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Trigger Warning: Mentions of past sexual assault.

Robin doesn't remember exactly how they ended up on his couch making out like some horny teenager but he also doesn't care. All the does care about is Regina in his arms, her lips on his, soft skin under his fingertips. God she is so bloody gorgeous.

He moans her name softly pulls her even closer, hands finding their way into silky waves as she grinds against him. If he had known getting himself beaten up would lead to her opening up he would've had his little chat with Hans before today.

Bloody sodding arsehole

But when Regina sucks his pulse point all thoughts about Hans are gone, he is too busy letting his hands roam over her body. But it's only when his finger finds the still clothed breasts and the moan Regina lets out when he tucks at her nipple that nearly drives him crazy. She is so sensitive.

He completely ignores the slight burning pain of his rips, hell-bend of enjoying every moment. Robin is gentle with his touches but when Regina answers his rubbing of her nipples with increasing the pressure on his cock he loses it. Before he can think about it he turns them around so he is on top, pinning her down.

He realizes his mistake in that moment when their eyes lock. Instead of lust and desire he sees fear and guilt hits with full force. Before she can even say something he lets go of her.


Regina desperately tries to center herself, tries to force the memories back but without much success. She is so glad that Robin is so aware of her, that he realized his error immediately. Things have been going so well, she's been so aroused, his touch has felt so good but the change of position or rather the change of dominance has thrown her off.

She can see the guilt in his blue eyes, wants to tell him that it's not his fault, that he didn't do something wrong, that she is being stupid, she knows he won't hurt her but no words come out. All she can do is whimper, she is so embarrassed. And scared.

And she hates Leopold for it but most all she hates herself. The darkness is right there ready to take her down again. Pain she carries with her for so long, fear that she will ruin everything again.

She is damaged, she knows that and it will hold her back for the rest of her life and she hates it, hates it so much.

She is spiraling but Robin stops her before she loses herself completely.

"Regina? Breathe love, everything is alright. You are okay."

He doesn't touch her just keeps talking to her, his voice warm and calm, slowly centering her back to reality.

She unconsciously reaches out for him, needing something to ground her and he immediately takes her hand in his, the hold firm but still loose enough that she can get away if she needs to.

"He is dead Regina, he can't hurt you anymore. You are safe."

She feels how his fingers make soothing circles on them while he is still trying to give her space.

Robin can hear how her breathing slows down, how she fights to come back to him and fuck he feels so guilty but he pushes it away. She doesn't need that, this isn't about him.

When she then opens her eyes and finally looks at him, her eyes clear but full of tears he is relived. She is coming back from whatever dark place he just pushed her into.

"Hey there."

He smiles at her, waiting for her to find enough balance to react but when she does…his heart breaks even further.

She apologizes. Her voice so silent and small nothing like the force of nature he knows Regina is.

"Please Regina, don't ever apologize for that."

She had apologized too when she had told him about it the first time and he wouldn't have it back then and he wouldn't have it now.

"I'm the one who should say sorry. I promised to never hurt you and I already royally screwed up."

She shakes her head at him tells him it's not his fault, this is on her.

"Regina look at me."

He waits for her to actually do it and then he tells her, eyes all understanding

"You trusted me to make you feel safe and I knew, well most of the time how to do that. I failed you, not you me. And I promise to do better. We`ll figure this out together."

Regina looks at him and one tear escapes her, a tear Robin wipes away gently.

"Don't make promises you can't keep Locksley. I told you I'm a mess."

"You aren't a mess. You are beautiful and strong and brave and you have to take a lot of shit right now."

His crude way of putting what happened within the last 48 hours makes Regina laugh and Robin has never been happier to hear that breathtaking sound.

"Yeah I guess you could say "I have to take a lot of shit" right now. I`m usually not so… well close to a panic attack all the time you know."

He nods at that and tells her: "Love if I had to be dealing with all you do – and don't think I don't know you haven't told me everything – I'd be lying in my bed curled up and wouldn't get out anymore."

That admission and the honest and real way he delivers it makes Regina feel actually better.

"Thank you Robin. Thank you for being there and not, you know judge."

Because he hasn't not once since they met.

"You are very welcome Regina. Do you need to go home or do you have time to watch a bit of TV?"

He doesn't want her to go but he thinks both of them could use some distraction.

"You want to watch TV with me?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes I find I do milady. It's been quite the day and I'd like some peace. Preferably with you. And I really mean just watching TV not more."

She looks at him thoughtfully before telling him

"And that's alright with you, really I mean?"

"Regina I can wait till you are ready, there is no rush."

"And what if I will never be ready?"

She doesn't look at him when she asks him that. It causes him to gently put a finger under her chin and lift her head till their eyes meet.

"Then we work something out. I won't be pushed away that easily Regina. Try to believe that."

He knows she doesn't but he will prove her wrong , will fight for her, for them. He is aware that those are some big words for the short time they've known each other but he doesn't care

He hasn't felt like this about anybody since Marian and he is not about to lose her. He just won't.

"We'll see. So you said something about watching TV if my memory serves me right?"

He nods, the conversation is over for now. They sit together and watch some senseless TV and slowly he can feel Regina relax. He has to smile when she rests her head on his shoulder.

It feels nice, right.

Regina is calmer when she comes home smiling when she sees the table set and her son running towards her, throwing himself into her arms. She winces a bit, her side still sore but thankfully Henry doesn't notice.

"Mom finally. Belle and I got Chinese take-out. And then you have to tell me about Robin, he is okay right? Mom?"

Regina is a bit overwhelmed by all the questions trying to take them all in. She is touched by her son's evident concern for Robin and the smell of food reminds her that she hasn't eaten in a while. A lot happened today.

"Robin is fine sweetheart. Just a bit banged up. He can handle himself."

Regina assures him watching him visibly relax. She wishes she didn't have to scare him again but there`s a risk coming with working in law enforcement. A risk that already cost Henry his father and almost his mother and godfather. And now Robin.

Regina hates it but it is what it is.

"Okay. I was worried."

"I know baby but remember Robin and I have each other's backs. We got this."

"I know Mom, I still worry though." A moment of silence and then:" "And I'm not a baby anymore Mom."

Regina chuckles at that ignoring the sharp pain in her heart reminding her that her baby is indeed growing up and that it goes far too quickly.

"Henry you will always be my baby no matter how old you are."

"Even when I'm really old? Like 30 or so?"

Regina decides not to argue with her ten year old that 30 is not even remotely close to old and just laughs.

"Yes Henry even then. So you got Chinese food?"

Henry nods excitingly and drags her in the kitchen where Belle puts the last things in place, Ayla lying to her feet watching every move closely. Well till she spots Regina, then runs towards her jumping onto her with enough force to almost knock her down.

"Hey there my girl."

Regina pets the dog she by now is equally excited as Henry to have and lets her eyes wander over all the food, her stomach grumbling.

"I see someone is hungry. We got a bit from everything you like. We thought you deserved if after the day you had, "Belle ads with a shy smile.

That girl really is a gift from heaven.

"Thank you Belle, you are really a lifesaver."

"It's nothing Regina. So everything is ready to eat and I will see Henry tomorrow as usual?"

"You are not staying for dinner?"

Regina looks at the other woman curiously, Belle usually stays when they bring take out, having become a friend and not just babysitter.

"No thank you. I – I have a date."

Regina notices how Belle's cheeks turn red amused by the girl's shyness about it

"Oh I'm so happy for you. Someone I know?"

"Ehm yes but I'd like to keep it to myself for a bit. I hope that okay?"

Regina gives Belle one of her, at the moment rare honest smiles and tells the girl:

"Of course it is. Have a lovely evening dear."

"Thank you Regina! I will …"

Belle is interrupted by the buzzing of her phone and she quickly reads it before continuing

"Sorry, that was Jefferson. He fixed my car. So I have to go, see you tomorrow?"

Regina and Henry say goodbye to Belle, thanking her again and wishing her lots of fun tonight.

Soon it's just them and lots and lots of Chinese food and there isn't a better way to spend her evening as far as Regina is concerned.

"Mom do you know who Belle is meeting?"

"I have my suspicions dear. But let's wait till Belle is ready to share that okay?"

Henry nods and takes a bite of his chicken, happily telling her about his day and Regina just listens. Enjoying some normalcy.

And is internally chuckling that Belle and Gold actually thought they were good in hiding their mutual crush on each other.

But she would keep their secret to herself for now.

"What did you and Robin do at his place?"

Regina almost choked on her food reminding herself that this is an innocent question, her son doesn't know about the making out and the followed break down.

"We talked. Watched some TV. He really is okay honey."

"You watched TV? Robin really pulled the I'm hurt card didn`t he?"

Regina has to laugh at this, her son clearly inherited some of her character traits. Like her sass and her bluntness.

"I-I guess he did. Do you want some more sauce?"

She couldn't really tell him why Robin really wanted to watch TV now could she.

"No thank you. Oh and Mom we have to go candy shopping this week remember? Aunt Zelena's birthday is soon."

Regina nods, her heart becoming heavy as it always does when she thinks of her sister. She had thought long about bringing Henry with her visits to her sister but had eventually decided that them knowing each other is important.

So for the last few years he is coming with her to visit her for special occasions and they had started the tradition of buying Zelena a basket full of different candy. Her sister loves them and it's something Henry could pick out himself for her.

"I didn't forget, I just have to look when the time is right. But we will go."

"This is the last time right? The last birthday in prison?"

Regina has to blink back tears at his question, her son is quite taken by his aunt, has been from the beginning. She and Zelena have tried to shield him from everything but he is a smart boy.

He knows that his aunt his hurting. Henry does only know pits and pieces but Regina made sure he understood that her sister did the wrong thing out of the right reasons. She won't have him think bad of her, not after everything Zelena has done for her.

And her sister has more than once talked with Henry about not being like her, about not being stupid like she had been.

It breaks Regina heart every time.

"If everything works out, yes sweetheart."

He seems satisfied with that answer and they spend the evening with eating their food and talk about Henry's latest comic book, Ayla sleeping at their feet.

It's a wonderful evening and exactly what Regina needed before she goes back to hunting a serial killer and figuring out her feelings for Robin.

She doesn't sleep well tonight but the dreams are less bad than usually. She takes that as a win.

Robin is waiting for his partner, coffee already picked up, getting ready to follow some new leads.

"Good morning milady."

He smiles warmly at her when she comes in the door, a smile that is answered with one of her ones especially when she sees the coffee.

"Morning Locksley. Thank you."

She takes the coffee and when she sighs in satisfaction after taking a sip Robin's mood improves quite a bit. He hasn't slept all that well, his rips hurting, worrying about Regina and the case.

"You're welcome. How was your evening after you left?"

"It was fine. Henry and I had some Chinese food. It was…nice."

She suddenly looks uncertain but before he can ask if everything is alright she tells him:

"Thank you Robin. For yesterday I mean. You …you were perfect and …thank you."

He looks around if people are watching – they don't – so he takes her hand and squeezes.

"It was nothing but I'm glad I did okay. And I meant every word I said Regina. Every single one."

He makes sure she can see that he is sincere, that he really means it.

She gives him a sad smile and that look, the look that says he is a fool but that she is touched.

He doesn't know what weights so much on her, the secret she can't tell him and he knows all he can do is hope that someday she will be ready to share it with him.

"Mills. Locksley. My office. Please."

Gold is calling for them, already vanished into his office again and the weight of the moment is broken as they both look at each other with a confused look.

"Did..did Gold just say please?"

Regina shrugs at his question and suddenly smirks. "What do you know Regina? Spit it out?"

But Regina only keeps grinning tells him a simple: "Not my place to say anything. Just enjoy his good mood as long as it lasts."

Robin shakes his head but follows his partner into the Captain's office.

"So, where are we with our killer?"

Robin and Regina look at each other with a heavy sigh because they are…nowhere.

"Forensics came back with nothing for the letter. We still are working on a connection between the victims, nothing so far."

Regina tells him very unhappy with the results. Sadly all Robin can add is not much better.

"Except having an anger management problem we don't think Hans is our guy. He doesn't match the profile and has no connection to anyone except Ingrid. I have asked to widen our circle for similar for the way the fire was set. We might get lucky there."

They are hitting on dead end after another but that doesn't stop them from trying. They stayed on the case working every possible angle after leaving Gold's office. Even going so far as asking the public for help but days pass by and still nothing.

It's driving them crazy waiting for a break in the case.

Regina is nervous when she parks in front of the Chicago Correction Facility nervous how being here will affect her son, how her sister is doing and she just wants it to be over. Wants it to be over but at the other side misses her sister desperately and enjoys those moments which are as close as possible to having a normal birthday.

"Are you ready sweetheart?"

"Yeah. I wanna visit my aunt."

So that's what they do. It is weird even if Regina is used to it by now. They get to have a table in the corner of the visiting room since it's a special occasion. It's far more private and close up then the usual Plexiglas and just one hug is allowed but Regina takes what she can get.

"Happy birthday sis," Regina smiles blinking back tears when she pulls her sister into a quick but strong hug (careful for her to not even see traces of tears, they have a strict no crying rule.)

They hold on tight for a moment before they have to let go again.

"Hey there R."

Zelena smiles at her, a smile that actually reaches her blue eyes. Blue eyes that soon wander over to her nephew and her gifts.

"Aunt Zelena!"

Henry almost throws himself into her arms and Regina's heart hurts every time when she sees the surprised look in her sister's eyes, knowing that the other woman still can't understand why her nephew is clearly so taken with her.

But Henry has a big heart and he may not understand what exactly happened between his grandparents, his mother and aunt but he knows that Zelena tried to protect his Mom and that's all that matters.

Zelena has a special place in his heart.

Regina watches with a smile how Henry gives her the basket with the candy and explains to her what everything is in great detail and her sister pays attention like he would just tell her the most fascinating story to ever be created.

Watching her sister and her son makes her happy and for a moment she can pretend everything is fine. She can pretend that this is a normal family party and not her son visiting his aunt in jail because his mother couldn't keep her mouth shut. Or the fact that he is there without a father because Regina couldn't even manage to have her own partners back.

Or if…

"Earth to Regina. Come back from whatever awful place you just hang out."

Regina rolls her eyes at her sister's expression but is glad for her pulling her from her dark thoughts.

"Sorry. I'm here. So how quickly will you have rotten teeth dear?"

"My teeth are perfect thank you very much. And if they wouldn't be you and Henry would be the only ones to blame."

Zelena jokes but Regina can see the concern in her sister's eyes and she hates it. Today is about her and not Regina so she forces a smile and tells her.

"It's all Henry's fault. He picked them out for you."

"Hey, you are not nice Mom."

Henry teases right back before turning his attention to Zelena.

"This is the last time we are celebrating your birthday here right? You gonna be home with us next year right?"

Now Regina can't stop the tears gathering in her eyes but she can see that her sister is struggling too, struggling to keep it together, to find words.

"Y-Yes Henry. Next year – when everything works out- I`ll be out. I`ll be –

"With us, with Mom and Ayla and me. And next year we can invite Robin and Roland too. Oh wait till you meet them they are so nice. And Robin will teach me how to shoot arrows and I can teach you if you want."

Her son is so excited and Regina still feels so guilty that it takes her a moment to realize that her son just planned in Robin and Roland like they are a fix part of their life.

She doesn't know when that happened or how that could happen so quickly. And she can see that her sister, who is now hugging Henry again and has to smirk - despite all the emotions she feels- at her sister.


Regina mutters shooting glares at her sister

"Nothing dear. Just that my nephew invited the guy who is just a guy to my next birthday. That's all."

There are multiple looks exchanged between the two women before Henry peeks up confused by all of it – he just talked about Robin and Roland coming what is the big deal?

"Guys what's going on?"

"Nothing dear. Your aunt is just being annoying."

"Annoying is your mother's code word for I'm right and she doesn't like it. But yes Henry I'd love to meet them and for you to teach me how to shoot an arrow."

Henry smiles satisfied and ignores the rest. Adults are weird sometimes.

Far too soon it's time to say goodbye and Zelena makes sure not just to show how grateful she is but to ensure that Regina keeps taking care of herself.

The goodbye is always the hardest part but when Regina whispers "This is the last time in here," Zelena smiles and nods.

Soon they can at least put on awful part of their past behind them. Or at least trying to.

Henry and Regina are both silent when they leave the Correction Facility and it's only in the car when Henry asks her.

"Can Robin and I go shooting arrows soon? I want to be good at it when aunt Zelena comes home."

Regina has to swallow but tells him that yes she will talk to Robin about it soon but that he has to remember that they are on a big case. He might have to a bit patient.

Henry clearly doesn't like it but he understands. He knows how important his mother's job is.

Regina wants to add something but then her phone rings. She drives to the side, stops the car and picks up worried and happy at the same time when she recognizes Robin's voice.

"Good evening Mr. Locksley what can I do for you? Did something happen on the case?"

Turns out no, all leads were useless again and god this is frustrating but that's not what his call is about. He invites her and Henry to dinner, tells her Mulan has brought over Mexican food but that it's far too much for Roland and him and if they wanna come over.

Regina is tired and emotionally drained but she also really could use some distraction. After Henry looks at her so hopeful she tells him yes they will come over as long as it's alright to bring Ayla.

Regina leaves the dog with Belle but the girl has plans so she has to pick her up. Robin tells her "not a problem at all darling" and she asks herself when he started to call her that and if that's something she likes or something she should threaten him over.

They agree to meet in about two hours at his place giving Regina enough time to shower and get Ayla.

Her shower turns out to be quicker than expected having a very inpatient 10 year old in the same house. They are early when they arrive at Belle's and when she opens the door she looks …pretty

"Hello dear. You look lovely."

Belle blushes at those words and Regina is almost envious of the innocent and carefree smile the girl still has.

"Thank you Regina. You look very nice yourself."

Regina smiles at the compliment even though she didn't do much. Just a bit more make- up than usual, it's just dinner with Robin and the boys and not a date.

Which is when Regina realizes that they didn't actually have one at any point. Well they are also both single parents and are hunting a serial killer …that doesn't leave much time for dinner and candle light.

Not to mention that Regina still doesn't know if a relationship is the right thing. Not as long as Robin doesn't know her secret, too big a lie to take with into a relationship.

A secret she knows she can never share with him. Meaning that she is stuck. She is trying to just enjoy their time together and things wouldn't work out anyway so she probably won't have to think about telling and not telling Robin what lays heavy on her heart.

Regina is ripped out of her dark thoughts by a loud bark and soon Ayla is running towards her.

"Hey there. Were you a good girl for Belle?"

"She was wonderful as always."

Belle smiles but she looks on her watch for the third time so Regina tells Henry to say goodbye and take Ayla into the car

"Thank you again Belle. And have fun with your date."

Belle beams at her and by all the respect and gratitude Regina feels towards her Captain she doesn't know what attracts Belle to him. Those two couldn't be more different but opposites are a draw to each other, Regina guesses.

Robin's looking at the pillows, or rather what used to be a pillow and is now shredded to pieces. He doesn't know what has gotten into him.

It has been a few rough days with his and Roland's injuries and him and Regina working on the case nonstop and somehow he has finally given in.


Lisa is the cat they found at Ingrid's Arendelle's house, she was just released from evidence and no one wanted her and Roland was begging him for a cat for months now and he`s gotten weak.

So he adopted Lisa and she immediately repaid him with property destruction. And of course right before Regina I'm bloody neat and tidy Mills comes.

And Ayla. Robin really really hopes the dog and the cat get along otherwise he is screwed. He doesn't get much time to think about it as the doorbell already rings and Regina and Henry and their dog are standing in the door.

Regina gives him a warm smile but he can see the pain in her dark eyes not surprised rather used to it by now. He also knows that her sister's birthday is today which is mostly why he invited them over in the first place.

"Hello there. I hope you brought a lot of hunger. We have food to feed an entire army."

"We did. Thank you for the invitation Robin. We could really use a nice calm evening."

Robin isn't entirely sure if a calm evening is what the rest of the band is planning judging by the shredded pillows and an overly excited four year old.

"I'm soooo hungry Robin. I could eat an entire whale," Henry ensures him and the young boy`s enthusiasm warms Robin's heart. As does the next scene playing out before their eyes.

An overly excited Roland comes running, the poor cat in his arms and literally screams when he sees Henry, startling both animals and adults.

"Roland a bit calmer please. You don't want to scare the animals do you my boy."

"Sorry Papa but I need to show Lisa to Regina, Henry and Ayla." And Robin can't stop his son from practically shoving the cat in Henry's arms who thankfully is as amazed by the cat as Roland is.

Ayla just watches curiously and Robin is too relieved that no war started between dog and cat yet that he almost misses the grin and the slightly jugdy look Regina throws his way

"Well hello there Lisa. It seems we found the person stealing evidence and bringing it home."

Robin rolls his eyes at her in true Regina Mills fashion – he is clearly spending too much time with her and mutters a:

"I didn't steal anything. The cat needed a home and Roland wanted one and stop looking at me like that. I at least just got a cat you got an entire dog."

"Well I couldn't really get just one half of a dog now could I ?"

"No one likes a smartass Regina."

Robin grumbles but takes Regina's coat and leads them into the dining room and soon all of them are eating, talking, laughing. It is always nice to have some normalcy when working on such a gruesome case.

Even if that normalcy included a dog to his feet and the cat lying on top of the dog. He feared Lisa and Ayla wouldn't get along but they've become inseparable within minutes. Kind of like their owners.

"Regina you said you wanted to talk to me about Roland's doctor?"

She mentioned something at work but things came up and they didn't have time to finish up their conversation.

"Oh yes…it's probably nothing and but Dr. Mendell …he was giving me some bad vibes when we there. I might be overreacting but I think you should look for another doctor."

Henry and Roland are far too busy sneaking food to the animals to pay attention but Robin pays therefore even more. Dr. Mendell didn't do anything wrong but he worked long enough in and with law enforcement to never doubt a cop's instinct especially not Regina's.

He nods and tells her:" Maybe you are but I rather follow your gut here. I will request another doctor at the next appointment."

Robin can see how she visibly relaxes not sure if it's because he agreed to change doctors or because he took her fears seriously or both.

They soon change the topic to shooting arrows and just enjoy each other's company.

Regina smiles when she sees how Roland drags Henry with him to show him room and allll the games he has. He really is an adorable little boy.

Robin hands her a glass of red wine – she said just one they have to get up early tomorrow and it's a school night. They won't stay for long but Regina enjoys the time they have together anyway.

But Robin seems to have different plans, starting the conversation with a heavy subject

"How was your and Henry's visit with your sister?"

Regina hesitates for a moment and then tells him, somehow glad she has someone to talk.

"It was fine, even if it was painful. I'm glad it was the last time."

"So she will be out by her next birthday?"

"If everything goes according to plan, yes."

Regina doesn't withdraw her hand when Robin takes hers into his but she glances to the door. She doesn't know what exactly is between them but she doesn't want to get Henry's hopes up

"Good. I'm happy for you and Henry. Zelena seems like a good person. Even with the whole bank robbing jail going part I'm sure she is lovely."

She knows he is trying to lighten the mood but guilt hits her as it always does when the conversation shifts to her sister. And without her she would be lovely and free and no one needed to make jail jokes.

Robin seems to sense the change of mood. "I'm sorry Regina that was inappropriate."

"She did it to protect me Robin."

"I know darling. And for that she is one my bloody amazing people list. When the time comes and she needs help I'm more than happy to. Just ask."

"Thank you Robin. Truly."

"How are you? And please don't just say fine."

Regina rolls her eyes at him but appreciates the genuine question. "I'm just glad when she is out and safe. And when I never have to talk to mother again."

"You haven't told me much about your mum but I have to say I'm surprised she pays for Zelena's legal fees."

Regina snorts and takes a sip of her wine. Talking about her mother would usually require an entire bottle but children are here, responsibilities wait for her. And she is a grown woman; she should be able to talk about her mother without needing some liquid support.

"It isn't out of the goodness of her heart dear. We have a deal and she is just upholding the end of her bargain. When Zel is out I thankfully have the possibility to cut all ties with her."

Regina wants nothing more than to never see Cora again but at the same time she misses her. It's twisted and their relationship is dark and painful and Regina isn't sure even kind and understanding Robin would understand her complicated feelings towards her mother.

Robin watches Regina carefully, as he always does noticing the look she always has when talking about her mother. He sees pain and hatred in her dark eyes but also something like …love and his heart aches for her.

"I'm sorry Regina. I wish you could've met my mother. She was actually the only other person I know who is probably equally stubborn as you are."

Robin just grins when Regina swats him for that comment and shoots him an evil glare which he finds utterly adorable. He doesn't tell her that though.

"I'm not that stubborn."

Now it's over for Robin, he just starts laughing and before he knows what's happening a pillow lands right in his face. He is too surprised to react and catch it so for a moment the world becomes black. When his eyes finds Regina again he can't believe that that just happened

"Did…did you just throw a pillow at me?"
"I don't know what you are talking about dear?"

Oh so we are playing unfair games here…well two people could play said game and Robin grabs the pillow and before Regina can react he throws it at her, ignoring the sharp pain in his rips.

It was worth every bit when she shoots him another one of her adorable glares but then – when he just grins at her – starts laughing. A real laugh, one that comes from deep within.

He knows that they have to talk at some point about her mother, a painful story he is sure but one he wants to hear anyway. But not today. At some point he will tell her his story about the not so charming parent he has. It will hurt like a bitch but he knows Regina will get it. Just like he will get her.

"You are horrible, you know that right?"

"I'm not horrible milady. I'm actually quite charming. Terrible handsome too.

He comes closer and then presses a soft kiss on her lips, a kiss she answers with the same tenderness. There is no fire behind just a soft sign of affection. Robin is well aware that they are sitting on the same couch things have gotten out of hand last time and he wants her to feel safe.

So the kisses stay innocent and maybe because of that… so meaningful.

He can see that he touched her in the way she looks at him when they part, the softness in her smile, the warmth in her eyes a hint of tears but they disappear quickly.

"You are stunning Regina. In every way."

Her smiles goes even wider and this time it's her kissing him, both hoping that their children are busy. They didn't need to bother because they get interrupted by something else.

The ring of her phone.

He can see the worry in her eyes and when she picks up and becomes pale Robin knows its bad news, really bad news.


"That was Gold."

"I figured. Do we have another murder?"

She doesn't answer him right away increasing his concern even more


"Gold and Belle were supposed to have a date tonight, "that sentence is all she says and Robin tries to make sense of it or why that makes her look like she has seen a ghost.

"Okay? Is that the reason why he was in a good mood lately? I don't see the problem?" While he looks at her he picks up on her wording – were supposed to…

"What happened?"

"Belle never showed up. Robin, the most responsible and punctual person I know didn't show up to the date she spent hours getting ready."

"So you are saying..?"

"I'm saying Belle is missing."

And if the girl's disappearance has something to do with their killer that could only mean one thing.

Belle French was in terrible danger.

"Robin, we are hunting a serial killer and Belle is missing.