"Naruto! What have you done?" he cried.

"Me?! What the hell you talking about old man? I did nothing. Geez your age finally catching up to you. The rumbling began getting closer.

"Why did you have to bring her here?" he said shaking the confused blonde. the others were just curious and amused at the way the two were. The door to the classroom was kicked down and the Old man hide behind the blonde.

"You and I have a lot of words to discuss!" the person yelled.

"Umm...whats going on here?" Iruka asked, suddenly feeling insignificant.

"That, ladies and gentlemen," Naruto began as they all looked at him, "would be my lovely grandmother, Tsunade Senju."






There was complete silence as the people there tried to digest what was just said. The boy that their parents had always told them to stay away from was the grandson of the legendary Tsunade Senju! Now things didn't just make sense any more.

"N-Naruto?" Tsunade said, walking up to him with tears in her eyes and before he could say anything, he was engulfed in a bone crushing hug. She cried and kept say sorry over and over.

"C-Can't...b-breath!" he struggled out.

"Ops, sorry 'bout that." she laughed and then turned her attention to the sweating Hokage.

"H-Hello Tsunade. What are you doing back?"

"You knw very damn well! I was told he died that night! Who do you think you are lying to me about my grandson!? Huh?" she yelled, holding him by the collar. Sarutobi frowned.

"Told you? I didn't say anything like that? Who told you that?" he asked. Ino and Hinata, who were sitting next to Naruto began discussing things.

"Well, its a great thing to know that she didn't abandon you, but I wonder who lied?" Ino said.

"I don't know, but they're going to regret it." Naruto said fiercely and then turned back to the conversation.

"I was given a letter and I still never believed it, so they showed me his corpse. About a year ago, I got a letter but was...well lets say out of it and just stuffed it into my bag. Just last week I remember the letter and wondered what was inside. Imagine my surprise, when its from my to-be-dead grandson! I thought it was a joke, but he had access tot he Uzumaki compound and only those with Uzumaki blood can enter. So here I am." she finished.

"I swear, I never sent anyone. Jiraiya didn't want to ask you because we thought you abandoned him."

"Why the hell would I abandon my only living relative!?" she yelled.

"So...you don't hate?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I don't! I was so happy when your mother was pregnant." she said hugging him. Just then, someone rushed into the academy door.

"Tsuande! Please don't kill the Sandaime!" the blacked haired woman yelled.

"Calm down Shizune. Sensei isn't dead. It seems we were both played." then got an evil smirk. "The person who did this...well you can just pray for his sanity." she laughed

"Wait! Your this baka's grandmother? But he's a freak!" Sakura screeched.

"What the hell did you just call my grandson!?" Tsunade said darkly and punched the whimpering girl. Then a thoughtful look came over her face. "Wait, if he's alive, then the sealing was a success and no one-"

"Tsunade! You mustn't speak about that out loud!" Sarutobi said firmly and for the first time Tsunade was there, she looked around and saw that she was in a room filled with children.

"Eh? When did I get here?" she laughed and the others sweat dropped.

"You really are old aren't yo baa-chan?" Naruto smirked.

"What did you call me brat?!" she said and chased him out of the classroom.

"Well, the rest of you are dismissed." Sarutobi said and left the shocked students. There was a lot of gossip that was going to happen that's what.

'Come you guys, lets go!' Ashura suddenly said in his materialized formed. No one could see him except the two girls

"Ashura? When did you get out of the seal?" Ino asked.

'Since the old hag came.' he shrugged as they followed him.

"That isn't really nice to say Ashura." Hinata giggled along with Ino. They reached the Uzumaki compound and saw that the gate as already pen, so they stepped inside. There they saw Naruto and Tsunade lying on the ground laughing about who knows what.

"I thought she was trying to kill him a few minutes ago?" Ino said.

'She's an old hag, probably forgot.'

"Oh, Hinata, Ino! You guys came!" Naruto said.

"Yes we did. Don't run off like that." Ino scowled but smiled.

"Hello Tsunade. Its an honour to met you. My name is Hinata Hyuuga." she said, bowing politely.

"And my name is Ino Yamanaka. Its nice to meet you Tsunade-sama." she said cheerfully.

"Baa-chan these two are both my friends." he waved at them.

"Well it nice to met you both and just call me Tsunade." then she smirked. "So, you've been living here since?"

"Since I was four. I told jiji about it at the start of the academy. Its a nice place. Say are you going to be staying in Konoha?" he asked and she frowned. She didn't really have any good memories in Konoha but she had a grandson now so maybe...just maybe...

"Yeah, I'll be staying. I missed eleven years of your life and I'm not going to miss anymore.' she declared and he ran up and hugged her. He had honestly though that she had hated him, considering that she didn't reply in a year.

"That's great! I'm really happy for you bro!" Ino exclaimed.

"By the way, Tsunade we sent that letter to ask you if we could use some of your scrolls on medical jutsu and super strength. Is it alright if we use them to help us train?" Hinata asked.

"Oh? I've got a better idea. Since you two are friends of my little Naru-chan here-


"-how about I train you my self?" she smirked at their shocked faces.

"R-Really!? Oh my god yes please! It would be an honour!" Ino exclaimed, hugging her fellow blonde.

"That's very kind of you Tsunade. It would indeed be an honour." Hinata said politely and they went inside for a snack.

"Ne, baa-chan, do you know the Uzumaki secret?" Naruto asked as they were eating the cinnamon buns Hinata made.

"You mean down in the basement, yea I know. My grandmother Mito and I were close so she told me. They know?" she asked.

"Yea, actually, I'm the avatar for this generation an-"

"WHAT!?" Tsunade exclaimed.

"I said I'm this generation's avatar." he said as she began inspecting him.

"She told me about those and their history. She mad them bed time stories and they were always so interesting." she said. "Never did I ever thing that I would meet an avatar."

"Well I am and I just mastered all four element. Hinata is a water bender and Ino is an earth bender. Ino and I need to learn the technique where you can see with your feet. We have two years of the academy and we want to learn it by then. She wanted to learn your super strength to add to her earth bending."

"Seeing with your feet huh? Now that's something."

"It sure is. But I like metal bending more." Ino said. "Its so much more...destructive." and Naruto could feel pride swell up within Kurama. They all laughed and talked about random things until Tsunade slammed her hands on the table.

"Damn I forgot!" she exclaimed.

"What's the matter baa-chan?"

"I completely forgot about Shizune!" she yelled running out of the house as the others sweat dropped.

'She is defiantly Ashura's descendant.' Indra said.

At the other side of the village in a casino was a black haired woman losing even worse than here teacher.

"Tonton, do you think Tsunade's bad luck is contagious?" she wept to the pig.

"Oink, Oink 'no your just bad.'" Tonton replied.

Two Years Later

"Ashura get back here this instant! I'm going to kill you for wanting to corrupt my grandson!" Tsunade yelled as she ran after Ashura across the Uzumaki compound.

"Never! My otouto WILL get a harem if there's anything I have to say about it!" he exclaimed running away from the furious blonde medic.

"Come face me like a man you coward!" she yelled.

"Being a man want help be stay alive!" he yelled back. Indra, Kurama in a human form-after Naruto tweaked the seal, Hinata, Ino, Shizune and Tonto were sitting on the front porch laughing at he scene in front of them.

Ashura and Indra were introduced to the two medics once they settled in, along with Kurama. At first they were a bit skeptical about the Kyuubi and all, but once they were told everything he did for Naruto, they easily accepted him. Kurama and Tsunade hit it off immediately as they both had deranged and deadly ways on how they should deal with the villagers that keep scorning Naruto. Speaking of which, his Uzumaki heritage and how he was related to the first and second Hokage's were revealed at the council that was held and everyone knew about Tsunade's strength and didn't want to go against her. his father was still held, as the Sandaime said he would reveal it at the chuunin exams. She and Indra had a mutual understanding as they were both protective about Naruto. She, however, didn't like the younger Otsutsuki as he kept on telling Naruto get more females, after Ino punched him in the face when he wanted to recruit her, saying that she saw the blonde as a brother, nothing ore, nothing less. Which shows the reason why they were having a cat and mouse chase at the moment.

"Ashura-nii say something about a harem again?" they heard a voice which belonged to Naruto.

"Is there really any other reason?" Ino huffed as he sat down between her and Hinata.

"Really now, Ashura should get a hint." Hinata giggled and Naruto kissed her on the check.

"Exactly, I'm only going to have is Hinata." he smiled and held her close.

"Aww, you two look so good together. I can't wait to have someone for myself." Ino cooed. Naruto and Hinata had began dating for a couple of months now and when their little family was informed, they all breathed a 'FINALLY' much to the new couples embarrassment and when the Hyuugas found out...

"So...your dating my daughter now?" Hiashi said, Byakugan blazing. Naruto gulped and prepared to run as Hiashi began hitting him with strikes.

"Waahhhh! Hiashi! Its like your trying to kill me?" he yelled as they ran on top of the buildings.

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do!" he yelled back. Hinata just giggled at them when her uncle came out.

"Hinata, what's going on?" he asked, since they didn't talk in hornfics when they were alone.

"Naruto and I are dating and father is..." poor girl never got to finish as her uncle dash after him. She heard

"Hiashi, where is that mongrel that's trying to take away my niece's innocence?"

"Hizashi, he's that way. Come brother and let's finish him." she sweat dropped

"Oi, Hizashi, you're suppose to be on my side!" Naruto cried as the rest of village watch in amusement as the Hyuuga twins chased him around. It only got worse when Neji arrived.

The Hyuuga boy still tried many ways to prank him, but Naruto wasn't called the 'Prank master from Hell' for no reason, though even he had to admit that Neji was getting better each time. Neji, though wasn't the only person to get a pranking spree, but this person had it on a more deadlier side. Whenever he and Anko were going to do a killer prank, which usually involved the Hokage, Ibiki Morino would always join and he would take things to a whole new level. Kakashi would sometimes join them, as he bounded with Ashura quite well, both of them being perverts.

Naruto, Hinata and Ino each reached great heights in their bending, but that didn't mean that they didn't have any jutsus. Ino had a number of earth jutsus and two other jutsus in each of the other four elements: one offensive and one defensive, just incase something happened. Hinata was the same an their medical ninjutsu was going great. Hinata, because of her Byakugan, could easily identify the wounded and affected area, but that didn't mean that Ino was far behind. Like Hinata, she too had perfect chakra control, which improved over the years. They were both taught Tsunade's super strength, which Hinata added to the Hyuuga's Gentle Fist and Ino with her normal taijutsu, which was the combination of a normal earth bender's techniques, as well as the Snake Style's flexibility.

"Come on you guys, we have to get to the academy. Today's the team assignments" Ino said getting them both up., since they all passed the test.

"How come you're going now? Its like ten in the morning. Aren't you two hours late?" Shizune asked.

"The academy instructor said something about last minute preparations so their classes start late." Indra answered.

"Let's get a move on then." Naruto said, holding Hinata's hand as they walked out of the compound. Hinata and Ino both came in the morning. it was like their home away from home and their parents didn't mind.

"I hope the three of you are ready." Indra said, walking beside them, though no one but they could see.

"We sure are!" Ino exclaimed, "I mean it'll be great to see Naruto not as a dead last anymore. It was honestly getting annoying."

"Hey!" he yelled.

"You have to admit Naruto, it is tiring." Hinata said softly, causing him to be depressed.

"I'm only doing so because nii-san said to." he mummbled. Kakashi wanted him to be apart of his genin team and since they knew that the council would want him to train Sasuke, the Rookie of the Year, he had to be the dead last.

"Oh well, at least I'll be with Hinata!" he exclaimed, hugging the girl. Hinata was Top Kunoichi of the Year with Ino following up. Sakura was second when it came to academics, but Ino made up for it on the other fields. Both Hiashi and Inoichi were happy with their daughter's progress and they knew it was all thanks to Naruto.

"No, I think Kurenai wants men on her team Naruto. She said something about a tracking team." Hinata said. She wanted to be on his team, but after Anko and Neko, who turned out to be Yuguo introduced them to Kurenai, they both hit it off well.

"Yeah, my father said I'll be with Shika and Chouji for this generation's Ino-Shika-Cho." Ino said. The three friends tried to get the two boys to train with them, but they would always deny.

"Oh well, that sorta makes sense and all and if your going to be on a tracking team, them Kiba and Shino would probably be on your team." Naruto nodded. They had also befriended Shino, who would usually sit with them at lunch, along with Shikamaru and Chouji. They all knew Naruto was holding back, but the three boys wouldn't train with them.

"You've arrived." Indra said, snapping them out of their conversation. "I'll look around the village for a bit, I don't want to go back just yet."

"'Kay! See ya later Indra-nii" Naruto waved as the older Otsutsuki brother bid the thirteen years olds goodbye. They went inside and took a seat near the window as the other students started coming inside.

"They're coming." Ino said, with her eyes closed and the other two understood what she meant. During the past two years, Naruto and Ino were both able to master the 'seeing with your feet' technique.

"Fangirls." they muttered and in came a heard of girls, with Sakura being the leader, each wanting to sit with their 'precious Sasuke-kun'.

"Thank god I don't act like that." Ino said, banging her head, making the other two laugh. Naruto would sometimes tease her of her former fangirl status and lets just say, that he didn't utter another word after she learned Tsunade's super strength.

"Sasuke-kun, can I sit here?" Sakura said fluttering her eyelashes.

"No." he grunted, but she sat down any ways.

"Oh Sasuke-kun, you don't have to be shy~" she whispered, causing the three friends to laugh out loud, gaining everyone's attention.

"What's so funny baka?" Sakura screeched.

"You really are pathetic aren't you?" Ino grinned. "Here we are all becoming genin, shinobi and you're just flirting with the Emo-king here." she laughed.

"Shut Ino-pig. Sasuke-kun will save me!" she yelled, causing them to laugh even more

"Why would you need saving? Its people like you that give kunochi's a bad name." Hinata tched.

"Pfft, she'd probably alert the enemy with her voice, and let them have their way with her." Naruto laughed.

"Poor poor girl. We'd better start planning her funeral, let her parents know." Hinata shook her head in mock disappointment, everyone else kept laughing, and even Sasuke's lips twitched upward. Sakura, however, was fuming, angry at being humiliated.

"Your wrong! Sasuke-kun is the strongest and he will safe me! You guys are just stupid bakas and you Naruto are just a stupid orphan, no wonder you don't have any manners!" she smirked, think she won. What she forgot was that Naruto was the grandson of Tsunade Senju, thus apart of the Senju clan and Uzumaki clan, since it was made public knowledge. What she also forgot, was that anyone who messed with Naruto, would have the furry of his grandmother on them. So when everyone stopped laughing and sweating, she though that they were on her side. Boy was she wrong, but before anything else could happen, she found herself banged on the wall, her throat being crushed and her feet off the ground. She looked at her assailant and it turned out to be an angry Ino. That's what made people back away. there was something they learned during the academy days and that was, you pick on one of her friends, then you'll regret it, considering she was the second strongest in the class.

"Listen here you useless excuse for a shinobi. You can talk whatever shit you want about me, but the moment you say something about a friend of mine, not even the Shinigami will stand in my way to rip you to shreds, do you understand?" she hissed, tightening her hold, making the poor girl whimper and nod. Ino let her go and she fell on the ground. "Tch, pathetic." she sneered and walked back to her desk as if nothing happened. Now the speed she displayed was something no genin should have, but the three of them would easily give any jounin a run for their money. Sasuke, however, was seething at the speed she showed, wanting it for himself.

"Alright everyone get to your seats. I'll be announcing the teams now." Iruka said, just as Ino sat down. "Team1...team 7 Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki. Your jounin sensei is Kakashi Hatake."

"Yes! Yes! That stupid plan worked!" Naruto exclaimed, cheering and throwing his hands up.

"Yes, yes, we know, now be quiet we want to know our team placements." Ino said.

"What are you talking about dead last?" Kiba yelled.

"None of your business dog breath." he shot back.

"Anyways, Team 8 Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Your jounin sensei will be Kurenai Yuuhi."

"Its alright Hinata, at least you have Shino and Kurenai to make up for his stupidity." Ino said, making Naruto grin.

"Would you people stop interrupting me?" Iruka said with a tick mark.

"Sorry sensei, please continue" Hinata said

"Team 9 is in circulation, so team 10 Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Chouji Akimichi. Your jounin sensei is Asuma Sarutobi."

"You have the old ma-" Naruto was cut off by Hinata's hand on him mouth. Iruka nodded a thanks and continued.

"You'll wait here for your senseis. Best of luck in your shinobi career." he concluded and then left.

"Sarutobi? Is he related to the Hokage?" Ino asked.

"Yea, he's the old man's son. He use to be apart of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve." Naruto said.

"What's that?" Chouji asked from the seat behind.

"Its an elite group of hand picked individuals that are the Fire Daimyo's guards." Shino answered, sitting beside him.

"Yea, its troublesome, but actually the most honorary tittle you could get." Shikamaru yawned.

"Cool! Our sensei is awesome!" Ino exclaimed.

"Hey Kakshi-nii isn't bad. He's lazy, perverted and let his skills rusty, but not bad." Naruto tried to defend him.

"I think you insulted him more." they heard a voice, who turned out to be Kurenai, along with Asuma, both laughing.

"I was thinking the same thing." Hinata giggled.

"Team 8 and 10?" Asuma asked.

"Follow us." Kurenai said and they waved goodbye, Hinata giving him a quick peck.

"Oh Naruto? Kakashi he'll be-" Asuma warned

"Yea I know. I'll go get something to eat." he huffed, making the jounin laugh and then leave with his team.

"Dobe, how do you know those jounin?" Sasuke asked, genuinely curious.

"Oh, well I know Anko, who's friends with Kurenai and Asuma is the old man's son. I've now him since I was young." he shrugged and began walking out the door.

"Where are you going? Our sensei isn't here yet!" Sakura yelled.

"Yea, well nii-san is usually three hours late, so I think I'll go train for bit. No point wasting time." he said, and the other two just looked at him. Sasuke got up and decide to follow him, wondering what kind of training the dobe was going to do and Sakura just followed her crush.

"What are you guys doing here" Naruto said, with out turning around as they reached a training ground.

"What king of training are you doing? Not like you could catch up to me." he said arrogantly, but unknown to anyone, Sasuke had a feeling that Naruto was hiding his skills in the academy. It wasn't that you were friends with two of the top kunoichi and still the dead last, no to mention that he probably got training from Tsunade, which shocked him that he was a Senju and an Uzumaki. They added it to the curriculum later on.

"Well, I was going to increase my weights and do some light warm ups." he said and then got an idea. "Say, since we're going to a team, how about we tell one another about our strengths and weaknesses. That way we can work better on missions."

"How would that help?" Sakura asked

"You see Konoha favors team work, so we'll probably do a lot of exercises that deal with that. Have you guys done any training on your own? I think by know you'll know that I was holding back." he said.

"Holding back?" Sakura said in shock. "W-Why?" she said.

"Kakashi Hatake, our jounin sensei is my adoptive older brother. I wanted to be on his genin team and since Sasuke was obviously going to be on his team, then I decided to play the dead last. Never mind that, did you guys do any personal training?" he asked.

"Well, I would practice doing katas and a fire ninjutsu." Sasuke said and suddenly felt like he didn't do much to improve and train himself.

"Did you at least do the tree climbing exercise? If you go to the library, there are basic exercises that they'll show you in a lot of books." and Sasuke just shook hi s head. "What abut you Sakura?"

"Well, I can do the academy jutsus, but that's it." she said, somewhat ashamed of her skills. She remembered how Ino improved so drastically and wondered if she would ever be able to do that.

"Alright then. I don't know if you guys know, but 'Team 7' in general is always a well known team in all of Konoha. Usually the member of the teams become great shinobi, like the old man and the Sanin. Our own sensei was apart of a team 7 as well and is known as an A-ran, borderline S-rank shinobi. So if we do horribly, then we'll be spiting on the hard work and reputation of team 7 altogether. Sasuke, you think that your better than everyone and I'm not trying to sound rude, but with that attitude, then you'll end up killing your teammates or even your self."

"But I need-"

"Yes I know. You need power to kill your brother." he said shocking the raven. "In all honesty the entire thing is just absurd to me, I mean why the hell did he even do it?"

"To test his abilities!?" he yelled, angry that this dobe would question him.

"Really? Do you honestly believe that? To test his abilities? If he really did, then why not challenge the Hokage? And why would he kill the elderly and not you? Are you trying to tell me that there weren't children that was younger than you?" he said and with each question, Sasuke's anger was replaced with confusion. "Those were the questions I had when I thought about the entire thing. I mean, at the end of the day, he's still your brother. Don't you think that its best to give him the benefit of the doubt?"

"I- your right." Sasuke whispered after a few minutes of silence.

"And you Sakura." he turned to her. She flinched at his tone. This was defiantly the Naruto from the academy, but them again he stuck with his group of friends and that was all. "Your a fangirl. A pathetic, useless fangirl who follows a guy who honestly has no interest in you. In this team there will be no damsel in distress. Everyone will be able to carry there own weight, meaning you have to train. ALOT. and also eat a lot more food and please don't tell me that your own a diet bullshit. You train, you burn off energy and fat. Tell me, are Hinata and Ino disfigured?" and she shook her head. Those two girls actually had bodies that any female would kill for. "See? and they train. That's what you have to do." he concluded.

"Naruto? Do you think...I'll be a great kunoichi?" she asked hesitantly after a couple minutes.

"No Sakura, you won't be a great kunoichi." he said and she looked like she was going to cry, even Sasuke was shocked at his bluntness. "You'll be one of the best." and they saw him giving her a fox-like grin. She brightened up and wiped up away her tears.

"Can you help me? To be a great shinobi?" she asked with determination.

"Of course! What are teammates for! We can use the time nii-san is late to train" he smiled. He needed this team to work. He remembered the bet that he entered with Hinata and Ino. A bet to which of their teams would have more members in the chuunin exams and since they were each on a team, it balanced out well. Though he didn't want them to be strong just because of that. They seriously needed to be strong, especially since he knew Kakashi would probably make them do D-rank missions or some team work exercise.

"Can...I join you guys?" Sasuke asked hesitantly. Asking for help, he though they were going t make fun of him, but luckily they didn't.

"Sure! We'll become the most kick-ass team there is!" Naruto exclaimed and then started to show them the tree climbing exercise and they began.

From above in a tree, Kakshi watched the entire thing and couldn't help but feel proud of his otouto.

'Sensei, Kushina, you'll defiantly feel proud of your son.'