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"demon talk"

{demon thought}

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Valley of end

Two figure ran through the forest near the border of Konoha. They cleared the forest to the valley of the end. Where Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senji

"Naruto" shouted one boy who had black hair and wearing a blue shirt with an Uchiha fan on the back. He stood up top Hashirama head.

The shouting of his name caused Naruto to stop and turn around.

"Sasuke what took you so long." Said Naruto turning around to Sasuke

"I'm here to bring you back." Said Sasuke this cause Naruto to laugh

"You the one who wanted so much power. That was until Tusunade fix you after Itachi. I don't know why but you seem calmer. You see Orochimaru knows something I need to know about the parents I never meet. He holds the key to what I need to know, and nothing you can say will change my mind." Said Naruto

"I made a promise intend to keep." Sad Sasuke cause Naruto to smile

"Oh does Sakura want the team back together. Tell her she'll have better luck in actually become a decent shinobi." Said Naruto

"It wasn't Sakura. Who made me promise. It was Akitsuki." Said Sasuke causing Naruto to stiffen.

{Akitsuki} thought Naruto as he remember a girl with long black hair in a ponytail with violent eyes in a black shit a purple skirt with black sandals. The only girl who was close to him growing up.

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a sad smile. "Tell her. That you failed her, and I'm never coming back." Said Naruto as that sad smile turned into a sadistic grin.

Sasuke couldn't believe what he was hearing. He doesn't know what was in the scroll that. They had found at Naruto apartment after Naruto knocked him out. Sasuke thought he may have to use the curse mark even though it not as powerful as the henchman Orochimaru sent to get him but it would have to do he's afraid.

"Then I'll just beat you till I can make sure you are going anywhere dope." Said Sasuke

"I like to see you try bastard." Said Naruto charging Sasuke

Sasuke meet Naruto as they both try to hit each other. Naruto hit Sasuke in the face as he hit Naruto in the gut then both when distance from each other. Sasuke went through hand signs Naruto summon shadow clones having them go after Sasuke.

"Fire style fire ball jutsu." Said Sasuke a fire ball came out of Sasuke mouth taking out the clones.

Sasuke look to see if Naruto got hit. Sasuke then was kicked in the side of the head. Naruto had gotten behind Sasuke when he sent his clones towards him. Naruto then grabbed the kunai and throw them at him. Sasuke dodge the kunai, and then grab some shuriken throwing them at Naruto. Naruto just dodge like Sasuke before he realized Sasuke was underneath him. Sasuke kicked Naruto in the chin sending him into the sky.

"You think that that stupid lion barrage will work?" asked Naruto thinking he knew Sasuke next move only from Sasuke to laugh at him.

"Not going for that." Said Sasuke before grabbed Naruto holding him down. Naruto recognized this as rock lee move.

"Primary lotus" said Sasuke driving Naruto down to the ground Sasuke jumped away look at where Naruto landed

"Ok no more going easy on you." Said Naruto as he got up. Naruto red eyes and his whisker marks darken and now he had claws.

Sasuke knew that now Naruto was going to be harder to get now. Sasuke hated to use it. Sasuke body got cover in the curse mark. This cause Naruto to smirk.

"So you want the power to beat me huh? I'm falter." Said Naruto thinking Sasuke gave into his darker thought only for Sasuke to smile.

"Yeah because this way I know that you won't want an unfair fight." Said Sasuke going through hand sign.

"Fire style phoenix flower jutsu." Said Sasuke perform the jutsu blowing fire out his mouth.

Naruto dodge some of the fireballs only for Sasuke to hit him in the gut. Sasuke then kicked Naruto in the chin sending Naruto to one of the statue chipping some of it.

Naruto then made hand sign. "Mult shadow clone jutsu." As about ten Naruto popped up and charge Sasuke who throw kunai at the clones cause about three to poof. Naruto the throw two of the clones at Sasuke. Who spin kicked two of them in the face. Sasuke aw which one was in the back and knew that was Naruto. Sasuke weaved and fought through the remaining clone till he got in Naruto face. Naruto dodge the first strike and hit Sasuke in the gut before double axe handle shoot to the head. Sasuke landed on the ground before Naruto started to kick him.

"I'll tell you this once bastard, but give because now I make my own luck." Said Naruto as he started to walk away. Before he heard coughing Naruto turned around to see Sasuke getting up.

"What a matter dope to scared to finish the job?" asked Sasuke causing Naruto to growl before charging after Sasuke

Naruto was getting close. He brought back his fist to punch him but Sasuke beat him to the punch getting an uppercut. Naruto stumbled back before Sasuke kicked him in the gut causing Naruto to cough up blood. Sasuke then kicked Naruto on the chin and started to drive Naruto back. Naruto grabbed Sasuke right arm before swing him towards Hashirama statue but before he could let go Sasuke using both his feet to hit Naruto in the gut send him flying toward Madara statue. The both got up panting and spiting blood out of their mouths.

"Sasuke let end this." Said Naruto

"Yeah let's." said Sasuke

The two stared each other down before charging after each other both with jutsu in their hands.

"rasengun." Said Naruto as he came towards Sasuke.

"Chidori." Said Sasuke as he came towards Naruto

The two jutsu collide with each there as a white light formed around them Sasuke missed Naruto while Naruto hit the rasengun casein Sasuke to hit the blank on the other side. Naruto looked at Sasuke before his eye went back to blue and the whisker marks fade back to the original look. Naruto then started to walk away towards Orochimaru.

A while later a dog and Kakashi came up on Sasuke. The dog sniffed around and couldn't smell anything on Naruto.

"I can't smell Naruto scent anywhere." Said the dog. As the rain had started to wash away his scent. This cause Kakashi to sigh

{I'm sorry grandmaster I failed your son.} Thought Kakashi as he picked up Sasuke to take him back to the leaf

With Naruto

Naruto had made it to the sound village. He was meet by Kabuto. Who was shock to see him, but lead him to Orochimaru anyway. When he saw Naruto. He looked at him then kabuto in shock clearly not expecting Naruto and instead Sasuke.

"Why my dear Naruto why have you come here?" asked Orochimaru

"To find out why you're not the grand master like my father wanted." Said Naruto as Orochimaru look at Naruto before laughing

"So you know?" asked Orochimaru

"Yes I know. I active a bloodline, and it gave me some type of vision. Then I found a note for my father telling me about some type of order. So I ask again why Danzo is the leader of the Templar order when he was kicked out by my father?" asked Naruto Orochimaru closed his eyes, and sighed

"To explain. I'll have to tell you about the day you were born." Said Orochimaru

"I know the Kurama was release and my father had to seal the nine tails in Me." said Naruto

"Yes but that not the whole story. You see dear Naruto I was there when you were born, as one of your father most trusted Templar member I was there to see that you, and your mother were safe. Then someone in a mask calming to be a long dead member of the assassin's brotherhood. That man went after you somehow dodge our best attack like he was real. We had to save you so we let him release the fox. It attack the village while we attacked the man. This man then said that if we didn't stop fighting him the village would turn on us and the Templar would be driven out so we could allow that. Minato then sealed the fox, but it wasn't Sarutobi. That found you first it was Danzo. He told me that if I didn't leave you behind and let him take control of the Templar order that he would kill you. I had to leave he put the blame of the earlier thing we did. That I wanted to know all the jutsu. Your father want to see if we could make some of our men to get pass what only your mother could get to I got the right idea. "Orochimaru

"What about the other members?" asked Naruto

"The remaining member either died or were betrayed. Beside me there three left. Kakashi Anko and Sasori. Kakashi is under constant watch to make sure he never try to recruit you into the order without Danzo word. As for Anko The masked man used the sharingan on her causing her to think I tortured her. When in fact it was Danzo who did. And Sasori just had nothing that Danzo though was worth but he could kill him because the Akatsuki and assassin would have wanted to find out why as he wasn't a weak so Danzo cut his ties with him." Said Orochimaru

"Ok we need to start a new order. A real Templar order not one like Danzo, but I have another question what of the assassin?" asked Naruto

"Last note it was being run by my old teammate Jiraiya, but let us worry about that later you said you had a vision. If that true then you have past memories of ancestors. Now we need to find out which before begin an order." Said Orochimaru

"I have seen glimpse of both one said his name was shay Patrick Cormac. The other said he was Ezio something." Said Naruto this cause Orochimaru to laugh

"Interesting one of the greatest assassin and one of the greatest assassin's turned Templar. We begin tomorrow instead you need rest and so do I." said Orochimaru

With Sasuke

Sasuke woke up in Konoha hospital. He then remembered that Naruto left him behind, but didn't kill him.

"Nice try kid." Said Jiraiya siting in the window cause Sasuke to look at him.

"What do you want?" asked Sasuke

"I know that Naruto said something to you. What was it?" asked Jiraiya Sasuke shook his head

"I don't know something like I make my own luck." Said Sasuke causing Jiraiya to get wide eye

"So he has awake his blood line." Said Jiraiya causing Sasuke look at him

"What blood line?" asked Sasuke

"You see Naruto family had a blood line that cause him to relive his ancestor's memories. You see these memories to see them from a war that has been happening for years. In fact the Templar help killed your family, but I only offering you this spot because I know that you won't stop until you either get Naruto back or find out who killed you family. So what do you want to?" asked Jiraiya

Sasuke looked at him then shook Jiraya's hand joining the assassin's.

With Danzo

Underground of Konoha sat Danzo Templar at least the member that could get there. Danzo look at the member not believing what he was hearing.

"You mean you let the nine tails. Slip to that traitor?" asked Danzo

"Yes grandmaster we though the Uchiha." Said Homura but was stop when Danzo slammed his hand down.

"I thought that I told you the Uchiha can't be trusted it the reason we decide on their execution or did you forget. They were going to start their own group to fight the assassin and the Templars we can't have that happen." Said Danzo

"Yes of course grandmaster but let not forget your spy that was supposed to watch the nine tails and failed." Said Koharu

"Yes I know, but the nine tails knocked me out when I try to go with him." Said Akitsuki stepping out of the shadow

"Yes but enough of that now. We know the nine tails will likely try and reform a Templar group in his father's honor we can't allow that so keep an eye on the old member who are still alive. Dismissed." Said Danzo

"grandmaster." Said Akitsuki

"What is it?" asked Danzo

"I think we can still get the nine tails on our side. If I go and pretend to go to the sounds just for him and have some of your root attack me. They of course will die but it will because the nine tails o think I return the feeling that he has. It will cause him to listen to me, maybe more than Orochimaru." Said Akitsuki

Danzo started to think before smiling. "Very well my dear you may go but fail and you will understand why I'm grandmaster of the Templars." Said Danzo as Akitsuki leaves

"Well that went well" said the masked man coming through some sort of portal

"Yes Tobi, but I have to know why didn't your Akatsuki pawns didn't interfere." Said Danzo

"Because Itachi had used too much chakra and would have been easy prey. They haven't out ay their usefulness yet, but the nine tails isn't why I here. I want to know how close we to breaking are passed the Uzumaki homeland to the item we need for the moon lite plan." Said Tobi

"Yes even though Orochimaru is one we still can accomplish the goal. Just give us time." Said Danzo

"Just remember to keep the deal going grandmaster. I gave you the sharingan don't forget that." Said Tobi as he disappeared.

{If you think that your son will define me Minato you were more foolish than I thought.} thought Danzo

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