Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode II: Attack of the Seeds

Chapter 1 – Daddy's Girl
June 1992 – Azabu–Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo

It was dark outside, and a young girl was lying in bed, listening to the sound of tears being spilt in the room next to hers. The girl's hair was sprawled out around her, a deep purple color. Her hazel eyes were wide and teeming with sadness. Listening to her mother cry always made her extremely sad because she couldn't do anything to make her feel better. This was a common occurrence for the young girl, as the crying was always after an argument her mother had with her father before he left on some expiation somewhere in the world. This time, it was an expedition to Australia. The girl had overheard the argument between her parents as he was making his final check before he left, to make sure nothing was left behind that he might need.

"Kenji, why do you have to leave again? You just got back last week!" Her mother said.

"I realize that Minako, but this research has to be done. I will prove my theories!" Kenji said, defiant of his wife's protests.

"But why do you have to go? Why do you have to leave me alone?" Minako asked inquisitively.

"It's called the Katsuragi Expedition, so I have to be there, I'm the one in charge. If I'm not there, then the expedition is worthless!" Kenji said, being obstinate.

Minako's patience was wavering. "What's the point of going? You're last few expeditions failed, you found nothing! Your search is worthless!"

"MY RESEARCH IS NOT WORTHLESS!" Kenji roared at the top of his lungs, making the glass light shades rattle. "I will find evidence of extraterrestrials on this planet! We are not alone in this galaxy! This is my life's work!"

"What about your daughter? Aren't you being a bit selfish, thinking only of yourself? She needs her father, and I need my husband!" Minako said, trying not to lose her cool.

"I love Misato dearly, but some things are more important than family, such as finding proof of other life in the universe. The Great Impact happened, and it must have been something from another world. I have to find it. I will find it. I will realize my dream." Kenji hated when his wife told him that his life was worthless, and that his work had even less worth. "And Misato will understand, she always does, unlike you."

Minako's rage overtook her at his words. "Kenji you are being a fool! You will find nothing! You're research will amount to nothing, just like you! YOU ARE AN IGNORANT FUCK! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF, NEVER ABOUT YOUR FAMILY!"

Kenji replied in kind. "AND YOU WONDER WHY I LEAVE TO GO ON THESE EXPEDITIONS! BECAUSE YOU'RE A RAVING BITCH!" Kenji was beside himself with rage. "I'M LEAVING, I'LL SEE YOU IN A FEW MONTHS!" With that Kenji grabbed his bag and walked towards the door.

Minako noticed something on the table and yelled to her retreating husband. "HERE YOU BASTARD, YOU FORGOT THIS!" She threw a silver Greek style cross at him, and it caught him in the back of the head. "I WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO FORGET THIS, YOU STUPID FUCK!"

"FUCKING CUNT!" Kenji roared, as he picked up his cross and left the house.

The moment after Kenji slammed the door, Minako began to cry. She fell to her knees and sobbed into her hands. "Why does he care more about his work than me?!"

This is what young Misato Katsuragi heard whenever her parents got into a fight, her father leaving and her mother screaming and then crying once he left. Since she could remember it was the same old story, mommy and daddy fighting whenever they were together. Misato hated it, her father leaving, and always ended up leaving without saying goodbye.

"Why do they always have to fight? Why can't they just be happy? Why can't I be happy?" After listening to her mother cry, it was hard for Misato to hold back her own tears. "Daddy, why don't you love me? Why can't you stay? You never even told me goodbye. You never say goodbye." Misato broke down, just like always when her father stormed out. It was always the same story.

Misato heard her door slide open, she rolled on her side and pretended to be asleep "Misato? Are you awake?" her mother asked quietly.

Misato contemplated her response, but decided to simply tell the truth "Yes, mommy, I'm awake. I couldn't sleep."

"I know sweetie." Misato felt her mother sit on the bed next to her. "I know whenever daddy is home, we fight, and I'm so sorry you have to hear it. It's just how grownups are sometimes."

Misato didn't respond. She didn't know anything about grownups, she was only five after all, and she had no insight into why grownups act the way they do. Misato also didn't necessarily believe what her mother was saying either. She always seemed to initiate the fight, and then cry when it was over. 'What she does doesn't make any sense.' Misato thought. 'She always starts the fight, and is always sad when daddy storms away. I just don't get it. Would he stay if she didn't start yelling?'

"Misato, just understand that I love your father, no matter what I say to him." Minako then hugged her daughter and kissed her cheek. "Now, get some sleep. And I'll make you a great breakfast in the morning. Goodnight sweetheart, and sweet dreams."

"Good night, mommy." Misato rolled over to look at her mother. "I'll see you in the morning."

After her mother left the room, Misato rolled back over to go to sleep. This was just the way things were, and Misato, even at the age of five knew this. It would always be that way, and she didn't have the power to stop it. So Misato did what she could to help out her mother when her father was gone, always being a good girl, never giving her mother trouble, and doing whatever she was told. It was all she could do.

December 1994 – Azabu–Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo

"Misato, are you awake?" Minako asked her young daughter, who was simply a small lump under all the sheets of her futon. "I have some wonderful news sweetie. Your father will be home tomorrow morning. Isn't that wonderful?"

It had been awhile since Misato had last seen her father, so Misato was looking forward to him coming home, even if it was only for a few days. Even if it meant another explosive fight before he left. Even if it mean her mother crying. Thankfully, Misato didn't care about these things, they would happen regardless, and she should simply enjoy the time she got with him.

A C–130 Hercules was nearly on its final approach to Yokota Air Base, outside Tokyo. There was a single passenger on board, Kenji Katsuragi, and a young, hotshot pilot had been pulled from regular duty to fly him from Australia back to Japan. "So, Doc, we should be arriving in Tokyo in next 10 minutes. Is everything you have secured?" The young pilot asked.

"Yes Lieutenant Ikari, everything is secured." Kenji replied. "I hope this relatively boring mission isn't too much of an inconvenience."

"Not at all Doc." Shinji replied. "I get to have some R&R while I wait to bring you back to the down under." Shinji looked at the instrument panel in front of him, and noticed he was getting close to base. "Hold on a sec, Doc, I gotta contact the tower." Shinji pressed a button on the control console to open the comm lines. "Yokota Tower, this is flight November–Golf–Echo–Two–Zero–One–Five, requesting permission to begin final approach and landing."

"Roger that, Two–Zero–One–Five, you are cleared for final approach and landing on Runway 36. Have a safe landing." Yokota Tower replied.

"Copy that, Yokota Tower, final approach on Runway 36. This is Two–Zero–One–Five, out." Shinji closed the comm and turned back to Dr. Katsuragi. "So, Doc, why the long flight back home at such short notice?"

"Well, Lieutenant, my daughter's birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to surprise her by coming home. The reason for the short notice, however, is that our dig ran a few days behind schedule and I could not leave before the dig was complete." Kenji Katsuragi had timed his short vacation to coincide with his daughter's birthday. After many grueling months exploring the Australian outback for clues on the presence of any extra–terrestrial life he wanted to go home. He thought it would be nice to spend some time with his daughter. He would be arriving home early in the morning, so the house would be quiet, and he planned to spend the whole day with her.

"Well, that's a nice thing to do, Doc." Shinji said. "Now, hold on, I'm about to land this big girl, it might be a bit rough."

The tires of the transport plane screeched as they touched the runway, and Shinji slowed the plane down and directed it towards the receiving building at the base. The two men disembarked from the plane, Kenji carrying his belongings, and Shinji with a clipboard to go over post flight inspections of the plane. The sun hadn't even begun to crest the horizon yet, so Kenji knew it was early, and he found a cab to bring him home.

Misato woke up suddenly and looked out the window. There wasn't a sliver of light coming over the horizon, nor any birds chirping. She quietly got out of bed. She grabbed her pillow and crept to the front door, careful to avoid the squeaking part of the floor near her parent's bedroom. The little purple haired girl waited near the door for her father to arrive home. She had propped open the mail slot and set a pillow down in front of the door so she could peer out without injuring her knees. After a few hours, she saw a cab pull up to the front of the house, and a man stepped out. Misato got up and kicked her pillow out of the way, and she opened the front door and ran outside "Daddy!" She cried, which made Kenji look towards her in shock. Misato greeted him with a large bear hug. "I'm glad your home. I missed you a whole bunch!"

"Shouldn't you be in bed, Misato?" Kenji asked. "But I am glad to have such a nice welcoming committee. Now why don't we go inside and sit down? I'd like to catch up with my favorite daughter."

"Favorite daughter?" Misato was a little confused. "I thought I was your only child?" Her eyes were wide, and looked quite accusatory.

"I only have you, but you're still my favorite." He said, picking her up and carrying her and his duffel bag inside. Once inside, Misato picked up her discarded pillow and walked with her father to the couch in the living room. There they caught up on the events from when they last saw each other. Misato listed off all of her accomplishments from school, and her grades, and Kenji spoke about his research, and described in great detail the Australian culture, the outback, and about some interesting animals, and about some local myths. "…so then the girl says, 'the dingo ate my baby!' get it?"

Misato, who had been listening intently, nodded sleepily. She hadn't gotten much sleep, waiting for her father to come home, and was close to passing out from exhaustion. Kenji noticed this and picked her up and carried her to her room, and laid her gently in bed, and tucked her in. He kissed her forehead gently and left the room. He fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later, and was woken up quite roughly by his wife, Minako a short time later.

"How nice of you to tell me you got home, Kenji." Minako said glaring at him.

"I'm sorry, dear, but our daughter was waiting at the door for me, and we talked for a while before she fell asleep, I brought her to her room. I'm sorry for being polite and not waking you up." Kenji replied sarcastically.

"You could have woken me up, I wouldn't have minded." She said, still glaring at him. "But all the same, it's nice that you're home again." She sat down next to him and put her head on his shoulder. "So what are your plans for today?"

"Well, I'm going to take Misato out for a father and daughter day on the town for her birthday, so I don't interfere with her party tomorrow night." Kenji replied.

"What about spending time with me?" Minako asked.

"There will be time for that after Misato's party, Minako." Kenji said gruffly.

"Fine, it'll have to do." Minako responded, with a sigh.

And later that day, after Misato woke up and greeted her father with another hug, they were off to the zoo and aquarium, where Misato particularly enjoyed the penguin enclosure. They had lunch at the zoo, followed by a walk in the park, and Misato ran around without a care in the world. The day was finished by a nice dinner at a nice restaurant that served many of Misato's favorite dishes. Kenji told her she could order as much as she wanted, and she did. Misato ordered five different meals to eat, and was sampling and combining them into new and unique favors, which she loved.

"Daddy, thank you for taking me out today, I really enjoyed it." Misato said, as she picked up her head from the curry slurry she had created. "I'm glad you're home again, even if it's only for a short time."

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed today. I know I missed your last birthday, and I wanted this one to be special." Kenji said, looking in amusement at Misato's created food works. 'They look awful interesting, but I would never taste them. I feel sorry for any guy that has to lie to her about her cooking when she's older.' Kenji thought.

"Daddy, how long will you be home?" Misato asked.

"Well, I'm scheduled to leave the day after tomorrow, in the morning." He replied.

"Can you do me one favor?" Misato asked quietly, while looking at the food in front of her.

"What is it Misato?" he asked.

"Can you and mommy not fight when you leave this time?" Misato asked quietly.

This statement left Kenji in a state of shock 'Has she overheard all of our arguments over the years?' he felt a knot in his chest 'I sure hope not, we've both said some horrific things to each other.' He sighed. "Sure Misato, I promise when I leave, that your mother and I won't get into an argument."

Misato had a small smile on her face. "Thank you, daddy." Misato said, still looking down at her food. "I just don't like it when you fight."

July 1995 – Azabu–Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Misato hadn't spoken to her father in almost seven months. Besides his reasons of being on a different continent for research into alien technology or beings hidden on our planet, was the fact he broke his promise to Misato he made at dinner. When the two of them arrived home, Misato's mother was a little drunk, there were cans of Yebisu Premium all around the living room. Her mother had found out her father was leaving the day after her party, which left little time for them to be alone, which led a massive argument, and the typical name calling and flurry of cuss words. The argument ended with Kenji stomping out (duffel bag in tow), Minako throwing a vase of flowers at the door, and Misato crying because this was the first argument she had seen up close and not overheard from her room. Since then, Misato was not only angry at her mother (who started the argument in a drunken stupor) but also at her father for breaking his promise. She had decided that night she hated both her parents, and the anger inside of her had festered quite a lot. She still loved her parents of course, because they were her parents, but now, with their constant fighting, she just couldn't stand to look at her mother any longer.

Her father hadn't contacted the house at all, he didn't wish Misato a happy birthday or anything of the sort. Not at all since he left did he even send so much as a postcard. Tonight however, the phone rang. It was extremely late, and Misato should've been asleep, but she wasn't, just to spite her mother. The caller ID showed it was an out of the country call. Misato heard her mother pick the phone up from downstairs, and quietly, Misato picked up the receiver and clicked the mute button on the phone in her room.

"Good evening, Minako." Misato gasped, it was her father, and he sounded angry.

"Kenji." Misato assumed her mother's teeth were grinding at this point, and that she must be pretty angry.

"I'm assuming you got my letter about calling you tonight?" Kenji asked.

"Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have answered the phone." Minako replied, still clearly sounding angry. "So, why are you calling, dipshit?"

"Is Misato asleep?" Kenji asked, ignoring her question.

"Yeah, she's in bed, but I doubt she's asleep. She's been acting up since her birthday. I have you to thank for that." Minako said with a snarl.

"How is it my fault?" Kenji said incredulously. "It was your drunken ass that started the fight in the first place!"

"Because, it's always your fault, asshole!" Minako spat. "You left without even wishing her a happy birthday, and then you don't call or write at all until yesterday, and all of a sudden, we have to talk? Fuck off and fuck you!"

Kenji responded in kind. "There's no need to talk to me like that you heartless fucking cow!" Kenji then cleared his throat. "No, the reason I wanted to call was to tell you something of importance, not to have another argument about our marriage, or whatever the fights are supposed to be about."

"Well, what's with the suspense? Are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to guess?" Minako asked sarcastically.

"I won't be coming home again once I finish here in Australia, I'm going directly to Antarctica, and I don't plan to come home for at least another year or two. I thought you should know, so you can let our daughter know." Kenji replied.

"What?! You have got to be fucking kidding me Kenji, you're seriously telling me you're not going to visit us for another two years? What about your daughter, you self–centered fuck, what about her? She needs her father, doesn't she?" Minako was enraged at this point. "Do you have any idea what your constant lack of attention does to your daughter? She acts out all the time now, because you're never home, and she treats me like I'm the bad guy!"

"You are Minako. You always have been." Kenji responded in a quiet and serious tone "Now, I have a question for you. Is Misato even my biological daughter?"

Misato almost dropped the phone, and Minako was speechless. She may have said some horrible things to her husband in the past, but nothing ever this distasteful. "What did you say?"

"I asked if Misato is my biological daughter. I know before we got married you used to be quite the good time girl. I'd just like to know." Kenji said, still in a calm voice.

"Why would ask me something like that?! What gives you the fucking right? Don't you trust me?" Minako asked, Misato could hear the sadness in her voice.

"Not entirely, I remember how you were when we met, remember? Then all of a sudden you were pregnant, and I married you to save you the shame of having a baby out of wedlock." Kenji replied quietly. "I've always had my suspicions, but I never asked because I love Misato so much. Now after all of this fighting, I finally realized I have to ask the question, no matter what the answer may be."

"Why would you question if he was your daughter. I'm glad that she's asleep and doesn't have to hear this." Minako began to cry. "Of course she's your daughter. I may have fooled around a lot when we were young, but I was only with one guy at a time, and you happened to be the one to knock me up, you… you… FUCKING INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLE!"

Kenji continued his calm questioning. "What about the other men since then, Minako?"

Minako was still crying when she replied. "What other men are you talking about? I haven't been with any other men since we started dating. I haven't had sex since the last time you decided to crawl on top of me!"

"So the male visitors Misato mentioned to me at her birthday dinner? Did she imagine them?" Kenji continued, however the calm of his voice was wavering.

"Wha…? How could she tell you about that? I didn't think she noticed." Minako was now hurt that her daughter had found out her secret.

"So you're not going to deny it then? That you cheated on me?" Kenji asked, his tone harsh.

"I won't deny it if you answer me this. Do you even love me?" Minako asked, tears still running down her face.

"No, I haven't for some time, but finding out about your dalliances was the final nail in the coffin." Kenji said through what seemed like gritted teeth to Minako.

Minako responded. "Well, then I guess it doesn't really count if the person you're married to doesn't even love you." Minako chuckled. "Do you really think I could go on living alone with a daughter and not feel lonely? Or are you that fucking dense that you don't realize that I want you with me, because I feel lonely."

Kenji's calm attitude finally dissipated. "You knew what you were getting yourself into when you married me. If you want to blame someone, perhaps you should blame yourself. You have never been able to take responsibility for anything you've ever done! EVER!"

"Well, what about you and that fucking whore of a research assistant, Miss USSR big tit blonde bimbo slut!" Minako yelled.

"Katya? What about her?" Kenji said. "You mean the fact that I had sex with her just to get back at you?"

"You fucking bastard! I HATE YOU!" Minako roared.

"I thought you said it didn't matter if the person you were married to didn't love you. Or is that only the case for you?" Kenji said sarcastically.

"I still love you, you dumb motherfucking cocksucker! Why do you think I yell at you so much, it's because I care!" Minako yelled. "Don't you understand that, you piece of shit?!"

"Well, it's a funny way of showing it, by sleeping with another man." Kenji said. "And then calling me a slew of names… yeah, you care… a lot."

"You don't get to judge me you fuck! You're the one that stopped loving me remember! ANSWER ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Minako yelled.

However the only response came from the automated response on the other end of the phone. "The call been disconnected, thank you for using AT&T Satellite Communications. Goodbye…"

'That fucking bastard.' Misato thought as she hung up the phone quietly, using the language she learned from her parent's fights. 'I'm sorry I ever doubted you mommy, now I know why you fought so much, because, because of… this! I hate him, and I could never love him again either. He's a complete and selfish… fucking… err… asshole!'

October 1997 – Katsuragi Expedition Base, 75km West of Mt. Markham, Antarctica

Goddamn was it cold. There was a large hole in the ground, surrounded by several small temporary looking buildings and sheds, and even more equipment situated outside. A small distance away was a makeshift airstrip where planes would drop supplies every 6 weeks or so. Welcome to the Antarctic tundra.

The hole the expedition was working on was still quite shallow, only 5 or 6 meters deep, but about 300m in diameter. A young scientist was standing with some familiar looking equipment (made by a certain twin tailed girl) just off center of the massive hole, and the equipment was beeping as if it had found the remains of Atlantis, or maybe the missing Nazi gold.

"Sir, we're picking up faint low level EM readings here!" The young scientist shouted through the cloth covering his mouth.

"How deep do the readings say it is?" Kenji Katsuragi shouted back, as he rushed over. "Are they the type of readings the Committee is looking for?"

"Yes, sir, Dr. Katsuragi, take a look." The young scientist handed over the device. "Just like described in that scientific paper we received a while back with this nifty equipment."

"My god, I think we're in the right place." Kenji was beside himself. "The readings indicate whatever this thing is, it's only a few meters below out current dig level." Kenji took a deep breath and grabbed his radio. "Horatio! Get your digging equipment and teams 3, 6, 7, and 10 over here to start a priority dig. I think we've found something a few meters beneath the surface."

A few tense hours later, with the head of the expedition himself assisting in the unearthing of what turned out to be a massive blood red orb, some 5 meters across was sitting in front of them. And the readings from the device clearly showed it had an EM field, just the type they were looking for.

"Alright everyone!" Kenji Katsuragi spoke on a megaphone so everyone could hear him. "This is now the center of our dig site! I want a 500m radius around this point to start, and get the rest of the area now designated as the dig site cleared to 15m below ground level. I also want this thing moved to the isolation lab and looked at in greater detail. That is all, good work everyone!"

Kenji stepped down and shut of the megaphone and looked to the young scientist next to him. "Hey kid, take charge here while I go inside. I need to requisition more equipment and personnel, and give a report to our… financiers."

"Sounds like a plan doc. Oh, and see if you can get us some nicer shelters while you're at it." The young scientist replied. "We'll need better facilities to maintain all these new people and equipment."

"Good idea kid. Now keep these folks in line, just because we found something doesn't mean we get a break." Kenji said as he walked towards Base Camp

November 1997 – Azabu–Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo

It had been a while since that fateful phone call that had shattered Misato's world. Even in the time since then, she could barely believe what she had heard. After confronting her mother about the phone call, her mother broke down in tears. Misato decided then and there that she should never respect her father ever again for making her mother miserable and leaving her all alone.

So, at the tender age of 10 ½, Misato came up with the idea for her mother to divorce her father, so her mother could be free to find love again, and her father would be alone, like he deserved. And so it took a while for Misato to convince her mother that divorce was the only option. She cajoled and whined to her mother about how she had been treated by her father. So Minako, at her daughter's heavy insistence found a lawyer to draft her divorce decree.

"Well, this should be a surprise whenever he decides to come back home." Misato said quite sinisterly.

And in a few hours, Misato would get her wish, as the lawyer had heard that Dr. Kenji Katsuragi was due in at Yokota Air Base. This time it was a C–5 Galaxy coming in from a supply dump off in Antarctica, with another single passenger aboard, with that same hotshot pilot, Shinji Ikari.

"Yokota Tower, this is Echo–Victor–Alpha–Uniform–Zero–One, requesting permission to land on Runway 34, over." Major Shinji Ikari asked.

"Roger that Uniform–Zero–One, you are cleared for landing on Runway 34, safe landing." Yokota Tower replied.

"Thank you Yokota Tower, this is Uniform–Zero–One, out." Shinji Ikari once again, switched off the comm. "So Doc, back again I see. Nice load of gear I had to schlep all the way to your little operation in the middle of nowhere." Shinji joked.

"Yes, Major Ikari, it was quite a lot of stuff. I didn't realize that eight planes would be needed, but I guess that's what happens. Thank you for accommodating me once again on a return flight to Japan." He clapped the young man's shoulder. "And congratulations on the promotions."

"Oh, thanks, Doc, it's nice of you to notice." Shinji laughed. "Most civvies wouldn't notice stuff like that, and I appreciate it. And about transporting you and that little duffel of yours to Japan, it's not a problem, Doc. I'm heading out this way anyway, why not pick up a passenger. So, planning to visit the family again?" Shinji asked inquisitively.

"Yeah, that's the plan. I just have a bad feeling about going home again." Kenji said.

"Right, well, I hope everything goes well." Shinji said as the rear tires of the massive plane screeched onto the runway, Shinji slowed the plane down, and brought it over to park it.

The two men disembarked, and Kenji was greeted by a young woman. "Are you Dr. Kenji Katsuragi?" She asked nicely.

"Yes, that's me…" Kenji replied, with Shinji looking at him quite perplexed.

"Here you go." The young woman said. "You've been served." And she turned and walked away.

"What the hell is this?" Kenji said as he opened the document and looked at it. "A divorce decree?"

Kenji hurried to a cab waiting for him at the front of the base, and told the driver to get him home as quickly as possible. When he arrived he saw a truck out front and boxes being loaded into it. "What the fuck is this?" He said, paying the driver and rushing inside. "Minako! Where are you?!"

"She's not home right now dad. She out talking to the lawyer again. I'd say it's nice to see you again, but it's not." Misato said quietly, her eyes hidden from view from her father.

"Mis…Misato?" Kenji was confused as to why his daughter was acting this way.

"So, I'm guessing you rushed home from the military base because you got the divorce papers right?" Misato said quite matter–of–factly.

"Well, yes, but… why isn't your mother home? And where are all these boxes going?" Kenji was still utterly confused, first the divorce papers, and now a confrontation with his 10 year old daughter.

"I told you where mom is, with the lawyer." Misato crossed her arms and glared right at her father. "And as for the boxes, it's all of your shit being moved out!"

"But, why? The divorce stuff, and the why is my stuff being moved?" Kenji asked in a panic.

"Well, it's not like you've ever lived at this house. A few days spread over a few years doesn't really count." Misato sounded even more hatful than before.

The tone of Misato's voice, scared Kenji quite a lot, I even disturbed him. 'What caused all this?' he thought to himself as his daughter stared him down. If looks could kill, he'd have been a pile of ash on the floor of the hallway. "Misato, can you tell me why your mother is doing this?"

"Because, I asked her to." Misato said.

Kenji was now in total disbelief. His daughter, now seemed to hate him so much, that she had convinced her mother that a divorce was the only option, an option that hurt Kenji right to the core of his soul. "Misato, why did you do this? What made you stop loving me? I'm your father, why do you hate me?" Kenji sounded hurt, but kept his voice steady, so he didn't make the already tense situation worse.

"Do you even think I'm your actual daughter?" Misato responded, a fire burning behind her eyes.

"What did you say?" Kenji said.

Misato repeated herself "I said, do you even think I'm your daughter?"

"Where would you get an idea like that, Misato?" Kenji said, he already had an idea of where it came from, but he wanted to be sure.

"You, you arrogant fuck." Misato spat. "How could I love you after listening in on that conversation between my supposedly 'loving' parents?! How could I still love you, even though you never loved mom! Why should I care about a pathetic man like you?!"

Kenji couldn't respond, it wasn't his wife throwing the accusations anymore, now it was daughter, his sweet, young, kind daughter, now filled with such venom, she couldn't even stand to be near her own father. 'What have I done?' Kenji thought, saddened at what was happening. "Misato, what I said on the phone…"

"SHUT UP!" Misato roared, in an impressively loud voice so someone so young. "YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO QUESTION WHAT'S GOING ON ANYMORE!" Misato took a deep breath. "You don't get to have a family anymore, you don't get to say you have a daughter that loves you. YOU DON'T DESERVE IT!" Misato was having trouble keeping her composure. "Someone as pathetic and useless as you doesn't deserve a family, you deserve nothing, except being sad and alone. And after today, I never want to see you again! You're pathetic, putting your own work above a women who loves you, and a daughter who wants nothing but to spend time with her absent father! You brought this on yourself, you sorry excuse for a man." Misato put her hands on her father's chest and she started to push. "SO GET…" Kenji lost his balance at the shock of his daughter pushing him, and he fell down. "THE FUCK…" Kenji then landed in the front doorway. "OUT!"

Kenji sat there for a moment, still unable to comprehend what had happened "Misato…"

"Just leave, I never want to see you again!" Misato yelled.

Kenji who had just righted himself saw his duffel bag fly towards him, and ducked out of the way, as he straightened back up again, he saw the door slam and the lock click shut. He walked towards the truck with his belongings. 'I'll need a storage locker or something for this shit.' Kenji sighed, as the man gave him the keys, and told him where to return the truck when he was done moving. Kenji drove away, but had a hard time not looking back.

Misato on the other hand, watched from the window as her father drove away. "Good riddance." But she couldn't help but shed a tear as her father had left without another word.

To Be Continued

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Now, naming her father Kenji, I thought it would be interesting that not only did she fall in love with a man similar to her father, but also, with someone who has a similar name to her father (albeit Kaji is his surname).

Now I also wanted to show Misato's relationship with her father, and how she came to hate his guts (and later have massive daddy issues). So, I tried to make the evolution at least make sense in terms of the fact she loved her father, found out he was a dick, and decided he didn't deserve love anymore.

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