. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, spreading their pink leaves all across the flagstone walkway. Pacifica was at his side, appearing small compared to the authority that Dipper radiated. The three family members of the farmhouse stood before them. Yamato was in the center, his muscles coated in sweat from a hard day's work. Despite his intimidating appearance, he bowed his head in his boss's presence. His father, Masamoto, stood to the left of him. His fingers were sore from a long day's work of tying the grass together for transport that day, but his eyes were calm and gentle. Chiro stood to the right of her husband. A bead of sweat started to form on her brow that wasn't there a moment before.

Good, Dipper thought. She's nervous. Well, she should be.

"Watashi wa koko ni anata no subete o yoba naze anata wa mayotte iru ni chigai arimasen." I bet you're wondering why I called you all here, Dipper said with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Hai," the three replied, although Chiro's reply was small and weak.

"Gozonji no yō ni, watashitachi no sakumotsu no fīrudo no ichibu wa, saikin yukue fumei ni natta, to hokusei sangyō wa saikin, watashitachi no denkyū no bājon o happyō shimashita." As you know, a portion of our crop field recently went missing, and NorthWest Industries recently unveiled a version of our light bulb, Dipper continued. His voice was completely calm with no sense of emotion whatsoever. "Izen, watashi wa pashifika wa meihakuna riyū no tame no han'nindearu to shinjite imashita. Shikashi, watashi wa anata no 1 ga shinhan'nindearu to shinjite imasu." Previously, I believed that Pacifica was the culprit for obvious reasons. However, I believe that one of you is the real culprit.

"Beikoku?" Us? Yamato said.

"Hai," Dipper replied. He looked straight at Yamato. "Yamato. Kono eisei denwa wa, anata no kimono no poketto kara ochimashita. Kore wa, geitaidenwa no shoyū-shaoyobi uji hokuseibu jibun jishin to no ma no tsūshin o akiraka ni suru." Yamato. This satellite phone fell out of your kimono pocket. It reveals a communication between the owner of the phone and Mr. Northwest himself.

Yamato looked aghast. His eyes widened with shock. "Pines-sama. Watashi wa sore o shimasendeshita. Watashi wa anata ga nani o itteru no ka wakarimasen." Pines-sama. I didn't do it. I don't know what you're talking about.

", Yamato o shinpaishinaide kudasai. Anata wa sore o shimasendeshita." Don't worry, Yamato. You didn't do it. Dipper said. "Masamoto?" Dipper turned to Yamato's father. "Anata wa meiyo to kōdo o sonchō shimasu. Anata wa idaina sofu wa sūhai no bushidatta to takeshidō o takaku hyōka shite imashita yo. Watashi wa sore o sonchō shi, anata ga tettoribayaku kin o kasegu tame ni kao o gisei ni suru koto o shinjite suru hitsuyō ga arimasen." You respect honor and code. You're great grandfather was a worshipped samurai and had high regard for Bushido. I respect that, and have no need to believe that you would sacrifice face to make a quick buck. Yamato's father, Masamoto, smiled and bowed his head in gratitude.

Dipper then turned to Chiro. "Anata wa onaji-jikan mainichi kiemasu. Anata wa mise no ie ni yotte nokorimasu. Subete no ketteitekina shōko ga, watashi wa kore o motte," You disappear at the same time everyday. You linger by the store house. All inconclusive evidence, but I have this, he said as he pulled out a small speaker from his pocket. He pressed the black button on the side and played a message.

Yes, everything is going according to plan. Yes, I did plant the phone on Yamato. I set up everything to look like that dumb, blonde, gaijin was trying to frame him. And remember, I want my payment in yen, not those worthless American dollars. What do you mean I'm not getting paid yet? I got you the grass! What?! You want me to get the WHOLE plant? LIVE?! How am I supposed to do that? It took me MONTHS to formulate a plan to deliver you what you got! I'm not spending anymore time in this tawagoto hole! Really? Triple? I'll get right on it, Mr. Northwest.

Yamato's eyes grew wide as he pivoted his head towards his wife. "C-Chiro," he said. "Kore wa hontōdesuka?" Is this true?

Chiro looked down at her feet. "Hai."

"Well, Chiro," Dipper said, stepping forward. "That means that you need to come with me."

Chiro's eyes went from sadness, to fear, to anger all in a matter of milliseconds. As fast as lightning, Chiro turned on her heels and sprinted in the opposite direction.

"Aaand now she's running," Dipper said before taking chase. He was starting to gain on the little woman when she pushed a barrel of tools in his way, making him tumble into the dirt. She looked behind her to watch Dipper fall. However, as soon as she turned back to look where she was going, she saw a fist hurtling towards her tiny nose.

A sickening crunch echoed in the valley as the dirt road was splattered with a spot of blood. Chiro stumbled back, holding her palm to her now sideways nose. She looked up to see the reddened, stationary knuckles of Pacifica Northwest.

"Looks like you do infact know how to punch," Dipper said, jogging up behind Chiro. He took out a pair of handcuffs and bound Chiro's hands behind her back. He then made her go down on her knees.

Yamato and Masamoto walked up to Chiro. Masamoto had a look of grave disappointment on his face, while Yamato just looked heartbroken. He was like and egg; a hard shell on the outside with watery goop on the inside.

"I wish this had never happened," Yamato said to Chiro. "How could you do this?"

"You really think I loved you?" Chiro sneered. "You were just another pawn. I never cared for you."

Yamato looked away, eyes watering.

"Okay, I'm tired of this," Dipper said. He pulled the golden gun from his pocket and typed in some text in the back. He then pointed it at Chiro's forehead.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Yeah, Dipper. What is that?" Pacifica asked.

"Memory gun," he replied. "It's harsh, I know, but I only use it when it's absolutely necessary." He then pulled the trigger, sending a wave of blue energy into Chiro. When the wave subsided, Chiro looked around, confused.

"Where am I?" she said in an Australian accent.

"I am so sorry," Dipper said. "You were on a business trip to Japan when you fell and hit your head on a metal beam. You probably have amnesia, and will most likely never remember who you were. My accomplice and I were about to escort you back to the states." He then hauled her up by her arm and led her to his car.

Yamato stood back, hands clasped in front of him. Pacifica walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Don't be," Yamato replied. "I'm the one who should be apologizing to you."

"I guess we're both at fault."

"That could be true." Yamato looked out towards the sunset, casting its red ray over the mountains.

"Thank you, for everything," Pacifica said.

"You're quite welcome," Yamato said, turning to her. He gave her a small bow, which Pacifica returned. When he straightened up, Pacifica gave him a hug. He was surprised at first, but returned the favor.

After their goodbyes, Dipper and Pacifica loaded into the car with Chiro in the back. Dipper turned the ignition and sped off to the airport.

"So what's gonna happen to me now?" Pacifica asked as she reached her hand out the window.

"Oh, I figured that I would let you work at Stan Co. You know, earn a paycheck. I could start you out in a small apartment. Live like a normal person." Dipper replied, never letting his eyes leave the road.

"You would really do that for me?" Pacifica asked.

"Sure I would," Dipper replied. "We've become good friends now. I care about you."

Pacifica let this run through her head then smiled. "I care about you, too."

The old man knelt in front of the alter. He finished the chalk drawing and lit the last candle before bowing his head. A blue flame emerged from the center of the alter, forming around a shadowed figure.

"Everything is going according to plan, master," Masamoto replied.

"Good," the figure replied. "Now my puppet has some more strings to pull." It then began to cackle a horrifying laugh, which drifted off into the night.