"Hey Nick…I was thinking th-"

"Did it hurt?"

[pause]; [whack]


"Did it hurt? Yes, yes it did."


"Hey Hopps…you know how they say you should imagine your audience in their underwear when you have to give a public speech?"


"Well, what if you had to give a speech at a naturalist club like the Oasis? Wouldn't imagining that end up being a little erotic and make you even more nervous?"

"Have you been drinking?"

"Hopps...if we don't make it out of here; I want you to know I've loved you since the day we met."

"Oh Nick! Oh! I- I- Hey! You scammed me that day!"

"I know. That's what I've always loved about you."

[twitch]; [whackwhackwhack]


"This is a bad idea Carrots."

"Relax. It will be fine."

"No it won't."

"Stop it. Here they come."


"Dad! Mom! I want you to meet..."





[AN - I may need to re-title this to Snippets and Whimpers...or Snippets of Whimpers at this rate.]

"How long would it take the fur on your tail to grow back?"

"Uh...months, probably. Why?"

"Hmm. Do you think there's enough fur in one coat to knit into a sweater for me?"



"What? I didn't punch you."

"Just practicing."



"Experience is the best teacher."


"Why do most of your proverbs involve pain?"

"Do you think Finnick would be willing to let us push him around in the stroller?"

"Uh. Probably not. Why?"

"Just think of the reactions we'd get if we walked into ZPD like that."

"Oh wow. I can imagine the Chief's face. And Ben would go completely spastic. That would be hysterical. I doubt he'd do it though."

"What if we paid him?"


"Cool. Plus it would be good practice for us."

"Ok. I'll ask what do you mean 'good practice for us'?"



[deeper blush]

"Oh my."




"It goes over the top."

"Out the bottom."

"Heathen. Top."

"Country bumpkin. Bottom."


"Wait...is our first real argument since moving in actually going to be about how the toilet paper goes on the roller?"

"It's not an argument. You're just wrong."

"Oh wow. Even I have to say that vixen is striking."

"Really? Where?"




"There's no vixen is there."

[glare];[foot tapping]

"You know I love you Carrots."

"Do I know that? Maybe I would if I was a vixen."

"Carrots. You wound me."

"That can be arranged."