"Jane, you're an astrophysicist with three degrees who has helped save the world from evil magicky-alien things. Telling your magicky-alien husband that you're going to have a baby is the least scary thing you've done in your life."

"I know, Darcy, I know. But what if he's not happy about it?" Jane sighed to her friend, "Will he care that the baby is going to be half human?" A thought crossed her mind, "What if Odin doesn't approve?! What if he disowns Thor?! What if…?"

"Jane, Thor loves you and you're fully human. Odin already blessed your marriage so why wouldn't he like having a grandkid? Oh my gosh, can you imagine big scary one-eyed Odin bouncing a little baby on his knee? Aww! And Frigga's gonna be so happy when you tell them." Darcy cooed into the phone.

The ridiculous imagination of her best friend made Jane a little less nervous. She tried to picture the royal Asgardian family getting excited about a baby on the way, but the only image she could summon was that of the disapproving glares she'd gotten when Thor had announced their engagement. Sure, he'd won them over eventually and Frigga had even hugged Jane a few times, but there was still quite a bit of tenseness at family gatherings.

The apartment door creaked open from the other room and Jane took a deep breath. "Okay, he's home Darce, I'll call you later."

"He's gonna be so happy!" Darcy sung before hanging up.

"Jane, I've returned!" Thor called from the kitchen. Jane got up from the couch, tried to calm her breathing, and went to talk to him. He was, as usual, loading the toaster with poptarts, "Stark got in trouble with Pepper today."


Thor pushed the toaster lever down and nodded. "He completely forgot to do something she asked of him before he went on a mission so when we got back to the base Pepper asked if I had received an invitation. I asked what she meant and -Norns! Her cool anger made all of us cower in pity for the Man of Iron!"

Jane smiled a little. "What was he supposed to do?"

Thor held out an envelope to her with both of their names scribbled onto it. "The Starks request our presence at their boy's second birthday celebration."

After examining the invitation to a pirate themed birthday party, Jane nodded. "Of course we'll go. Hard to believe the little guy is already two!"

The toaster popped and the Asgardian eagerly loaded his plate with the pastries. "Indeed. But it also surprises me that there have been no other young ones to arrive yet."

"That's not entirely true…"

"Ah yes, Barton had another child a few months ago, did he not?"

"Gwennie," Jane nodded, "But that wasn't the baby I was thinking of, actually."

"I can think of no other." Thor shrugged.

"Well, there is a baby on the way."

"Who must I offer congratulations to?" Thor asked excitedly, "Pepper or Laura? Or some other person we have acquaintance with? Dr. Cho perhaps?"

"None of the above."

He knit his brow and thought for a moment. No other couples that he knew of came to mind. Romanoff had already informed them all that she wouldn't ever have any children unless they were adopted. Thor could think of no one else.

"Darcy isn't… is she?"

"Not Darcy."

"I can truly think of no one who might have a young one on the way."

"You really can't think of anyone else? Who else on the team is married?"

"Tony and Pepper, Wanda and Vision - but I know it can't be them, Clint and Laura, and Natasha and Bruce are courting. You said it was none of them."

"Who else on the team is married?"

"Us…" Thor said slowly, "Us?" His eyes widened as a smile crept onto Jane's face, "You are…"

"We're going to have a baby."

"Odin's beard!" Thor exclaimed, jumping to his feet and letting his poptarts fall to the carpet. His hands wrapped around her waist and he started to hoist her into the air, thought about the tiny life she was carrying, and hastily put her back down, "I'm to be a father?" He asked incredulously.

"Well, studies have proven that embryo's are living beings, so technically you're already a fath-" She was cut off as he kissed her and then laughed heartily.

"I am a father!" He shouted and then crouched down next to Jane's stomach, "Did you hear that, little one? I am your father! We will have heroic adventures together and be happier than a dwarf in a mine!" A tear formed in the warrior prince's eye and he beamed up at his wife.

"So I take it you're excited?"

"How could I be anything but?" He kissed her again, "Remind me, how long does it take for Midgardian infants to be born? How long until we can welcome the child into the world?"

"I'm already a month and a half in so you'll have to wait about seven and a half months more."

"We must tell everyone! The team, Selvig, Darcy, your parents, my parents - Mother will be elated at the news!" He paused, "And Loki will be shocked, I'm sure."

"He didn't even think we'd last a month together so this will be a bit of a surprise to him."

"We can go to Asgard tomorrow and tell the news. Heimdall already knows, of course, but I'm sure he will want to congratulate us," Thor glanced upward and then grinned, "And when the child is born we shall have her Welcoming Ceremony and choose a Guardian and…"

"A Guardian?"

"It is similar to the Midgardian 'godfather' or 'godmother', I believe," Thor explained, "Infants in Asgard always have glorious feasts to commemorate their birth and the parents choose a Guardian for the child. The Guardian is like a third parent. They ensure that the growing child is protected and should anything happen to the parents the Guardian steps in and, well, guards the young one."

"Who is your Guardian?"

"My mother's sister, Freya, but now that I am grown I do not see much of her."

"And who were you thinking of for our baby?"

"We shall have to discuss it at great length. It is a vastly important decision and we have many qualified friends." Thor said, but Jane could tell he already had someone in mind.

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