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Chapter 01: Return to Konoha

After Sasuke was safely rescued from Orochimaru's men and after Shumatsu no Tani they brought a beat up Naruto and unconscious Sasuke back to Konoha. He was tied by the chakra bound chains but still seeing how enraged the boy was the only option Tsunade was left with was to clear the problem of her elders or more like the mess of Konoha councilmen.

Thus Tsunade summoned Itachi in private to tell Sasuke the truth. No one knew the details but Sasuke had changed a lot after the meeting. The only people who knew about this were Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraya and Tsunade herself. Of course knowing the truth first made Sasuke bitter toward the village and he now wanted his revenge but Itachi and Naruto somehow made him back away from his plans to just set the whole village on fire.

In the end Sasuke became nicer to Naruto and smiled sometimes too. His overall behavior with others didn't change that much but he was still a lot better than his bitter vengeful self though the flames of vengeance were still crackling in his heart but now he at least had his brother and being the boy he was, in the end he had begrudgingly backe away. And now after he could meet Itachi sometimes in a year Sasuke became a bit more gentle and he would give that rare smile, not just not a smirk but an actual genuine smile.

Naruto would always feel a strange fluttering in his stomach. And it was due to his own feelings. When Sasuke first left, with himself and his friends chasing the sound ninjas, Naruto realized how important Sasuke was to him...he was in love with the cold bastard.

Naruto was suffering from his unrequited love. Everytime he looked at Sasuke, he became more aware of his feelings.

When Jiraiya asked him to leave the village with him to train, Naruto accepted. Training with Sasuke was becoming impossible with these feelings. When Naruto was leaving Sasuke said to him smiling, "You better train hard. Or you'll be left behind." Naruto beamed in answer at Sasuke and left.

Since then he trained harder. Even Jiraiya noticed his over enthusiasm but Naruto never told his teacher. He knew those feelings weren't normal so he just tried to forget about those onyx eyes and that sweetest smile in the whole world.

After three years he returned to Konoha. Jiraiya told him that he has to go to Hokage to report about their arrival so Naruto can go home. Naruto nodded and headed back to his apartment. It was afternoon and he hadn't eaten since early that morning. 'I'm starving. Better go to eat ramen and then go do some shopping,' he thought to himself. He was quite the good cook now.

Due to Jiraiya's perverted habits they often lost their money. Unable to afford eating out, it was cheaper to buy ingredients and cook food on his own, thus Naruto learned how to cook. While walking the streets, he felt girls staring at him.

'Why are they staring at me?' He knew he was wearing foreign attire but to be stared like this! It was too much.

He ate ramen at the usual shop, paid and left. 'Damn it. Even the lady there was staring.'

When he turned the corner he bumped into Sakura. Sakura was surprised.

"Hey Sakura-chan."

"Naruto… Is it really you?"

"Heh. I'm pretty sure I'm alive. So it can't be my ghost." Naruto chuckled.

"When did you return?" Sakura's eyes were sparkling. She was genuinely happy to have her friend back.

"I just arrived. I was starving so went to eat some ramen. Ero sennin has gone ahead to Hokage to report and now I was just going to do some shopping." Naruto gave an elaborate answer.

"Shopping?" Sakura was surprised.

"Ah...yes. Some groceries and meat."

"Why do you need them Naruto?"

"Why do you ask? To make dinner of course! I can't always only eat ramen Sakura-chan."

"WHATTTT? You can cook?" She yelled. People in the area looked over at them.

"Sakura-chan. Please don't be so loud. And yes I can cook." Naruto pleaded in a low voice.

Sakura calmed herself down and then took a good long look at Naruto. Naruto's hair was longer with two long bangs on both sides of his face and the rest tied back with a eyes were shining brightly with a flare of red. It appeared that the boyish chubbiness had developed into smooth developed lines and he was showing a much more muscular physique. In just three years Naruto changed so much but most astonishing thing which caught her attention was something else.

"Naruto...your scars...you don't have them anymore?"

"Umm yeah. Hokage-sama did something to make them hide. They are still there but hidden," Naruto said smiling. Then he looked at the sky. "It's getting late. We should go." He looked at Sakura and she nodded in agreeance.

They started to walk. Sakura kept peeking at Naruto from the corner of her eyes. 'Graceful, handsome and quiet.' When did Naruto become like this? Sakura felt her heart making strange feelings.

After they were done with shopping, Sakura invited him but he rejected the offer softly. He told her that he was tired but he would join her tomorrow. Sakura continued to be persistent and Naruto found this behaviour was odd. When they bumped into Shikamaru, Naruto found Shikamaru was staring at him strangely and now Naruto was getting seriously irritated with these behaviours. He took his shopping bags and headed straight for his apartment.

It was early morning when he heard a knock at his door. Naruto had just stepped out of the shower, his hair still dripping some droplets on his bare shoulders while preparing breakfast. Still in his sweats, he headed for the door and went to open it wondering who it could be this early in the morning.

"Yo." It was his former teacher Kakashi with a grin on his face.

"Huh. So it's you." Naruto had a bored expression on his face. He turned and returned to the kitchen.

"Were you expecting someone else?" asked Kakashi.

"Actually I was just going to have my breakfast and I was not expecting anyone. So tell me why did you come here."

" Oh, so you can cook now. Very nice. I'm going to have breakfast here too."

"Who said you could?" Naruto was now annoyed.

"I said. Didn't you hear me?" said Kakashi. He took a seat and opened his favourite book Icha Icha Paradise.

Naruto sighed and served Kakashi a plate of breakfast. Kakashi savored the food.

"Huh. It was good. You are surprisingly a good cook. You husband will be luck…" But before Kakashi could finish his sentence chopsticks flew his way.

"You better tell me the reason why you came so early this morning," Naruto grunted.

"You were my student right. Can't I come to say hello? How rude," Kakashi said in sad demeanor.

"Kakashi, if you don't have anything important to say, I'm personally going to throw you out." Naruto gritted his teeth.

"Hokage has summoned you. She said to come as quickly as possible. I should leave too," Kakashi said in a lazy manner and then left.

Naruto was dumbfounded. He clenched his fists. 'To hell with Kakashi,' he thought. Naruto quickly washed the dishes and grabbed clothes to wear. He picked out a black ensemble as he stopped wearing orange over a year ago after he lost his clothing while bathing in a river. He started to buy more back stylish shinobi outfits after that incident.

When he arrived at the Hokage's room, Kakashi was already there with Sakura and….. SASUKE.

Naruto held his breath. Sasuke had become so handsome since he last saw him years ago. Sasuke glanced at Naruto and then quickly averted his eyes when he had seen Naruto staring at him. Naruto couldn't even blink and he took a deep breath and looked to see Sakura watching him. Sakura smiled at him warmly and he smiled back. He bowed his head a little in respect towards Tsunade and looked into her eyes.

'He became such a fine man. With his longer hair he looks so much like Yondaime,' Tsunade thought before speaking to the group. "Now that all of you are here. I'll explain the details. You have to transport this scroll to the Sand village. Hand over the scroll directly to the Kazekage. But don't take this lightly. Orochimaru's men will definitely try to stop you and steal this scroll. Protect this scroll at the cost of you own life if necessary. Now leave immediately." They all bowed and then left.

They were jumping from tree to tree when Naruto couldn't hold back anymore and asked Sasuke, " Sasuke what's the matter? Why are you ignoring me."

Sasuke looked his way, his brows were narrowed when he responded, "Ask yourself Naruto. You came back but you didn't meet with me. And you call us friends."

Naruto was surprised. Sasuke was angry with him for not seeing him when he came home. His heart felt all fuzzy.

"Hey, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad with me." He tried his best to not smile.

"We will talk about this when we come back. Right now concentrate idiot." Then Sasuke leaped forward. Naruto's eyes twinkled. Oh dear Lord. He really loved this bastard. Naruto leaped forward with a fast beating heart and a soft smile on his lips.