Episode 75! *Sighs* Well, it's been a long journey… but look how far I am! *Smiles* Well, this ends the Dark Apprentice/Alternate Universe arc. The normal CCA Ashura cards arc will now proceed.

Timeline: 2 weeks later…

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Episode 77: A light to lead the way home

            Ash, Pika-chan, and Teresa were back in Charlotte's house. Vulpix-chan had explained that since this had been their entry point into the CP dimension, it would also be the exit point.

            "Before you leave, Ash, I have a couple of things to give you." Charlotte said, pulling stuff out of her pockets. First, she pulled out the Triple Devastation Wand.

            "You're giving it to me?!" Ash asked, shocked. "Why?"

            "No, not all of it." Charlotte said. So saying, she reached up and plucked out the glowing yellow jewel. "This is the lightning stone, which rightfully belongs to you as the Lightning master of the triple guardianship." She hesitated, and then gave him the blue stone as well, leaving only the red stone; the fire stone, on the wand. "And when you find the Ice guardian, please give this to him."

            The wand seemed to fold in on itself, before splitting into three. One had the fire stone in the center of a roaring flame, one with the ice stone on the peak of a crashing wave, with another wave above it, and one of the lightning stone in the center of three lightning bolts.

            Ash gasped.

            "Three stones for the three guardians, and three wands to hold them." Charlotte said. "I am the oldest, so I was entrusted with the Triple Devastation Wand. But now, since you, the youngest, have been born, I give you yours. And please give the second guardian his when you locate him!"

            "I promise I will." Ash swore, as he grasped the lightning wand in one hand.

            Teresa sighed. * If I had known, I would have made him a costume! *

            "Here's your second present." Charlotte said, tossing him a round yellow compact mirror, about three inches in diameter. "This will allow us to communicate. But don't abuse it!"

            "I won't." Ash promised as he took it from her.

            "And for Pika-chan…" Charlotte reached into the air in front of her and withdrew a huge chocolate statue of Pika-chan in her true form.

            Pika-chan went all teary-eyed and sighed.

            "I didn't forget you, Teresa." Charlotte promised, tossing Teresa a thick leather-bound book. "Costumes through the ages. Have fun designing them for Ash!" Teresa went all starry-eyed in ecstasy.

            Ash stifled a moan. He looked absolutely terrified.

            Pika-chan poked him. You have to give your presents too!

            Right! Ash nodded. "Um, I have gifts for you too." He pulled out a set of stylized red-and-black poke balls. "These are for you, they're good for holding fire pokemon. And this is for Vulpix-chan." A recipe book with 500 dessert recipes came out of his backpack. "And this is for Angel."

            Angel smiled at the pretty blue collar.

            "I made you a present too!" Teresa said. So saying, she removed a scrapbook filled with pictures of Ash and Charlotte's adventures.

            "Thanks, Teresa." Charlotte said.

            Teresa smiled. * You know, I think I'm not as jealous anymore. Once we go home, Ash will be all mine for the taking! *

            They shook hands.

            "It's almost time." Angel said, glancing at the green clock on the wall. "Are you ready, Ash?"

            Ash nodded. "Key that hides the power of the stars, reveal your true form before me! Your master under the seal of contract Ashura commands you, Release!" The golden magic circle formed around him. Ash reached up and grasped his staff. It solidified in his grip. Ash smiled and gave Charlotte a brief wave.

            "Card created by Clow, please accept this new star power and take your new form! Your new master Ashura commands you, Release!" Two cards flew into the air, glimmering brightly. "Mew! Alakazam!" The lights surrounded them, and Pika-chan and Teresa vanished, but Ash was still there.

            Ash blinked. "What?"

            "I guess you need three cards, then." Charlotte said, sighing. "It takes a lot of energy to navigate through dimensions with teleport, and since you're transporting 3 people and a lot of pokemon…"
            "Mewtwo!" Ash called, as the card also underwent transformation. "Goodbye!"

            They waved as he disappeared.

            "Ash? Ash? Earth to Ash!" Ash jerked awake. He was lying on his bed in Pallet Town. But how had he gotten there?

            Pika-chan's face swam into view. "I bet you're tired. You wound up changing 3 very powerful cards."
            Ash yawned widely, before he collapsed back onto his bed. "I guess you could say that… but at least I'm home!"

            Pika-chan nodded.

            Ash glanced at the calendar. "What? It's only been 2 days since I left? No way!" He said in disbelief.

            "Yes way."

            "Timeline shift between dimensions is a strange phenomenon." Sabrina said as she appeared in front of him. "You need to rest."
            "Um, Sabrina, can I ask you a question? You didn't come out much when you were in the alternate universe."
            Sabrina managed a small smile. "I'm a moon guardian, Ash. Unlike Pika-chan, I draw my energy from the reflected moonlight, so I don't usually assume my true form unless you are in danger or I have to."

            "Oh." Sabrina's wings surrounded her and Skymew reappeared, grinning cutely. I'm hungry!

            "Okay, Skymew, I'll make you a blueberry smoothie."


            "So, what's next?"

            "We're going to Cinnabar." Pika-chan said.

            "Eh? But I don't have the Force badge from Candice yet!"

            "You can get it later! Besides, it's faster to Surf to Cinnabar then it is to walk to Lavender…"

            "But I can't legally Surf." Ash sighed.

            "Sure you can! The Saturn badge allows you to Surf!" Pika-chan said.

            "In that case…" Ash said. "Let's get going!"

            They walked to the beach near Pallet. The ocean looked really blue. Ash sent out Vaporeon and climbed on.

            "Okay, let's Surf!" Vaporeon nodded and they streaked off.


            "Pika-chan! Use Thundershock!" Pika-chan nodded and blasted away another Tentacool. * This is getting annoying… *

            Sunny and Jolteon also looked rather peeved. * How many Tentacool are out here anyways? *

            Jolteon shrugged as Pin Missle sent a few more flying. Hey, it's EXP, right?

Right, but we're almost out of PP for ALL of our electric attacks. Sunny returned.

Pin missle is not an electric attack.

            Well… I'm running out of that too…


            "I challenge you!" A voice yelled.

            "Oh good. Something else." Ash said in relief. A swimmer swam up.

            "Goldeen, I choose you!"

            "Oddish, go! Use your Absorb!" Oddish nodded and drained the poor Goldeen before it could peck him.

            "Darn! Seaking, go! Use Peck!"

            Oddish looked angrily at the dent on its body. Grr! I'm angry now! Razor leaf! A flurry of leaves headed for Seaking, who managed to dodge a couple. But most of them still hit it.

            Seaking staggered, and fired off a Supersonic from its horn.

            "Poisonpowder!" Oddish nodded and powder drifted down from its leaves, covering Seaking. It began to look sickly almost immediately.

            "Now! Mega Drain!" The energy drained from Seaking brought Oddish's HP back up to almost full health.

            "Wow, you're good." The swimmer said, as he recalled his Seaking.

            "Thanks." Ash said. "How far are we from Cinnabar?"

            "About fifteen minutes' swim."

            "Thank you!" Ash said.

            "Where's Teresa?" Pika-chan finally asked.

            "She teleported to Cinnabar with her Abra."
            "Oh. Okay!"

            "Let's go!"

            Soon, they arrived on the shore of Cinnabar, tired out.

            "Let's head for the pokemon center."
            "Sounds good to me." Ash recalled Vaporeon and the group trailed towards the welcoming sight of the poke center.

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