Fanfiction Granddad Mario x Luigi

- Instant love -

Chapter one: The reunion

During one of Mario and Luigi's epic adventures to saving Princess Peach, from bowser's totally not predictable kidnapping, Luigi came across a strange door.

"Wow Mario, It's a strange door". Said Luigi.

"It's a me, Mario, and I definitely agree with you on that". Exclaimed Mario.

"I think something wrong will happen if we open this door" Luigi said while knocking on the door with a gentle tap.

"That is a very good observation, my brother, but I wonder if there is an all-you-can-eat spaghetti beyond this door" Asserted the lesser brother (Mario).

"Let's a go" They both said in unison.

Their visions flashed uncontrollably with horrible images of history in the making. They saw as time went backwards. Luigi didn't barf because he was not mental like Game theory confirmed; Mario did though because he is super overrated.

All of a sudden, they were transported to the prehistoric ages where dinosaurs and cave men roamed.

"See, there you go again, always acting with your stomach and not your heart. This is why you are a poop monger and dumb Italian guy (*not being a racist), while I am the best." Luigi said while being the cool guy that he is.

"Wow that is so smart of you. I will try to think more and not be a sack of potatoes like I usually am. Mario said self reflectively

"Know I will never save the princess". Luigi expressed empathetically.

"Who?" Mario dumbly retorted

A ruffle came from the bushes.

"Oh no, it might be a monster. I think I should use myself as a human piece of worthless meat to cloggy up its digestion system". Mario said to redeem himself to the green god.

"no". Luigi said

Out of the bushes came an ugly homeless Italian man. He was hairy, pungent, and not well built. He was the usually phenomenon modern American's like to call a cave man. The first sight of the man was nothing but peculiar, but suddenly a weird feeling was spurring from the bottom to the top of the brother's bodies. A tingle. Suddenly the two brother's felt a huge urge to….. Have him.

They looked at each other. Then at the man. It was a fight to the death between bothers.

Luigi made the first thought. As Mario is dumb and of an inferior race. What do I do? Have I fallen for his boyish charms? All I have to act with subtlety. After all, love all about the seduction and hard love.

All of a sudden Mario throws down his pants in a passionate, but inferior, love strike. As though Mario was simulating a star bound bird that was thrusting his pleasure to the nearest worm it could find. Mario did Jump, really high into the air towards the rather unknown caveman, but it was the real man ( Luigi) who took the first kiss. In the sound of slathering leather, the two made love on the spot.

Mario has lost the battle, but who knows if Luigi you really got him. Lust is different from love, so wait next chapter to find out who ends of winning the caveman's heart. Who is this mysterious and romantic Casanova? Luigi or Mario? Maybe someone else? All will be answers in the next chapter called: The Great Love War.