King's Row


Lena opened the screen door of the hotel room balcony, relieved to know that it had been left open. She quickly set the unconscious form of her other half onto the bed. While her former dance partner was still unconscious, the brunette decided to retrieve the flash drive; it would be a good time to watch one when she woke up and there wasn't really time to waste in their current situation. She knew where it would be kept, and reached for Widowmaker's side pocket. However, before it could be unbuttoned, her rival's eyes shot open. Tracer smiled widely at the now alert sniper.

"Morning love, how'd ya sleep?"

The assassin didn't return the expression, she instead analyzed her surroundings, noting that she was back in hotel. She also noticed that her venom mines that were placed earlier had been returned to their cases and on a table; her combat knife was beside them. The sniper then looked back at the other occupant of the room and remembered their fight from earlier; wondering again why she had been unable to kill the other woman at the time.

"I have been conscious this entire time, I simply let you take me."

Tracer's face went crimson as she realized that that her other half had been awake through the entire carrying process. However, her embarrassment was soon interrupted.

"Deux questions, how did you avoid my venom mines, and how do you know how to defuse them?" Upon hearing this, a small wistful smile slowly crossed Lena's face.

"Amélie taught me. She didn't want me to get hurt while tracking you down; so she taught me how you place them, how to avoid them and how to defuse them." The brunette giggled before continuing. "She also asked me to defuse any of the ones you leave behind, so nobody else would get hurt."

Widowmaker took a minute to think about the answer she was given. She figured that her inability to kill Tracer must come from some sort of connection between Tracer and Amélie. Although she couldn't directly remember it, she assumed that said connection was stopping her on a subconscious level from being able to kill Tracer. The assassin sighed in relief, she had been plagued by her inability to kill the woman before her, but it made much more sense now. Still, she had one more question; the sniper pulled out the flash drive from her side pocket and held it out to Lena. The brunette smiled and reached for it, only for the drive to be covered by the fingers of the hand holding it.

"What are you to Amélie?" Widowmaker's voice indicated that this was the most important question. Tracer didn't answer her directly, instead she smiled and reached into her jacket pocket, retrieving a small handheld computer and handing it to the purple skinned woman.

"I think it would be better if you heard the answer from her."

Widowmaker grabbed the device and inputted the flash drive, quickly selected the second video and pressing the play button. Just like before, her former self appeared on the screen.

"Bonjour, Widowmaker, Lena. Since you've opened this video, you must've realized that the woman beside you is the one who knows all about the videos. Lena, I'm sorry for putting you through this again, I know it's really tough on you, but please bear with me once again."

"I'll put it on your tab, love" Lena quickly interjected, a smile plastered across her face, it had been too long since she saw her lover when she was actually herself.

Amélie continued, she had paused as she knew Lena would've found something to say in that very moment. "Widowmaker, I want you to stick with Lena, she'll help you, and she'll bring you back to people who will care about you. I'm guessing Talon probably gave you a week until you're supposed to report back. Any time later than that and they will start to look for you, and when that time comes, I would really like for you to be me once again. In the past, you'd be going back, but Lena convinced me that it was time for us to actually stay ourselves. I don't want to waste any time so here's what I want you to do: First, change into different clothes, Talon tracks what you're currently wearing, and we don't need them knowing where we are. Second, follow Lena and she'll fly you back to an Overwatch base, when you're all settled in, I'll have another video for you. Since that's all for now, I'll talk to you soon. Au revoir Widowmaker." Amélie paused for a moment and smiled. "Je t'aime, Lena. I'll come back to you soon, goodbye."

With that, the video clicked off, Widowmaker turned to Lena, who was now once again crimson. The brunette turned away trying to hide her embarrassment, although she had seen all the videos in the past, Amélie had replaced the previous second video with this newer version and that final line was new.

"Well love, h-how about you get changed and gather your things and we'll get going."

Widowmaker gave a small smile and nodded. The assassin changed into a casual set of clothes she had brought just in case. She knew she couldn't trust anything involving her suit, so she removed the flash drive from the side pocket and left everything else as it was. She looked over her equipment, now unsure if more of it was being tracked. She quickly decided to leave her gear behind, there was no safe alternative, and by the sounds of what Amélie said, she would be safe where she was going. The sniper turned to the now composed Tracer.

"I'm ready Lena, lead the way."

Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Lena landed the jet and unbuckled, moving out of the cockpit to check on Widowmaker. Her other half had slept through the trip and was still sleeping. Knowing this, the brunette had taken a longer route back to base to allow for more sleeping time. However, she now lightly shook the other woman.

"Wake up love, we're home." Lena giggled and continued the light shaking until the assassin awoke.

Widowmaker opened her eyes to the sight of Tracer's smiling face, she wondered how the other woman could have so much energy after the events of the evening, only to be followed by flying a jet for many hours. Regardless, she got up and followed Lena out of the jet. The two of them were greeted by a variety of Overwatch agents, she recognized most of them from the pictures she had been given to memorize.

The pair continued onward, going through a series of hallways. The sniper noted all of their movements and turns, quickly memorizing her way around. She found the base very easy to remember and she began to know their next turn before they took it. Before long, they had made their way to a firing range, Jack was there once again, drilling some of the newer agents. He turned to the two women, one visibly shaking with excitement, the other calm and collected. He made his way over to them, disregarding Lena and positioning himself to address solely the sniper.

"Widowmaker?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.


He then handed her his rifle, leaving it pointed towards him.

"If you can, shoot me."

Widowmaker gripped the rifle and aimed at his heart, her finger hovered over the trigger, but she was unable to pull it. Seeing this, the man was satisfied and he took the rifle back.

"She's fine to stay Lena, make sure that Amélie comes back soon."

Hearing this, Lena started her well known hyper routine of cheering and blinking around. Widowmaker and the commander both sighed as they waited for the woman to calm down. She soon did as her accelerator was once again in need of power. Although, that didn't deter the brunette from being excited; she latched onto the assassin and began to run towards the exit of the firing range, causing Widowmaker to almost trip, but she managed to stay upright and awkwardly match Lena's unexpected pace. Jack turned away and continued to drill the agents.

The pair continued on until they reached Lena's room. They continued inside and the brunette turned to the sniper. "Well love, this is our room. I know you'll like it quite a bit."

"Our room?" Widowmaker raised an eyebrow at her. Realizing the emphasis, Lena turned crimson again. The assassin smiled slightly as Lena took a moment to regain her composure.

"Our room." she said firmly. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable, I'm going to change." Lena produced a pair of clothes out of her drawer and moved to change in the bathroom. While she was okay with changing around Amélie, the same could not be said around Widowmaker.

After a short time, she returned. She opened her mouth to call out to the other woman, only to find that her other half was staring out of the window, eyes lost to the view of the ocean. Lena's mouth closed and formed a wistful smile.

"It looks like you're already on your way back, love."

Author Note

Finally back and rested after the wedding. I wanted to write sooner, but I just didn't have the mindset to do so, sorry. I think this chapter is a bit shorter than the last two, which is unfortunate as my chapters were slowly getting longer and longer. Anyways, during proofreading there was a lot I felt need fixing again, I think I got it all, but if there is anything that doesn't make sense, please let me know. School is getting hectic, but I'll do my best to keep a regular posting schedule. Thanks for reading.