Title: Numb
Author: Chyna Whyte
Disclaimer: It ain't mine.
A/N: This is the Sequel to Blame. You would most likely have to read that one first to really get this, but Hell do whatever you want.
Summary: Angelus gets his Bride, but of course there is one little problem.

"Look, she just went out there to fight him, not fuck him. She couldn't very well do it in here could she?" Anya said walking with the gang to the door they had seen Buffy go out of.

"Did you see the way they were grinding against each other? We'd be stupid not to check on them." He reached for the door, but a pale hand grabbed his.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you, mate." Spike had seen them make their way across the room.

"Why is that?" Oz asked.

Not wanting to hear Spike answer Xander interrupted, "Would you get out of the way?"

"No. You're a bigger idiot than I thought, Harris. You go out there Angelus will slit your throats without any trouble. Buffy and the little witch are handling the situation just fine enough."

"What if the spell didn't work? Buffy is still probably dealing with that monster." Xander said glaring at Spike.

"Oh, really. And what makes you think that you can? She's the bleedin' slayer! Let her do her job. Alone!"

"He does have a point." Anya said worried about their safety.

"No, Anya. I think he's up to no good. Since we are so weak that we can't fight him how come your undead ass isn't out there? He's a demon and you can hurt him. I think he's allied up with Angelus."

"Nothing good ever comes when you think, boy." Spike growled out angrily.

A loud crash was heard from the alleyway. "Fuck you, Spike. I'm checking it out." He opened the door and was about to walk out when he heard someone scream his name.

"Xander!" Willow pushed through the crowd to make her way to her friends. By now some of the patrons had turned their heads towards the loud group. "Where is she Xander? Where is she?"

"Will! What's wrong? What happened?"

Giles came up from behind her, "It didn't work. The spell didn't work"

"I knew it." Xander looked up to find Spike, but he was already gone.

Willow saw a shadow past the door from the alley. "Is she out there? Did he take her out there?" Willow, followed by Xander led the gang into the alley to find their Slayer.

"Nothing, "Anya said looking at the bare alley.

"Wait." Oz said catching a scent. He took a few steps forward crouched down to the ground. A red splotch caught his eye. Blood. "This is Buffy's blood. She was here and," He spotted another stain, "so was Angelus."

Anya bit her lip and collapsed into Xander's embrace. She knew it. Someone else was going to get hurt.

"No…Oz you're wrong. You can make mistakes too right?" Willow whimpered, drastically calmer "She's fine. She's not hurt."

Oz stood and went over to her, "I'm sorry Wills. It's their blood."

Giles put a hand over his eyes trying to control his emotions.

"We have to find her. She's has to be ok." Xander spoke trying to convince himself more than the others.

"Right. I have my van, we could go in that." Oz said.

"Willow and I used my car to get here. I will return in that. Let's return to my apartment. We can't just attack Angelus without having a plan." Giles said his feelings more in check. They quickly moved from the alley to their vehicles headed towards Giles' house.

Spike cursed as he walked along the street towards the mansion. "Stupid ass wanker. Always getting me into this mess! 'Watch the door, Spike. Make sure they don't come out, Spike.' What the fuck am I going to do with this chip in my head?? All for turning the damn Slayer. I'll probably get blamed for it."

He walked up the drive way and inside the mansion. He opened the door not bothering to knock and saw on one in the Great Hall. He went to the right to the coldest bedroom and saw Buffy on the bed with Angelus sitting next to her.

"So you finally did it, eh?"

"Of course. Did you doubt me, by boy?"

"Of course." Spike mocked him, "That's because you always send out on friggin' death missions. I can't really trust you."

Seeing that their conversation may get a little loud he guided Spike out into the Great Hall to speak.

"What happened?" Angelus asked calmly.

"Well, let's see." He sat and made himself comfortable on Angelus' leather couch. "I stopped them from going into the alley, well you already know that. But what you don't know is if I hadn't of run I would have been killed by the boy and the watcher. I don't appreciate this Angelus. I don't like running from some little teenage twit. You promised to take the chip out."

"It will come out, Spike. Be patient. I didn't lie when we had our little chat a few days ago. Did they find out it was you?" Angelus walked over to the fire and stared into it.

"No, I don't think so. They think we're working together to kill the Slayer."

"Well aren't we?" Angelus chuckled.

"Well, duh, but they'll probably be storming in here looking for the chit in a few, and I don't think she'll be ready by then."

"Did you honestly expect her to be just a fledgling, Spike?"

A loud scream came from the bedroom interrupting the vampires. Without a second thought they both shot into the room to check on the slayer.

She had sat up and was violently shaking and crying.

"What the Hell is she doing up so early?"

"I gave more blood than I normally would give. She's my equal." He sat down next to her and held her. She had calmed, but her crying did not stop.

"So what's up with her now?"

"I don't know. Something's wrong. Buffy?" He grabbed her teary face and made her look at him, "What is it, love?"

"Hurts… hurts Angel. Hurts so much." She hugged him to her trying to quell the pain.

He knew there was pain in being turned, but this seemed more than usual. Just as soon as the pain started it stopped.

H pulled back to look at her, "Buff? You Okay?"

She sighed exhaustedly, "Its better. W-what happened? I don't remember-"
"It's alright. It'll come to you. Just be patient."

Her eyes filled with tears again from the oncoming memories. "No…you didn't. I thought you were just going to kill me! No!" She pushed away from him and ran to the other side of the room. She slid to the ground and curled into a helpless ball against the wall. "No…no…"

"What? Buffy come on! Enough of this! Tell me what's happened?" Angel said trying to make sense of things.

Spike was stunned. She was acting as if she cared she was turned. As if she had a- Oh Shit.

It seemed Angelus had realized it also because he turned slowly to stare at Spike.

"What exactly did you do to that spell?"


The abandoned orb of thesula raised up along with four candles placed beside it. It spun and filled with what seemed like deep red gas and crackled with gold light. Suddenly the door opened and lights came on. The Orb lost its color and fell down, unharmed. The candles fell also, and hot wax spilled all over the table. They landed erect and their fire kept burning.

Willow walked over to the mess, "I thought the candles blew out."