Chaos of the Potter Family

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Chapter 13: In with the New

Dumbledore sat in his office, a year and a half after the defeat of Voldemort, pondering fate. He couldn't believe how quickly his plans for the future had fallen apart. He had expected Voldemort to claim the Ministry, allowing him to take the time needed to turn Harry into a marytr – a noble figure who, in death, would unite muggleborns and pure bloods alike to create a better world, under the guidance of the boy's brokenhearted mentor.

But instead, he was sitting here in the Headmaster's office, all his titles – Supreme Mugwump, Chief of the Wizamgot – outside of the school having been brutally removed. The only reason he was still Headmaster at Hogwarts was that McGonagall had vouged for him, and even then his power was heavily restricted. He couldn't make important decisions without thoroughly informing the other teachers what was happening, why, and why he thought it had to be done. Should enough of them disagree, he could be overruled.

At the moment, he was staring at the student registry – a list that picked up magical children, so offers of admission to Hogwarts could be given when they turned eleven. In fact, he'd been looking at the names that had shown up there for quite a while.

Aileen Euphemia Slytherin

Alyson Samantha Adelle Potter

Jared Edward Potter

Delphini Cassiopeia Black

Jace Daniel Black

Clarissa Andrea Black-Greengrass

He wasn't surprised that Daphne Black (nee Greengrass) had given birth to triplets – while her family was progressive, her father was just old fashioned enough to worry about having heirs to his house. Likely he'd convinced Daphne to take a fertility potion. The second girl could carry the Greengrass name, while the first to lead the House of Black. Perhaps not as traditional as he might have liked – heirs were usually male – but with Slytherin leading the example now, things were changing. That, and Astoria, who seemed to be spending odd amounts of time with Ron Weasley, could always give birth to boys on her own time.

Speaking of was the first name that upset him the most, if only because of how much he had miscalculated. Aileen, Heir to Slytherin. In official control of a fourth of his school, and a fourth of the wizamgot.

The presence of the new Heir of Slyherin explained how easily Harry had been able to defeat Voldemort, who should have killed him, who had seventy years of experience...The child, whom even in the womb, had disrupted all those carefully laid plans he had built up since the deaths of Lily and James.

Dumbledore had never posited that Pansy would defy her family and elope with a Gryffindor. Much less Potter. If he had, maybe things would have been different...

Oh, but it hadn't been Pansy who had gotten the ball rolling, had it? It had been Ginny.

Guinevere Potter.

Dumbledore rued the day he decided to preserve those memories. In fact, he rued that he hadn't done more to interfere, he should have left her in an orphanage, he should have ensured she was adopted overseas. He never should have let her stay, let her know her older brother, even if the eventual marriage between them would have bridged the gap between the radical Light sided notions that the Dark Side that needed to continue to exist for their country to flourish towards its best future. He should have locked up his office better. He should have known that Guinevere, despite her initial sweet, innocent nature, might have picked up on her adopted brother's tendencies to prank and sneak into places.

He had been so sure that Harry, swamped in his grief, wouldn't do anything with his summer, so only posted a single guard to monitor his activities – who was constantly distracted in his quest for stolen cauldrons, at that. It was no wonder the two had been able to sneak about under his nose...

Dumbledore's tired eyes flickered back to the page, a bit further down.

Amber Seline Dursley

So that cousin, Dudley, must have helped with the would explain why Figg thought that Harry's absences meant he was spending time with his cousin's biker group...Dumbledore had thought that Harry's Potter inherited temper meant he'd never forgive the Durlseys – and that the compulsion he'd place on the family that magnified their unease regarding magic would prevent any of them from giving a damn about him.

He had assumed too much. Dumbledore had been ensuring the future and stasis of the world for years since his confrontations with both Grindelwald and Voldemort had come onto the scene. His brilliance had eventually sank into his own mind as infallible, leading him to think he had planned out all contingencies, and that his impressions of people – therefore guessing what they would do and planning accordingly – were never wrong. He always made the right decisions, and the right judgments, no matter the cost...

And yet Harry, his sister, and his chosen wives had managed to pull a slip on him...Gringotts was probably involved with getting him in contact with Hydra (well, that was Malfoy least for the daughter). And then Hydra would have assisted him with the betrothals Lily had planted...

Even in death, that woman was too spirited to be controlled...Lily must have set them up so Harry could take advantage of the system Dumbledore had gone through such careful measures to preserve... he had figured that once Voldemort died without issue (and he would, surely...even if his loyal Bellatrix would do anything for him, Riddle would never have the presence of mind to sire a child. A child that could, in his sickly mind, become a threat to him. Right?) he could step in and control the Slytherin house by virtue of being Chief of the Wizamgot and Supreme Mugwump...and then used its power, and Gryffindors, to shape the world as it needed to be...

Yet Lily leaving those contracts – for Peverell, giving him control of the Hallows, and Potter itself – had given Harry a crash course on the world Dumbledore had deliberately kept him apart from. Death did not prevent her from looking out for her son and daughter. Though perhaps some credit should be given to Sirius as well, for adopting Harry into his still-quite-politically-powerful family shortly before his death.

Guinevere had no contracts...Lily had correctly predicted that Dumbledore wouldn't make her part of the Grand Plan...but that seemed to be moot. Guinevere was getting along quite well with Neville Longbottom...Dumbledore's few remaining spies had reported the two laughing and joking with each other during a party a few weeks ago.

So far, Neville was the only man her age who spoke to her that Harry – King Harry, Dumbledore remembered with a wince – showed even the slightest approval of.

King Harry had gone through all sorts of reforms, pushed through with the aide of his sister, wives, Alys Davis, the Greengrasses, the Longbottoms and Ayla Malfoy – enough to completely overwhelm all protests on the matters. Dragging this world towards the 21st century, Guinevere called it.

And now Luna Lovegood-Peverell was pregnant...likely Hannah Abbot-Gaunt was soon to follow, if only to assure the composition of Harry's powers and silencing any quibbles/attempts to insert a 'distantly related heir' into the house by the other purebloods. Dumbledore winced when he remembered some of the attempts...Guinevere had adopted the Weasley Temper as her own.

A sharp knock on the door distracted him from the lists. "Come in!" He barked, thinking it was Snape.

Instead, it was Ayla Malfoy. Followed by Susan Bones, rookie Auror, and an angry looking Remus and Nymphadora Lupin.

Dumbledore grimaced. It couldn't be anything good.

"Don't look like that," Ayla said waspishly. "You should be grateful it's me, instead of Pansy and Gwen, after I caught your spy trying to get into Aileen's nursery."

Dumbledore whitened. He had warned Diggory to be careful, but it seems inflating the man's quiet grudge for Harry surviving instead of Cedric after the tournament hadn't gotten the results he wanted. He shouldn't have used so much of the potion!

"You're under arrest. Try to flee, and you're an international fugitive. I've already handled that paperwork. Try to spare your dignity, or whatever's left of it."

Dumbledore thought of escaping, but since Fawkes had left him, he had felt helpless. Everything he had tried to build was torn down as Harry and his family created this 'new world'. He wouldn't even know where to start to fix things, and he wasn't young anymore. Many of the Order had left him to help Harry. So he didn't try to run.

The old world was gone...and without it, what was he?

**~Time Skip~**

"Are you worried about sorting?"

Aileen Slytherin, first year in that same house, said, "Really Duncan? It's our bloody last name. Gee, I wonder where we'll end up." Her dark brown hair was tied back in a single braid, her emerald green eyes flickering with annoyance as she regarded her prankster brother.

Duncan Tobias Gaunt chuckled loudly, leaning away from a slightly nervous Jamie Slytherin. The young boy brushed his messy black hair away from his blue eyes. "What if I don't qualify?" Her brother asked her plaintively.

"Nonsense," Aileen's cousin, Iris Dorea Longbottom, scolded, reaching over and ruffling Jamie's hair, to the boy's squeak of alarm. She had her mother's firey red hair and her wild temper, but she also had her father's emotional sensitivity. She was always the first one to stop fights. "Of course you'll qualify Jamie. You worry too much, but you're plenty smart. You just haven't grown into it yet."

The Great Hall was packed, with plenty of laughing, joking and whispering to go around. Aileen slipped over to the Slytherin table, sitting next to her sisters Clarissa and Delphini. Across the hall, their distant cousin Amber waved enthusiastically from the Hufflepuff table, while Jace, Alyson and Jared chatted up their fellow Gryffindors.

A hush came over the hall as the sorting started. McGonagall held up her list and started going through the names. Everyone sat on the edge of their seats, listening for the names of the Princes and Princesses who were beginning their study of magic.

"Black, Jasmine!" The sassy blonde haired girl sauntered up to the seat, amid whistles and cheers from Clarissa and and Delphini. "SLYTHERIN!" Laughs and uproarious cheers erupted from the rechristened Slytherin house, who's reputation was already improved more in the last several years than in the seventy since Tom Riddle had once entered it.

"Black-Greengrass, Justin!" The blonde boy smiled wryly, doing his best to ignore the number of people watching him – he had never been good with crowds – and sat under the hat. "GRYFFINDOR!" The red and gold house cheered at receiving the first Black to their house since Sirius Black, decades before.

"Gaunt, Duncan!" The sandy haired boy shot Jamie a playful smirk as he walked up to the hat. He moved with confidence and swagger. His youngest brother, Michael, had been extremely put out at not being able to go at the platform. "HUFFLEPUFF!" Cheers erupted from the table, and Amber waved him over to the seat next to her.

"Greengrass-Weasley, Valerie!" The girl with golden-red hair ran up to the hat, unable to contain her enthusiasm. "GRYFFINDOR!" There were some jokes about 'no surprises there' and 'Weasley seed is strong!', but Valerie was welcomed with open arms.

"Greengrass-Weasley, Nikki!" Valerie's twin sister had to get a gentle push from Jamie to go forward, being more nervous and shy. Eventually, she reached the hat, and was put in "HUFFLEPUFF!" to the encouraging acclaim of everyone.

"Longbottom, Iris!" Jace whooped and cheered the loudest of all as his favourite cousin walked up to the hat. Those cheers escalated to war whooping as the hat proclaimed, "GRYFFINDOR!", sending Iris to the house of red and gold.

"Peverell, Pandora!" A rush of murmurs followed Pandora II as she walked up to the hat. She had shimmering silver hair and green eyes, giving her a very ethereal and spirit like look. Lightly she sat down and asked, "Ravenclaw please!" "RAVENCLAW!" Pandora smiled warmly as she walked over to the table, nodding at her sister who was waiting in line.

"Peverell, Tauriel!" Tauriel, in contrast to her fraternal twin sister, had sleek, night black hair and blue eyes like her mother. She had slightly mischievous smile which, instead of looking like a spirit, gave her the look of a fox or a trickster. "RAVENCLAW!"

"Potter, Euphemia!" The red haired girl with storm grey eyes walked forward with slight uncertainty, glancing back at Jamie as she walked. When her half brother smiled encouragingly, she sat on the stool and waited to be sorted. It only took a minute. "HUFFLEPUFF!"

Euphemia quickly scampered over to join Duncan and Amber, to the cheers of the house. Alyson and Jared Potter both clapped from Gryffindor, though they were slightly disappointed their little sister wasn't sharing their house. Euphemia was a sweet, loving girl, and a joy to her parents, her aunts, and anyone who spent time with her.

"Slytherin, Jamie!"

A slight hush descended over the hall as Jamie stepped forward, looking much like his father when he first arrived at Hogwarts. Aileen smiled gently at him as he glanced frantically at her, searching for support. She waved compassionately. Jamie squared his shoulders and forced himself to walk forward to the hat. Behind him, his twin sister Shirley Lily Slytherin, was waiting in anticipation for her turn.

The hat sit on his head for two minutes before proclaiming, "SLYTHERIN!" Jamie let out a large gasp of relief, running over to join his older sister. Aileen wrapped an arm around his shoulders while Delphini punched his shoulder affectionately.

"Slytherin, Shirley!"

Shirley walked towards the hat, slowly but with purpose, twisting a strand of her heather brown hair between her fingers. McGonagall saw a spark in her green eyes; hope, passion, and energy. She thought something was special about this girl, just as she had thought about Harry himself years ago.

Shirley sat under the hat, and the room quieted, straining to hear the princess's whispered conversation with the hat. After a few minutes, the hat proclaimed, "GRYFFINDOR!"

The school sat in stunned silence for a moment, as Shirley stood up. Her shirt was red and gold, while her pants were green with silver chains embroidered on them. It signalled her mixed heritage, and now her living bridge between two houses that have been at war for centuries. Lead by her brothers and sisters, Hogwarts exploded with cheering and laughter that threatened to take off the roof.

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