Yoru no Uta
a CCS fanfic by Meghan Kelly

He sat at the piano, staring at the keys, and yet he couldn't play.
His thoughts were so full of her that even music, as much as he loved
it, could not distract him.

In the night, I look up
And see a thousand stars in the sky
I open my heart
And begin to sing

Her voice had changed as she grew, gaining a richness and depth her
childish voice had lacked. Every time he heard her, he thought that
surely her voice could not be any more beautiful, and yet the next time
he heard her sing, he knew he was wrong. She had an angelic voice- or,
if that were not possible, a voice like the wrens back in England.
Pure, sweet, soul piercing beauty.
His fingers touched the keys softly, thoughtfully.

The wind accompanies me
And I sing with all my soul
A gentle song, I hope
You can hear, however far

Such a beautiful song. It suited her. He closed his eyes and let
the music carry him away.

No matter how lonely I am
I'll keep this song in my heart
With my memories of you

And he was thinking of her, imagining her voice singing so vividly
that someow it was not a suprised to hear her voice in reality, lifting
itself in response to the song.

A kind song to fill the night
I'll sing it as well as I can
Riding on the wings of dreams
I'll keep the promise made

And then Eriol heard his own voice begin the last verse with
Tomoyo, and it seemed perfectly natural, one moment of absolute
unirty, to keep in his heart.

Tomorrow with you
I'll sing this same song
With open hearts
We'll sing to the night