Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Prologue – Man in Darkness
March 1947 – Caves of Qumran, West Bank

A shadowy figure is exploring a cave system belonging to an ancient civilization. The figure is searching for something long since thought to be just a myth. Looking around with flashlight, finds a chamber deep within the cave system. Looking around the chamber, the figure spots several large ceramic jugs. Walking towards them the figure unseals one of the jugs with a knife concealed in his boot. Looking inside the jug, the figure finds several ancient scrolls, remarkably well preserved considering how old they look. Opening the ancient scroll, the figure looks at it in awe, comprehending its ancient script (or at least getting the gist, considering the conditions he was in), which describes a war of genocide against a chosen people, and the awe inspiring weapon used to end the war, the figure begins to talk to himself.

"People said they didn't exist. That I've been looking for a myth akin to Atlantis or Martians. But now after looking for nearly half my life, I've finally found what I was looking for, a justification for all of my studies of dead languages and mythology. A wasted life and squandered intelligence. Those who mocked and laughed will rue the day when I can comprehend and understand the full extent of these documents, I will control the future of mankind!"

The man talking to himself was a short, lean young man, with dark hair, this man who wishes to control the fates and become a god. This man is 22–year–old Keel Lorenz, and he has found what he was looking for, the Dead Sea Scrolls. With the scrolls, his machinations for control of the world and everyone in it have begun.

Chapter 1 – Origins of SEELE
November 1952, U.N. Building, NYC, United States

Keel Lorenz is standing inside of the newly completed U.N. Building, he is waiting for several other individuals to arrive, and he has a proposition for them. After 6 years of translating the Dead Sea Scrolls, Keel finally has completed the translation and now has a plan to bring the world to its knees and make him a god. Even with the vast wealth that he inherited from his dead father, and after pilfering the gold thought lost on a Nazi transport, he has become the richest man in West Germany, no, the world, and with the help of others with his level of wealth, he can corral the world into the palm of his hand. An organization of individuals controlling the fates thanks to his discovery.

"When will these men arrive, I can't wait forever, I must not stray from the timeline, that could be disastrous." Keel said, while tapping his foot on the marble floor, with an echo no one else but Keel could hear. The men were several minutes late, and considering the time of day, Keel hardly thought that they would encounter much traffic between their homes to here, however, not all men understand what will come to pass as Keel does. Having a map laid out in front of you by ancient scrolls listing the past, present, and future of mankind gives one a sense of finality for when the existence of man will cease.

It was afterhours at the U.N. Building, late at night, Keel, the representative of West Germany for the U.N., a position he bought for himself by the way, in order to put himself closer to those representing their own countries. He was waiting for four of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, to arrive. He saw several cars pull up outside. He waited for them to enter.

"Welcome, Gentleman." Keel said as they walked slowly towards him. The men had never seen him before, but were intrigued by the new West Germany ambassador and accepted his invitation. They were all wealthy men in their 30s, and were curious as to the business proposition Keel had for them.

"Good evening, Ambassador Lorenz." The U.S. ambassador, Theodore George Jackson, was the first to respond. "What an odd place to meet for a business proposition. I would think a hotel or an office would be more appropriate don't you?"

"Well, Mr. Jackson, seeing as what my proposition entails, I thought meeting here where countries are supposed to work in harmony would make more sense." Keel replied, and he continued. "Mr. Pinnafore, Mr. Bayuski, and Mr. Godot, good evening to you all as well."

"Good Evening, Ambassador." Henry James Pinnafore, the British Ambassador replied.

"Ambassador Lorenz." Boris Bayuski, the Russian Ambassador replied gruffly.

"Bonjour Ambassador." Francois Godot, the French Ambassador replied wistfully.

"No doubt you four are wondering why I have asked you this evening, well follow me this way and I will tell you." Keel said, looking to the men and motioning them to follow.

They began walking away from the entrance of the U.N. and then towards the council rooms where meetings were held, the men all stayed quiet for the walk, the sounds of their muffled footsteps on the carpeted floor were all that could be heard. After several minutes of walking, Keel stopped in front of a set of doors that Godot recognized immediately, and he broke the silence. "Why are we going into the Security Council Chambers, Lorenz? I thought we would be going to your office, non?"

"Unfortunately, Ambassador, I thought meeting in here would be a better fit for or conversation then my small office. Now shall we proceed?" Keel said coldly, while opening the door, and then walking inside towards the crescent shaped table that the Security Council uses for its official meetings. Keel sits in the middle of the fifteen chairs seated at the table, and motions for the other to sit. The ambassadors take a moment before they enter and sit down, apparently in shock at the fact the man who asked them to a meeting is sitting in the U.N.S.C. room. "Good, now that you have taken your seats, we may begin. Now the reason I have brought you here tonight is to discuss the future of the world, a future that, if you wish to, with your vast wealth and resources, can control. This may sound like the plan of a mad man, however, with the information I possess, it is possible. The information that makes this possible is a discovery of mine from six long years ago on the West Bank, a set of documents that has recorded the human race's past, present, and future. These documents are called the Dead Sea Scrolls."

"Qu'est–ce que l!"

"Vysokomernyy durak!"

"Jesus Christ!"

"Bloody Hell!"

"Yes, those were about the reactions I expected." Keel chortled. "I understand that the existence of such documents seems completely unfathomable, however, while the Scrolls are not filled the personal details of every life to have walked the planet, they give us the broad strokes of humanity's path, all the way up until the end of our days. With this I have garnered several facts about life on Earth, and that in fact a god had created us, but was not supposed to. There were two gods on this planet, one's offspring were killed in favor of the others, Lilith, from whom we are descended from defeated Adam, and let us begin to roam the Earth. Now, tell me, what do think of that?"

"Are you out of your mind!?" Shouted Ambassador Jackson. "How deluded are you to think that controlling the world is a good thing? Barely seven years have passed since some other nut job thought he could control the world and make humanity bow to him, look at him and the 12 million deaths he orchestrated. You should know this, Lorenz, he was a countryman of yours after all!"

"Your point is quite narrow minded, however, by doing this, we could control, with the vast resources we have at… " Keel began, but was cut off by Ambassador Godot. "What you are saying is that you wish us to begin to take over the world? You are mad, which means the rumors of you are true, unable to grasp reality is certainly barely scratching the surface of how out of touch you really are!"

"As I was saying." Keel continued. "With the resources we have, we can control those in power, what my countryman got wrong was being the face of evil in the public eye, however, if done correctly from the shadows, no one would know that we would be in control, it is the perfect plan."

"What you're saying is, we would be in control, but as a silent entity?" Ambassador Bayuski replied, with his eyebrows raised, and then looked to the other three ambassadors in the room. "Gentleman, as crazy as this sounds, it could be well worth guiding the human race to its fate, and with us all at the helm, we would know and be able to profit from this venture, would we not Lorenz?"

"Yes, we would profit from our control, because in order to gain control, and keep that control we would need money, and large sums of it at that." Keel responded. "So gentleman, have your outbursts subsided, and are you willing to join this organization?"

"Well, as nice as all this sounds, what if we are found out?" Ambassador Jackson said, looking Keel in the eyes as he spoke. "What do we do if your plan is found out?"

"Simple, we eliminate the problem." Keel said, staring right back.

"You mean… kill… " Jackson began.

"Only as a last resort, money solves more problems than murder does, except in all but extreme circumstances." Keel said calmly. "Nothing must stand in our way to gaining the control we rightfully deserve. So gentleman what is your final answer, would you like to join this initiative, or are you uninterested?"

"Why in the hell would we want to join?" Jackson said, somewhat incredulously.

"I thought that point had been made abundantly clear, more money than you possess now and the ability to control the world from an obscure position in the shadows." Keel said, but this time, he chuckled. "I thought I had kept the concept quite simple and straightforward, or was I mistaken?"

"Are you calling us idiots?!" Ambassador Bayuski yelled, slamming his fist into the table. "Arrogant fuck, who do you think you are?"

"I wasn't calling you idiots at all, based upon the words I chose, at worst I passively called you simple minded, there is no need to be so offended Ambassador, I was merely making an observation." Keel said coolly.

"Why don't you take your fucking observation, and shove it up your ass!" Ambassador Bayuski replied angrily.

"Gentlemen, why don't we calm down, and listen." It was Ambassador Godot who spoke but his words were directed towards Ambassadors Jackson and Bayuski. "Please continue Lorenz, what you are talking about, after the initial shock, is finally setting in."

"Thank you Ambassador, I'm glad at least one person is listening intently." Keel said. "Now, looking at your quieted rage Ambassador Bayuski, do you wish to join this endeavor? The question goes to you Ambassador Jackson."

"Well, if Godot can get behind it, I can, it certainly is a unique opportunity." Jackson responded first, sighing slightly as he did. "Perhaps it's for the best, considering the last 50 years, things have not gone well for world, perhaps if someone were in control, or a group of people as you suggest, World War III could be averted, and nuts like Hitler could be kept in check, or, hell, even eliminated for the greater good."

"What a change, Ambassador, from just a few minutes ago, where you thought murder was just horrific, now it's simply a means to an end?" Keel said, basking in the irony and change of tune of the speaker.

"I've realized after Godot's little speech that this isn't as nutty of an idea as I thought it was, hell, it may even be like playing god, but to keep humanity on track, what's the harm in that?" Jackson replied.

"I wish this wasn't making any sense to me, but it is." Ambassador Bayuski said solemnly. "I guess there are some things that require a group effort, and leaving control of the world to the U.S. and France seems stupid, why should Mother Russia be left out of such a proposition!"

"Excellent, excellent." Keel said, sounding somewhat elated. "I'm glad you've all come around to my proposal. Now, one last thing gentleman, are there any further questions?" Keel asked.

"What's in it for us besides money and power?" Ambassador Godot asked, looking over at Keel intently.

"Besides the two things all men want more than anything else, anything you could ever want could be gotten with what I am offering you, gentleman." Keel responded, sending an icy glare towards the French Ambassador as he spoke. He then turned to face the British Ambassador, realizing throughout the entire exchange, he hadn't said a thing other than to express his shock at the proposal. "Ambassador Pinnafore, you're being awful quiet, anything on your mind?"

"The only thing on my mind is what would this organization be called?" Pinnafore questioned.

"Why, SEELE of course" Keel said proudly.

Thirty–nine Years Later… April 1992

"Chairman Keel, we have an updated report from the field." Said the large speaker displaying the name 'SEELE 04.'

Keel Lorenz is now 60 years old, and very different from the man he was when he found the scrolls. After founding SEELE and orchestrating many major events in the ladder half of the 20th century with his four partners in crime, they expanded to include 7 new members, bringing the council to 12 men of power by 1970. The somewhat peaceful methods of SEELE, killing for the greater good, quickly evaporated, and killing those that would be an obstruction to. "The Committee" became a common, if not expected practice. People did know of them, however, by calling SEELE. "The Committee" because they did not know its name or purpose certainly added an air of mystery to them, making them all the more intimidating.

Now according to the conspiracy theorists, which Keel was surprised by how accurate they were considering SEELE's motives and operating practices, a litany of events in the world had been orchestrated by them, the Cold War and arms race the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the space race, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, having an actor elected President of a major world power, even the recent Gulf War, fall of the USSR and unification of Germany. All of these, Keel admitted to himself, were orchestrated by SEELE, and he was proud of how well the world fell into line behind their orders.

Now with their plans being set further in motion with teams scouring the globe for the. "seeds" referenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls, an organization they founded would be carrying out their plans, and allowing them the same shadowy distance from the process, the organization's name? Gehirn. And with the research that was being done at the Artificial Evolution Laboratory of Gehirn, and Keel's life's work, the Human Instrumentality Project, would eventually come to fruition.

Keel is sitting in a large dark room, occupied with large black speakers, and it from these speakers the organization uses to stay in contact with one another. They had the world in their grasp, able to control the financial markets and the military of the world, all the while staying at the U.N. making contacts for whatever they may need those individuals for. Any whims they had, or any change needed to stick with the path of the Dead Sea Scrolls was able to be done in this room, decisions disseminated from its members to their respective governments, people always reacting as expected, doing whatever was willed to happen in this room and making it a reality.

Keel Lorenz rises and faces the other speakers in the room, large black speakers like one would expect to see in a concert hall, all embossed with the word 'SEELE' and a number, as 'SEELE 04' spoke, a large light on top of it flashed to indicate incoming audio from that speaker. "Please, inform the council on the newest matters in the search."

"It appears that the search for the seed of life has been unsuccessful in both Asia and Europe." 'SEELE 04' said.

"Well then, it appears that for everything we have done, by looking on five continents over the last 30 years have led to nothing." 'SEELE 02' responded.

"Not all is lost, Japan still needs to be searched, as does Australia, and Africa still has some ground to cover, not to mention Antarctica." Keel said. "I believe our report from last week was that Katsuragi's team has moved from Asia to Horn of Africa to expedite the search for Adam, following that area, Australia is next."

"That is correct." 'SEELE 10' replied. "If the expedition in Australia fails, within the next four years, Katsuragi will be moving to go into Antarctica and look there for what we seek."

"Very Well." Keel said. "That Katsuragi is a very persistent bastard, said we should start in the Antarctic, however, now it seems as though he may have been right. As of right now, put the search of Japan on the backburner, we will move to finish things up in Africa and Australia, then move to the Antarctic, in a few years we may have what we are looking for, and then our plans can truly begin."

"I concur." 'SEELE 02' said.

"As do I." 'SEELE 05' quipped.

"Then it is settled, gentleman, until we meet again." Keel said, and then flipped a switch that shut off the speakers and microphone he spoke into. He then stood up and began to walk out of the room, a sinister smile now crossing his face as he walked to the door.

"Soon it will come to pass… "

To Be Continued

A/N: I do not own Evangelion or any of the characters, GAINAX and the other distributors of NGE related material do. I am simply using them as a backdrop for my fanfic.

So that was the first chapter of the first episode of my fanfic. I kinda have it planned out to be three arcs of three episodes each. (Sound familiar to anyone?) Yes, the title of the episode was deliberate, however, it will be the only exactly copied title of a Star Wars movie for these nine episodes.

This first episode deals with the origins of some of the adult characters from NGE, and this episode is exclusively pre–second impact. For this chapter, I decided to start off with SEELE considering they were behind the majority of the events in the TV series and rebuild series, and the reason I chose the. "The Phantom Menace" as the title. There will be a theme to the titles of the episodes, and only Episodes I though VII will be based off of an official Star Wars title. The chapter titles on the other hand will either be whimsical or ironic (depending on your view), and some will be based off of movie or song titles. As of uploading this chapter, I have uploaded Episode I in its entirety for your reading pleasure. I wanted to get a jump start and finish the. "Origins Arc" before getting into the. "Angels Arc"

Also as a note, Keel finding the Dead Sea Scrolls himself, and setting a year of birth for him shows how old he'll be in 2015. Also, yes, I couldn't resist the Nazi gold reference, considering how evil he was, I assumed his father was Nazi, and well, where else would a total dickbag get a load of cash? My answer was Nazi gold. Also, a reference to Dr. Katsuragi, the father of our favorite purple haired tease in 2015, and yes, SEELE killed JFK, and got Ronnie elected into office. Pretty much, I made SEELE the reason for the last 55 years of the 20th century.

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