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Sam and Emily ended up getting married and having three kids Julia, Karah, and Joseph. The oldest being Julia and the twins Karah and Joseph coming not long after. Sam stopped phasing so that he could be at home and grow old with his wife and children,

Jared and Kim also got married and stopped after having only one child named Liam and now are our next door neighbors. Jared also stopped phasing.

Eventually Jacob did imprint on a nice Quilete girl named Chloe and they have have two young girls named Lindsey and Olivia. Jacob and I repaired or friendship and there are no hard feelings between us.

Quil is still waiting for Claire to grow up so he is still phasing and has taken over the job of alpha of the pack which now included only Leah, Collin, and Brady. They still phased even though there haven't been any vampires around since Victoria.

Embry is now living with a girl named Payton and even though he didn't imprint on her you would never be able to tell. They are expecting their first child.

Seth imprinted on Angela, I was as surprised as anyone, but also very happy. It was nice to have one of my old friends know everything and her and Seth were perfect for one another.

Paul and I welcomed Kelsey Renee Lahote into our life three months after the baby shower. I was so excited for our children to for my child to be able to grow up with the pack. A few months later I gave birth to Lucas Joshua Lahote who is now best friends with Kim and Jared's son Liam. Now with a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and amazing friends my life was complete.

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