Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Chapter 2 – The Professor
1988 – Kyoto University

Two men were sitting in the president's office at the University; it was a beautiful room, furnished with mahogany paneling and a view out onto the sprawling campus that was Kyoto University. One man in the office was obviously the president, sitting at an equally impressive desk made of redwood imported from California. The president had ordered the desk specially to furnish his new office, it was his first month on the job after all, and once the "honeymoon" period had worn off he had a lot of work to do, including hiring some new facility members.

He had hired professors for all of the subjects taught at the university save for one, science. He had folders piled comically high on his desk, each one holding an applicant's pertinent information. The pile on the left side of his desk (the tall one) were the rejects, and the smaller pile on the right were those who were left to be interviewed. He had been searching for nearly two weeks now, to no avail, for a suitable candidate who had sense of humor, and more importantly (and hard to find for a scientist) people skills. One of the last interviewees was sitting across from him.

The man across from him was young, tall, and had an air about him that said he was as smart as they come. He sat in a rigid posture befitting a man in the military. He wore a tweed jacket, and a tie, and looked slightly nervous, but still, remarkably calm.

The president took the man's file and began reading from it, in a dull voice. "Born 9th April, 1959, genius level intellect, I.Q. 150, graduated top of your class at Osaka University in 1980, majored in biology and philosophy, masters in the same subjects and in chemistry and physics in 1982 from University of Tokyo, did your doctorate work there as well, in, let's see here, Bioengineering… and Metaphysical Biology!?" The last part caught the president by surprise. "That is a very interesting subject, maybe 30 or 35 folks on the planet with a doctorate like that. That was in 1986. Taught philosophy and biology at Tokyo for two years, and then quit, hmmm. I mean, this is quite an impressive resume. What would make you want to teach here in Kyoto? You seem much more suited to Tokyo, considering your studies, and seeing as you lived and worked in Tokyo for so long?" The man sitting at his large desk put the folder down he was reading from to look at the man in front of him. "Not even 30 years old yet, and already a college professor with a couple of complicated sounding doctorates." The man sitting across from the University President was Kozo Fuyutsuki.

Kozo, in his ever present calm voice responded. "Sir, I wish for a change of scenery to a different region of our fair country, and to teach students my about doctoral subject, Tokyo would not allow me to expand my courses to cover the subject, however, I heard that here, you are all a bit more open minded about different ideas than in Tokyo, I'd also like to do research as well, which is easier in an environment not clouded by closed minds."

"That's all well and good, and according to your recommendations here from your previous department head and university president, you are more than qualified educationally speaking, however I am looking for something more." The president responded, leaning back in his chair to survey the man in front him, and he continued. "I want a professor here that can actually understand a student's needs, and just be some stogy old scientist with no interpersonal skills, and, frankly, a non–existent sense of humor."

Kozo leaned forward slightly in his chair. "I don't know about the sense of humor, sir, however I do understand my students. If you look in the back of the folder, you will see recommendations from student who have earned A's, B's, and C's in my classes, none of the students ever say anything bad about my classes, or me for that matter."

The president raised his eyebrows. "What about the students who earned D's or failed your classes?"

"I've never had a student who got below a 74 in any of my classes, I give assistance to those students who need it, to help them succeed. I had a teacher like that when I was young, and I strive to be as helpful and open minded as possible to my students as he was with his." Kozo replied confidently.

The president sat in silence for a moment, apparently taking in the fact that the man was willing to help his students succeed. 'This guy, could be what I'm looking for, even without a sense of humor, having an excellent professor around who takes an interest in his students is a wonderful thing.' The president broke from his thoughts and looked back at Kozo and pressed a button on the phone on his desk. "Minako, cancel the rest of my interviews please."

"Yes, sir." Was the slightly garbled response from the intercom.

Kozo raised an eyebrow at this statement, and made a motion as if he was about to speak, but the president cut him off. "Considering your dedication to your students, and your résumé, I would consider it a great honor for you to teach here at Kyoto University. Now, you will be able to conduct research here, and in a few years, maybe we will offer you the ability to do a doctoral program, but in the meantime, I would like you to set up lesson plans for Metaphysical Biology, Biology, and Bioengineering, and perhaps one course for Philosophy, considering you are also qualified to teach that."

"Thank you very much sir, I'm sure what to say." Kozo responded, while bowing his head in appreciation."

"You could accept the offer, Professor Fuyutsuki." The president said, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Of course, sir, I accept quite humbly." Kozo said, head still bowed.

"Well then, welcome aboard!" the president of the university said enthusiastically.

1991 – Kyoto University

"Good afternoon class." Professor Fuyutsuki said to his class.

"Good afternoon Professor Fuyutsuki." Was the class' halfhearted response.

Fuyutsuki chuckled to himself, students never seemed agreeable to greeting the professor, no matter how well behaved they were, or how much they liked the man. In his three years at Kyoto University, he had never gotten a bad student review at the end of a term, he was deemed fair with the assignment workload he gave, and was a fair grader, not too strict, but stern when it was needed. He was always willing to listen to the opinion of a student, even if it was based only in opinion, and not fact. After all, Metaphysical Biology was the study of something without a concrete answer, so being harsh on student's opinions was counterproductive; all the same, Fuyutsuki enjoyed teaching here, with an open minded environment that fostered his ideas about life and the universe.

"Well, today, we are deviating from our scheduled lesson, to listen to a guest lecturer how thought her research might be insightful to our subject matter. Now what she will be talking about will be on our next test." A collective groan came from the class. "Now, now, it will only be a portion of the test, so be sure to take notes and pay attention, as she is our guest, please give her your upmost attention and respect. Dr. Akagi, please come in."

"Thank you, Professor Fuyutsuki, for having me." The doctor walked in with a large suitcase in one hand, and a young girl who looked remarkably like her in the other. The doctor looked quite flustered, as if she had been running late. "I apologize, but I was unable to find a sitter to watch my daughter." She tilted her head in the young girl's direction.

"Not a problem doctor, she can take any open seat she likes." He looked at the young girl as he spoke, she looked quite unhappy to be here, with a very uninterested and angry look on her face, and her body language suggested she would rather be at home watching TV than be in a stuffy lecture hall with people three times her age. She was also rubbing her left cheek with her hand. 'Perhaps she has a loose tooth, poor girl.' Fuyutsuki thought.

"Ritsuko, could you please go sit over at that desk in the front row, next to the professor?" Dr. Akagi told her daughter in a quiet but stern voice. Without verbally acknowledging her mother, Ritsuko walked over to the empty desk next to Fuyutsuki and sat down with a. "humph" escaping from her pouting face.

"Good afternoon class, my name is Dr. Naoko Akagi. I am the head scientist at the Artificial Evolution Laboratory. I have several doctorates, including computer engineering, bioengineering, and chemical engineering. I am currently working on the next generation of supercomputers. I have brought a video to show you about the work at the AEL, so you have an idea about where I work, before I get too into detail about my own research." As she said this, she flipped a switch on the podium, which began lowering a projection screen over the blackboard, as it was rolling into place, Dr. Akagi inserted the videotape into the podium, and it began to play. The tape droned on about the goals and research initiatives of the AEL, talking about supercomputers with the human condition, and something about the Human Instrumentality Project, there were also mentions of the funding source of the AEL, Gehirn, a scientific organization dedicated to finding the origins of man. The video, it seemed was more of a PR stunt than an informational video.

Fuyutsuki was, nonetheless, quite intrigued with the video, and what it was discussing, he wondered about how a computer would function with the human condition plastered onto its circuits. He was more curious however, of what the research into the evolution of man was. 'Instrumentality sounds like an interesting topic, something I'll have to look into in my spare time.' He chuckled to himself, between his teaching schedule (which included 9 classes), and his own personal research into the. "soul" he hardly had time for sleep, let alone looking into interesting topics of research.

After 50 minutes of boring information, the video concluded, the class, save for Fuyutsuki, looked like they were about to pass out from sheer boredom. Dr. Akagi broke the silence in the room. "Well, that was an interesting video, don't you think? Now that that's out of the way, we can begin to discuss my work at AEL. Now, to be fair, the majority of this work is classified." The class, which had been somewhat uninterested in the speech and video so far, looked up, much more interested than it had been a few minutes ago.

Dr. Akagi continued on. "I see that has caught your attention. Well, as I said in the beginning of this lecture, I am working on the next generation of supercomputers, to make them not only more powerful, but also make them organic. Now, several generations of organic computers have been created thus far, but nothing powerful enough to compile and analyze massive sums of data. I have created two generations of these organic computers, the fifth generation, codenamed LAZARUS, used an actual brain donated to science at the person's time of death as its core, which was integrated with a standard computer motherboard with processors and other components. This generation worked extremely well, and proved that a brain can function as a computer processor. The sixth, and current generation, codenamed EVE, was the first to utilize a synthetic brain that mimicked not only hard drive functions, but rudimentary RAM and CPU operations as well. It was also programmed with an A.I. to sort through the data and make logical conclusions based on fact." The class, who had been taking notes from the point she uttered the word. "classified" were astonished, that a brain could be part of a computer. Fuyutsuki was also impressed, and this work, in his opinion anyway, certainly did have something to do with moving a soul from one vessel to another.

Dr. Akagi continued. "Now the new generation I am working on will utilize three separate computers with synthetic brains, using an imprint of a person on each of the three. Now what makes this project special is implanting the human condition into the computers, as indicated in the video." She gestured to the now blank screen. "Each supercomputer will receive one aspect of a person's personality, for instance, the scientist, the mother, and the woman. Each part, by using conflicting aspects of a person's personality, it creates a system that will work to find the best possible solution to a problem. The supercomputers will be linked together make logical decisions, and once in agreement a solution voted on by the units will be the output of the data that was input into the system. Now I do realize this is a lot to process, and I believe we have time for one question." Fuyutsuki raised his hand. "Yes professor, what is your question?"

"Dr. Akagi, what is the codename of this generation of supercomputers you're currently working on, and when do you expect to have them completed by?"

"That is a very excellent question, professor. Now concerning when they will be completed by, the EVE system was just completed a few months ago, and looking ahead, I have at least 8 to 10 years of research and development to accomplish before bringing the new system online, barring of course, any natural disasters or calamities that would affect research." Dr. Akagi said. "The name of the system I only recently came up with. It will be called the MAGI system."

1996 – Kyoto University

Fuyutsuki is sitting at his desk deep in thought. The reason for this pensiveness was that he is reviewing doctoral applications for the new Metaphysical Biology program he was setting up. Similar to when he was hired by the university president, there was a large pile of applications and folders on the side of the desk, with seven folders left in front of him, and he was making his final selections. There was a knock at the door, which caused Fuyutsuki to look up from his work. "Enter."

"Good afternoon Professor, how are you today?" The university president asked.

"I'm doing well, thank you, Mr. President." Fuyutsuki replied.

"I see you got all of the folders I sent over to you last week, have you made you final decisions yet?" The president said as he looked over at the large pile off to one side of the desk, with seven open folders on the desk in front of Fuyutsuki.

"I've narrowed it down to seven candidates, sir." Fuyutsuki gestured to the folders open at his desk.

"How many scientists will you be recruiting for your doctoral program?" The university president asked intently.

"Well, these three here have the most promise, all intelligent young women, especially this one, extremely young, but exceptionally bright for her age, 14 you know, these two here, both highly qualified, and seem very eager. Looking at her both of their theses, their ideas have merit, and deserved to be looked into further. Oddly enough, both mention about transferring the human 'soul' between people and other types of beings, it's all very impressive theory, I'd like to give the three of them a chance, I'm quite sure they will do quite well here." Fuyutsuki replied.

"Well considering how impressed you are with the three of them, I see no reason not to have all of them be under your tutelage for the Metaphysical Biology doctoral program. For all we know, these three girls will change the world." The university president said.

"With ideas like theirs, it is entirely possible to change the world as we currently understand it." Fuyutsuki said, with a hint of pride in his voice.

"So when should we contact these three lucky individuals?" The university president asked, looking at the names of each of them.

"Well I believe I should send them each a letter requesting their presence here at the university." Fuyutsuki said as he smiled. "The good news will be in the letter, of course, but I would like to meet them and have them move onto the campus, preferably in the same dorm. If that's possible of course."

"It is more than possible, professor, I believe we can get each of the girls a private room, maybe even in on the same floor. I'll look into it for the beginning next term." The university president replied.

"Thank you, sir, I appreciate it very much." Fuyutsuki bowed his head with thanks once again.

"It's not a problem for the one of the most liked professors on campus. Now get those letters out to Ms. Ikari, Ms. Soryu, and Ms. Makinami by tomorrow, and I'll deal with finding them rooms." The university president said as he left the office.

"I'll get it done sir." Fuyutsuki said as the President closed the door.

To Be Continued

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