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Snape held his son's left hand in his own as he carefully examined it. As Poppy had predicted it was impossible to tell that Harry had ever been burned at all.

"You aren't in any pain?" Snape questioned as he gave his child a serious look.

"I promise I'm not," Harry replied. "It feels fine."

"You would tell me if it did not?" He disliked accusing the boy of not being truthful but he couldn't help but make sure. His instincts to take care of Harry and make sure he was okay were strong.

"Yeah," Harry replied.

Snape held his stare with the teenager for a moment before releasing his hand from his own, satisfied with the answer. He walked across the room and sat down in his armchair, watching as Harry picked up his Quidditch magazine and made himself comfortable on the couch.

"I take it that your Defense Against the Dark Arts class went well?" Snape asked. "No issues with Mr. Malfoy?"

Harry shook his head. He had actually been surprised by how quiet Malfoy had been in their Defense class. He had expected the tormenting to continue but Malfoy had been different - almost subdued. And Ron had just ignored Harry completely.

"No homework this evening?"

Harry looked up from his Quidditch magazine and shook his head.

After dinner Harry had retreated down to Snape's quarters. His guardian had been surprised to see him at first but after giving it a moment's thought Snape realized that the teenager probably needed some peace and quiet. Still, he couldn't help but worry that there was more to it than that. Harry usually spent his evenings with his friends in the Gryffindor common room not sitting on his couch with a magazine looking sullen.

"No Mr. Weasley this evening?"

Harry shrugged silently but Snape could clearly see the boy's demeanor change at the mention of his friend.

"A shrug tells me very little," Snape reminded his young charge.

"He's being an arse," Harry muttered. He knew that he would likely be scolded for his choice of words but he didn't really care. If Snape wanted to know how he felt than he wasn't going to sugarcoat it.

"Language," Snape chided. Under normal circumstances he would likely have lectured the boy much more harshly. He may have even sent him to his room. However, given the recent events he was finding it hard to be so rigid.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled before sitting up a bit straighter and closing his magazine. When he spoke again his voice was much more normal. "He thinks that I put my name in the Cup. He doesn't believe me that I don't know how it got in there."

Snape was silent as he digested this information.

"I expected it from Malfoy and even some other people but not from him."

Snape could clearly hear the sadness in his son's voice. He himself was quite disappointed in the Weasley boy. Still, he didn't feel that allowing Harry to be privy to that information was wise. He had half a mind to contact Arthur and Molly and inform them of how their son was acting. He quickly pushed the thought from his mind. Harry was fourteen, he needed to handle issues with his friends on his own.

"Perhaps you should try and look at it from his point of view," Snape suggested.

Harry gave his guardian a disbelieving glare.

"Regardless of whether you chose to be so you are a very well known person Harry. Ronald has a big family and he likely often feels lost in the group of them."

Harry couldn't help but grin softly at the fact that Snape had just called Ron but his first name. He had never heard the man do so before. The grin lasted all of a second before he remembered how horrible Ron had been. "He's being a git," Harry replied. "He is supposed to be my best friend."

Snape opened his mouth to reply when Kermy appeared at his feet.

"Master Snape," the house elf bowed deeply. "Professor Dumbledore is requesting your presence in his office."

Snape nearly sighed in reply. It was well past eight at night. Unless Albus had thought of a loophole to excuse Harry from the Tournament, which Snape highly doubted, he was not in the mood for a meeting.

"It is in regards to the Ministry Sir," Kermy added when Snape did not reply.

"Very well," Snape replied feeling even more frustrated at the entire idea. "Inform him that I will be there momentarily."

Kermy bowed deeply once more before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

"Can I come with you?" Harry asked excitedly as he watched Snape stand.

"Absolutely not," Snape replied. "You may go up to your dormitory and go to bed."

"Aw Snape come on," Harry tried. "I'll be so quiet. You won't even know I am there."

"I won't know that you are there because you will not be there," Snape replied in a no-nonsense voice. "You will be in bed."

"It isn't even nine yet," Harry argued. "Besides you know it is probably about me."

"The answer is no Harry," Snape said his voice now growing stern. "I refuse to continue to argue with you about this. You may go to your dormitory or you may stay here tonight but you will not be joining me nor will you be going anywhere else. If you continue to argue with me you may go to bed after being punished however I highly suggest that you choose the higher road and just stop now."

Harry knew that tone and he knew better than to argue with it. "I'm going to go up to my dormitory," Harry decided. He didn't want to give Ron the satisfaction of not showing up.

"Thank you," Snape replied in a much calmer voice. "Do not stay up too late. You have History of Magic early tomorrow."

"Will you tell me what happens tonight?" Harry dared to ask.

"If I feel as though it is information that should be shared with you I shall."

"I do not have a doubt in my mind that that menace of a child deliberately put his name into the Goblet of Fire! He is absolutely out of control. Someone needs to take a firmer hand with that boy and -"

Snape stood up so quickly that he nearly knocked the chair backwards that he was sitting on. "His name is Harry," he cut the man off in an angry voice. "And I happen to think that I have plenty of a firm hand on him. He is better behaved now than he ever was in the past! His grades have improved and he is happy not that his feelings are of any concern to you."

"He purposely put his name into the Goblet of Fire," Cornelius replied in a smug tone. "You call that behaved?"

"I do not believe for one moment that he did anything of the sort," Snape remarked confidently. "The chances of Harry being able to accomplish such a feat are slim to none."

"The boy defeated Voldemort more than once Severus, surely you cannot tell me that he is not advanced enough to cross an age line undetected."

"He defeated him out of sheer dumb luck," Snape replied, now in a voice that could only be described as a yell. "And if you would use your brain you would surely be able to see that the possibility of Harry being able to enter himself into the Tournament is ridiculous at best."

"Severus," Albus said in a gentle voice. A blind man could have seen that he was trying to deescalate the situation

"No," Snape replied angrily. "I will not stand here and listen to this man talk about Harry in such a way."

Cornelius chuckled softly and sarcastically. "You care for the boy Severus and that has clouded your vision. He is a terror and everyone knows it. Deep down you know it as well. It does not matter what you try and do for the boy this proves that he will never change."

Snape was working hard to keep his temper under reins. He would have liked to punch Cornelius square in the face. He suddenly had the realization that this is how Harry must feel when dealing with Draco.

"His name is Harry," Snape hissed angrily. "You do not even know him. How the hell would you know what he is? As it stands he is an incredibly caring child. He works hard to keep himself out of trouble and although he may make mistakes at times he has consequences for those actions and he learns from them."

As the last word left his mouth, Snape took several deep breaths willing himself to control his temper.

"I find myself agreeing with Severus," Albus said in a soft tone. "Although Harry may display moments of poor judgement where he finds himself getting into mischief, overall he is a wonderful child with excellent characteristics. There isn't a Professor in this school that doesn't enjoy having him as a student."

"Blinded by his celebrity status I am sure," Cornelius huffed. "Which is clearly what led him to entering himself in the Tournament. I am positive that he did so because he knew that there would not be consequences for it. Now due to his sheer stupidity and arrogance he must compete."

"He is not competing," Snape replied in a stern voice. "I forbid it."

"It is not your decision to make," Cornelius replied in an amused tone. "He is a representative of this school. He has no choice but to compete, it is stated very clearly in the rules. If he fails to do so he will be expelled which will only further prove that you are not a suitable guardian for the boy. If he is forced to compete it will also show that you are an unfit match for a parental figure in the boy's life. Imagine a child of his age being put in such a dangerous situation. Should he survive the first task he will be removed from you immediately afterwards. At which time the Ministry will be more than ready to take over legal guardianship."

"Over my dead body," Snape snapped. He took a step towards Cornelius, his nose now practically touching the man's. "And it would do you well to refrain from ever threatening me in such a way again."

"Severus," Albus said in a loud voice. "Perhaps this is where this meeting should come to an end."

"Perhaps," Snape hissed.

"We are studying the rules very intently Cornelius," Albus continued. "If there is a loophole that will prevent Harry from competing it will be found."

Cornelius huffed at these words before turning on his heel and walking towards the fireplace. "In the meantime, Harry's room at the Ministry will be prepared."

Before Snape had the time to reply, Cornelius picked up a handful of floo powder, stepped into the fireplace and vanished.

Silence reigned in the office for several long moments before Snape spoke softly, his voice thick with emotion.

"I cannot lose him Albus."

Harry flipped a page of his Quidditch magazine as he glanced up at the clock. Snape had been gone for nearly an hour. He knew that he was supposed to be up in his dormitory but his guardian had given him the option of staying down in his quarters. It wasn't Harry's fault that he hadn't decided to do so until after Snape left.

He still hated the idea that Ron got the satisfaction of knowing that he never came back tonight but the curiosity at what was happening in Dumbledore's office outweighed that by far.

Harry was sure that if he played his cards right Snape would tell him everything that happened. He had to. It was about him, he was sure of it.

He turned another page in his magazine when the parlor door opened. Snape walked in and slammed the door loudly behind him causing Harry to drop his magazine and jump up off the couch.

Harry instantly realized that his guardian was clearly in a horrible mood. The meeting must have been bad. Harry couldn't help but wonder what Fudge had said about his name coming out of the Cup.

"I thought I told you to go to bed?" Snape asked in an angry voice.

"I decided to stay down here," Harry replied suddenly feeling regret at his decision. "You said earlier that I could."

"That does not answer my question," Snape barked. "I am nearly certain that I told you to go to bed."

"It's not even that late," Harry answered.

Snape was no fool. He knew exactly what his son was up to and he was not in the mood to be interrogated by his fourteen year old about the meeting he had just endured.

"Bed. Now." Snape said enunciating each word.

Harry eyed his guardian carefully. There was no doubt that the man was livid. Harry knew that he should likely just keep his mouth shut and go to bed yet he couldn't help but ask.

"What happened at the meeting?"

The anger on Snape's face deepened as he walked across the room and took a firm yet gentle grip of Harry's upper right arm.

"The meetings that I attend are absolutely none of your business," Snape said sternly as he began leading Harry across the parlor and towards the hallway that led to his room. "I'm not quite sure where you got the notion that the conversations of adults are meant for your ears but I assure you Harry that I have no qualms about teaching you that lesson."

Harry was practically jogging to keep up with guardian's long strides. He could have kicked himself for asking Snape such a question when he was already clearly mad.

"Furthermore," Snape continued as they approached Harry's bedroom door, "when I tell you to do something you will listen."

As they crossed over into Harry's bedroom Snape released his grip on his son's arm and landed a resounding slap to his jean clad backside.

"Ow," Harry accused as he turned around to face his guardian. "That hurt!"

"Good," Snape replied. "I meant it to! Now change into your pajamas and get into bed before I decide to turn you over my knee for proper punishment!"

Harry wasted no time in pulling a plaid pair of pajama pants from his wardrobe and changing. It had been ages since Snape had swatted him without any warning and he hardly wanted to push the man any further.

The moment that Harry was in his bed Snape roughly pulled the covers up around him. "Now go to sleep," Snape instructed. "You have class early tomorrow and I will not have you attending without proper rest. If I catch you out of this bed for any reason other than to use the lavatory you will receive proper punishment, mark my words."

Harry rolled onto his side choosing not to reply to Snape's threat. Whatever had happened in the meeting was obviously not good and Harry wasn't about to do anything else to make the situation worse.

Snape walked towards the door waving his hand as he did so causing the room to become dark.

"Snape?" Harry said just before Snape walked through the doorway.

"What?" The man asked in an annoyed tone.

"Night," Harry replied.

Snape sighed softly before forcing his voice to relax. "Goodnight."

He walked down the hallway and back to the parlor. Stopping at the sidecar he poured himself a nightcap.

Snape took his drink and sat down in his armchair. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand as he closed his eyes tightly.

He hated himself for the way that he had just treated Harry. Yes the child should have listened and gone to bed when he had been told to do so. Harry also shouldn't have asked about something that was not his business but did that justify how he had just acted? A year ago Snape wouldn't have thought twice about it but things had changed so drastically since then.

He could not recall the last time he had given Harry a smack without some sort of warning.

Snape had acted in a way which he had promised himself that he would no longer do with Harry. As far as Snape was concerned he and Harry had come too far to take several steps backwards in their relationship.

He would talk to his son in the morning. He would not allow it to just go.

Harry's eyes opened slowly. It took him a moment before the events of the previous night replayed in his mind like a slow motion movie. He couldn't help but feel a bit hurt by Snape's actions. True he probably shouldn't have stayed up when he had been told to go to bed. And he probably could have kept his mouth shut instead of asking about the meeting. Still, the man didn't have to be so mean to him. The smack hadn't even hurt that much, it was more about the fact that it had been so unexpected.

Harry couldn't help but try and find the small positives in the previous evening. Snape had still tucked him in, even if it was done harshly. He had seemed nicer when he said goodnight too. Like he wasn't that mad anymore.

He was about to get out of bed when a shooting pain erupted in his scar. Both of his hands instantly went to his throbbing forehead, pushing down on it in an attempt to make the pain stop. He closed his eyes tightly before rolling onto his stomach and screaming in agony into his pillow.

Then just as quickly as the pain had started - it stopped.

Harry turned his head to the side and took a few deep breaths attempting to regain his composure. He did not want Snape to be able to tell that anything was wrong with him.

Several moments later when he was sure that it had passed, Harry rolled out of bed and walked over to his wardrobe. He pulled out his school uniform and quickly got dressed. He had History of Magic this morning, easily his least favorite class. The only good thing about it was that it wasn't with the Slytherins.

Harry stepped into his trainers and bent over to tie them before looking in the mirror. His scar was a little inflamed but nothing too major. He picked up a brush and made sure his hair was strategically placed to cover his scar.

He walked across the room, pausing as he reached out and took ahold of his doorknob. He silently hoped that Snape was in a better mood this morning. He didn't want to end up in trouble before class.

Taking a deep breath he turned the doorknob and opened the door. Stepping out into the hallway Harry was met by silence.

Slowly he made his way down the hall.

Snape was sitting at the table hidden behind The Daily Prophet, breakfast already served and still steaming slightly. Harry smiled softly to himself as he saw the beans and toast on his plate.

"Morning," Harry said as he walked across the room and took his seat.

"Good morning," Snape replied as he lowered his paper. He folded it neatly and set it to the side. "I wish to speak to you about last night."

"I'm sorry," Harry said looking up at his guardian. "I should have gone to bed when you told me to and I shouldn't have asked about the meeting."

"Perhaps," Snape answered softly. "And perhaps I should not have acted so harshly."

"Huh?" The confused reply came.

"You heard me correctly," Snape nodded. "I was upset about the meeting and I allowed my frustrations to get the better part of me and for that I am truly sorry."

"It's okay," Harry replied honestly. "I knew you were mad. I should have just listened."

"In the future you have my word that I will do my very best to refrain from allowing my anger at others to affect how I treat you."

Harry grinned softly at the words as he picked up his fork. "Thanks."

"Eat your breakfast," Snape instructed. "You will not be late for class."

Harry ate a mouthful of his food before deciding that Snape was in a pretty good mood. The man had apologized for how he treated him before but it wasn't something that happened often.

"Can you tell me anything about the meeting?" Harry asked in a hopeful voice. He knew that there was a chance that he would be scolded but he was sure that if Snape had been as angry as he had that it had something to do with the Triwizard Tournament which meant it had something to do with him.

"Cornelius Fudge seems to believe that you put your name into the Goblet," Snape answered without hesitation. He would not tell the child about the Ministry's threat to take him. He absolutely refused to put that burden on Harry. It was not fair.

"That stupid arse," Harry replied before he could stop himself.

Snape raised an eyebrow at his son's choice of words. "Although I do not approve of you being late for your morning class I could certainly make an exception and write a note excusing you for the first half of it if you would rather spend that time in the corner thinking about the language that just escaped your mouth."

"Sorry," Harry offered. He paused for a moment before continuing. "But he is Snape. You have to admit that he is."

"I do not have to do anything of the sort," Snape replied. Though he would have liked nothing more to agree with Harry's words and add a few of his own to the list of descriptions of the man he would not allow himself to do so. His son was fourteen and twice in the past twenty four hours he had used foul language in his presence. Once more and Snape promised himself that he would give the boy some sort of punishment. "While I do not agree with his assessment of the situation I will not resort to name calling and nor will you."

"Fine," Harry agreed. "But I don't like him at all."

"A feeling that you are certainly entitled to," Snape replied as he picked up his paper once more. "Finish your breakfast and get to class."

"That's it?" Harry asked. "You aren't going to tell me anything else?"

"There is nothing else to tell," Snape replied.

"But you were so angry," Harry exclaimed. "Something else had to have happened!"

Snape lowered his paper once more. "Yes I was angry. He accused my child of lying."

Harry couldn't help the small grin that spread across his lips. "Thanks."

"You will not be thanking me in a moment if you don't stop talking and start eating," Snape replied.

Harry put another forkful of his breakfast into his mouth but he didn't stop smiling. Snape could act annoyed all he wanted. Harry knew the man well enough to see that he was anything but.

"How many times has it happened?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"Twice," Harry replied honestly.

The two of them were in a small space next to the Bell Tower. They only had a few minutes before they had to be in History of Magic class and Harry had taken the opportunity to pull her aside and talk to her about his scar. He had to tell someone. It was starting to scare him a little now and if anyone was smart enough to help him figure out why it was happening, it was Hermione.

"What does Snape say about it?"

"I haven't told him," Harry admitted softly.

He knew that she would ask and he was dreading her reaction. She would disagree with his decision, he knew that for a fact.

"You haven't told him!" She gasped. "Why not?"

Harry's two front teeth chewed down on his bottom lip for a moment as he decided on his reply. "The last time it hurt was awhile ago and it wasn't nearly as bad as this. It actually hardly hurt at all that time. I had a headache and a fever and it was probably just that that really hurt and Snape lost it. He made me stay home and miss the first night in Diagon Alley remember?" He paused until Hermione nodded signaling that she did in fact remember. "If I tell him now that it hurts and as bad as it hurts he will go mental. He probably won't even let me go to class and he definitely won't let me stay up in my dormitory or hang out with you. Now do you understand why I can't tell him?"

"Well yes," she admitted in a defeated tone. "But I still think that you are crazy for keeping it from him. What if it is something serious Harry? He could probably help you with it. Plus if he finds out that you are hiding it from him he will probably be upset about that."

Harry couldn't deny that Hermione was right. If Snape found out that he was hiding it he was going to be in a world of trouble.

"I can't tell him," Harry replied. "I just can't." He paused before he glanced at her. "Do you think that you can help me figure out why it is hurting?"

Hermione's face grew serious as it often did when she was deep in thought. "I can try," she finally answered. "It will be hard though. You are the only one with a scar like that. It's not as if I can just research it in the library. But I will try."

"Thanks," Harry said softly.

History of Magic was easily the most boring class that Harry had ever attended. Professor Binns had droned on for ages about the Giant Wars. Harry had hardly been able to pay attention at all but he had somehow managed to stay awake. The last time he had slept through Professor Binns class had been in his second year, before Snape adopted him. Back then he had always used the class as a naptime so to speak. These days he was sure that Snape would murder him if he found out he was doing that. Still, he would need to borrow Hermione's notes from today's lesson.

He was on his way to lunch when he felt a hand reach out of nowhere, grab ahold of the back of his shirt, and pull him forcefully.

He struggled against it for a moment in an effort to fight back but the hand was too strong. He felt himself moving backwards and a moment later he was moving through a wall.

Only then did he stop struggling, suddenly realizing who the hand belonged to.

"You are a free man you know. You don't have to hide out in the Room of Requirement."

Sirius' wore a concerned look on his face. "Your guardian prefers that I let him know when I am coming and I didn't have time to do that. I just heard that you name came out of the Goblet of Fire."

"Yeah," Harry nodded. A small fear crept up in him that his godfather would not believe him. Harry wasn't sure how he would react if that happened.

"Have you any idea how worrisome that is?" Sirius asked in a grave tone.

Another nod.

"Do you have any idea who put your name in?" Sirius questioned.

Harry felt a wave of relief rush through him at his godfather's words. "No," he answered honestly. "I guess maybe it was just a prank."

"This was no prank," Sirius replied shaking his head. "Whoever put your name in there is not a friend. Students have died in this Tournament. It is highly dangerous."

"That's what Snape said too," Harry answered softly.

"What else has he said about it?"

"He says that I'm not competing in it," Harry replied. "I don't know how that'll work though. The rules say that if my name was pulled I have to compete. Other than that he won't really talk about it."

Sirius' eyes grew wide at these words. "He isn't trying to help you figure out the first task and prepare you for it?"

Harry shook his head. "No. I'm not allowed to I guess. He said I am not allowed to do anything that has to do with the Tournament."

Sirius muttered something under his breath that Harry didn't quite catch before speaking at his normal tone once more. "Harry listen to me." Sirius crouched down in front of his godson placing his hands on the boy's shoulders. "He is not going to be able to remove you from the competition, doing so is impossible at this point. You need to talk to the other champions and see what they know. You need to try and figure out what the first task is so that you can start to prepare for it. Going into it without any preparation is disastrous. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded silently. Despite what he had promised Snape he could see Sirius' point. If he did have to compete the first task was less than two weeks away. He needed to know what he was going into. He needed to figure out how to talk to the other champions.

Harry ran into the Great Hall. Lunch was nearly over now. He had spent most of the time with Sirius in the Room of Requirement. It was only when his stomach started literally demanding to be fed that he told his godfather he had to go. It was at that point that he also remembered that his guardian would be at lunch and was likely wondering where he was.

He skidded to a stop at the Gryffindor table and slid into an open spot next to Hermione and across from Ginny. Ron was a few seats down and Harry watched out of the corner of his eye as the red head smirked in his direction and then whispered something to Seamus.

Harry picked up an apple and took a large bite out of it hoping that his eating a piece of fruit would buy him some extra points with Snape before he turned his head to look for the man at the staff table.

Snape was seated in his normal spot, his eyes boring in on his son.

Harry gave the man a small smile, hoping to receive one in return but Snape looked stern.

"Where were you?" Hermione asked a moment later.

Harry turned his attention away from his guardian and looked at his best friend. "Sirius was here," Harry said in a low voice. Despite his godfather's name being cleared and Sirius being free Harry was all too aware of how some people looked when the man's name was mentioned.

Hermione studied Harry's face for a moment before replying. "He believes that you didn't put your name in." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"He thinks that I need to work on finding out what the first task is and preparing for it."

"But Snape said that you aren't competing," Hermione replied softly. "I mean you aren't right?"

Harry shrugged. "That's what he says but I mean he hasn't come up with a way to get me out of it yet. Sirius is right, I should probably at least try and get ready just in case."

"The first task is soon," Ginny said as she leaned across the table to make herself closer to them. "I think Sirius is absolutely right. If Snape can't get you out of this than you need to be ready."

"That's what I think too," Harry agreed.

Hermione nodded once. "Okay then we will all work on trying to figure out what the first task is. I will see if I can talk to Fleur."

"And I will just ask around and see what I can find out," Ginny added. "Maybe one of my brothers knows something."

Harry walked out of the Great Hall with the intent to go see if he could find Cedric and talk to him about the first task when he walked almost directly into his guardian.

"Care to enlighten me as to why you were so late for lunch?"

Harry could hear the sternness in the man's voice. He was actually finding himself very thankful that the two of them were in the middle of the hall and not alone in the parlor.

"Sirius was here," Harry admitted. "He pulled me into the Room of Requirement. He was worried because he heard about my name coming out of the Cup." Harry was not about to lie about where he had been. It wouldn't do any good. Snape always found out the truth eventually and when he did Harry would pay for it.

Snape's face softened a bit. "You are aware that when you meet with him I am to be informed."

"That's why I am telling you now," Harry replied. "I couldn't tell you then. I didn't have any warning, he just pulled me in there."

"I sincerely hope that he agrees that you will not be competing and that he did not put any foolish nonsense in your brain about the Tournament."

"He does," Harry answered. "He said what you did, that it is dangerous...that people have died."

Snape nodded his approval at these words. "And where are you headed now?"

"The library," Harry replied. It wasn't a lie. He had planned on going to the library to see if Cedric was there. Of course if he wasn't he was then going to check the Quidditch pitch and down by the lake but he didn't think that it was necessary to share all of that information with his guardian.

"I will be leaving the castle shortly," Snape shared with him. "I need to travel to Diagon Alley for some ingredients and likely will not be back for a few hours."

"Can I come?" Harry asked in a hopeful voice.

"You may not. You have Charms class to attend."

"I could miss it just this once," Harry pointed out as three second years scurried past them. He knew that if he and Snape were alone this would be the point where the man grew stern and likely threatened him but they weren't alone, they were in the middle of the hallway and Harry was almost having fun at the idea of pushing Snape just a bit when the man couldn't punish him.

Snape raised a stern eyebrow. "Keep in mind that although we are in the halls now eventually we will find ourselves alone and although that may seem like an idle threat I assure you Harry that it is not."

Harry scowled at the man. Sometimes he hated how well Snape knew him. "I'll go to Charms."

"A wise decision," Snape mused.

"Can we have dinner together?" Harry asked in a hopeful voice.

"We cannot as I may still be out of the castle at that time. We can however eat breakfast together tomorrow morning."

Harry grinned softly at these words.

"Now I must go," Snape continued. "I will see you in the morning. Behave yourself while I am gone."

Harry was listening to Professor Flitwick list the properties of the Seize and Pull Charm when a scroll appeared out of the thin air next to the Professor's head.

The small man grabbed the scroll from the air and unraveled it. His eyes scanned the parchment before he placed it on his desk.

"Harry Potter," he said a moment later. "Your presence is required by Professor Dumbledore in the Great Hall."

Harry quickly stood up and collected his books all too aware that every eye in the classroom was following him as he walked towards the door.

"In trouble again Potter," Draco hissed as Harry walked past him.

Harry forced himself to ignore him and bite his tongue despite how good it would have felt to turn around and tell the boy to shut his ugly face.

Harry pushed the door to the classroom open and headed in the direction of the Great Hall. He had no idea why Dumbledore wanted him. He hoped it was good news. Maybe the man had somehow found a way to get him out of the Tournament. That wouldn't explain why he wanted him in the Great Hall though. Harry was sure that if it was something like that he would ask him to meet in his office.

Harry opened the door and walked into the Great Hall to see Cedric, Fleur, and Viktor. Dumbledore was there as well talking with a lady that Harry had never seen before. She had short, curly white hair. Her skin was pale, like she hardly ever spent a moment in the sun. She had a pair of red glasses perched on the edge of her nose.

The door shut loudly behind Harry causing everyone in the room to look at him. He noticed Viktor and Cedric smirking and he instantly felt awkward. They probably both believed that he had put his name in.

"Harry!" Dumbledore said loudly and kindly. "Come here my boy and let me introduce you to Miss Rita Skeeter. She is doing a piece on the champions of the Triwizard Tournament for The Daily Prophet and would like to interview you first.