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Wednesday, Broadway Star Offices, Time Square Tower, Time Square

"I want the approved pictures on my desk by 5, I'm leaving at six and want to have one chosen today and tell someone from accounting I want to see the specs for the last fiscal year" Rachel instructed as she handed Tina the papers she had just signed. She sat back down at her desk and took a drink of the Starbucks coffee Tina had just given her.

"Right away Rachel" Tina enthused. Rachel watched in slight amusement as Tina juggled the papers while writing on her to do list. Tina had been Rachel's assistant since the beginning and was her most valued employee. They had met in college and Rachel knew Tina was a keeper when the younger woman had agreed to leave her well paid job to come work for Rachel as she started the magazine.

"Also get Blaine on the line as well I want to know what's going on with his column for the online edition" Rachel added as she watched Tina make her way to the door, the pile of papers still in hand.

"I'll patch him through now" Tina concluded as she shut the door behind her

"Thank you Tina" Rachel called even though the door was closed. She liked her staff to know she was grateful for all the hard work they did.

Rachel was the owner and editor and chief of Broadway Star a magazine devoted to all things Broadway and theatre. Rachel had always loved shows and Broadway and she wanted to give people the opportunity to know everything that was going on in the world of theatre from Broadway to off Broadway all the way to the Gallery's Players theatre in Brooklyn.

It not always been a successful, Rachel had started it as a website in her college dorm, but Rachel had been working on it now for 10 years and it was the 11th grossing magazine in the country and given that it was about Musical theatre Rachel saw that as a huge success.

"Rachel I have Blaine for you" Tina's voice came through the hand set pulling Rachel from her thoughts. She turned her chair back to her desk and grabbed her phone.

"Thank you Tina... Blaine can you please tell me why I don't have your column in front of me like I'm supposed to" Rachel angered. She began looking through the look book for next month's issue as she waited for Blaine's excuse.

"I'm sorry Rach, you'll have it my tomorrow it's just that..." Blaine started bashfully. Rachel shook her head even though Blaine couldn't see her.

Rachel had known Blaine since college, they had bonded over their love of theatre so when Blaine had moved to New York after living in LA for a few years trying to make it as an actor, Rachel gave him a job writing a column for the website of the magazine. Something she sometimes regretted as Blaine would sometimes use their friendship as a way to get out of things.

"Blaine if you tell me that you've had your heart broken once again I will strangle you through the phone" Rachel threatened only half serious. Blaine had a new boyfriend every few weeks, it never worked out and Blaine's work always suffered for it.

"He was the one Rachel" Blaine whined. Rachel closed the look book and leaned her head against her hand she could already feel a headache coming on.

"You've said that about the last twelve, you really need to stop sleeping with my photographers" Rachel snipped. Blaine seemed to think the workplace was his only dating pool and when it didn't work out things would get awkward until they quit. Rachel had had to replace her receptionist, photographer and publicist in the last two months alone.

"What can I say I have a type" Blaine replied, Rachel could tell through the phone he was smirking. Rachel wanted to yell but she knew it wouldn't work on Blaine and if he wasn't able to always somehow get the inside scoop on what was happening on Broadway she would have fired him months ago.

"What you'll have is a black eye if I don't have your column on my desk by nine tomorrow" Rachel promised.

"Okay threat received I'm on it" Blaine quipped "Oh and did I tell you, that Jenni Barber is quitting Wicked apparently its court ordered rehab for her"

"I want a quote... Thank you" Rachel huffed as she put down the phone. Blaine's job was safe for another day.

"Rachel, Kerry wants to know when you'll be ready to approve the outfits for July's cover" Tina asked popping her head through the door of Rachel's office.

Rachel looked down at the look book knowing she had to get through that before she left today "Tell her to give me an hour and I'll come down" Rachel answered

"Will do" Tina chirped closing the door behind her again.

Rachel looked out at the view of her office; it over looked Central Park and looking at it always put Rachel in a better mood.

Her magazine took over the 15th and 16th fall of the Time Square Building in Time Square so the view was pretty great. Looking at the view, then around her spacious office, then at the photos on her desk always made Rachel feel grateful especially if she was having a stressful day.

"Rachel, your husband's on the line" Tina said once again through the intercom.

Rachel smile instantly lit up as she picked up the phone "Okay thanks Tina"

"Hey baby" Her husband's voice sang once Tina connected him through.

"How do you always know when I need you" Rachel wondered as she leaned back on desk chair. If the view didn't do it, talking to her husband of 9 years always made her feel better.

She heard her husband laugh down the phone "It's a gift"

Smash Studios, 36th Street, New York

"Okay that sounds great Mercedes, I just think you should do that middle part again" Matt the studio producer told her through the microphone.

Mercedes was at Smash studios recording her demo. She was a singer still looking for her big break. She played everywhere and was quite know in Birdland Jazz Club and Bluenote Jazz Club but she had yet to sign a record deal. She had the talent and she knew that but nobody had caught on yet.

The music began to play and Mercedes began to sing the chorus of the song she had written herself for the fifteenth time that day. Mercedes didn't care through; if it meant she got a record deal she would sing the song a thousand times.

What can you do
When your good isn't good enough
And all that you touch tumbles down
Cause my best intentions
Keep making a mess of things
I just wanna fix it somehow

Once Mercedes had finished the chorus, Matt nodded his head at Mercedes so she put down her head phones and joined him in the other room.

"So do you think I got it that time?" Mercedes asked as she took a seat on the couch while Matt sat by the controls, working on his laptop.

"I do yeah, but I'll put it together tonight and let you have a final listen tomorrow and then you can decide" Matt explained. Matt had been really great with Mercedes all week as they put the demo together. While Matt probably saw hundreds of artists making their demos, he sill listened to all of Mercedes ideas about what she wanted the song to sound like.

"Thanks Matt, for all your help this week" Mercedes said gratefully, she took a sip of the bottled water she had brought as her throat was starting to feel a little hoarse.

"Not a problem, how many copies do you want. Your friend said to leave it up to you then I would just send her the bill" Matt explained. Mercedes was glad he was facing his laptop so he didn't see the embarrassed flush on her face.

The one part Mercedes didn't like about the demo recording was the fact her three best friends were paying for it. They claimed it was a birthday gift but it was more than they had ever given each other before for birthdays. Mercedes loved that her friends were so generous but a small part of her couldn't help but feel inferior to them especially career wise.

"Mercedes you listening"

Mercedes looked up to see Matt looking at her strangely "Sorry Matt I was miles away, I'm not sure right now how many I'll need can I get back to you"

"Yeah course I just need to know by Thursday if you want them for Monday" Matt answered as she turned back to his laptop.

Mercedes finished her water then noticed the time on the clock on the wall.

"God I didn't realise it was already two, I have to go Matt I'm meeting my friends for lunch and I'm already late" Mercedes explained as she rushed around the studio collecting her things.

"Not a problem I'll see you tomorrow" Mat called as Mercedes was already out the door.

She quickly hailed a cab and made her way to the diner where she and her friends met for lunch at least once week. The food was great and luckily for Mercedes it was cheap.

Mercedes reached for her phone when she heard it beep. She beamed when she noticed it was from her boyfriend Sam

Hey babe, how did the session go x x

Mercedes had been dating Sam for a month and Mercedes had a good feeling about him. So much so that she was introducing him to her friends at her party on that Friday. It was a very big deal to Mercedes and she was surprised she hadn't done it sooner.

She had a good feeling as she made her way to the diner, the demo was going to be great, and it was her birthday in a few days and her friends were finally meeting her boyfriend. She could try and let the money issue go because this was gonna be her shot... She hoped.

Stone, Peterson and Balme Law firm, New York World Building

"Santana where are we with the Luterman case" Mr Stone asked her across the meeting room table.

"The mediation is tomorrow although Mr Luterman is not budging on the house in the Hampton's" Santana answered, she handed him the file to look at but he just quickly glanced at it and gave it her back.

"I didn't think he would try and get more custody for the kids and play it that way" Mr Stone advised. He was an older man but they were something alluring about him that Santana had always liked and to say he was almost pushing 60 they were still an attractiveness about him. He was greying but in a way that made him more distinguished and he always wore power suits that just screamed power.

"Will do" Santana replied jotting it down in the file.

Mr Stone looked away from her to the person across from her "Peterson what about Grants case"

Now that her part was over Santana tuned out the rest of the meeting.

Santana had been a family lawyer at Stone, Peterson and Balme Law firm for five years and hoped to one day make partner. She knew she deserved it, she worked harder than anyone else at her level and she was ruthless with a 90% success rate for her clients.

Santana snapped back to the meeting when she saw Mr Stone get out of his chair "Okay that's it everyone good meeting"

Everyone started to leave as Santana collected up her things "Santana wait a second" Mr Stone asked her as she was walking to the door.

"What's up Mr Stone?" Santana asked. He picked up his briefcase then ushered her out of the room and they walked down the hall to her office.

"I just want you to know me and the others partners will be watching how tomorrow plays out, Mr Luterman is an important client so we need this to go well. You're a great lawyer Lopez and I know you want to make partner; this case would certainly help with that" Mr Stone explained to the Latino. They reached Santana's office where her assistance Ryder was waiting for her.

"I understand Mr Stone" Santana replied. Mr Stone just nodded his head and carried on walking as Santana walked into her office.

Although it put more pressure on the mediation tomorrow, that was what Santana had wanted to hear for almost a year. She was determined to make partner and if this was the way to do it, she needed to up her game.

"I have you messages for you Miss Lopez" Ryder said as Santana took a seat, dumping her files on her desk.

"Thank you Ryder and I told you it's Santana" Santana quipped as she took the messages from Ryder.

"Sorry of course Santana, anything else?" Ryder asked as he took her envelopes that needed posting.

"No that's it for now I have to work on the mediation for tomorrow. But could you let me know when it's two I have to meet my friends and I can't be late again" Santana explained.

"Will do Miss... Santana" Ryder affirmed. He quickly left her office and closed the door behind him.

Santana opened up all her files on the Luterman case. She had to find a way to have Mr Luterman give his wife (soon to be ex) their Hampton house so that she would be more flexible about his access to their children.

It was times like this that made Santana wonder why she had got into family law. All she ever seemed to deal with were rich husband or wives who wanted more than their prenups allowed.

Mr Stone had also been right about how important Mr Luterman was to the firm. He used the firm for both personal and business matters and if Santana didn't give him what he wanted then he would no doubt look to other law firms that could.

Santana had been working on the case for an hour when she felt her phone go off. She grabbed it from her bag to see she had a text off the guy she had met last night. The guy whose apartment she had left at 5 that morning so she wouldn't have to speak to him again. She couldn't even remember giving him her number.

I hd a g8 time last nite wanna do it again

Santana groaned loudly, she couldn't take some one seriously when they still used slang in text at 35 so she quickly typed a reply No thank you

Santana want back to her work but looked up when she heard a knock on the door.

"Santana it's two" Ryder told her leaving the door open for her to leave.

"Okay thanks Ryder I should be back in an hour, but I have my cell if anyone needs me" Santana explained as she grabbed her purse and left her office.

"Okay Miss Lopez" Ryder called, Santana ignored him saying Miss again as she walked to the elevator.

She left the building and quickly hailed a cab. One pulled up and as she got in it so did some else.

"This is my cab" Santana looked up to the man at the other side of the cab.

Santana looked the guy up and down; he was about her age, blonde hair, big blue eyes and more muscles than Santana had ever seen. She smiled seductively at him "Let's share"

L&M Arts modern art gallery, The Upper East Side

"Okay I think we should move the Damian Hirst closer to the window so it gets the best light" Quinn pointed to the painting currently hanging on the back wall "and move the David Hammons to the back wall, that's the favourite and I want people to walk past the others before they get to it" Quinn explained to the man following her around the gallery.

Quinn was the head curator at L&M Arts modern art gallery in The Upper East Side She had worked in galleries since she graduated college 13 years ago. She mostly loved putting shows together for local artists but on Friday Quinn was going to her friend's birthday party and for the first time she would have to leave the gallery in someone else's hands.

"Will do Quinn" Rory affirmed as he wrote down everything Quinn was saying.

"Okay has the caterers been confirmed?" Quinn asked as she ticked a few things of her own to-do list.

"They have yes" Rory answered nodding his head vigorously.

"Okay good, I won't be here on Friday so I'm leaving the set up to you do you think you can handle it?" Quinn wondered eyeing Rory carefully as she played with her pearl necklace, something she always did when she was thinking things over.

"I can" Rory promised

"I'll just be a phone call way if anything happens but given that it's my friend's birthday I really don't want to" Quinn quipped, giving Rory another pressing look.

"I promise I can handle it" Rory reassured her as they both walked to the back where Quinn's office was. Quinn put down her things and pointed to the chair opposite her desk for Rory to sit down.

"I believe you Rory" Quinn smiled at the young man, which Rory seem pretty pleased about. He'd only been working for Quinn for a few months and he seemed very eager to please. Quinn liked that about him, she was the same way when she had been starting out"

"Just remember what the artist wants they get but that's doesn't mean you can't give your opinion; they don't know everything" Quinn acknowledged

"Got it" Rory beamed.

Quinn looked at Rory carefully, she knew Rory could handle it but Quinn also had a hard time giving the rains of the gallery she had run for 6 years, to someone else even if it was just for one night. She checked her watch to make sure she had enough time before she had to leave to meet her friends for lunch.

"Okay let me show you one more time before I go"

Dalton private school, Park Avenue

"Okay class I want you to finish reading the last chapter for tomorrow and the essay question is on the board and that needs handing in on Monday" Finn listed off when he looked at the clock and realised the bell would be going soon.

"But Sir the football game is on Friday" a student sat at the back whined to the snickers of a few other students.

"Well since you're not on the team Scott I think you'll be okay" Finn laughed shaking his head just as the bell rang. Everyone quickly packed their things away and looked to their teacher to dismiss them.

"Okay guys I'll see you tomorrow" Finn said as they all began to rush out. Finn put away his own things then grabbed his bag and started walking to the teachers' lounge hoping to have at least one cup of coffee before break was over.

Finn was an English teacher at Dalton private school on Park Avenue. Finn had worked at the school since graduation as he had been a student teacher there as well. Finn felt he had a good report with the students although his wife joked it was because of his good looks and broad shoulders but Finn also knew that unlike some teachers at the school he still had a passion for teaching.

"Mr Hudson I have the short story that you said you would look over" a perky student named Stacey told him, handing him the sheet of paper as he continued to walk down the halls with her trailing behind him.

Stacey was one of Finns most dedicated students so Finn had told her to enter a short story contest that the New Yorker was running, it was a long shot for a freshman to win but Finn was just as dedicated for his students to realise their potential as they were.

"Of course Stacey, I'll try and read it tonight and give you notes tomorrow" Finn promised as he put the paper in his bag.

"Thank you Mr Hudson" Stacey beamed before jumping away to join her friends, Stacey reminded Finn of someone else he knew who never let the pressure of High School get to her.

"Mr Hudson can I count on you tomorrow for the open night for new students" An elderly teacher called from behind him as he continued to walk down the hall.

"I'll be there Mrs Butters" Finn called back not bothering to turn around.

Finn finally reached the teachers' lounge and quickly poured himself some coffee. With Dalton being a private school they didn't stiff in the coffee which Finn was always grateful for on the days he had back to back senior classes.

"Hudson my man what's up?" Puck cheered slapping Finn on the back as he walked into the lounge.

Puck was the gym teacher/football coach of the varsity team at the school. Finn and Puck were the only two men of the seven members of faculty that weren't over 50 the others being women so they had instantly formed a somewhat close friendship.

"Nothing much you?" Finn answered taking a seat at an empty table where Puck quickly joined him. Finn took a big gulp of his coffee then took out Stacey story to give it a quick read.

"Urgh Becca finally dumped me" Puck said matter of faculty.

"Took her long enough I mean you did cheat with her sister" Finn joked as he made a few notes on Stacey's story.

"It was an accident, I thought it was her" Puck affirmed weakly.

"And it only took her two weeks to realise that excuse was crap" Finn retorted with a laugh.

"What can I say" Puck smirked before taking a bite of his apple "So what are you plans this weekend?"

"My wife's friend is having a birthday party at 169 Bar on the East Side on Friday" Finn answered as he put away Stacey's story he knew if Puck was talking he wouldn't be able to concentrate.

"Oh your wife's friends are hot; think I could tag along" Puck wondered leaning closer to Finn in interest.

"How do you know my wife's friends are hot, you've never met any of them" Finn asked giving Puck a look.

"Well your wife is hot and those girls always travel in packs" Puck answered lightly.

"Don't call my wife hot" Finn snipped eyeing Puck. Puck was a good friend of Finn's but he sometimes couldn't help but get annoyed with the way he spoke.

"Okay I'm sorry, so can I come" Puck intrigued as his eyes wondered to the Maths teachers bum as she bent over a table.

"I'll call Rachel and ask if you leave me alone" Finn waved his hand away. Puck walked to another table as Finn took out his phone.

"Hey Tina its Finn is Rachel free" Finn asked Rachel's assistant, he waited as he heard her patch him through "Hey baby"

"How do you always know when I need you" Came Rachel's tired voice.

"It's a gift... What's up?" Finn laughed as he leaned back in his chair. Finn and Rachel were always so busy during the day that they hardly got to speak so when they did it was always nice change for them.

"Nothing just Blaine again" Rachel snipped.

"I don't know why you haven't fired him yet" Finn accused.

"Because he's good at his job and I have a soft spot for him" Rachel answered.

"As long as you don't stress too much because the doctor said isn't good for..." Finn started to lecture. He cringed a little when he heard Rachel sigh now the phone.

"I know Finn I'm okay, what did you call me for anyway?" Rachel wondered

"Becca broke up with Puck" Finn stated as he took another sip of his coffee, he looked over at the clock on the wall wondering if he could sneak in another cup before his next class.

"Took her long enough" Rachel laughed

"I know, anyway he wants to go out this weekend so do you think Mercedes would mind if he tagged along on Friday"

"I don't think so; I'll ask her at lunch but I don't think it will be a problem it's a big enough club" Rachel answered

"Cheers baby, I better go anyway breaks almost over. I'll see you tonight" Finn said as he put away his things ready to go back to his classroom.

"Yeah see you tonight, love you" Rachel sang

"Love you too" Finn smirked

"So?" Puck asked coming back to the table once he saw Finn end his call.

"You can come" Finn replied picking up his stuff to go back to his classroom before the bell rang.

Puck pumped his fist "Awesome"

The Park Avenue Diner, Park Avenue

"Look who's finally here" Santana sarcastically cheered as Mercedes walked through the door. Mercedes sat down next to Quinn and smiled apologetic at her friends.

"I know I'm sorry I was on the other side of town" Mercedes apologised as she threw off her coat with a heavy sigh, having ran out of change she had to get out of the taxi two blocks away.

"Well I ordered you a BLT" Rachel interjected with a smile.

"Thank you" Mercedes smiled.

The girls met for lunch at least once a week but each time Quinn, Rachel and Santana never had longer than an hour. So if Mercedes was running behind they always ordered for her. The Diner was just off Time Square but was tucked in between a Gym and a Starbucks so not many people knew about it. It had a very 50's feels and also had 1950's prices and the biggest burgers you could find.

"Yeah we only have an hour" Santana shrugged as the waitress came over with their drinks. They each took a drink before Quinn turned to Mercedes.

"So how'd the recording go?" Quinn asked.

"It was great Matt seems to think it's finished he's putting it together tonight so that I can hear it tomorrow" Mercedes answered with a smile

"That's great Mercedes" Quinn beamed

"You guys know how thankful I am, don't you" Mercedes affirmed

"Yes you've told us a million times... What's more important is if this new boyfriend of yours is prepared for Friday" Santana quipped after taking a drink of her coffee. Quinn and Rachel rolled their eyes at their friend's comment.

"Santana you know his name is Sam" Rachel berated

"And you know Berry that he doesn't get a name until we approve of him" Santana snipped eyeing her worried friend.

"This is the first boyfriend we've met in a while" Quinn added smiling at Mercedes.

"That's because we have the rule of waiting a month so you know how you feel about them first" Rachel approved smiling at Mercedes. The girls had been friends since they were eighteen and in that time they had met a lot of boyfriends, so they decided if they waited a month into a relationship it would cut the fat of men they had to met.

"Says the girl who met her husband at eighteen" Santana smirked.

"Yes and I still waited a month for you to meet him" Rachel retorted with a smile. The girls stopped talking briefly as the waitress put their food down for them. Once she was gone Mercedes took a bite of her sandwich before facing her friends.

"Anyway I think he's ready, they'll be enough people there so the attention won't be in him" Mercedes reasoned

"It's your birthday Mercedes the attention should be on you" Quinn affirmed squeezing Mercedes shoulders before going back to her salad.

"I know but I'm still nervous, I want you guys to like him" Mercedes replied with a nervous smile.

"And I'm sure we will" Quinn encouraged hugging Mercedes side "Anyway I'm gonna get there an hour before to set up either of you too going to help"

Rachel and Santana shared a look before they went back to their food.

"Nope party planning is your thing not mine besides I have a deposition and I'll be rushing as it is" Santana replied with a shrug

"And I'm ovulating that day so me and Finn need to have a lot of sex before the party" Rachel added with a smirk

"Can you not talk about ovulating while we're eating" Santana said in disgust as she pushed the food around her plate.

"I'm sorry but there's a certain window that's the best possible time for conception" Rachel explained further not put off by Santana's words.

"God I can't wait until you get pregnant and then I won't have to listen to you talk about ovulation and windows again" Santana complained to which the other two nodded in agreement.

"No then it will be all about birth plans and breast pumps" Rachel joked bumping Santana's side with a smirk.

"Can't wait" Santana smiled sarcastically

"So it looks like it just me setting up" Quinn complained bringing the two back to the conversation at hand.

"Looks like it" Rachel smirked as she ate her food, not put off by the look on Quinn's face.

"I can help Quinn" Mercedes suggested

"No it's your birthday Mercedes it fine" Quinn reassured her friend shaking her head at the other two. Rachel knew Quinn didn't really care, even if they did help Quinn would just spend the time telling them they were doing it wrong then just do it herself.

"That reminds me Finn asked if it was okay if he brought his friend Puck from work" Rachel wondered taking a drink of herbal tea, she was dying for some coffee but she had to limit herself to one a day when ovulating.

"Yeah I don't care" Mercedes shrugged

"Who's this Puck guy is he hot?" Santana asked looking at Rachel who quickly shook her head.

"Not for you he's not, no sleeping with my husband's friends" Rachel demanded looking at Santana in particularly.

"Berry you spoil all my fun" Santana whined

"Finn works with him every day so that would be fun for no one" Rachel replied

"What about you Quinn any new crushes" Mercedes wondered

"There was the guy who gives me my coffee every morning but then I saw him walking down fifth with his boyfriend so..." Quinn said with a force smile. Out of all them Quinn still believed in fairy tale romances, although that meant she was often disappointed with the dating pool in New York.

"You always looking for a serious relationship what you need is someone to clean out the cobwebs" Santana suggested

"I have no cobwebs I assure you" Quinn affirmed as blush crept up to her cheeks, she never liked it when Santana wanted to talk about sex.

"Really when was the last time you had sex" Santana enquired with knowing eyes.

"I'm not answering that" Quinn snapped

"Santana..." Rachel warned her friend as she lightly kicked her leg under the table.

"What she knows I say it with love, maybe if you loosened up then it would help you find a guy you really want a relationship with" Santana defended

"Look at the time, I really should get back to the gallery" Quinn said quickly taking out some cash and throwing it on the table, she quickly grabbed her coat and was out of the door "I'll see you guys on Friday"

"Why do you talk to her like that you know she doesn't like it" Rachel argued once Quinn had left the dinner.

"She needs to loosen up and a penis is a great way to do that" Santana replied with a shrug as she continued to eat her salad.

Rachel didn't bother arguing as they all went back to their food; Rachel would ring Quinn later to make sure she was okay.

"Crap, its Ryder Mr Stone is looking for me I better go" Santana said looking at her phone once they had all finished their lunch. Santana put some money on the table and left through the front door

"See you Friday" Mercedes called as Rachel looked at her friend's worried face.

"I can see the worry behind your eyes Cedes don't worry, I'm sure we'll love him" Rachel affirmed as she grabbed her own purse once she saw what time it was.

"It's not that I just hope he understand us and the way the four of us are" Mercedes admitted with a slight shrug.

"I'm sure he will and if not Finn's an expert he'll help him" Rachel encouraged as she took out some money from her purse.

"I do really like him" Mercedes admitted shyly

"And if he feels the same way then stop worrying, we're awesome who doesn't love us" Rachel enthused.

"Ha true" Mercedes laughed

"You sure you're okay, I have to get back but if you need..." Rachel offered as she put on her coat and grabbed her bag.

"I'm fine Rachel, I swear, you go" Mercedes promised

"Okay good, I'll talk to you later" Rachel said as she got up from the table, she put some money on the table then walked to the door.

"Love you" Rachel called as she left.

"You too" Mercedes called back as she looked at the money on the table and realised her friends had left enough to cover her meal as well.

Rachel's and Finn's Townhouse, West Village

"Hey Hun, I'm home" Rachel called as she walked through the door of hers and Finn's Christopher Street Townhouse in West Village. They had just moved in three months ago, before they had lived in a small one-bedroom apartment in the meat packing district. They had saved every penny they had so that they could move into a house that they would one day raise their children in.

She threw off her coat and bag and left them on the breakfast top too tired to put them in the closet.

"In here" Finn shouted from the dining room. Rachel walked into their dining room to see Finn surrounded by papers staring intently at them, red pen in hand. Rachel always found this side of Finn very attractive, the teacher Finn who was so loyal and patient with his students was something Rachel loved about him.

"You're still working?" Rachel asked. She sat on the table and put her feet at either side of his chair.

"I'm just reading Stacey's short story; she wants me to give her notes on it" Finn replied trying his best to focus on the words in front of him instead of his wife's legs spread around him.

"Oh I bet she did" Rachel smirked as she played with his hair. Rachel was certain that Finn's most dedicated student had a little crush especially considering that every paper she gave Finn had little hearts over the i's.

"Why do you say it like that, why can't you just realise I have dedicated students" Finn laughed. He put down the paper and his pen and looked up at his wife who had successfully distracted him.

"Oh I know you do because you are a brilliant, a brilliant and very sexy English teacher" Rachel smiled seductively kissing Finn quickly but passionately on the lips.

"So how was your day?" Finn wondered what had put his wife in such a good mood considering how she was when they spoke earlier.

"Very long and very boring... Saw the girls through and Mercedes is worried about Friday, about us meeting Sam" Rachel explained. She continued to play with his hair and would occasionally drop kisses on his face.

"He better be around for a while, I'm always the only guy" Finn complained lightly. He rested his hands on Rachel's thighs and was very happy she was wearing a skirt as he pushed his hands further up her soft legs.

"The girls have had boyfriends before" Rachel smiled as Finn brought her down to his lap, cupping her bum as he did.

"Yeah but I've always been able to tell whether they were serious or not and if they weren't there was no point getting to know the guy because he would be gone in a week" Finn reasoned, he kissed down Rachel jaw line and down her neck.

"You know my friends so well" Rachel let at a soft moan as Finn pushed her closer to him so she could feel how ready he was.

"Well they are here enough; I've even shared a bed with them before..." Finn joked with a shrug of his shoulders as he continued to kiss along Rachel's neck.

"Because you're the best" Rachel beamed kissing him quickly.

"Well that's very true... I made dinner it's in the oven" Finn pointed to the kitchen through the archway, although neither of them was interested in eating.

"He cooks as well... What a perfect husband" Rachel beamed, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his forehead, nose then lips.

"Why do I feel like you want something?" Finn smirked.

"Nothing I promise I'm just in a good mood" Rachel assured him as she kissed every part of his face while he traced her back lightly with his fingers.

"I like a wife in a good mood... How good of a mood are you in" Finn wondered pulling her closer to him.

"Such a good mood that I think you should stop working right now and have your way with me right on the table" Rachel smiled seductively at him.

"Have your way..." Finn laughed before shaking his head "You know I'm just gonna forget that because you want to have sex"

"Ha right here okay then? You know I'm not ovulating until Friday" Rachel pointed out as Finn lifted her up into his arms then laid her down on top of his papers. He hoped his students wouldn't be able to tell he was about to have sex on their writing assignments.

"Then we will call this practice" Finn reasoned, he started to undo her blouse and Rachel worked on his trousers.

"I thought we were experts by now" Rachel quipped.

"We can always be better" Finn replied as he took off her blouse then his shirt.

"Finn just kiss me" Rachel demanded

Finn threw the shirts away and balanced himself over her "Whatever you say baby"

Happy Smiles Bar, 45th Street

That night Mercedes was visiting Sam at the bar he worked at part time when he wasn't modelling. He's was cleaning glasses while Mercedes enjoyed her cocktail.

"So you excited for Friday?" Sam asked.

"Yeah... You ready for Friday?" Mercedes quizzed taking a drink. She had to admit that she had never been this nervous for her friends to meet her boyfriend and she knew that had to do with how much she liked him.

"Why do I need to be ready, I have a new t-shirt if that's what you're talking about" Sam wondered with a smile until he noticed the scowl on Mercedes face "I'm kidding, you mean your friends, don't worry I can handle them"

Sam pulled away to serve someone but Mercedes continued on.

"It's not really about handling them it more about handling us, as a group" Mercedes advised, Sam served the customer then went back to Mercedes.

"Why do you become like shrilling teenage girls or something because that might be hot" Sam imagined with a smile. He leaned against the bar kissing her quickly.

"Shut up" Mercedes laughed slapping him away "No it's not that it's just we are close, really close"

"I know that" Sam shrugged

"There's a difference between knowing and seeing" Mercedes insisted

"Okay explain" Sam said gesturing with his hands for her to explain.

"Okay once after Quinn's grandmother died she didn't want be alone so she slept at Rachel's for a week, in Rachel's room" Mercedes explained giving Sam a look, who looked back at Mercedes like she was a little crazy.

"Isn't Rachel the married one" Sam laughed

"Oh yeah Finn was there too" Mercedes quipped with a smile.

"Okay now I get what you mean" Sam laughed

"I just don't want it to put you off because they're my family, Rachel, Santana and Quinn are my family and I'm just hoping that you like me enough to be okay with that" Mercedes encouraged before taking a big gulp of her drink.

"Mercedes stop worrying, I will make your friends love me and I will not be put off by your friendship" Sam reassured her squeezing her hand.

"We finish each other's sentences" Mercedes pointed out

"I don't care" Sam stated as he started cleaning some glasses, he couldn't spend all his shift talking to his girlfriend.

"We tell each other everything, I mean everything" Mercedes continued giving Sam another look.


"We never spend more than two days apart" Mercedes ranted

"Mercedes" Sam raised his voice to her attention "I don't care" Sam kissed each of her cheeks then her lips "I really like you and nothing will change that"

"I really like you too" Mercedes responded quickly

"Should I do my impressions" Sam wondered with a far away smile.

Mercedes gasped looking at Sam in shock "God no!"

Thursday, Central Park – William Shakespeare East Entrance

The next day Rachel and Santana were having lunch in Central Park near the William Shakespeare statue which was across the street from Santana's office. They sat down on an available bench while they were talking about Mercedes and her boyfriend.

"So what do you really think he's like" Santana quizzed as she took out her ham sandwich that she had bought from the deli next door to her office.

"No idea, Mercedes has never really had a clear taste, remember the guy who wore lose jeans and baseball caps and he was 39" Rachel mused with a smile as she bit into her own sandwich.

"God don't remind me, this is why you guys never meet the men in my life" Santana interjected. Santana had never had any serious relationships but unlike Quinn, that's the way she liked it.

"That because they have a one-night expiry date" Rachel quipped as she sipped her orange juice.

"Hey I resent that sometimes I let them stay until morning" Santana sarcastically replied

"Because you're a classy lady" Rachel laughed

"Always" Santana smirked, she then turned to look at her friend who was watching some nearby children play on the park. The look of yearning in her eyes was very clear. "So how is giving me a niece or nephew going?"

"It's not, I mean we're still trying almost every day but as you can see I'm not pregnant" Rachel groaned looking away from the park.

"Rachel I know it's a touchy subject but maybe you and Finn should think about going to see a specialist" Santana advised carefully. The subject of pregnancy was getting touchy with Rachel especially when Santana questioned if something could be wrong.

"There's nothing wrong with me Santana!" Rachel snapped rolling her eyes.

"Rachel you know that's not what I'm saying. But you and Finn have been trying, for what, a year? Maybe it's time you get some advice as to why it hasn't happened yet" Santana advised carefully not taking her eyes of her friend.

"I don't even know who I would see" Rachel admitted looking down at her lunch.

"Lucky for you, your lawyer friend has a client who is the best OBGYN in the city, I have called in a favour and she has agreed to but you on her list" Santana explained as she took out a business card from her diary and handed it to Rachel.

"Santana I don't know..." Rachel worried

"Rachel even if they said there was a problem, it wouldn't mean that it was over for you guys, you just try something else... You and Finn deserve to have children" Santana enthused.

"Thank you" Rachel smiled, she put the card in her bag and went back to her lunch.

"I mean it call her today" Santana demanded looking at Rachel, she lifted her friends face so she was looking her in the eye.

"I will I promise"

"Good because I don't plan to have any rug-rats so you have to have children so I can spoil yours... And you know turn them against you when their older" Santana joked as she let go of Rachel face and took a bite out of her sandwich.

"Why thank you" Rachel laughed, she looked back and the children playing and nodded her head.

"Your kids are gonna love me" Santana stated with a smile.

"I'm sure they will... Why are you only nice to me?" Rachel wondered bumping her friends side.

Santana shrugged as she watched a man stretch on a bench then jog away from them "Because nobody else is worth it"

Rachel's Office – Broadway Star, Park Avenue

"Hey Rachel, Blaine called about a quote on Jenni Barber" Tina called as Rachel walked to her office, she handed Tina her coat then went to her door.

"Okay thanks Tina, I'm going to be doing my editors letter so I don't want to be disturb for the next half an hour unless Finn calls, that clear?" Rachel demanded.

"Yes Rachel" Tina said sensing Rachel's mood.

Rachel walked into her office, closed the door behind her then sat at her desk. She took out the card Santana had given her and picked up her office phone. Rachel knew her friend was right, she had to make this call, for her future family. Rachel dialled the number and waited for someone to answer

"Hi this is Rachel Hudson I need to make an appointment with Dr Stevens" Rachel stated once the receptionist had introduced the clinic. Rachel messed with the things on her desk as she listened to the receptionist.

"And what is the nature of the appointment Mrs Hudson" The receptionist cheered, Rachel couldn't help roll her eyes at the receptionist cheering tone.

"Well me and my husband have been trying to conceive for almost a year with no luck so I'm just wondering if there are any issues" Rachel explained shyly.

"Okay Mrs Hudson, would you like us to schedule an appointment for your husband as well" The receptionist asked not put off by Rachel's quiet voice, she was obviously used to it.

"That would probably be for the best yes" Rachel reasoned, she picked up the photo on her desk and couldn't help but sigh. She never thought she would have to ever make this appointment.

"Okay Mrs Hudson we have 9 am on July the 5th" The receptionist affirmed.

"Nothing sooner" Rachel asked shocked that the next wasn't for another four weeks.

"I'm sorry Mrs Hudson no, Dr Stevens is the best in New York so…"

"No I understand July 5th is fine" Rachel defeated

"Okay is that everything Mrs Hudson?"

"Yes thank you" Rachel sighed

"Okay have a nice day Mrs Hudson" Rachel didn't bother responding as she put down the phone.

Friday, 169 Bar, Lower East Side – Mercedes Party

"How do I look?" Rachel asked Finn as the taxi pulled up outside the bar for Mercedes' party. Rachel paid the driver as Finn looked her over. Rachel was wearing leather pants, a light pink camisole and a long burgundy cardigan with black block heels and a black clutch bag.

"Sexy as hell" Finn leaned down and kissed Rachel sweetly on the lips, pulled away slowly then kissed her again. They got out of the taxi hand in hand to see Santana and Quinn waiting outside for them.

"Why are you guys waiting outside?" Rachel wondered with a smirk.

"We were waiting for you so we could mess with him together, although we have seen him... He's blonde" Santana gasped sarcastically as Finn and Rachel hugged them both.

"Also I don't wanna be in there to long" Quinn scoffed as the four of them made their way inside.

"Quinn" Rachel warned as they went through cloak room and into the bar.

"It's a dive bar Rachel a dive bar" Quinn gasped.

Quinn wasn't wrong in her description it was a small bar with a wooden stage and high tables and chairs littered around the room and even though you couldn't smoke in the bar it still had the air and smell in the room.

"Mercedes wanted it to be casual so Sam wouldn't be as nervous" Rachel explained

"I thought this was her birthday not his" Santana remarked

"Okay ladies none of this your friend is probably very nervous for you guys to meet Sam, so reign it in and get inside" Finn lectured lightly pushing them all further inside the bar.

"Why do we listen to him" Santana wondered as they looked around for Mercedes and Sam.

"Because we love him" Rachel sated lovingly as she looked up at Finn and kissed his jaw.

"Let's hope Sam is like Finn then" Quinn reasoned with a smile, as she waved the smoke out of her eyes that seemed to have followed them inside.

"Sorry ladies I'm one of a kind... Now move it" Finn ordered as he went to the bar.

The girls walked further into the bar looking for Mercedes who they quickly spotted talking to a few of their friends. Once she noticed them, she rushed over to them.

"Guys there you are; I've been looking everywhere for you" Mercedes greeted happily hugging them all.

"Well we're here so where is he" Santana eyed the room. They followed Mercedes to the stage where a young blonde guy was talking to the DJ. He was wearing low jeans, a t-shirt and a bomber jacket. The girls all shared a look as Mercedes called his name.

"Sam these are my friends this is Rachel, Quinn and Santana" Mercedes introduced him, after she had pulled him away from the DJ and towards her friends.

"Nice to meet you ladies, I've heard a lot about you all" Sam enthused. Each girl looked him up and down very openly before smirking at each other. Mercedes rolled her eyes as she knew what was about to happen.

"We've heard a lot about you too" Quinn smiled sweetly then suddenly turned serious.

"Yeah a model that really gonna pay the bills for long" Santana wondered

"And what is with the hair, you auditioning for a boy band" Rachel added taking a piece of Sam's long blonde her in her hands before pulling away.

"Well..." Sam started but the girls quickly cut him off

Santana held up her hand "Don't interrupt, are you always this rude"

Rachel shook her head "My god some people"

"I know models they just think that they can demand everything" Quinn angered

"So do you have a eating disorder like most models"

"You know that will eventually make your hair fall out and I'm sure you wouldn't want that"

"How many tennis balls can you fit in there" Santana asked eyeing his mouth

Sam looked at Mercedes with a smile then back at her friends "Well Mercedes warned me but I have to say that was brutal especially for my hair" Sam laughed

"Well there certainly a lot of it" Quinn pointed out eyeing Sam's small ponytail.

"Am I allowed to say that I really like your friend and I will always treat her right" Sam promised wrapping his arm around Mercedes who looked up at him lovingly.

"You can say it but will be the judge of if you actually can do it" Santana interjected

"Okay ladies that's enough integrating, drink these... How long did you let them go on for Mercedes?" Finn wondered as he passed them all a drink including Sam and Mercedes.

"They asked if he had an eating disorder" Mercedes smirked

"Nice! Hey I'm Finn Rachel's husband and don't worry they get a lot nicer" Finn greeted sticking out his hand which Sam quickly shook.

"If you deserve it" Rachel argued with a smile as Finn nudged her side playfully.

"Which he does" Mercedes smiled taking Sam hand in her own.

"We'll see" Rachel, Santana and Quinn said in union as they took a drink.

Finn held up his drink and smiled at Mercedes "Well happy birthday Mercedes"


Quinn stood at the bar and watched as Rachel and Finn stared lovingly at each other occasionally sharing kisses. They were looking at each other like they were the only two people in the room. Quinn craved it so much, she wanted what Rachel and Finn had and often wondered when she would finally have it.

"Are you in love with him" Puck wondered pulling Quinn from her thoughts. She turned to face him watching as he smirked at her.

"Excuse me!" Quinn exclaimed

"Are you in love with Finn because you're staring at him pretty intensely so I thought maybe you liked him... Or maybe you like Rachel which would be totally hot" Puck explained as he downed his drink still staring at her.

"What?" Quinn snapped, she couldn't believe that a complete stranger was talking to her that way.

"I figure if you do like him, maybe you've never told anyone and you need someone to talk to about it... Although I'm not sure how much of it I will listen to because you are really hot" Puck further explained with a shrug.

"Who are you?" Quinn demanded

"I'm Puck, I work with Finn at the school ... And I actually like Rachel Finn's wife so I don't think you should be staring at him like that" Puck answered, he looked at Rachel and Finn to see they were still staring at each other not at all aware that Puck and Quinn were watching them.

"My god! I'm Quinn, Rachel is my best friend. I wasn't staring at them because I like one of them. I looking at them because I want what they have" Quinn proclaimed downing the rest of her drink "I can't believe I just admitted that to you"

"You've not found your Finn yet then?" Puck commented, he looked Quinn over as she took a seat at the bar and looked away from Finn and Rachel.

"No I haven't... Do you have a Rachel?" Quinn asked, she wasn't sure why she was still talking to him but he seemed harmless enough and she had drunk enough now not to be embarrassed that she had been caught staring at her best friend and her husband.

"God no! I've had many a Sophie's, sissy' sand Stacey's but no Rachel's yet" Puck smirked as he took a seat next to her.

"Do you always talk like that?" Quinn shrilled looking at him in disgust.

"Do you always react like that?" Puck laughed not affected by Quinn's tone.

"I'm going to leave now" Quinn sneered getting up from the seat, she had enough of him.

"Wait! At least let me by you a drink, you look like you could use one" Puck persuaded her

"I'll have a gin and tonic" Quinn replied seating back down. She might as well get a drink out of him, it would probably improve her mood at the party.

"Gin and tonic coming up" Puck approved signalling to the bartender, he then stuck out his hand "Noah Puckerman"

Quinn cautiously took Pucks hand and shook it "Quinn Fabray"


"Finnnnny" Rachel cheered as she fell into Finn's lap. He had been watching his wife dance with her friends, when she had noticed him staring.

"Looks like I have a drunk wife!" Finn joked as Rachel cradled into his lap putting her head in the nuke of his neck. Finn wasn't sure if Rachel's drinking was because she wanted to have a good time with her friends or because she didn't want to think about their up and coming appointment.

"Not yet but I'm getting there" Rachel laughed, she started slowly kissing along Finn's jaw line and Finn was happy she was sat on his lap so nobody could see how much he was enjoying it but given the smirk on Rachel's face as she nipped his ear with her teeth he knew that she had noticed.

"I'm glad you're having a good night" Finn said as he pulled her closer, Rachel's wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled sweetly at him.

"I am; the alcohol is certainly helping"

"Is that a good idea" Finn frowned looking Rachel over.

"For tonight it is" Rachel argued pulling away from him to look him in the eyes. Finn didn't want Rachel to drown her worries in alcohol but that seemed like exactly what she was doing.


"Finn it's my friend's birthday, so for tonight it's about that and not us okay?" Rachel argued, she kissed him again and Finn knew that meant their conversation was over, he would just have to worry about his wife on his own.

"Okay" Finn agreed reluctantly.

"Dance with me" Rachel requested getting off Finn's lap pulling him up with her.

Finn smiled at Rachel as they walked to the dance floor "Anything you want"


"I just don't understand I mean I'm a perfectly nice person... Look at this party I threw for my friend... I'm nice right?" Quinn drunkenly asked as she downed another shot. An hour after buying her a drink Puck was now watching a drunk Quinn talk about her disastrous love life. Puck wasn't sure why he had stayed with her but they were just something about her that was intriguing.

"The nicest" Puck quickly replied as he watched in amusement as she kept trying and failing to sit on the bar stool. He eventually helped her sit down although she quickly slapped his hand away.

"Then why don't I have a husband yet" Quinn demanded "I've been dating since I was fifteen where the hell is he"

"I'm not sure because you're really hot" Puck flirted sitting down next to her. He looked around to see Rachel and their other friends Mercedes and Santana singing on the stage so he knew he couldn't ask them to help with a drunk Quinn.

"I know you keep saying that! You know what it is I'm uptight, yeah everyone thinks it, and I bet you think it as well don't you?" Quinn slurred, she took Puck's drink from his hand and downed the rest of it.

"I don't know, although I only met you tonight, I'm not sure how much of this is the alcohol" Puck answered

"Oh it's all of it" Quinn giggled, she signalled to the bartender for another drink but when she wasn't looking Puck shook his head to cancel the order. The blonde didn't need any more alcohol.

"Okay I think you've had enough, why don't I take you home" Puck advised

"I can get home by myself" Quinn shrilled pulling away from him. She pulled a little too quickly and stumbled off her chair so Puck quickly caught her and walked her to the door grabbing her bag that she had forgotten at the bar.

"I'm sure you can but I want to do this" Puck reasoned as they walked to the door.

Quinn groaned loudly but didn't let go of Pucks arm "Ugh fine!"


"EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS MAGIC, EVERY LITTLE THINGS JUST TURNS ME ON" Rachel sang loudly down the microphone as Santana and Mercedes danced behind her.

"Woooooo Rachel" Mercedes cheered


"Okay let's hear it for these fine ladies" The DJ shouted down the microphone once the song had finished. The girls jumped off the stage where Finn and a few others were clapping for them.

"WE SHOULD HAVE SHOTS!" Santana shouted, as if he had read her mind Sam walked over to them with a tray of shots. Each of them took one quickly.

"Down it birthday girl!" Sam demanded. Everyone quickly downed the shots then threw the plastic shot glasses on the floor.

"It taste like pink! Let's have more" Rachel declared as she fell into Finn's arms. Sam went back to the bar and a few minutes later he came back with more shots

"Here you go ladies" Sam cheered passing them all another shot.

"Stop buying them drinks Sam they already like you" Mercedes laughed as her friends downed their drinks. Rachel and Finn started to make out as Santana danced around them laughing loudly.

"Humm jury's still out but these certainly help" Santana remarked as she bumped into Finn and Rachel so they would stop kissing.

"Finn we should sing faithfully it's our song... Finn loves journey" Rachel beamed as she bounced back over to the stage.

"That's okay babe, sing with your friends" Finn suggested as he helped her on the stage as Mercedes and Santana joined her. They took the microphones from the DJ as Sam and Finn moved to a table to watch them.

"How about Don't Stop Believing" Mercedes suggested as they all danced around the stage, almost everyone at the party was watching them in amusement.

"Let's do it, where's Quinn?"

"Who knows? Quinn QUINN never mind let's sing" Santana shouted as she looked around the small bar but couldn't spot Quinn.


Rachel and Finn's Townhouse – West Village

"So did you have a good night wife" Finn asked as he and Rachel walked into their kitchen after getting home from the party. Rachel sat down at the breakfast bar as Finn got them both a drink.

"I did husband, Sam seems like a good guy and Mercedes had a good birthday" Rachel sang as she took of her heels. Finn passed her some water and sat down next to her.

"It was nice to relax for a night" Finn agreed "You okay"

"I'm fine Finn" Rachel sighed, she got out of her chair and sat on Finn's lap, she wrapped her arms around and buried her head in his neck.


"Finn there's nothing to worry about until we have the appointment then you can ask me a hundred times a day if I'm okay" Rachel argued, she looked him in his eyes and kissed him on each cheek.

"I know you though, you're going to be thinking about it until July 5th" Finn pointed out.

"I promise to tell you if it gets too much but for right now let's enjoy the rest of our night" Rachel acknowledged with a smirk. She got off Finn's lap and took his hands, pulling him towards the stairs.

"What do you have in mind" Finn said with a smile. He leaned down to kiss Rachel's neck slowly as they continued to walk to the stairs.

"Well I went to Victoria Secrets earlier today" Rachel smirked

"I've always loved Victoria and her secrets" Finn cheered as the both ran to their bedroom.

Mercedes Apartment – Brooklyn

"So I'm gonna ring the girls" Mercedes declared as her and Sam walked into her apartment. The party had finished three hours ago but Sam had wanted to go to a club before going home.

"It's three thirty" Sam laughed as he went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. He sat on the kitchen counter as he took a long drink.

"I told you what we're like" Mercedes shrugged with a smile.

"Never mind I'm going to bed" Sam stated, he jumped off the counter, kissed Mercedes quickly then walked into her room.

"Night" Mercedes called as she took out her phone and dialled the familiar number "Hey Sans you awake"

"Yeah one second I'll batch in Berry" came Santana tired voice.

"I wondered when she would ring" Finn smirked as the ring tone on Rachel's phone woke them both up. Rachel pulled out of Finn's embrace to grab her phone and turn on the bedside light.

"Do you want me to go downstairs" Rachel asked.

"No its okay but be quick I was comfy" Finn reasoned as her pulled Rachel back down into his arms.

"I will I promise" Rachel promised as she answered her phone and cuddled further into Finn "Hey Santana"

"Mercedes is here too... I'll get Quinn" Santana stated, Rachel kissed Finn quickly as she waited for her friends.

Quinn's Apartment – The Upper East Side

"Hey Quinn you awake?" Mercedes asked once Quinn had answered the phone.

"Yeah I'm here" Quinn yawned as she sat up in bed, careful not to make too much noise.

"Okay good where all here, so what did you think" Mercedes beamed

"He was okay, rather big mouth" Santana volunteered

"Sans! He was cute very sweet... Finn liked him" Rachel added, Quinn listened to her friends but couldn't think of anything else to add.

"Did you Finn?" Mercedes wondered

"I'm not in this conversation I wanna go to sleep" Finn shouted down the phone. Quinn wondered from the conversation as she looked to the side of her bed.

"He loved him" Rachel laughed

"Quinn you there what did you think?" Mercedes asked, Quinn snapped back to the conversation once she had heard her friend.

"Sorry yeah he's was lovely" Quinn added lamely, she looked back to see that Puck was still sleeping soundly on the other side of her bed. Quinn just shook her head, unsure of what she had just done. She could hear her friends talking but didn't have a clue what they were saying.

"Except the mouth could be a little smaller" Santana quipped

"Santana!" Mercedes snipped

"And maybe he shouldn't do as many impressions" Rachel added


Preview for next week

"Rachel I really need my friend right now"

"I never wanted this to happen"

"We're having a baby"