Talon Outpost Alpha (Location Unknown)


Amélie worked at her computer silently, listening for any sign of movement outside of her door. It had yet to come, and she knew it would still be some time before they arrived, however there was no such thing as too careful. Fortunately for her, she was generally left alone until she was needed, and there wasn't a mission that day, leaving her plenty of time to work uninterrupted. Eventually, she was satisfied with her progress and glanced at her computer's clock; she frowned upon seeing 20:58. Amélie quickly ejected the flash drive she had been working on and slunk over to her bed, placing the flash drive underneath her pillow. The room went dark as the computer shut down.

The purple-clad women permitted herself to smile. She enjoyed her ability to be able to do what she wanted, considering it to be one of the only perks of her transformation so long ago. Contrary to her attitude as Widowmaker, she hated her transformation. While that seems to go against the nature of the transformation itself, Amélie had quickly found out that the loss of her emotions was only temporary, and over time things flooded back to her. Of course, she kept this a secret, Talon seemed to know that she did indeed gain some feeling back, but the extent was unknown to them. Still, every month they would "re-calibrate" her, causing her to forget her memories and personality all over again. However, Amélie had a solution to these resets; she made video messages to herself that would promptly remind herself who she was. These messages were kept on the flash drive currently under her pillow, an item that she would never let Talon find.

She heard the footsteps approaching and her smile was immediately wiped away, replaced by the cold expression that everyone in Talon knew and expected to see. The time for her "re-calibration" had arrived, the assassin sighed internally, although she created measures to go through the process, having to relearn her life wasn't pleasant. The door opened, bathing the room in light and allowing entrance to two Talon soldiers, followed by a man named Jericho. He was a well built man, covered in scars. Unlike other soldiers, he was helmetless, allowing his green, hateful emeralds to be seen by anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in his path. Amélie did not know his rank, however he came with the soldiers every time she went back in for the operation, and although she would never show it, his presence filled her with sheer irritation.

"Widowmaker, up, now." he demanded, his voice always had a level of anger to it that made one think he was ready to shoot the next person who passed by, and on some occasions this had come to be true. The assassin quickly complied to his order, getting out of bed and standing at attention in front of him and the soldiers to his left and right side. "You're being re-calibrated again, we're going now."

"Understood" she responded in the emotionless tone she had spent hours perfecting. Normally she would've preferred to respond in French however, Jericho had made it quite clear in the past how he hated hearing things he couldn't understand, and that was an incident she did not want to repeat. Jericho left the room, followed by Amélie and then the two soldiers. As they walked through the halls, Amélie thought about how easy of a target Jericho would be on the battlefield, helmet or not, it would be an easy kill.

A long time ago, she would've chastised herself for having these thoughts, but she could not change who she had become, and so she had come to accept her new attributes. Killing was one of these attributes, although, she felt no attachment to Talon whatsoever. If anything, her feelings towards them had become disdain. Amélie knew she was only a weapon to them, to be used until broken and then thrown away. At first she had stayed with them simply because there was no where else to go. She did not have the money, or means to be on her own. Not to mention Talon would surely hunt her down. Over time this had changed, she found people she could trust, however she wanted to repay them for all the wrong she had caused, all the people she had killed. This was the reason she continued to stay with Talon, to squeeze out all of the intel she could before completely leaving.

Amélie sat calmly in the chair, the world around her tinted a dark red. The machine that originally turned her into the Widowmaker was looming overhead. Amélie didn't have fear for it anymore as she did the first few times, she knew what would happen. Soon, she would forget everything again, and have to relearn all of it once again. However, she promised herself and someone else, this would be the last one, she would never allow herself to be reset again, she would join those who truly care for her, and help them take down Talon.

One last small smile crossed Amélie's face before everything went black.

"Au revoir"

Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Tracer stared at the clock, feeling a large pang of sadness as it read 21:00. Amélie had told her that this was the time every month that she was taken to be reset. Lena dreaded this day and particularly, this time every month. She hated knowing they would have to meet, fight and grow closer all over again. It had been inevitable, her assassin was stubborn and had to do things her way, it was something Lena both loved and hated. She smiled briefly at that thought, her usual cheery attitude gone for today and today only.

Lena got up from her bed and began to walk around her quarters. All Overwatch members were given a large bedroom with its own bathroom. Tracer was lucky enough to live on the side of the base with the ocean view, to which she had turned her attention towards. At first, she was never able to admire the ocean, but it was something that Amélie enjoyed, and often lost track of time staring at. The yellow-orange spandexed woman had often found her other half staring outside and it took many attempts to break her from her trance. Now whenever she looked out the window, it reminded her of Amélie for that very reason, and she found she was able to admire it much more that way.

After a while, Lena had found herself on her bed once again. If anything, staring out the window had only made the situation worse. Amélie was the only thing she could think about and she fought to fight tears back. She recalled the last thing her beloved had told her before leaving to return to Talon in time.

"Don't worry cherie, this will be the last time I let them do this. I'm on the verge of finding out something vital from them, I just need to go through things one more time. You know I'll find my way back to you, I always do."

Amélie embraced her lover tightly, kissing her one last time.

"Je t'aime, ma cherie."

Lena felt the tears flowing, the pain had become so familiar, but she was hit the same every time. As they continued to flow, she felt herself growing weaker, until finally she fell into the sweet release of sleep.