Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Chapter 10 – Project Alcion
September 9, 1998 – Gehirn, Japan, Artificial Research Laboratory

Well, it was official, Yui had her doctorate. After a fairly interesting dissertation, where Yui go too nervous and knocked over the projector she was using after tripping on its cord, she had to improvise and explain her theories without visual aid. Something that impressed the doctoral review board so much, they gave her a glowing recommendation.

Shortly after that, Yui and her two closest friends were separated from each other by vast distances, with Kyoko going to Germany, and Mari to England. The three had a heartfelt goodbye, with Kyoko crying like a child telling Yui they should meet up sometime, and Mari, well, Mari and Yui had a private goodbye beforehand so that Mari's love for Yui would be kept a secret.

Yui and Mari met up before going to the airport with Kyoko. "Mari, I'll miss you." Yui leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "I want you to be careful while you're away, okay?" Yui blushed at what she had done, but didn't see a problem with it.

"Yui, what made you do that?" Mari blushed, she was unsure of what to do, but had the feeling she should at least try and reciprocate. But as Mari leaned in to kiss Yui back on the cheek, she tripped and ended up on top of Yui, kissing her full on the lips. After a few seconds Mari took her lips away from Yui's. "Sorry… I didn't mean to kiss you like that."

Mari blushed a deep crimson.

Yui was oddly enough the same color. "It's ok, it was a nice kiss." The two girls laughed and only hugged each other when Mari got on her plane to leave. Once the two of them were gone, Yui only had Gendo left for company. But he was busy preparing for his own dissertation that they really didn't see much of each other. Her brother was off doing something for the military, and his last letter said he'd been promoted again, this time to Lieutenant Colonel. So, all Yui had to look forward to at the moment was moving to the Artificial Evolution Laboratory.

I had been several weeks since Yui started at the Artificial Evolution Laboratory. After a disastrous first day, in which she knocked over what appeared to be everything in her lab, she interrupted her neighbor, a very surely woman named Naoko Akagi who had yelled at her for making too much noise. Thankfully the woman had begun to warm up to her over the past few days. Yui attributed this to her less exhausted looks, and likely successful research. 'She reminds a bit of Mari, if she had gone crazy, and got really old.' Yui thought.

Yui's research on the other hand was going quite well. She had proved the existence of the A.T. Field, and was currently working on a way to classify the strength of an A.T. Field. Her first official government assignment would to see if the A.T. Field could be used to protect military hardware with a single human pilot. Yui was not particularly thrilled to be weaponizing her discovery, but realized it was inevitable, and that she at least still had control of her research. So, Yui did as she was told and worked.

On this particular day, as Yui was working, she heard a noise from the lab next to her 'Hmm, I wonder what's up with Dr. Cranky, it's not like I'm being loud.' Yui walked outside her lab to go ask what the commotion was, but she didn't have to ask directly about it, as she overheard one side of a phone call with Naoko shouting like a banshee:

"I don't care what she thinks mother, she's a damn child!"

"Of course she has rights, but they're my rules!"

"I understand that, mother, but she's my daughter not yours!"

"I will speak to you how I like."

"No, you don't get to redeem yourself and the mistakes you made on me!"

After overhearing the exchange, Yui crept quietly back to her lab and shut the door. 'Wow, she's as mean as I thought she was. I would never talk to my mom that way. And she has a daughter? I feel sorry for that girl, but you can't choose our family I guess.' Yui tried to put the argument she overheard out of her head to continue work, but that was folded minutes later by a knock on her door. "Who is it?" Yui called out.

"It's Gendo, may I come in?" She heard a gravelly voice say.

Yui's face brightened up. "Of course, why are even asking?" Yui said as she saw the door open. Gendo walked in the room and closed it behind him.

"So, Gendo, how did you get in here? No one called me to give you access to my lab." Yui asked.

"Well, that's why I'm here Yui. I have some good news." Gendo said coyly.

Yui stood there, wondering what Gendo was going say. 'Well, he has that smile on his face, so he should have some interesting news.' Yui waited for moment before asking. "Is the dramatic pause for effect or are you just going to keep me waiting?"

"Well, seeing as you're impatient today." Gendo said this quite sarcastically. "I have completed my dissertation, and have gotten a job offer."

"Oh, that's wonderful! I totally forgot that was today." Yui was beyond happy, but also felt guilty for forgetting today had been Gendo's big day. But seeing as he had completed the dissertation without a problem. 'No harm done.' she thought. And now, Gendo was going to be working somewhere doing research. 'But how did he get in… oh!' Yui put together what job offer he had, and had clearly accepted. "You accepted a job offer here, didn't you?"

"Well, of course, Yui, I knew you would figure it out without having to be told. That's one of the reasons I love you, you're smart and intuitive." He walked over to Yui and put his arms around her. "I'm going to be glad that I can come see you when I'm not busy."

"So am I." Yui had a mischievous grin on her face. "And if we're both not busy, then maybe we could get busy." Gendo blushed while Yui laughed at his embarrassment. The mere mention of sex with Yui made Gendo embarrassed. "What's wrong, am I not blonde enough for you, Mr. Ikari?"

"What do you mean, Yui… it has nothing to do with her… I mean that… I think you're just a beautiful as her… I like your hair color… we just have other things to base our relationship off of than just… well… I mean… that… " Gendo was extremely flustered, and that only happened with Yui. Whenever Yui made mention of his prior relationship with Kyoko, even though she said it didn't bother her, Gendo had the sneaking suspicion she was bothered a little bit by it. And it's not like they hadn't had sex, it maybe wasn't enough to keep Yui satisfied. 'I'll have to rectify that later.' He thought. 'Perhaps a nice dinner for just the two of us, and then afterword… ' His thoughts trailed off, and he blushed just thinking about him and Yui having sex.

"Well, I can see you're blushing, so I guess I did my job." Yui winked at him. "Don't be mad, I was only teasing. I wanted to see what your reaction to that would be. Call it an experiment if you want." Yui snickered.

Gendo, desperate to change the subject decided to capitalize on Yui mentioning Kyoko. "Speaking of your friends, have you heard from either of them recently?" He asked, hoping the distraction would make her forget about the current subject. "Or your brother for that matter?"

"Gendo, I know what you're trying to do, to see if Kyoko still pines after you." Yui said in a singsong voice. Gendo frowned openly, and blushed once again, becoming almost beet red. "Oh, relax, I'm only joking." Yui's smile turned into a frown, and her brow scrunched up. "The only news I've gotten was that they both landed safely and are enjoying their new jobs. Mari called yesterday, she has some live test experiment she'll be conducting in a few weeks, Kyoko's been silent since the first call I got a few weeks ago. And Shinji, well, I haven't heard anything other than he's been promoted to Colonel or something. All I know for sure is whatever he's doing is classified." Yui sat on her desk and knocked her phone off the hook without noticing.

"Well, with the military, that's to be expected. Everything they do is classified, just because they can." Gendo realized what he said was not improving the mood, on a happier note he decided to add. "Well, I'm sure whatever he's doing, your brother is perfectly safe."

"I'm sure he is, but can we not talk about him, or Kyoko, or even Mari? I just want to spend some time with you. We've barely seen each other in the past month." Yui said cutely.

Gendo, recognizing the tone in her voice, realized she was quite sad. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her slender body, and kissed her. Yui responded in kind, wrapping her arms around him and enjoying the ignorant bliss the kiss offered, until they were rudely interrupted.

"Ahem!" Naoko Akagi stood in Yui's doorway, and cleared her throat loudly. "Why are you two making all this noise? Don't you realize that some of us are trying to work here?" She was clearly pissed off, but Gendo didn't like when people yelled at Yui, and he stepped up to defend her.

"Why are you yelling?" Gendo said in a very calm voice. "Is there truly any need for that? Plus, how did you hear us? We weren't talking very loudly, and the door was closed. If I were a suspicious person, I would say you were eavesdropping on us."

"Well, for your information, I was, but not by choice." she started, pointing her finger towards the desk. "But because someone carelessly dialed my office and left the phone off the hook."

Gendo was speechless, his argument had evaporated, but he was still angry. On the other hand, Yui was confused, until she saw the phone, and promptly hung it up, wanting to avoid further conflict with her already irritated neighbor. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that it was off the hook, I'll be more careful in the future."

"You better be." Naoko said accusingly. "And while we're talking, why are there unauthorized personnel in your lab? Who is this guy?"

"Oh, he's my boyfriend." Yui turned to Gendo and grabbed his hand. "Gendo Rokubungi, this is Dr. Naoko Akagi, Computer Bioscience."

"Nice to meet you." Gendo said, still calm, but while staring at Naoko so intently that he might bore holes through her with his eyes.

'She's much too young for him, he needs a real woman to satisfy him.' Naoko thought, looking at him, she thought he was quite handsome. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Rokubungi."

"And he's not unauthorized, he just started here today, and came down to surprise me." Yui smiled. "And again, I'm sorry for disturbing you."

"It's quite alright, just don't let it happen again." Naoko said, but as she said this she thought about how she would be able to see Gendo more 'I can't wait until I run into you again, Mr. Rokubungi.'

September 12, 1998 – Gehirn, Germany Branch

Kyoko was walking along inside the German Branch of Gehirn. 'God this peace is like a maze. It's set up so no one can find a damn thing.' She thought to herself. Even after two weeks, she didn't have a clue where her lab was. It was on a sublevel in an isolated corner, but the hallways weren't straight, and the level naming system wasn't quite consistent, so it nearly impossible for all those but who designed and built the place to find their way around easily. People Kyoko had met, even those who had been there since the mid–80s found the place to still be cumbersome to navigate. 'Geez, whoever designed this place should be shot.' She laughed, and after another few tense minutes, she finally found her lab.

Kyoko walked into her lab and went over to the isolation window. She looked in to see how her experiment was doing. After the refinements to her invention, it had been successful in creating a shell of a lab mouse. The key to this success was creating LCL, which Kyoko called Life Creation Liquid. It was a mildly opaque orange liquid that was similar in makeup to the primordial soup. Kyoko had overheard several scientists call LCL, Tang for its resemblance to the Orange flavored space drink. Kyoko didn't mind the nickname, she actually found it cute. 'Well, I guess the nickname is true, it does actually look like Tang.'

Kyoko's current experiment was working on growing a larger creature, a pig. Living tests were a few years off, Kyoko would probably start making an elephant shell, or some other large animal. Kyoko looked at her experiment submerged in LCL, it was slowly growing from the nose back, and currently all that was floating in the tank was a partial pig head. The eyes and lower jaw were missing, and only the right ear was partially generated. It will probably be another few weeks before it actually looks like a pig.' Kyoko sighed to herself 'Well, it takes time I guess. Maybe I just need to increase the amount of power being fed into the electron agitator and light this piggy up.' She smiled at the disembodied pig head, knowing that her hard work would mean something, someday.

Kyoko walked over to her desk to sit down, and go over the data from her experiment. However, her lack of sleep the past few nights had made her quite tired. So instead of actually doing any work, Kyoko fell asleep in her chair.

Before Kyoko fell asleep, she thought about her last conversation with Mari on the plane ride from several weeks earlier. "So, Mari, why were you all smiles?" Kyoko grinned. "You know, when we left Yui, why were you smiling so much?"

Mari was used to Kyoko's bluntness when asking a question, but she was completely taken off guard by Kyoko having noticed her very chipper mood 'Of course, she has to pay attention to the one thing I don't want to talk about.' Mari tried to keep a poker face when she spoke. "What are you talking about, Kyoko?"

"The fact that even though we're leaving Japan, you had a big smile on your face, what's up with that?" Kyoko sighed. "It just seemed weird, considering you have a tendency to cry."

"I was just excited about the plane ride, and it's not like we'll never see each other again." Mari said.

"Well that may be the case, but what was up with you two? And why do you have Yui's glasses, I thought you liked contacts more?" Kyoko asked.

Mari was shocked that Kyoko had noticed all this, but kept up her poker face. 'I really don't give her enough credit, she is quite observant when she wants to be.' Mari sighed. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, please, Mari, we have another 13 hours on this plane, I think I can get whatever information out of you that I want." Kyoko said.

Mari sighed, but realized that it was easier to tell Kyoko what she wanted rather than be tortured until Kyoko disembarked in Berlin. "Fine, I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone this." Mari was now glaring at Kyoko, in such a manner as to suggest death for repeating anything Mari was going to say. Mari decided for the blunt approach. "I love Yui."

Kyoko almost fell over. "Say that again, I don't think I heard you right. Did you say you love Yui?"

"Yes…" The glaring from Mari had subsided, and been replaced with a very pensive look, Mari's eyes seemed to shine as she thought about Yui. "I said that I love Yui."

Kyoko was speechless, she hadn't been expecting anything like that, or even in the ballpark of that. Mari went on to explain, with Kyoko staying in stunned silence the whole time about how she had felt jealous of Yui, mad that she had a boyfriend, the eavesdropping, and finally about confronting Yui and finally telling her how she felt. Mari even mentioned the incident with Yui before leaving for the airport. Kyoko was in utter disbelief, even after Mari finished her story, Kyoko couldn't even formulate a response. All she could say was. "Wow." Kyoko sat in silence the rest of the plane ride, and Mari felt embarrassed for having told the entire story.

When the plane finally landed in Berlin, Kyoko got up and was finally able to give an intelligible response to what Mai had told her. "So it looks like we're both running away from those we love, doesn't it."

"It looks like we are. But it's not like these are good opportunities for us." Mari replied

"I know, but it would have been too hard to stay and watch them be in love, knowing that the two of us love the two of them." Kyoko explained. "I like awkward, but not on that level."

"Well, it's better this way, isn't it?" Mari said quite plainly.

"It is, but seeing as they want those of us bound for Berlin of the plane, I guess it's time to part ways." Kyoko hugged the young girl. "So all I have to say is this, Auf Wiedersehen Mari."

Mari hugged her back, and held her tightly for a few moments. "Sayonara Kyoko."

As Kyoko walked away she said one last thing. "I also love the new hair–do. You should send Yui a thank you for that."

Back in the present, the still exhausted Kyoko continued to process what she learned on the plane ride 'It's kind of funny, I love Gendo, Mari loves Yui, and those two love each other.' She sighed before drifting off to sleep. "Well, like Mari said, it's all for the best, all of us going our separate ways. It would be too hard for me to see Gendo and Yui together, just like it would be too hard for Mari."

After several hours of wonderful dreams, and one of Mari and Yui in a very interesting situation in the bath together (which freaked Kyoko out), Kyoko was rudely awoken by a visitor, some paper pusher from the admin offices. "Ms. Soryu!?" Was all she heard before jolting awake.

Kyoko was not happy that she had been woken from her nap. "Who the hell are you?!" She yelled. "Baka, you can't sneak up on people like that! What's your problem?!"

"Ms. Soryu, I'm here for your scheduled administrative review and orientation. You've been contacted several times, and seem to have missed every single attempt to contact you." He said calmly. "I even called you a few minutes ago to see if you were available in your lab, I know you were on premises from your ID card having been swiped almost five hours ago, and no record of your exit. With no answer, I simply decided to come down and see if you were here myself."

Kyoko, still struggling to wake up fully, was having trouble understanding the man's rambling. "You lost me after 'Ms. Soryu' pal." Kyoko rubbed her eyes. "And you still haven't answered my question, who are you?"

"Well, you are as sarcastic as your file states you are." He smiled wryly. "And for your information, I am the Deputy Director of Scientific Personnel, Oscar Langley."

"I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you, but it's not." Kyoko said, glaring at the man.

"I don't understand why you're being so hostile." Oscar said, eyeing her cautiously.

"Try having your nap interrupted, and see how you like, dummkopf." Kyoko spat.

"Sprichst du Deutsch?" Oscar asked politely.

"Nein, ich nenne nur Menschen Namen in anderen Sprachen für Spaß!" Kyoko said. "Verdammtes Arschloch!"

"There's really no need for such foul language, Ms. Soryu." Oscar said, clearly appalled at what she had called him.

"I refer you to my earlier statement of having my nap interrupted." Kyoko said, and then she realized something important. "Hold on, I had my orientation training when I arrived. So why would I need to go through it again?" Kyoko glared at the admin. "So, what reason would bring you down here?"

Oscar became slightly flushed, and didn't know how to continue. "I… well… you see… the thing is… " he stammered.

"Well spit it out!" Kyoko growled at him, which made Oscar all the more nervous. "Why did you come down here and bother me?!"

"Well… um… I… uh… ya see… " Oscar could not put together a coherent sentence to answer Kyoko's question, which only made her angrier.

Kyoko calmed herself down by taking a deep breath. "Ok, look, calm down." Kyoko sighed heavily, seeing that she had made the young admin a blubbering fool. "I'm not mad, just irritated. Now please, tell me why you came down here, and I won't yell at you again." Kyoko smiled. "Or be forced to beat the crap out of you."

Oscar started to relax after she said that and found his voice once again. "Well, Ms. Soryu I wanted to come down here and introduce myself. I didn't have a specific reason to come down here, so I made one up." He looked quite regretful of his decision. "I apologize for any confusion or stress I caused you. I'll be leaving."

"Hold on a second." Kyoko, having had experience with people who hid their reasons for doing shit grabbed his shoulder as he was walking away. "That's not the whole reason is it? I'm a genius you know." Kyoko smirked. "It's hard to lie to me and get away with it."

"Well… um… I just really wanted to meet you. We don't have many scientists here, let alone anyone as smart as you. I thought it would be nice to meet you." Oscar stuttered.

Kyoko looked at what he was holding and saw her picture paper clipped to the front. "Is that my file?" she asked.

"Yes, I had it with me to make my story look more convincing." Oscar said quietly.

"Did you come down here to see if I was as pretty as the picture?" Kyoko sighed again, hoping the answer to her question wouldn't make her angry.

"Partly, Ms. Soryu." Oscar started. "But I'm more interested in how smart you were. I don't pretend to be a genius, I'm smart, but nowhere near your level. I thought if I met you and we became friends that it would be nice to know someone like you, smart and beautiful." He blushed again. 'Oh my god! I called her beautiful I hope she didn't notice!' He thought as he looked down. "I hope that doesn't sound too creepy."

Kyoko was flattered, a guy who wanted to meet her for her intellect, and who thought she was pretty. 'Hmm, I guess he's a nice guy after all.' Kyoko thought. 'And I wanted to beat the shit out of him for waking me up, aren't I an asshole.' Kyoko smiled 'I didn't think guys liked smart girls, well, besides Gendo, but he's the exception to every rule.' Kyoko chuckled loudly. "Well, it does sound a little creepy." Kyoko said jokingly. "But I'll forgive you as long as pay for dinner. Plus, I could use a friend seeing as I'm new here."

"Wha… ?" Oscar was, to say the least, utterly confused.

"You're taking me to dinner, dummy." Kyoko said. "Then I will forgive you for waking me up. And you'll get a chance to become my friend."

"Oh, yes that would be wonderful!" Oscar sounded delighted.

"Good, so you know anywhere good to eat? Maybe some of Berlin's finest cuisine?" Kyoko asked.

"Uh… yeah, I know a place, it's not too far from the lab." Oscar replied, he sounded very excited, almost too excited.

"Great!" Kyoko said. "Lead the way."

"Wha… Now?" Oscar said, looking dumbfounded again.

"Yes, now. I'm hungry." She wrapped her arm around his neck and led him to the lab door. "I hope it's not an imposition, going so soon." Kyoko said in a false sweet voice.

"No, now is good." Oscar said. "I'll be happy to take you out."

"Good, let's go!" Kyoko said. 'Well, what the harm in asking him on a date? He didn't seem like the type to take the initiative. But its ok, he's nice enough, and not bad looking either, maybe I'll surprise him with a kiss later.' Kyoko thought as she smiled and followed Oscar through the complex. 'I guess sometimes, the universe just throws you a bone.'

September 14, 1998 – Gehirn, UK Branch, Project Alcion hangar

Mari sat alone in the locker room. She shivered on the bench, the locker room was quite cold, and it didn't help that Mari was sitting there nude. She had taken off her clothes and stored them in a locker before staring intently at the weird spandex plastic Lycra looking suit they gave her to wear for the experiment. 'What did they call this thing? A plugsuit? That sounds about right. Well, whatever it's called, it looks really uncomfortable.' Mari thought. 'I hope it doesn't squeeze my chest too much.'

Mari then just sat there pondering everything that had happened since her arrival. After a very interesting farewell kiss with Yui and an even more interesting chat on the plane with Kyoko things had not gone how Mari had hoped. Since arriving several weeks ago in London, Mari had been alone. Sure, at her lab she was surrounded by people, but no one was very friendly towards her. She was their lackey, doing calculations for their experiments, and now, she was about to be a Guinea Pig for her own theory of soul transference. She was utterly alone, and without friends. Other than sending letters (which were read before being approved for sending) she had no access to the outside world.

'I hate being alone.' Mari thought. 'It just leaves me with all the bad memories.'

At thinking that, Mari mind ran through every bad thing that had happened in her life, the car crash, fining out her parents were dead, kids teasing her for being too smart, her aunt dying, being alone at college having no friends, being pranked by boys just to see her be humiliated, her research stalling, Yui having a boyfriend. Thinking about all these horrible things made her break down and cry, like she'd been doing for the past several weeks.

After what seemed like half an hour, she stopped crying and thought of something else. 'I just need to remember when I told Yui the truth. That was the happiest moment of my life, and nothing that happens can take that away from me.' Mari wiped her eyes and took the plugsuit out of its packaging and started to put it on. 'This thing feels really weird.' Mari finished putting the plugsuit on, moving her hair out of the way of the LS Pack. 'Why the hell is it all baggy, shouldn't it fit better than this?' Mari saw the instructions she was handed, but she hadn't read them thoroughly. 'Oh, press the button on the right wrist to ready the suit for use.' She pressed the button, and heard the air hiss out from the suit as it conformed around her every curve. "Well that worked!" Mari sad aloud, but she was also frowning and looking down at her chest. "But now my boobs are all squished…"

Mari sat back down after getting into the plugsuit. She was trying to adjust to its uncomfortable felling pressing against her skin. "It's like a second skin." Mari looked up and saw herself in the mirror on the other side, and her eyes widened in shock. "What pervert came up with this? I hope people won't see me wearing this." Mari sighed deeply, and stood up. "Well, I better get out there before someone comes looking for me."

Mari walked out of the locker room towards the main hangar. She hummed to herself as she walked through the maze of corridors to get to the hangar.

We're leaving together,
But still it's farewell.
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?

It's the final countdown.
The final countdown

As she entered the enormous room, she looked around. Oddly enough before the experiment, Mari hadn't been allowed to look around at all, or even see what she going to be doing. She had operated her soul detector from a lab below the hangar. Her detector had been wired to the lab, but she was not able to see what she had been scanning. The scans showed that the object reacted like a dead body, with extremely low EM readings, and now, Mari had seen what she had scanned, a massive blood red orb, some 5 meters across. 'Oh, my God, what the hell is that thing? How could it have held a soul?'

Something else Mari noticed was the orb was nested in a cradle (in the shape of an octahedron) with wires and tubes connected to and wrapped around the orb. This cradle was suspended from the ground, and attached to this messed up cradle, was some sort of long tube with a hatch on top and several tubes running to it from the control room. 'What in the fuck have I gotten myself into?'

Mari looked into the control room, and saw, besides the technicians in lab coats, she saw five other men dressed in suits looking out of the observation window. 'God this sucks, I didn't think I'd have to demonstrate this damn experiment to people!' Mari thought. 'I wonder who those old guys are though…' Mari noticed the men were leering at her. 'Perverts, I wish they wouldn't look at me like that, or at all, it's creepy.'

Mari saw a technician standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the long tube suspended above the floor. "Miss, will you come this way please? Someone at the top will help you into the Link Tube."

Mari nodded. "Sure." She started up the long set of stairs to the top. 'God, why couldn't they put in an elevator, I might drop dead before I get to the top.'

Meanwhile in the control room, the men were looking at Mari, and following her with their eyes as she ascended towards the Link Tube as they had a hushed conversation. The Human Instrumentality Committee, and five founders of SEELE were in attendance.

"What do you think will happen here today, Lorenz?" The American, Jackson said.

"Well, Jackson, I'm sure today's little test will be a rousing success, and will bring us closer to our goal of instrumentality." Keel said.

"Quite so, although, what will happen to the girl?" Pinnafore asked, sounded as British as one could be.

"Does it matter? She is expendable." The Frenchman, Godot said in his deep accent.

"She is simply a means to an end for us Pinnafore." Bayuski said in his deep Russian voice.

They looked back towards Mari and saw she had reached the top of the cradle. "Damn, I'm tired, did you guys use enough stairs, or would you like to add more?" Mari said aloud to the technicians standing next to the Link Tube. Mari walked over to the tube and the two technicians helped her inside. Once inside, Mari saw she was sitting in a seat with two armrests, and no visible controls. Mari was handed a headset by one of the technicians, with the control room telling her it would facilitate a link between the Tube and the sphere.

Mari put the heavy headset on. It was like half a helmet with a visual display visor attached to it. Mari felt uncomfortable in the tube, until she heard the hatch above her close. She screamed.

"Ms. Makinami, the test will be commencing in a few minutes. We will now be filling the Link Tube with a substance that will better connect you to sphere. Are you ready?" The lead technician asked her.

"Is 'No' an acceptable response?" Mari said, semi–sarcastically.

"Unfortunately, no." He replied. "Begin fluid transfer, just breath normally, Ms. Makinami, this stuff is oxygenated, and once it's in your lungs, you'll be able to breathe normally. Good luck, Ms. Makinami."

The Link Tube filled from the bottom, and Mari recognized the smell. 'Life Creation Liquid?' She thought. 'Kyoko came up with this stuff for her experiment. What the hell is going on?' The LCL covered her face and she gasped, letting in a huge gulp, she coughed for a bit unable to breath, before it settled into her lungs and she took a deep, wet, breath. 'Why would they need to use LCL? It doesn't make any sense.'

"Sir, her vitals are starting to rise dangerously high." A technician said.

"Ms. Makinami? Please calm down, the test can't be stopped at this point. It must be carried out." The head tech said.

"Ya know, when someone is having trouble relaxing, telling them to relax does the exact opposite." Mari said. She thought it was weird to talk with her lungs full of LCL, but at this point, nothing would really surprise her anymore today. "Well, I guess let's get this over with." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Begin startup sequence, initialize connection from Link Tube to Object."

"Link up complete, beginning induction."

"Vital signs are normal, LCL pressure nominal, Brainwaves within theoretical limits."

'Theoretical limits?' Mari thought. 'I have a bad feeling about this.'

"Connection between Subject–00 and Object is 42%… 55%… 76%… 83%… "

"Is it stable?"

"Yes, the connection is stable so far."

"Good." The lead technician said. "Ms. Makinami? Can you see anything, or feel anything?"

"It's cold." Mari replied. "And dark, where I am feels empty. What's going on? Is this thing on? Can you hear me?"

"Connection completion?"

"91%… 92.4%… 97.9%… 98.8%… 99.3%… 99.5%… 99.7%… 99.9%… 100%. Connection established and stable, Subject–00 vitals nominal, Object is showing no reaction as of yet"

"Ms. Makinami, have your surroundings changed?" No response. "Ms. Makinami? Subject status? Object status?"

"Subject–00 all signs normal, sir, and the Object is showing no signs of… wait, what's that? ENERGY SPIKE!"

Right after the technician had finished his statement, the building began to shake. "What the hell is going on?"

"Unknown, sir. Power levels from the object have spiked, it seems to be the source of the vibrations as well."

"The Link Tube, what about the Link Tube?!"

"Connection with the Link Tube has been lost. It appears to be being brought towards the Object, wait, no… it looks like its… being absorbed into the Object."

"Someone confirm this! NOW!"

"Sir, just look out the window, its being drawn into it, there is no need to confirm."

"Power output of the Object is still increasing, sir."

"Where are those power readings coming from?"

"They are coming from… from inside the object sir."

"Damn it all! Is there anything we can do to stop this?!"

"Sir, if the vibrations continue for much longer, this building will lose all structural integrity."

"Who cares about that, what about the test subject? Is Ms. Makinami alright? Can we eject her?"

"Technicians tried to get the Link Tube before the hatch was inside the object, but they were repelled by some sort of electromagnetic field, of incredible strength."

"Sir something is going on, these readings aren't making any sense anymore?"

"Was the anymore really necessary? Do we even know what's happening right now?"

Just then, there was a bright flash of light, followed by a crash and then the shaking finally stopped. Looking out into the hangar the Link Tube was gone, and the sphere had broken free of the cradle. "Contact HQ in Japan, and tell them we've had an experiment gone awry. The Subject has disappeared, and the object has become dormant again. Send them the full report and all readings taken during the test."

"Well, gentleman it appears that your experiment has failed. Now we were here to see your project at work, however, we must say that the funding for this experiment will be pulled, and Alcion will be no more." Keel said with sickening grin on his face. "However, I believe that this branch can be kept open, and this experiment mothballed for the time being." Keel finished his statement, and we walked out of the observation room, followed by the other four men who had accompanied him. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Keel said quietly as he left the room.

The Link Tube had been absorbed into the darkness of the sphere. All Mari heard as everything went dark and silent around her was Yui's voice. "I'll always remember you Mari. I'll never let go of our friendship, no matter what. Thank you, Mari Makinami for being a great friend."

"Yui, please don't forget me." Mari said before everything became black.

End Episode I

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