So I'm a huge fan of Avatar. I like the last airbender more, but I like the advanced technology in the legend of Korra and some other things so I decided to mix and match them inside this story. I'm going to change a couple of things so that it'll make sense with the naruto universe, so yeah. Please enjoy and tell me what you think about it!

In the village of hidden in the leaves we see a four year old boy with blond hair, blue eyes and whisker like marks on his face, running away from a mob. This always happens to him, and today was going to be now better. Why you ask? Simple, because it was his birthday. He always wondered as to why they hated him, but today was the day he was going to find out. After taking a couple hits, he finally fell unconcious.

Waking up, he was surrounded by water and that he was a sewer.

"Wow, they threw me into a sewer. I wonder why I'm not surprised." he said sarcastically. He then saw a cage and decided to take a look. What he saw scared him. Inside the large cage was a huge fox, a fox with nine tails. The Kyuubi.

"Oh so my jailer decided to grace me with his presence." the fox boomed.

"You're...the kyuubi. What are you doing in the sewer. I thought the Yondaime killed you. Oh my god! Am I dead!?" he began to panic.

"Kit calm down! Your not dead and the Yondaime didnt kill me. He couldnt, since I'm a creature of pure chakra. So he sealed me into you. You are not dead, just inside your mindscape " Naruto calmed down and looked at the fox.

"Say can I ask you something?" The fox raised his eyebrow.

"What is it? You dont seem to be angry a the fact that I'm sealed with in you, which is a shocker."

"Well not angry, more like shocked. Anyways, I wanted to ask you what your name was. I mean, you already know mines right?" This completely caught the giant fox off guard.

"What makes you think I have a name?"

"Well most living creatures have name,and you talk...sorry if I offended you." he said shyly. The fox just smirked. This was surely an interesting human. He already felt bad for the boy. No person should live the life he did and at a young age. Yes this being of mass destruction and choas had a soft spot for the boy.

"No, you dont have to apologize. Yes I do have a name. Its Kuruma kit. Your not like other humans. I thought you were going to cry and yell at me for your horrible life."

"Well, it really isnt your fault. I mean, its not like you wanted to be in a cage right? No if I'm going to be angry at someone, its the Fourth Hokage. But then, why did he choose me? Do you know Kuruma?"

"Its because your an Uzumaki. Only an Uzumaki can contain me. Just like your mother."

"Y-You knew my mom? Wait she use to be like me?"

"Sure was kit. She pranked just like you too. And for why the Yondaime choose you, well you are his son." he replied casually.

"Well damn. The guys my father huh? Well I guess if I were a sensible parent I wouldnt want to use my child huh? I guess that makes sense." Naruto said after a moment of silence. Kuruma was beyond shocked! He expected something, heck anything! But nooo,the kit just took it like normal. He made a vow right then that he make Naruto into the greatest shinobi around.

"Hey kit, you want me to train you? I could also unluck your mother's kekkei genkai."

"Suigo! My mom had a kekkei whatever. What is that?" he asked innocently. The huge fox just laughed.

"Its a bloodline. Like the cursed Uchiha's eyes."

"Ohh, the red-eyes temes." Naruto nodded in recognition. This caused Kuruma to laugh so hard, he was rolling around in his cage.

"Yea kit, the red-eyes temes. HAHA good name kit good name."

"So which one does my mom have?"

"You see, Uzumakis have these chakra chains. They're really powerful, to the point that she was able to hold me down with them. Normally, you would have it later on, but I'm not really sure. But on the safe side, I'll unlock it now. Oh, and there's something else that most Uzumakis keep a secret of. Its underneath the Uzumaki compound, your house."

"I have a house! That's awesome!"

"Settle down kit. Yes you do have a house. But I'll explain some of he things later on. Right now, your inside the hospital and are going to wake up. I don't want you telling anyone that you met me, alright?"

"Why!? I tell jiji everything!"

"But he doesn't. Besides you can tell him, but not now."

"Alright Kuruma. Thanks a lot!" and he faded out of his mindscape.

'Interesting kit alright. Maybe, just maybe he'll be the one.'


Naruto began showing signs of waking up. When he did, he saw the nice Inu masked ANBU beside his bed, along with his jiji.

"Naruto, how are you feeling?" Hokage asked.

"I'm fine jiji! You see all better!" he smiled. The aged Hokage looked at his surrogated grandson with a smile. He liked to see him smile, and didn't like what the villagers did to him one bit. That's why he always killed them.

"I see Naruto. Please forgive this old man. I'm really sorry." he said as a tear fell from his face. He got a surprise reaction when the said boy jumped him into a hug.

"Don't worry jiji! Its not your fault! Besides, I'm gonna become Hokage and then you could rest dettebayo!"

"Naruto I apologize as well. There was no excuse for me in being late." the Inu ANBU said.

"Its alright Inu-nii-san. You just got lost on the road of life." he grinned. The other ANBU just laughed as Inu hugged the boy

"Finally! Someone who understands!"

"Ne, ne jiji, can I leave now? I don't like hospitals."

"Of course. Please stay safe okay."

"Alright jiji, see ya!" he yelled as he ran out of the hospital.

'Minato, Kushina, please forgive me.'

Naruto's Apartment

"Alright kit, now that your out of there, get some sleep. We'll go to your compound tomorrow."

"but why cant I go now!?"

"First don't talk out loud, just think what you want to say. Second, it's late at the moment and no doubt you'll have ANBU on your trail. By the way, come into the mindscape, I need you to do something for me."

'Okay Kuruma.'


"So, whats up Kura!" Naruto said, grinning at the fox

"Well, I need you to rip a small bit of the seal. Just a thumb size."

"And why is that?" dont get him wrong, the four year old loved the fox already, just wanted to know

"You see by doing so, I'll have access to your senses, so when we start training, I can keep a look out in case someone is watching."

"That makes sense and all, but what about that crystal thing in jiji's office?"

"Pfft please, that thing? Mito, my first container was the one who designed and made the thing. I can easily disable it."

"Ohhh. Suigo! Your awesome Kuruma."

"Yes yes, I am pretty awesome aren't I?" the fox smirked at the praise. "Well, get some sleep kit, tomorrow is gonna be a big day!"

"Okay! Goodnight Kuruma." he said as he faded out of the mindscape.

"Goodnight kit."
Next Day

The next day, Naruto had woken up from his sleep. As he remembered the events from yesterday, his face immediately lit up. He had a friend-the same person who was the reason the villagers hated him-but a friend nonetheless. And on top of that, he was gonna get trained and be shown something awesome! It couldn't get any better.

"Kit, your rambling is scaring me. Just get dress and then go all the way to the near outskirts of the village. You'll see a house there, your house. Oh by the way, I just finished bringing out your chakra chains. Did it over night so we could test them today."

'Okay Kuruma.' So he got dressed and did everything Kuruma told him to, as the fox looked out for anyone watching. Now he stood in front of a large gate with an Uzumaki swirl in the middle.

'Is this the place?'

"It sure is kit. Now hurry, prick your thumb and smear some of your blood on the gate." Doing so, the gate opened and he hurried inside and shut it behind him.

'Did anyone see?'

"No kit, there wasn't anyone. Now let me explain something. The Uzumakis kept a secret from everyone, except their own, of course. This compound is located here and is this huge for a particular reason. From what I understood from Mito, who knew the entire story, was way before shinobi even existed, there were these people called benders. They would bend the four elements by will. Some were benders, some were not. This was brought out by their chi energy. Every human has chi energy, but because of the chakra use now and the benders forgotten to history, no one harnessed the chi energy, making it pretty hard right now. But the Uzumakis one day came across some ruins of a place called Republic city. This was the city where all the four different types of benders would live together. They managed to take all the savages and valuables and store them underneath this very compound. Do you understand me so far?"

'Yes Kuruma. These...benders are incredible aren't they?'

"From what I understood, yes kit they are. Anyways, they had pretty advanced technology in their days which is also underneath along with a lot of scrolls that help in teaching you how to bend. Since its hard and near impossible to harness the chi energy, the Uzumakis designed a seal to bring it forth. The seal is only used by an Uzumaki, or those that they trust, because once words goes out that such things are possible, there will be war."

'That's awesome isn't it Kuruma? Wait, is there a way to use all four element, and I thought there were five?'

"Good question. Yes naturally, people can bend one element, but there is a only one person in the entire world that is able to use all four elements. They are called the avatar and that's one of the reasons we are here, to see if your the avatar."

'So if I'm this avatar, I can bend all four elements?' the fox nodded and then the four year old began dancing, 'wait a minute, you never answered my other question.' he frowned.

"That's because you started dancing like a sissy. Anyways, yes the lightening isn't an consider one of the main elements. There's something you have to understand. There are the four main element and then the their sub-elements and techniques. For example, if your an earth bender, you could also bend metal and even lava. A water bender can turn their water into ice and also blood bending, which is quite dangerous. It makes the person bend someone's blood, making them in control. Water bending also includes healing a person. Anyways, their air bending, which you could fly and their there's fire bending, which is where you could create and redirect lightning."

'Whoa! I think the best one is...actually they're all pretty cool. So, when do we do this avatar test thing?'

"Well lets first put the seal on you. Go to the room on your left and then you'll see a seal. Just place your hand on it and it'll do the rest." He did as he was told, and sure enough the seal was visible on the back of his hand.

'What now?'

"Now go downstairs into the basement. You can go exploring later." as he made himself go downstairs into the basement he asked

"Kuruma, do you think I'll be the avatar?"

"Well kit, do you want peace?"


"The avatar is someone that brings peace towards others. Is that what you wish?"

'Well I don't like violence and peace does sound good. A place where everyone is excepted. Kuruma, that's what I'm going to do. Being Hokage will be my second dream, but my first dream will be bringing peace to the world.'

"That's a pretty big dream kit. You sure you up for it?"

'Well, I have you don't I?'

"You do know I'm a being of mass destruction, that everyone hates?" the foxed raised an eyebrow.

'Yeah about that I want to-oh were here, I'll ask later. So what do I do?' He was inside the basement, in which he saw another door leading him downstairs.

"Well kit, we're in an opening now. You see that crystal ball right there, place you hand on it." he did as he was instructed and instantly, his eyes glowed. Kuruma almost choked, but then the glowing died down.

'Umm Kuruma? What am I suppose to do now?'

"Kit, didn't you see you eyes glowing when you touched the ball?"

'Noooo. Was I?' before the fox could do anything, there was a woman that appeared out of nowhere. 'Kuruma, who is she?' the young boy panicked.

"That's Mito Uzumaki, the Shonadime's wife. Don't worry, this is a message she has for you, so listen well."

If you are seeing this message then congratulations, you are this generation's avatar. The avatar is a person who must bring balance to the world. As you may already see, the shinobi world isn't one of peace, but one of destruction and constant battles. I only wish you are to gather a group of trustworthy people to help you with your quest. The seal that you place on yourself can only be used by an Uzumaki. If you do, however, wish to give it to an outsider, then you must will it and the seal will function. I wish you good luck on your journey in keeping the world in balance.

The message ended and Mito disappeared. Naruto just stared at the place where she was until Kuruma snapped him out of it.

"Well, that was interesting. Now, for the door that's over their. It also has a blood seal, so only an Uzumaki can open it."

'Seals are really cool aren't they?'

"Considering that your an Uzumaki, then yes to you its cool and it might even come naturally. But to others, its a difficult art which is dying pretty fast."

'Well I'm gonna make sure its not forgotten.' he said with determination and smeared some of his blood onto the door, opening it. What he saw shocked him. Inside the room, there were scrolls and books, along with different equipment, equipment that he had never seen before. He began looking around and was amazed at what he saw. There were blueprints-Kuruma told him-on how to create these machines that could fly and one of them were actually there!

'Whoa! This thing is huge!'

"This is an airship, from what I remember. It took the Uzumakis awhile to place it here. It was the only one that was in somewhat good shape."

'Say Kyuu, what are these?'

"Those are communication devices. There are a lot of other things which are all explained in the books. I'll let you look around today, but tomorrow for sure we're going to start training. I want you to also use my chakra properly, but until you are ready."

'Thanks Kyuu!' and so the rest of the say was used for him to look around the underground bunker and his house.

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