Four Houses

By: Isis Malfoy

Summery: Four Houses, all different, but only together are they truly strong. Bold Gryffindor to lead, Wise Ravenclaw to plan, Adventurous Hufflepuff make them do, and Cunning Slytherin to make it work. Throughout the years they will provide the first defense, the strongest line, against all evil. Only together can they protect their lights, their futures.

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            Minerva McGonagall was sleeping restlessly in her rooms at the university. She had been troubled by a disturbing letter for the last week. It had come to her by an unfamiliar owl and had only contained one sentence. How do you save the man you're destined to be tied to forever? She didn't even know who the man was, but she didn't think it was coincidence that the ministry had reported her former professor and dear friend Albus Dumbledore missing the next morning.

            Dumbledore was off fighting Grindelwald. Did that monster have him, was the dark wizard taunting her? She shuddered in her sleep as the inky blackness of unconsciousness faded away into a nightmare. Germany, war torn. She could hear screaming, it sounded like her friend, she tried to get to him, but she was frozen, and all she could hear was the maniacal laughter of a madman.

            With a scream, she bolted up in bed. Her midnight colored hair was plastered to her face, and she brushed back the waist length strands. Her eyes were wide, and their pupils dilated from the adrenaline slowly seeping out of her body. It was too much. It was time to call in her best friends, her best hope.


            There wasn't anything in the world quite like flying Helena decided as she swooped down towards the snitch on the other side of the field. She was only centimeters from it when the whistle blew. With a muttered curse, she pulled up short. "Hooch!" The coach called from the ground. Helena zoomed down and climbed off her broom. "Letter." The coach tossed it at her.

            Helena looked at the familiar print on the cover, no one else she knew had handwriting quite as pretty. It was addressed to her Helena Hooch-Hufflepuff, which meant that their pact was being called upon and it said urgent, open immediately.

            Without a second thought she ripped the envelope and pulled out the parchment inside.


            I need you. Something is wrong. Hurry.


PS Saw the match last month, quite a play there eagle-eye.

            Helena ran off to the showers immediately, calling "family emergency, don't know how long I'll be!" To the coach over her shoulder.


            Poppy Pomfrey frowned as she added more mandrake root to the potion. She needed to make an antidote to petrification. There were to many people, wizards and muggles alike, that had been petrified in this war, there had to be a way to save them! She didn't become a mediwitch and rush off to the battle fields to stand there and watch people die!

            A soft cooing at her side caught her attention and she turned to the snowy owl on her potions journal. Poppy took the letter and opened it quickly.


Come quickly. I'm re-enabling the circle pact.



            Serena Sinistra was watching the stars when her gaze was drawn to the crimson tinged moon with a dark gold band around it. Her heart sped up. Trouble…and death. At least according to superstition. Then, she was never one to discount prophecy. A dark shape obscured her vision and the owl landed next to her. Curiosity burned as she read the address. Serena Sinistra- Slytherin.

            Quickly she tore open the envelope. Shaky hands pulled out the letter as her dark eyes glance once again at the moon.


There's trouble, I need you. I think Professor Dumbledore may need us all.