Typing away diligently to her boss' latest client Kagome Higurashi was so absorbed in her work she nearly missed the sight of the red light beside her monitor snap to life. Eyes minutely widening, she couldn't help but mentally berate her new boss. In the four weeks she had been on the job, Kagome had never had an employer who had so many incidents. Her last boss had used her but once when an acquaintance had turned out to mysteriously have a redoubtable amount of holy energy and had spied his friend's markings.

This boss seemed to have a run in every third day at best. And while he would persistently blame the impertinence of the human race, she knew it was his own stubborn pride that forced her hand more than was needed. Getting up and straightening her skirt, she once again mentally screamed at her grandfather. The old man had never told her about this little foible. Next time she had a free day she would go home and shout at him until he revealed some tidbits she could use against this new boss of hers to hopefully put them equal footing. As it was their relationship was strained, but she was under the impression that could be healed with a dash of blackmail. Blackmail she could leverage to avoid situations like this she grumbled as she made her way to the giant black door behind her desk

Silently opening the door and peering past the castle-thick wood, she quickly assessed the situation.


Seething trembling with anger boss standing behind his desk and glaring at his newest victim, check. Cowering human trying to melt his body through the walls on the other corner of the room with a face of pure fear, check.

Fighting the urge to rub her face in exasperation she quietly entered fully into the room and shut the door behind her with a soft click. Slowly making her way between the two occupants of the room she raised her hands in an effort to placate both. "Okay, okay…" she chanted without thinking as she made her way to the angry youkai about to tear the man limb from limb. Taking routine, measured steps towards the angry taiyoukai, she offhanded wondered if there would be a permanent track in the carpet from the sheer amount of times she had made this trip. Keeping her eyes focussed on the taiyoukai's neck so as not to challenge him, she maintained a calm and constant tone in the move she had dubbed her 'Negotiator'.

"You know Sesshomaru-sama, if people anger you so much, perhaps you should find a new career. Perhaps you would be better suited to an assassin, or maybe a lone computer hacker. In both cases you would likely have no need of the button or me. I think it would save us both a lot of grief." As she got with arms reach of him, his growl subsided to a faint rumble. Pleased that he seemed to be calming down faster, she placed her hand on the forearm clenching at his side. Once again, his growl lessened by a few decibels. Content with his progress thus far, she slowly asserted her reiki to remind him of her personal presence and saw his posture relax as his eyes slowly faded down to pink while his markings began to lose their jagged edge.

Trusting her employer was regaining his faculties, she slowly turned around to face the man hiding his face in the wall and whimpering. Honestly. She had not yet been privileged enough to see what he did to set his victims off, but majority of them seemed to prefer cowering and breathing heavily to anything else.

"Matsumoto-san. Ano… Matsumoto-san. Please calm down." She implored. At this the heavy breathing slowed from near hyperventilating to mere panic, the air filtering through his nose. Pressing on, "Do you remember me? You met me outside before the meeting. I am Higurashi-san. I am the secretary you spoke with this morning and the one your secretary has been in contact with all last week. Do you remember me?" She found if they were reminded of their life before they had the pleasure of meeting her boss in all his feral glory, they were more inclined to come out of their fear-induced state and be sorted out.
"Well it seems there has been a misunderstanding here. No matter what you may believe no one is here to hurt you. I will see to it personally, on my oath as one with holy powers." Surreptitiously checking that Sesshomaru was indeed back to normal, she noticed his golden eyes were observing the situation. He was back in control, but they would have to wait until he was fully in his human disguise before this would work properly. In a gentle voice she invited Matsumoto to turn around and see for himself.

It took the man a moment to gather himself, and when he turned about he still seemed ruffled and distrustful. While he met the eyes of Higurashi head on with an air of relative suspicion, he looked upon Sesshomaru with abundant fear. The rumours were right. The man was a demon. Standing 6'10, the man was towering over his average 5`5. Matsumoto could clearly make out the silver hair and golden eyes and odd facial markings and…were those tattoos? In the centre of his brow was a blue crescent moon and upon further study he was able to make out large maroon markings on the side of his face. Yet it wasn't the demon's basic description which had him still cringing in fear. No. It was the glare of loathing he was receiving from the monster. Ten minutes ago, Sesshomaru the businessman had been intimidating, bordering on startling. Now that the devil had showed his true colours it was petrifying.

Noticing Mastumoto staring at her boss, Kagome set to work. " Matsumoto san, could you please have a seat and relax and Sesshomaru-sama, could you…"
"This is still my office, miko." He replied in his deep drawl. "Once again, I refuse to leave for 'their comfort' as you put it."

Mentally bashing his head against the massive mahogany desk she resolved herself to the fact she would have to do this with the demon in the room, a complication few other pactkeepers had to contend with. While it wasn't too difficult to practice the memory wipe technique, she was loathe to have to do it in the presence of a demon. With Sesshomaru in the room, the subject was always uncomfortable when they came back to themselves and although their memory was wiped, their body's instincts and emotions were still in overdrive which made for a tricky transition.

Once again gesturing for Matsumoto to have a seat on the deep leather sofa near the corner he had most recently been occupying, Kagome requested he close his eyes and relax.
Matsumoto would have none of that though. It would seem the fearsome businessman had finally regained his bearings and his tongue…"Not with him here! He's a demon. He could attack me at any moment! And you too for that matter! You should not be working for a creature such as this. It is truly dangerous work! Let's get out of here." He exclaimed as he rose from his seat and made a grab for her arm on his way to the door.

Hearing Sesshomaru snarl behind her and feeling his youki expand, she quickly and firmly extracted her arm from Matsumoto's grasp and asserted her reiki to soothe the beast. Why was this always a circus? It was like taming lions under the big top, never let them out of your sight.

Ignoring Sesshomaru's vocalizations which had simmered, Kagome focussed on getting Matsumoto under control. With calming waves of reiki she redirected Matsumoto's attention and with a gentle touch to his forearm, he was much more pliable. Thank the gods humans responded positively to reiki.

"Have no fear Matsumoto-san. He cannot harm you so long as I am here. Do you know of miko? Not miko in the shrines mind you, but real and true priestesses? Well I am one and so long as I live I must protect humans against demons. So you see? So long as I am here, you are safe." Assuming the look of a terrified child, Matsumoto had his eyes locked on her, lulled by her words and her aura, though still suspicious of everyone and everything in the room. "Now, will you please have a seat and close your eyes?" Calmed by her touch and gentle words, Matsumoto did as he was asked by his saviour, the miko.

Behind her, Sesshomaru too was calmed by her dulcet tones and resigned himself to don the façade of a human. Kagome, noticing this, quickly beamed him a bright smile before sitting beside Matsumoto. Focussing her powers in her index fingers with a soft pink glow, she gently placed them on either side of Matsumoto's temple. Closing her eyes as well, she worked to sort through the memories of the relaxed man and erase those which had caused him fear in the last few minutes. Once done she was sure to add in a little memory she had mastered to explain her presence in such an intimate position in the midst of a business meeting, she finished her task and removed her fingers from his temple, immediately assuming her best dumb assistant facade.

"…on his cheek here. There! Much better Matsumoto san! I hate seeing people with eyelashes in the wrong place! It looks so silly!" Kagome chirped. Blinking in confusion Matsumoto readily agreed to her statement with a curt nod and sat up in his seat.

"Miss Higurashi," Sesshomaru chimed in his deep baritone in at the precise rehearsed moment, "Be as kind as to remove yourself from Mr. Matsumoto and go do your work. I do not pay you for flirting."

"Haaaai!" She brightly replied. With that she lifted herself up and made her way out of his office, closing the door with a loud thunk after sending a meaningful glare at her employer.

Seriously, how did he truly expect her to work under such conditions? Between the usual secretarial work she performed for him and her duties as his miko, it was demanding.

Trudging over to her desk she was suddenly hit with a wave of exhaustion. While her miko duties were quite light, it would be much easier if Sesshomaru would leave the room. That way she could simply expand her reiki instead of forcing it into a smaller vessel. After all, the last thing she could afford was a bout with the Holy Alliance. They would come down on her if they got wind the Great Demon lord was singed, let alone eradicated.

Slumping in her chair, she took a moment to breathe deeply and recollect herself before continuing on her correspondence.

Originally a oneshot, I think I might make it into a chapter story...