Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Chapter 3 – The Man with the Iron Face
1992 – Osaka, Japan

A young man is walking down the street after having another argument in another bar, and he gets thrown out for getting into another fight. Fights always start because he doesn't agree with people. 'Hell, people are stupid and ignorant.' The only reason he was at the bar was due to another argument he had at a different bar that ended the same way. Wherever this man went, ever since he was a child, people disliked him and his opinions. The differences in opinion usually ended up in violence. This man was one sorry bastard by the name of Gendo Rokubungi.

He had had a hard life up to this point in time. He was born as a twin, and was the first born, however, his twin sister was a stillborn. This led his parents to dislike him, and some would say, they even blamed Gendo for Rei's death. He was teased in school, ignored by his family, despised by his mother, and beat on by his father, the now 25–year–old had dealt with that part of his life long ago. Just before he turned 18, his father was berating him about one of his. "opinions" that his father didn't agree with. Gendo refused to change his opinion for the sake of pleasing his asshole of a father, and after receiving another wonderful beating from the prick, Gendo left the house to wander the streets of Osaka on his own. When his mother and father went out to dinner, which they did every year to mourn the loss of the daughter they never knew, they got into a horrific car crash. Both his parents died on impact, not suffering for very long before death took them. According to the police report of the crash, the brakes of his car failed and he slammed headlong into a highway barrier and crashed in a ravine, he had been going 150 k/h in a 100 k/h zone. Gendo was not surprised at hearing the news, stating simply. "The way that man drove, it was only a matter of time, if only my mother had been driving, they may have lived."

Many thought that Gendo himself had sent his parents to their deaths by cutting the brake lines, and that he should be brought up on murder charges for the death of his parents, however an inspection of the car showed that the brake lines had corroded, and should have been replaced. Gendo laughed to himself while thinking of this, knowing that acid he had poured into the brake fluid had slowly weakened the lines until they were ready to burst, and they did, taking his shitty parents with them. 'They did deserve it after all.' Gendo thought. 'I never had a birthday party, and was always treated like some sort of monster. It's not my fault my sister died in the womb, but they certainly loved blaming me for it. They celebrated her every year though, and ignored me. I would have loved to have a twin sister, at least maybe I would've had a friend that cared about me. I have never known happiness or friendship, and never will. My father always beat me because I didn't agree with his antiquated opinions of life, where Japan should be in control of the Pacific, with the rest of the world quivering at our strength, the stupid old man.'

Gendo thought about these old memories whenever he got into a fight. He might put on a steely rigid exterior, but inside, Gendo was still the hurt little boy who wanted a friend. 'If I ever have kids, I will treat them better than my parents treated me, I don't know if I'm capable of love, but I think if I find the right person someday, maybe I will be.' Gendo hated when he thought like this, but they were his true feelings. He hadn't been shown much kindness in his life, other than when he was little in school, he remembered having a friend, but after the friend came over to the house to play after school, his father decided to give Gendo a beating in front of his new friend. From then on, no one would be Gendo's friend, and he would be teased as the boy whose father beat him and who his mother hated.

This lack of kindness meant that Gendo cared little about what others thought of him, and even less about other people's opinions about anything. This made him abrasive and what others would call. "hateful towards others." If they only knew that showing him some kindness would make him less hostile, but most people don't think like that. Gendo did occasionally, when his conscience was actually functioning, would do kind deeds for others, but each time, there wasn't even a simple thank you, which simply reaffirmed his opinion of humanity as they will never be able to understand each other, even though they think they are capable of understanding, they aren't. 'People are such sad creatures.' Gendo thought, getting nearer to his apartment. 'People think they need their parents, but people only truly live and grow by their own strength, only infants need parents, I learned to stand on my own two feet and was able to walk without the help of my parents, and now, I can live without them.'

Coming out of his internal monologue and looking around him, it took him a moment to realize where he was. He had lost track of where he was walking while he was talking to himself. He saw based on the street he was on, he was only a few blocks from his apartment now, and close to the relative safety and solitude that he enjoyed more than the company of others. However, before he turned on the street he lived on, he had to walk past an electronics store on the corner with a bright display showing off some of the merchandise in the store. Gendo, having nothing else to do, walked over to the display and looked, there were cassette players of all types in the window, he saw a cassette player he liked and decided to buy it. 'Well, at least with that I can ignore the people around me, and maybe avoid getting into as many fights as I do, and maybe I'll think less about the past.'

Gendo opened the door to the store and walked up shelves inside the store, grabbing a few tapes to go along with the player he wished to purchase, and also a package of batteries so he could use it once he got home. Once he had grabbed his selections, he walked up to man at the counter, and pointed to the cassette player he wanted. "I would like to buy these and that SDAT there, please."

"Sure thing sir." The boy pulled the player in the case out and entered the price of it and the other items Gendo had picked out. "That will be ¥5,600 please."

Gendo walked out of the store, with his purchase in hand. As he walked he opened the player, put in the batteries and, opened one of the tapes. By the time he was at his apartment, he was listening to one of the tapes he bought, deeply immersed in the music he was listening to, and for once, he was content with the world around him.

1994 – Osaka Japan

Gendo was walking outside, it was well past dusk, and the moon was high in the sky above him. He was listening to music on his trusty SDAT, ignoring the world around him. In the last few years since he bought it, his mood had improved, mostly due to the fact that he ignored those around him in favor of the music playing on the SDAT kept in his pocket.

He was walking to an out of the way bar that happened to be close to the university. He was longing for a drink, even if he would only be at the bar for a few drinks before the long walk back to his apartment on the other side of town. The reason he was going so far out of the way was that this was one of the only bars in the city that hadn't thrown him out on his ass for excessive fighting. 'Well, there are college students here, they may be more informed about life then the fools elsewhere in this sad excuse for a town.' Gendo thought as strolled towards the neon sign, looking inside before entering, he noticed there were a great many women inside the bar. A small grin crossed his face as he entered.

He walked up to the bar and ordered a drink, the bartender gave him a look, but didn't say anything directly. 'Probably thinks I'm too old to be in here, the little prick.' Gendo thought, as he put money on the bar to pay for his drink, a scotch on the rocks, and he began to look around. The people around him were in their early 20s, while Gendo himself was 27, not very much older, but he did look older due to the stony face he had put on for the world. There were many more women in the bar then men, and that wasn't a bad thing, at least to Gendo. 'They all are least nice to look at, but I bet they wouldn't give me the time of day anyway.' Gendo took a sip of his drink, and continued to contemplate the room in front of him. 'It's probably better they don't talk to me, I do always get nervous around women, and I'm not sure why… '

After sitting quietly at the corner of the bar's counter and finishing off three glasses of scotch, he ordered his fourth. 'Last one, and then I walk back, I can't be too drunk or I'll get lost on the way home.' The fourth glass was brought to him by the young bartender who took the cash Gendo had left for him.

'At least the old guy tips well.' The boy thought.

Just then a young woman staggered over, clearly three sheets to the wind and having trouble standing up, let alone walking. She sat down with a 'thwump' next to Gendo and ordered something, a Mediterranean Martini, Gendo looked over at her, bemused at what he saw. She was very beautiful, with blonde hair, she was thin with large breasts and (from what he remembered from before she sat down) quite a nice looking ass. The woman saw Gendo looking at her and began to strike up a conversation with him, which in her current condition amounted to a lot of flirting and overt sexual references, which Gendo didn't mind so much, but they did make him blush. "So handsome, like what ya see?"

"Hmm?" Gendo looked up, clearly not expecting the woman to talk with him. "What did you say?" He sounded quite bemused when he responded to her query.

"I said do you like what you see. You look like you're stripping me naked with your eyes." She giggled as she said this, and turned to face him.

"I apologize, I didn't mean to offend you." Gendo said, for once in his life, he looked slightly embarrassed.

"Why are you apologizing? It's not a bad thing to look at a girl with lust in your eyes, silly man." She giggled again, unable to control herself. "And you still didn't answer my question, and I'm waiting for a response."

"Well… yes, I, uh… do like what I see." Gendo had continued to look at her, she was wearing capris with a tight tank top that accentuated her curves nicely. As he responded to her question she leaned forward a bit to show off her cleavage more, and she giggled again as she did.

"I'm glad you like what you see, because I certainly like what I see." She said. "I've been watching you since you came in from over there." She pointed to a table in the corner with three more girls sitting there, that looked even more drunk than she did. "I thought you looked cute coming in listening to that tape player you have in your pocket. But I don't recognize you, do you go to the university?"

"No, I don't go to this university." Gendo responded, he was more confused by the fact that she had been watching him for some time now, apparently from when he walked in. "What made you watch me this whole time?"

"Because I thought you were cute, dummy." She giggled again. "That and I thought you'd be good in bed." At this comment she winked at him. Gendo didn't get the hint, and in her drunken state, even the young drunk girl noticed the look of utter confusion on his face. "What haven't you ever been picked up by a hot drunk girl before?"

"No, I have not." Gendo replied, doing his best to keep from looking too embarrassed.

"What?! That seems impossible, a good looking guy like you." She poked him on the chest with her finger, in a playfully accusing way. "You've got to be lying."

"No, there is no reason to lie about something like this." Gendo said. He was getting more confused by the second, as smart as he was, he just couldn't understand women.

"Hang on… " The girl realized something, which was so blatantly obvious she picked up on it in her inebriated state, and without thinking she asked. "Does that make you a virgin?!"

"Wh… what?" Gendo stuttered, completely taken aback by this girl's most recent question.

"What are you, deaf or something, I asked if you were a virgin." She put a heavy emphasis on the last word.

"I don't see how that is any of your concern… " Gendo responded, he sounded a bit annoyed now, even her beauty didn't mean she just got to ask random strangers such personal questions.

"That's a yes then." She said, eyeing him closely. 'Weird,' She thought to herself 'You would think a guy like this would be a ladies man or something. Women like the strong silent type, don't they? Must just be me then.'

"I still don't see how that your business, miss… " Gendo responded trying to get a name out of the girl.

"I'm making it my business." She giggled again. "And I'm not telling you my name yet, you have to earn that." She winked at him again, then reached and grabbed ahold of Gendo's hand. "Well then, I guess it's time for you to finish that drink of yours, because you're coming back to my apartment for some fun." She then leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, and then began to pull him up and drag him towards the door.

At this Gendo simply stared and followed behind the young woman as she pulled him towards her room.

To Be Continued

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Ha, Gendo, the man is still a bit of dick, but, I imagine that his aversion to people is his being treated like shit his whole life. Notice, his twin sister was to be named Rei? I thought that would be an interesting twist. And, yes, he killed his parents, but they were assholes, so, what else is a genius level jerk going to do? Also, the purchase of the SDAT was a late addition to the first part of the chapter. I figured it had to come from somewhere, why not an electronics store he passed by every day he came home from getting beat up in a bar. I also used Gendo's speech from the anime/manga from the graveyard scene to illustrate that his shit environment turned him off to people. I like Gendo's character, yes, I know he left Shinji emotionally broken, but one doesn't become that way just cause his wife died, I figure Yui was his Limit Break into being a cold, calculating sociopath. But on a happier note, I do find the Raising Project Gendo is better than any other Gendo in any NGE work.

Also, in a later episode, you will find out who the woman is, and I hope you will be shocked, or at least do a double take when you read it. And, I was avoiding dealing with any lemon or lemonade material so soon in my first ever fanfic, that's why the chapter ends before anything happens.

The chapter title is based on, of course. "The Man in the Iron Mask" punned off the fact Gendo looks as though he had a heavy dose of Botox in the anime.

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