Prompt: Klaus and Cami share one last kiss before she dies.

Cami put her hand to her face, using it to shield her eyes from the sun that shone unnaturally bright. Cami knew the sun's brightness was unnatural as the sun itself since it was all unreal. She was in her own mind. Everything she saw and touched wasn't real. Cami felt her hand being squeezed.

Everything but, Klaus Mikaelson, the man himself. He held her left hand as they strolled down the busy street. Klaus hadn't let go of Cami's hand since they left the corner café. How many times had Cami dreamed of this scenario? She and Klaus walking hand in hand for the world to see, like a normal couple. Is that what they were now? A couple? Cami smiled as she mentally called Klaus her boyfriend. This was nice, they never got a chance to be like this.

After Klaus finally kissed her on Christmas, their romantic interlude was interrupted by Cami's death. Compelled to slit her throat the moment Cami realized Klaus loved her by Klaus' ex Aurora . Now, weeks later, Cami was at the exact same place again: death.

The only reason Cami wasn't in pain was Freya's medicinal witchcraft, as well as retreating to her mind. Klaus wanted to take her mind off of her current condition. Cami's body lay in Klaus' bed next to his while Freya and the family frantically searched for a cure. Cami could feel her body weakening by the moment: she was dying. Cami blinked back tears. She needed to be brave, for Klaus, and for herself.

Klaus noticed Cami's change in expression out of the corner of his eye. He stopped walking and turned to her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Besides the fact that I'm dying. Cami used her right hand to hide her eyes so Klaus wouldn't see. "It's a tad bright don't you think? Could you-"

"Done." Klaus spoke before Cami could finish her sentence.

Cami felt the heat on the back of her hand recede. When she put it down the sun's brightness diminished. Cami smiled at Klaus as they continued walking. "Perfect. You know, I'm surprised you don't stay inside and retreat into your own mind all day since you obviously love being able to control everything." she joked.

"Camille, you know I wish to control the whole of the real world, not a fake one." Klaus' voice was mock patronizing. Cami knew he was only half joking. His thumb brushed the back of her hand, "Besides right now it's about what you want."

Cami sighed. "What I want..." She wanted to live. But Klaus had no control over that. "Have you been to Italy?"

Klaus looked offended. "Of course."

"Okay, take me there, now, in here." Cami used her free hand to gesture around them.

"I said I'd take you to the gondola tomorrow." Klaus reminded her.

"I don't want to wait." Cami didn't voice what they were both thinking, that there probably wouldn't be a tomorrow for her. "I know it won't measure up to the real thing but..." Cami pleaded with her eyes.

Klaus couldn't resist when she looked at him like that. He made a show of being annoyed but complied. Cami's neck whipped back and forth as she watched the landscape change around her. She let go of Klaus' hand and moved to take in the new sight surrounding her.

The street they stood on seconds ago was now the edge of a street. The sounds of Italian music floated around them while pedestrians spoke in rapid Italian. Cami's eyes widened as she stood on the edge. She could even smell the salt water. Cami closed her eyes.

"Whoa, who needs travel miles when your boyfriend can recreate whole cities in his mind to show you."

Klaus' blond eyebrows rose. "I'm your boyfriend now, am I?"

Cami blushed. When she looked over her shoulder, she saw Klaus smiling at her. He was teasing her, but Cami saw the uncertainty in his eyes. That's right, Klaus still didn't believe her feelings for him despite Cami she loved him hours ago. Things had been rough between them ever since she turned. True, for a short time Cami lost sight of herself, but one thing that never changed was her love for Klaus Mikaelson.

Cami took his hand. "Only if you want to be." she forced herself to look in his blue eyes. If anyone was uncertain of the other's feelings it was Cami. She still couldn't believe the most powerful and feared creature on the planet loved her.

Klaus cupped Cami's face in the way she loved and kissed her soundly. "I want." he murmured, "I always have." His thumb gently stroked her cheek.

Cami tilted her head into his hand, "So have I." she took his hand and kissed the back of it.

Wanting to keep that wondrous look on her face, Klaus asked, "Do you want to ride in a gondola?"

"Hell yes!" Cami said excitedly. "You know I do."

Klaus gave her a half smile and gestured to the left. A gondola slowly drifted to a stop right beside them. "Hop in." Cami kissed him on the cheek before lowering herself into the narrow boat.

"What, no gondolier?" Cami said to Klaus when he plopped down beside her.

Naturally (or unnaturally) a man appeared at the back of the boat. Cami turned to get a look at him, "He's cute." she said appreciatively. Several large moles appeared on the mans face. Cami recoiled. "Klaus!" she playfully shoved him.

"Call me jealous." he shrugged as they began their journey. Cami looped her arm in Klaus and he didn't bother hiding how pleased he was at her nearness.

The boat navigated through the waterways and Cami looked up at the beautiful sights around them. Suddenly she felt embarrassed. "This is probably silly to you right?" Cami asked. "I'm drooling over a fake city."

"I don't fault you at all." Klaus countered.

"Is it really this beautiful?" Cami's eyes were wide.

Klaus loved when she looked like that. He could see the wheels in her head spinning and he loved being able to put that look on her face. "It's truly indescribable. My memory doesn't do it justice. I haven't been to Venice in years. I can't wait for you to see it tomorrow."

Cami didn't miss the not so subtle reminder Klaus dropped off. She knew he needed her,she needed him. Cami couldn't think about being permanently separated from Klaus without crying. "Tell me about your favorite sights here." she said to take her mind, off of it.

"I have quite a few, love." Klaus launched into a lecture about the most beautiful places in Italy. As Klaus described a place it popped up on the rivieria . Klaus could recall every piece of trivia and history of a building. Unsurprisingly there were multiple art galleries he favored. Then of course, Klaus segued into discussing Italian art. Its characteristics, his favorite artists, etc. Throughout his discourse, Cami listened to him with a smile. Cami's eyes kept bouncing from the beautiful water to the sights above them, and to Klaus.

Klaus was uncharacteristically animated, his talking with his hands, eyebrows raised as he grinned. Cami loved when he discussed art, he became so passionate and frankly, nerdy. Almost human, if you ignored the fact that Klaus witnessed all of this history firsthand. Cami was just losing herself as she watched Klaus' lips when they stopped moving.

"Am I boring you?" Klaus asked.

Cami's face flushed. "No, I was just lost in thought. I'm sorry."

Klaus nudged her with his shoulder. "What had your thoughts so enthralled?"

Cami hesitated before speaking, "Your lips." She said boldly and blushed. Cami wasn't the type to be so forward but what the hell. She was dying and Klaus was here. This wasn't the time to hold anything back. Besides, he was her boyfriend.

Klaus mouth formed a crooked smile before he pulled her in for a passionate kiss."Remind me why you took so long to kiss me?" Cami's were eyes still closed. Her body was dizzy, and she knew it wasn't from the motion of the gondola.

Klaus traced her lips with a finger. "I wasn't sure you shared my feelings. I was afraid, there were obstacles." Cami opened her eyes to find Klaus' stormy. "I shouldn't have waited this long."

"I didn't make it easy for you either." Cami took a step back. "If I could do it all over-"

"I wouldn't change a second." Klaus looked at Cami with desperate intensity. "I've enjoyed every moment we've had." There was a fear in Klaus' eyes before it went away. "And I'll enjoy the ones to come." Klaus added quickly. Cami didn't want to bring up the obvious, that her life was ebbing away at that moment. She laid her head on Klaus' shoulder.

He couldn't stand Cami being so still, as if she were giving up. Klaus needed Cami to move, to be alive. "What else do you want to do?"

"I just want to be with you." Cami snuggled closer to him. Her eyes were closed. "But not for too long. I want to wake up and see Davina and Vincent in a few hours. I want to see them before I-"

"Don't." Klaus commanded softly. "We're enjoying ourselves."

"Klaus, I can't." Cami's voice broke as she looked at him. "I can't act like I'm fine, like I'm not dying."

"You're not!" Klaus glared at her, willing it to be true.

In Cami's periphery she saw civilians and buildings disappear. The music stopped. Behind them, the gondolier flickered away before returning.

"I'm not losing you." Klaus vowed and everything returned to normal.

"I love you." Cami bit her lip before laughing. Klaus gave her a funny look. "I'm sorry. It's not you, it's just...I've never been in love before."

Klaus raised his eyebrows. "Never?"

Cami shook her head. "I thought I was, several times but looking back, I wasn't. I just wanted to be, I used to try so hard to convince myself that I was in love with a guy. He was good looking, nice, great sex-"

"I understand." Klaus cut her off curtly, his mood souring at the thought of Cami being intimate with another man.

Cami threaded her fingers with his. "The point is, I swore I would never fall for the bad boy with the tragic past. I didn't want to fall for a damaged one."

"And you fell for the most damaged man of all time." Klaus finished somberly.

"Yes." Cami agreed. "But you saw the damage in me and helped me heal. With Sean, Kieran, after I turned."

"I am quite compassionate." Klaus mused, grinning.

"Not to mention merciful."

Now it was Klaus' turn to laugh. "That word is never used to describe me."

"Well you weren't mad at me after I snapped your neck." Cami pointed out.

"Because I woke up quite impressed and turned on." Klaus gave her a flirty look. "You were good as a human, and you're good as a vampire."

"I think my favorite part of vampirism is the speed." Cami admitted.


"Yeah, I got through half of the Art of War in like 20 minutes."

"The curious scholar strikes again." Klaus muttered. "You don't love the speed because you can travel great distances in minutes or defeat your enemies before they can bat their eye, you're happy because you can read faster."

"What's wrong with that?" Cami was mock offended.

"Nothing, it's just typically Camille..." Klaus looked at her forehead as if he could see her brain. "I love your mind."

Cami beamed. "I know. I love your-"

"Lips?" Klaus answered and enjoyed watching the blush that crept over Cami's face.

"Can we get off of this boat now?"

The gondola stopped and a ladder appeared. When they were back on land Cami gestured to an apartment complex. "Can we go in?" Klaus nodded and followed her. "How is this working?" Cami looked, over her shoulder as they ascended stairs. "Are you creating this as we go or do you already have everything ready in your mind."

"Curious scholar." Klaus said in a singsong voice. "I'll never tell. May your mind forever be puzzled with the mystery."

"I won't need you to answer. I'm a vampire, I can do this myself. Next time we're going in my head." Cami stopped, realizing what she said. There wouldn't be a next time. Cami saw the hope on Klaus' face.

Klaus was elated. So his brave bartender hadn't given up, yet. "Where are you leading us?"

Cami finally stopped on the third floor. She opened an apartment door to reveal a luxury flat. "This is what I always dreamed." Cami went to the window to check out the beautiful view. "To travel like the rich. Stay in a nice foreign city for a few months, enjoy the place, but not get to attached because I'd move onto the next one. I'd travel light but I'd leave my mark on the city." Cami turned back around to Klaus, who was watching her. "I'd have a flat screen there." Cami pointed to a wall, "My books here, chair there." As she described, Klaus filled the flat with what she wanted.

They moved to the bedroom. Cami glanced at the window "Curtains, lovely white curtains." she moved to another door. "Huge walk in closet, and there-a large bathroom with a shower and jacuzzi."

"So, you have expensive taste after all." Klaus teased.

"Of course, but I can actually afford to have it here." Cami poked his forehead. "Here I get what I want." Cami pulled him close and kissed him passionately. She held nothing back as her hands wrapped around Klaus' neck. His hands went to her waist as she walked him back towards the bed.

"Oh, you want that." Klaus teased in between kisses. They tugged each other's jackets off.

Cami stopped kissing him, her brow creased in thought. "It wouldn't be real would it?"

"Real is a relative term." Klaus murmured, running his hand down Cami's back. "Does this feel real?" He kissed the side of her neck and Cami gasped. "You'll feel every thing." he whispered sending shivers through Cami's body. "I promise."

"So, just as real as any sex dream?" As Cami spoke Klaus kept kissing her, fumbling with her clothes. "Or a nightmare? Or like when you dream you're falling and wake up-"

"Camille," Klaus growled, "Stop talking."

Cami obeyed and Klaus recaptured her mouth with his. They only parted to take off their shoes. When they locked lips and bodies again, they fell back on the mattress. Soon, thanks to their wandering hands Cami's dress and Klaus' shirt were tossed to the ground. When Klaus hands snaked around to her bra strap Cami stopped.

"Wait." Cami rested on the back of her elbows.

Klaus sighed impatiently. "What now?"

Cami ignored him, she needed to know this, "Will you be seeing the real me? My real body? Or just what you imagine it looks like? Will I be seeing the real you or will you be manipulating things?"

Klaus looked offended. "Camille, love I don't have to manipulate or distort any part of my anatomy, I'm naturally gifted in every department." he spoke with a confidence possessed only by people who were handsome and knew it. Cami's concern wasn't really for him but herself. "As for you..." Klaus' eyes traveled down Cami's before finding her eyes again. "I've already seen you naked." he admitted, looking away.

"What?!" Cami panicked. "When?"

Klaus had the decency to look ashamed. "Remember that time I accidentally caught you as you exited your shower..."

"You said you didn't see anything!" Cami's voice was an octave higher than usual.

Klaus shrugged, "I lied." He saw Cami looked ready to slap him. "It's a good thing I did, it's paying off right now." Klaus kissed her neck again.

"It probably paid off sooner than now." Cami muttered.

Klaus stopped kissing her to meet her eyes. "If you're implying I pleasured myself to the image of your naked body dripping wet as you exited the shower..." Klaus bent his head dragged his lips down Cami's jaw, "You'd be right. On multiple counts." he whispered, kissing her jaw between each word.

Klaus kissed Cami hotly and they wrestled each other out of the rest of their clothes. Cami examined her body. It was hers, nothing added or enlarged. Klaus was studying her as she studied herself. When Cami was done her eyes met Klaus'. His gaze was tender and he cupped her cheek in that gentle way Cami had come to love. When Cami kissed Klaus she kissed him with all her being. Both were filled with a want, a need, a desperation to express and consummate their love with their bodies.

Hours later Cami lay comfortably in Klaus' arms. His right arm stroked her back. "How did that feel?" he asked tentatively.

"Real." Cami murmured as she drew patterns on his chest with her fingers. "Each time."

They smiled at each other. Klaus kissed her sticky forehead which, like the rest of their bodies was drenched in sweat.

Klaus kissed her softly. "Wait until it happens physicially. Your energy will be depleted, I assure you."

Cami laughed and closed her eyes, content to rest in Klaus' arms. She could stay in this position forever. Then everything darkened, a quick reminder that even as a vampire, Cami didn't have forever. She sat up, panicked. Klaus immediately rose with her, wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders.

Cami looked at Klaus, tears in her eyes. "It's happening isn't it? I'm dying, this is the end."

"Your heart is slowing." Klaus voice was pained. He felt is own heart beat rapidly.

Cami grabbed his hand, crushing it with all her strength. "There's so much I didn't get to do." Every missed opportunity flew across Cami's mind.

When Cami looked outside the window she saw buildings disappearing. The world she and Klaus built was crumbling.

Cami turned to him. "Tell Davina I love her, and Vincent. He was always a good friend. Tell Marcel-" Cami's voice caught in her throat. "And Hope, she won't remember me. I never opened my own clinic, or went outside the country."

The tears in Klaus' eyes were nothing compared to the tears flowing down Cami's face. She touched her body and looked at Klaus. "Do you think I'll see Sean? And Kieran?" Cami laughed. "I guess I'll see if there's a heaven or a hell. But I won't be able to tell you." Her sobs were uncontrollable.

Klaus held her. "I'm going to be right back."

Cami gripped his hand so hard he felt his bones cracking. "Don't-don't leave me Klaus please. Not now."

Klaus held her face in his hands. "I will be right back I swear it." He kissed her soundly on the mouth before taking himself out of her mind.


Klaus' eyes flew open. He sat up to find Freya and Elijah talking in his bedroom. Their tones were urgent as they conversed but they stopped when they saw Klaus.

"It's happening, right now. Camille-" Klaus turned to her body, which lay next to his own. Cami's skin was pale, her eyelids dark. Klaus' throat was dry. It wouldn't be long before she dessicated. "I cannot lose her!" he exclaimed to his siblings.

"You won't." Freya said, a small smile on her face.

"You found a way to save her?" The hope was evident in Klaus' voice but he didn't care. Elijah shot him a supportive glance, verifying Freya's triumph. "How?"

"An ancient spell I remembered. It's basically a sleeping spell." Freya answered. "We couldn't find a cure. But this way Cami's body doesn't die. When we find a cure, we can wake her after we administer it."

Klaus looked at Cami again. "She'll be trapped in her own body."

"She won't even know it. Cami will essentially be unconscious."

"Then I'll still lose her."

Freya's eyes were sad. She looked away, not used to seeing her brother so vulnerable.

Elijah finally spoke up, "Only for a time, Niklaus. "It's only temporary and I do think Camille will prefer it to death."

Klaus glanced at his brother, wondering if Elijah was enjoying the irony. Klaus wondered if forcing him to put his soulmate under was the universe's way of punishing him for daggering his siblings all those times over the centuries.

"Do it." Klaus told Freya. He looked from her to Elijah. "Thank you."

Klaus grabbed Cami's hand and entered her mind once more.


"Growing up, I always hated Sleeping Beauty." Cami looked at Klaus and smiled, "Do you think this is punishment for that?"

Klaus let out a chuckle. Camille's sense of humor was in tact, good. He hadn't appreciated it as much as he should have until today. They were back by the river way, sitting on a bench. Cami's eyes were still watery from the tears of joy shed when Klaus told her the news. The sun was shining brightly, at Cami's command. She wanted to enjoy it as long as she could.

Cami's body was still and weak but thanks to Freya her mind was as strong as ever. Klaus admired the sunlight hitting her skin, causing her green eyes to pop even more.

"How long until the spell takes effect?" Cami asked him.

"I don't know." Klaus turned to her. "But I do know this-"

"You will wake me up some day. Even if it's centuries from now?" Cami guessed. She kissed his hand. "I don't doubt it. Until then I do expect certain things."

"Like what?"

"I want all of my favorite shows DVRed. If you leave out one episode there will be hell to pay."

Klaus laughed. "Are we revoking the will then?"

"Burn it." Cami commanded.

"Gladly." Klaus' smile was genuine.

"Okay, new instructions. I want all of my things packed up and moved out. Davina can have my apartment. Vincent can have all of my dark objects."

Klaus looked at Cami as she animatedly told him her wishes. "I love you." he said, interrupting her.

Cami grinned and took his hand in hers. "I love you too."

"I'm in love with you." Klaus leaned toward her.

"I'm in love with you too." Cami leaned the rest of the way leaving only a small space between their faces.

"Just wanted you to know." Klaus said sheepishly.

Cami sat up. "The spell's starting. I feel it. Tell Freya-"

Klaus held up a hand to silence her. "We've been through this. I will let Freya know every bit of gratitude you feel." He tucked a piece of hair behind Cami's ear.

"Klaus, I want you to enjoy your life and not continue the mess you've made."

Klaus rolled his eyes. This is not how he wanted to spend his "last" moments with her. "Camille, I assure you I remember every thing you've told me in our little chats."

"There's something else," Cami bit her lip. "If you find someone else, I don't want me to hold you back. Love is-"

"I know what love is, Camille. Thanks to you, and my family. Although it's different with you." His intense stare made Cami blush. "It took me a thousand years to find you. I'm not going to forget you, and I will see you before a century passes." Klaus vowed.

Cami gave him a shy smile always unsure how to react to Klaus' grand declarations. Klaus cupped her face. Out of the corner of their eyes they could see a great white light coming. Freya's spell. They both smiled and hungrily took as much of each other in with their eyes as they could.

"I love you." Klaus repeated earnestly.

"I love you too. Don't you ever forget it."

Klaus and Cami kissed passionately until the light overtook them.


Klaus awoke once more and turned his head to see Cami. She looked no worse than she had minutes ago.

"It worked." Freya said.

Klaus leaned over and tucked a tendril of hair behind Cami's ear.

"Camille will stay like this until we wake her up when we find the cure to Lucien's bite."

Klaus kissed Cami's lips before facing his siblings, determination etched on his face. "Let's get looking."

Yes, I know the prompt said "before Cami dies" but fuck that. We unfortunately got the real deal on TO so yeah I refuse to write Cami's death. I'm not going through that again.