Title: Ghostly Dreams
Author: Chyna Whyte
Disclaimer: I wonder what would happen if I said I'd owned it.
Summary: Dreams can come true. But one girl wants to find out why hers didn't.
A/N: Um, most of this story is true. The ghost is a rumor in our school and some scary shit happened the other day so I'm writing about it.


"Come on. We won't get caught. And even if we do what can they do to us?"

"I just don't want to go up there, ok? You know what they say about the Attic."

"Well you really don't think that it exists, do you?"

"N-no. But Chris-"

"C'mon! We'll only go up to the first level! And you're in here all the time." Chris responded.

Tiffany rolled her eyes. They had only been going out for a week and he was already annoying. He was a new kid at school and seemed cute. *I sure can pick 'em*

"I am an actress. I work on the stage and that's it. Up there on the catwalk is for technicians only. Not us."

The Attic was where the techs changed light bulbs, pulled the curtains, and worked the whole show.

"I don't get it. Why shouldn't we be able to go up there?"

"We're not techs!"

"We won't stay long and," He moved them closer to the door, "You know I'm here to protect you."

"Why do you want to go up there anyway?" Tiffany asked hands on her hips.

"Well you and I have practice later so we can't leave school and I just want some alone time with you-"

"Up there?!

"Aw, don't tell me you're scared." He laughed. "Look I'll leave the door open and it's not that far up. You won't fall."

"It's three stories up! And being afraid of heights is not the only thing and you know it!"

"You can't honestly tell me you believe in this ghost!"

"She died up there, Chris. She was murdered. It's not just a myth. I read it in an old newspaper."

She noticed he was moving them closer and closer to the stair way as they talked, "And where is that newspaper?"

"It caught fire when Joey left his cigarette on it." She looked at his face and sighed, "Fine, but we aren't staying up there long."

"I know, I know. Let's go." He grabbed her hand and began leading her up the stairs. Instead of stopping at the first floor like he said he guided them all the way to the third.

"Chris, we should just go back down."

"We haven't gone inside yet." He opened the door that led to the catwalk. At first glance he jumped back "Holy shit!"

Tiffany clutched on to him, "What is it?"

He opened the door fully and stepped inside, "Look."

There was a huge hole in the floor that continued all the way down until the stage.

"Wow. How come I never noticed that before?" Tiffany stepped out in wonder.

"I don't think it's been here long. Look at that." He pointed at some red stains on the floor next to it.

She released his hand and bent down to touch it, "It's paint and not dry yet. Even if the floor had recently broken off why wasn't there debris on the stage? And why-"She was cut off by a muffled scream and the door slamming shut. She turned quickly.

Chris was gone.

"Chris? Chris where are you?" She stood and tried to open the door. "This isn't funny!" She heard another noise behind her, "Chris? What is going on?"

A wind started picking up, "What the hell?" She walked closer to the broken floor to see if anybody had turned on the fans.

A sudden whoosh of powerful air sent her flying off the edge and onto the stage.

A glowing figure of a young girl floated above the hole with tears in her eyes.
"Not again."