"W-What?!" Sora was surprised, even though this is probably the millionth time Kakkii asked him... Kakkii seemed more... Serious this time.

"I'm serious!" Apparently Kakkii was more serious. "You could really make it big in the world! You have an amazing voice and you look... Well, appearances probably don't matter that much... But-!" Kakkii sat down, and started shuffling through Sora's garbage can, looking for more paper- " You have an accent! The people ADORE accents! Plus, I really want to help you improve on your writing skills! Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but writing this bad shouldn't be legal."

Sora stood there, his expression a mixture of "What'd he just say?!" and "u kno he ded".

"STOP GOING THROUGH MY TRASH, YOU EGOTISTICAL CORNCOB!" Sora yelled at Kakkii, while tugging on his arm in an attempt to get him to leave.

"Corncob?" Kakkii stopped for a second, "Pshhhhhaaaah, you only say that because you know I'm right."

"No-" Sora barely even get a chance to speak before Kakkii interrupted him with a Truth Canoe™

"It's obvious to see. You hate being proven wrong; it's a sign of weakness and ignorance to you. You fear that by being wrong, others will see that ignorance and weakness. You fear they will judge you for it, hate you even. You have no idea what to do with all the negative emotions from this fear, so you attack others. As if them proving you wrong will actually physically harm you, so you must defend yourself. Well, truth hurts, but you have to learn to accept it, Sora! ACCEPT THAT YOUR WRITING IS AWFUL!" Kakkii sighed from the long lecture.

Kakkii, Sora, and Kaori just stood there, quietly for a moment.

"I..." Sora began to speak. His hands balled into fists as he looks to the ground.


"oh" Kakkii did kinda feel like a boiled corncob at that point.

Sora stared at Kakkii angrily for a few seconds, before snatching the trash from his hands, and doing what he does best: Yell. "NOW STOP WITH YOUR GARBAGE RAMPAGE, YOU FREAK! YOU'RE MAKING A MESS!"

"Alright, sorry!... But I'm glad you agree that it's terrible! Sooo you'll let me help you, right?" Kakkii was still determined to convince Sora no matter what.

"No. Now get out." Sora gave Kakkii The Stare™

"But, just think of the dogs! IMAGINE THE DOGS YOU COULD HAVE!" Kakkii's offer was even more tempting now.

"I DON'T NEED TO BE FAMOUS TO HAVE DOGS, YOU UNBUTTERED CORNBREAD!" Sora got even more frustrated, and kicked Kakkii in probably the worst place you could ever kick a man... The shin.

"oooOOoOoOoOOOOWWWW! WHHHHHhhHhhHhHhhhHYYYYYY!" Kakkii howled in pain. Meanwhile, Tendo suddenly looks up from his papers, concerned; His doctor instincts were kicking in for some reason.

"SORA! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!" Kaori joined the match.

"YEAH!" Kakkii exclaimed. "First, you slam a door in my beautiful face, then you call me hurtful names, and NOW! YOU KICK ME! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MANNERS?! WERE YOU RAISED BY SATANIC WEASELS?!"

"No offence" Kakkii says to Daichi, who was walking past Sora's room in the hall.

"None Taken... (I think...)" Daichi replies, and then goes back to staying in his lane.

"...Anyway, YOU BETTER APOLOGIZE TO KAKKII, RIGHT! NOW!" Kaori joined the "Yell at Sora" club.

"NO! He should apologize to me! He chased me like a serial killer after his next victim, started thrashing my trashcan like some sort of sacrificial piñata, AND he's been trying to force me to become a pop star! Which I really don't want to do!" Sora just wanted to sleep for a few billion decades.

"But why don't you wanna become a pop star?!" Kakkii asked, pouting his Famous Person pout. "It's so much fun! hearing the crowd go wild, being loved by MILLIONS, buying all the things you could ever want, but most importantly... ALL THE DOOOOOOOGS!" Kakkii threw his arms up at the last part.

"Because- UGGHH! I just don't want to! Is that not a good enough answer for you?!" Sora not only needed a billion year nap, but also a 12 pound bag of sour gummy worms.

"No, actually it most certainly is NOT good enough!" Kakkii used Sass! It was very effective!

Just before Sora was going to unleash his Ultimate Ability of more Yells, Kaori interrupted.

"Wait-" Suddenly dramatic silence as she spoke- "I know the real reason why you don't want to!"

"Huh?!" Both Sora and Kakkii exclaimed, over-dramatically.

"IT'S BECAUSE YOU-" Kaori gave Sora the Ace Attorney point- "HAVE TERRIBLE STAGE FRIGHT!"

-Pursuit Cornered plays loudly in the background-

"GAH!" Sora made the typical surprised animu sound. "W-W-W-WHAT?! N-NO I DON'T!" Sora stumble with his words, an obvious sign of a bag o' lies.

"OF COURSE YOU DO!" Kaori was still pointing furiously. "Sora... Do you remember that time in 2nd grade? When you were the lead in the Kijimuna Elves play?"

"S-Sorta... But I did fine!" Sora started shaking like a chihuahua with a cold.

"NO YOU DIDN'T!" The energy of every Ace Attorney flowed through Kaori's veins. "You did awful! As soon as the curtains opened, you started crying and then you passed out!"

"But that didn't-" Before Sora could finish, he was rudely interrupted... Again.

"Mom still has the video tape in her closet. If you REALLY think that I'm making this up, then how about we go watch it then?" Kaori knew this case was hers. She had won.

"UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! FINE! ALRIIIIGHT! I HAVE STAGE FRIGHT! You happy now?!" Sora could almost hear the imaginary courtroom cheering Kaori on.

... ... ...

After everyone (finally) settled down, Kakkii decided to speak.

"So..." Kakkii sat on the floor, by the little table that stood in the middle of Sora's room. "stage fright, huh...? My old friend... I knew them well..."

"Kakkii... Did you used to have stage fright too?" Kaori asked, surprised.

"Yeah, I did. And I know exactly how to get rid of it!" He looked at Sora, like a veterinarian looking down on an injured Habu snake. "Sora, I'll ask you one more time, and if you really still don't want to, then I'll accept it."

"Please, let me help you become a pop star." Kakkii had a serious look in his eyes. "I know you'll do great!"

Sora looked down for a minute and thought. He really couldn't imagine himself leaving the island, adventuring the world, being on a stage in front of thousands, or even being loved by thousands. Sometimes it didn't even feel like his own family loved him, how could thousands of other people?

As he was about to deny Kakkii's offer for the last time, a voice came from the doorway, disrupting his depressing thought process.

"I think you should let him help you, Sora." It was a new voice. Well, not new to Sora, but new to the story.

"I think it would be a fun experience for you~" It was Shizuku. "After all, you used to say that you wanted to become famous when you were little." Her gently mom voice made everyone feel at ease.

"B-But..." Sora felt like a potato knish that lost their meaning to life. Or something. "What if... I mess up?" If Sora had animal ears, they would be droopy and sad.

"I'll make sure that wont happen!" Kakkii suddenly exclaimed. "I'll do my best to be a great mentor! I've always wanted to train someone in the art of stardom! To have someone follow in my footsteps! There's no way I'd let you ruin everything! With my help, You may even become as popular as ME!"

Kakkii's words resonated with Sora. He actually felt like laughing a bit. Well, he also felt like slamming another door in his face, but mostly laughing.

They all sat there, patiently waiting for Sora's response...

... ... ... ... .


Sora slammed his hands on the little table.

"I'll do it! I'll become a pop star!"