Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode II: Attack of the Seeds

Chapter 2 – White Moon, Dark Discovery
February 1998 – Geofront–00 Expeditionary Base, Antarctica

"Kensington!" Kenji Katsuragi shouted to his young subordinate. "How's the dig going?"

"It's going well sir, with this new equipment, we've been able to dramatically increase the amount of digging we can do." Kensington replied. "We've just passed 250m a few hours ago, I think we're doing exceptionally well, considering the conditions."

"About that, we should have that massive structure erected over the dig site within the next few weeks. Then it might get a little warmer down in this… freezing hell pit." Kenji said, looking around at the equipment and people working away. "Have there been discoveries in the past 10 hours?" he asked.

"No, sir, nothing at all, otherwise I would have sent someone to get you." Kensington said. "Well, nothing new anyway. Still the same EM readings from way down under all this ice and snow and dirt. And still no way to actually measure how far away we are from it." Kensington sighed and lowered his head before looking back at his boss "Were you able to get any sleep, sir?"

"No, sleep doesn't come that easy anymore, not since… well everything back home." Kenji said, staring off into the distance and looking at nothing in particular. "Although, there is some news back from Japan. Apparently, there is another cavern like this one in the Hakone, Japan, not far from the Artificial Evolution Laboratory."

"Interesting, it might be nicer to do a dig there, at least it would be better than freezing my balls off." Kensington joked.

Both men laughed at this. "Well, like I said, once the covering is in place, maybe we can get this shaft to a more reasonable temperature like something near or just above freezing." Kenji replied.

However, their conversation was cut short by a call over the radio. "Doc Katz! This is Digger 3, we've got something! I have no idea what the fuck it is, but it's a big something!"

"On my way Digger 3, what's your present location?" Kenji replied, ignoring the nickname the Americans had given him.

"I'm at 2 hours, 46 minutes, 287m from the center of the dig." Digger 3 said.

"On my way." Kenji replied. "I think you spoke a little soon about finding something Kensington."

When Kenji and Kensington arrived, they saw what the Digger 3 described as a 'big something.' It was hard to tell under the ice and snow, however, it looked like a large, broken, two pronged–spear. After some careful excavation over the next several days, it was finally determined what the object was for sure. And Kenji had been making observations on the find from above. It was originally 150–ish meters long. It's resembled a bident that had a double helical structure and was also a very nice Cobalt blue. It would be a formidable weapon for an equally massive creature, and would be usable if it had not been broken in half, and also in its appearance, at the breaking point, there were severe scorch marks.

Kenji Katsuragi was now inspecting the spear up close, instead of from above, as he had been doing since it was found "Depth of find, 254m below surface." Kenji was using a tape recorder to get his thoughts down instead of writing them. "This thing is huge, and from my eagle–eye observations, anything this massive isn't capable of being used by any known technology. It's like a huge spear, but what would have operated it? Is this the weapon of a great battle lost in time? What fought this battle, and who won, and who was the loser? I guess we won't know any of this until we find the source of the EM readings further under the surface, as this object, this spear, has no EM readings whatsoever."

"Sir, this thing is amazing!" Kenji tuned to see Kensington coming towards him, with a wide smile on his face. "What could have used something like this?"

"I was just asking myself the same question." Kenji said, tuning to his associate. "But one thing's for sure, I'm a little worried to find out."

April 1998 – Undisclosed Location

A dark room lit up with activation of 12 large monoliths that would make Stanley Kubrick proud. "Good evening gentleman, it's good to see everyone is in attendance." The monolith labeled 'SEELE 01' said. "I'm glad you could all join me for this exciting meeting."

"It's a pleasure to be back together after such a short time." 'SEELE 05' said.

"I don't wish to be this blunt, but can we expense with the pleasantries, and get to the point of this meeting?" 'SEELE 02' stated quite matter–of–factly "We have a Security Council meeting in two hours that we cannot be late for."

"Well, aren't we a bit touchy this evening." 'SEELE 01' quipped. "It's all for the best however, to get this meeting underway. Now, I have gotten a report sent directly to me regarding Katsuragi, and another find in Antarctica. He delayed the report until he had thoroughly examined the object, and also due to solar storms affecting communications with the expedition itself."

"What did he find?" 'SEELE 07' asked impatiently.

"It appears, he has found the Spear of Cassius, or, what's left of it anyway. According to the apocrypha, it was the weapon of the second being on this planet that took part in the battle." 'SEELE 01' relayed. "It has scorch marks along the break, indicating it was used, and destroyed, in battle."

"So, it appears that Antarctica was the battle ground?" 'SEELE 09' asked.

"Yes, at this point, it is fair to assume that the dig site in Antarctica was the final confrontation between the two great beasts." 'SEELE 03' responded.

"It appears whatever we are looking for will be found here." 'SEELE 01' said, and even though the voice modulators were on, you could still detect a hint of pride in his voice.

"What about the second cavern?" 'SEELE 12' asked impatiently. "What's in there?"

"You mean Geofront–01?" 'SEELE 06' said. "We won't know until we find whatever is buried in Antarctica."

"Yes, at this point gentleman, we will have to wait and see. Whichever beast we find in Antarctica, the other will surely be in the vicinity of the Hakone cavern." 'SEELE 01 said. "Now this concludes the meeting gentleman, as the U.N. session will be beginning shortly."

And with that, the menacing monoliths shut down once more.

December 1998 – Geofront–00 Expeditionary Base, Antarctica

"Hey, sir, what are you out here for?" Kensington asked his boss, Kenji Katsuragi.

"A C–5 with supplies is coming in from Tokyo. It should be here shortly. I decided to wait, since I know the pilot." Kenji said.

Meanwhile in the air over Antarctica, Lieutenant Colonel Shinji Ikari was flying alone with a full load of supplies and a single passenger.

"So, you're my sister's boyfriend. You're odd lookin', and definitely don't seem like her type." Shinji said as he kept the plane on course for the ice strip.

"Well, you're not the first person to point out my oddness, nor will you be the last, Colonel." Gendo said calmly. "But I do appreciate your concern for your younger sister. It is quite comforting knowing that there is someone that cares for her besides myself."

"Of course other people care for her, she's the sweetest person in the world!" Shinji said as he turned his head to look at Gendo who was sitting behind him. "What does she see in you anyway?"

"I do not have an answer to that question Colonel," Gendo replied "But I do not see a difference in knowing or not knowing, regardless of the reasons, she loves me and I love her. It's as simple as that."

"It's as simple as that, huh?" Shinji said, turning back to the controls. "Well, I guess you're a good guy if you love her all the same. I can't complain, at least you're not some pervert or something. So I guess that's a plus." Shinji turned his head so Gendo could hear him more clearly. "Just do me a favor, and don't break her heart, otherwise, I'll have to come and kick your ass. Wakaru?"

"Yes Colonel, I understand completely." Gendo said, adjusting his glasses with a gloved hand. "So, when are we due to land?"

"Oh, yeah, right about…" The plane's wheels hit the icy surface, but didn't make the familiar skidding sound like on a paved runway, and began to slow down. "Now."

Gendo stood up as the plane rolled to a stop. "You are a very skilled pilot, Colonel. I should be able to reassure Yui that you are quite capable of handling any aircraft you step into."

"Thanks, man." Shinji said, as he shut the plane down and began to open the front hatch to allow the researchers to empty the plane. "So, why did you come here anyway?"

"Well, for research purposes about a discovery in Japan. Just some routine fact checking, and curiosity of course." Gendo replied, but had his own question. "Now, what is a skilled combat pilot of an F–15J doing flying a plane solo all the way to Antarctica to drop off supplies? Surely you have more important tasks for someone of your skill level?"

"Well, it's been like this for years. The guys who fund this outfit I guess requested a good pilot capable of flying solo in large aircraft to deliver supplies way back when." Shinji chuckled. "I guess I do good work, because they even work the delivery schedule around my missions, somehow."

"Interesting…" Gendo began to ponder some things as the two men exited the plane.

"Hey Doc! How's it going?!" Shinji said, seeing Kenji standing not too far away, walking with some bespectacled man.

"How dare you call Dr. Katsuragi 'Doc,' show some respect pilot!" Kensington said as the two men approached.

"Kensington, its fine, I've known this man for a while." Kenji said admonishingly, and then turned his attention to his friend. "So, how have you been pilot Ikari."

"You know, same old same old, I got pulled from some shitty written training sessions at HQ to do this, so I think I'm doing pretty good." Shinji replied.

Kenji now turned his attention to Gendo. "And you are…?"

"Dr. Gendo Rokubungi, it's a pleasure to meet your, Dr. Katsuragi." Gendo said.

"What business could you possibly have here?" Kenji asked. "Why traipse all the way to Antarctica from Japan?"

"For some insight on your subterranean cavern. We have found a similar one in Japan, and are beginning its excavation. I wanted to get some pointers from individuals who have been dealing with a similar scenario." Gendo replied calmly.

"Very well, come this way." Kenji said "Hey, Ikari, are you coming?"

"Nah I have to stay with this heap of shit till its offloaded, and then I have to perform a few maintenance checks before I go. Think I can get some of those wonderful mechanics you have on site to help me that?" Shinji said.

"Sure, not a problem. Come in once you're all set." Kenji shouted behind him. "Well, Dr. Rokubungi, why not simply contact me instead of coming all the way here."

"It is simply a matter of discretion. I was under the impression that data from this site was strictly controlled." Gendo said entering the main building.

"Well it is. So what are your questions?" Kenji asked, in a not so polite manner.

"Dr. Katsuragi, please, there is at least a month where we will be able to go over my questions in detail." Gendo said. "However, I do have one question I'd like to ask. Who are the benefactors of this expedition that has seen so much of the world?"

Kenji was surprised at the question, but didn't think anything of it, so he simply answered. "Oh, them, well they call themselves the Human Instrumentality Committee. They have funded this project 100% since it was created, oh 20 years ago or so."

"Ah, I see. Thank you Dr. Katsuragi. Now if you don't mind, where will I be staying during my stay here?" Gendo said, adjusting his glasses once again.

March 1999 – Undisclosed Location

The stony monoliths were once again called to duty as SEELE was to meet once more.

"Why has this emergency session been called?" 'SEELE 08' asked angrily. "I am unaware of any reports from either Hakone, Antarctica, the U.K. Branch, or the AEL for there to be any reason to convene."

"Then clearly you are blissfully unaware of what has transpired the last few months?" 'SEELE 01' asked. "Are you that dense you didn't realize someone had contacted our prized subcommittee, the Human Instrumentality Committee?"

"What?!" 'SEELE 06' exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

"It is possible because this man has put together a few pieces of the puzzle to get a clear enough picture as to who calls the shots." 'SEELE 02' responded.

"It appears that this man works at the AEL, and has been looking into the Hakone excavation, and our dealings in Antarctica, and has figured out that we are funding all three of those through the Human Instrumentality Committee." 'SEELE 04' added.

"He contacted us about joining our inner circle, in the hopes of being able to extend the committee's goals." 'SEELE 03' said.

"It does however seem he has not linked the Committee to SEELE as of yet. Although given some additional time, I'm sure he could." 'SEELE 05' added.

"So, what is this man's name?" 'SEELE 09' asked impatiently. "Should we eliminate him?"

"His name is Gendo Rokubungi, and I have allowed him access to a small portion of our knowledge." 'SEELE 01' said. "Anyone capable of putting those pieces together and coming so close to finding out our true purpose surely deserves a small bit of trust, don't you think? So no one will be eliminating him, he could be of use, in the future."

May 10, 1999 – Geofront–00 Expeditionary Base, Antarctica

"Good morning sir!" Kensington greeted his boss once again.

"Ugh, why so chipper today?" Kenji asked.

"Well, we passed 850m about an two hours ago, which was 42 hours ahead of schedule. That's why I'm so happy." Kensington replied with a wide smile on his face. "Also, the EM readings have begun to get a bit stronger, so we must be getting close to our goal, whatever it may be."

Kenji noticed that there were several groups who had stopped. "Why have they stopped digging?" Kenji's eyes narrowed and then brightened. "Do you think they found something?"

The two men ran over to where the digging had stopped. "What the hell is that thing?"

"I have no idea boss, but it may be what we've been looking for." Said one of the workers digging near the discovery.

Two prongs were poking out of the ground, along with what appears to be a solid grayish mound. Twelve days of careful digging, as to not disturb what was found yielded a most interesting and fascinating find 853m below the surface of Antarctica.

A large creature, humanoid in appearance, with mottled gray skin standing at around 100m in height, all readings showed that it was not dead, but in a type of stasis. The beast was on its back and had a spear similar to the broken one stabbed through it from behind, however this one was colored red as opposed to blue. Extensive scans done to show the interior of the beast showed it had musculature similar to that of a mammal, except that it had no internal organs. Instead, a blood red sphere, similar to the one found a year and a half ago (but almost twice the size of the original one found) was embedded in the chest region of the beast. This was where the bident had pierced the beast and seemingly immobilized it. Speculation arose that there may be another beast considering a similar sphere had been found before. However after more EM scanning, this was found to be improbable.

Samples were taken from the beast including blood and tissues samples revealed even more about the beast. Its DNA analysis showed it to be nearly identical to humans, with a similarity of 99.89%. The machines used to test the blood kept returning the samples with a blue screen of death, resulting in the blood analysis being labeled "Code Blue." The new Wave Form Test, created by a Dr. Ikari in Japan was also used to determine some values about the beast, which also came back with a color related to a wavelength range, with the prominent pattern length being signaled back. The beast's range (oddly enough) returned a "Pattern Analysis Blue" as opposed to the "Pattern Analysis Red" that showed for humans, or the inherent background radiation of the Universe returning a "Pattern Analysis Orange" when the machine was unable to determine what it was looking at. These two instances would forever codify the beast and the word blue, as these occurrences were written about extensively in the research notes of Dr. Katsuragi.

"Oh, I can't believe we found what we were looking for. Now that we have all the information we need, I need to contact our benefactors to let them know." Kenji was still beside himself. "I'm sure they will be quite pleased about this find."

"I'm sure they will be, Dr. Katsuragi." Kensington said, looking down towards the large beast lying in deep in the pit. "But, for your report, shouldn't you name it or something?"

"I've already come up with a name you might find appropriate for this, the first being known to exist on our planet." Kenji said quietly. "We will call it… Adam." Kenji said, looking down towards his discovery. "That seems more than appropriate."

May 27, 1999 – Undisclosed Location

A secret transmission was sent to the members of SEELE for an immediate meeting regarding new information from Dr. Katsuragi. Minutes after the transmission was sent the monoliths began to light up in rapid succession. When 11 of them were active, the one labeled 'SEELE 01' turned on.

"Well, gentleman, I hope you have all read the report I sent you." 'SEELE 01' said proudly. "We have had a massive breakthrough, we have found the First Angel."

"Finally, we are one step closer to our goal of instrumentally." 'SEELE 04' said gleefully.

"Yes, it is time to accelerate our plans in accordance with the apocrypha." 'SEELE 09' said.

"Quite correct, we will need to begin the experiments on the Angel immediately in order to further our plans." 'SEELE 12' stated.

"Yes, if this is done correctly in the next year or so we will be able to test how to start instrumentality." 'SEELE 07' said excitedly.

"Yes, the experiments must begin immediately." 'SEELE 11' said.

"They will, and we must take precautions to keep the experiment from going critical too soon. We can't have another Alcion incident, at least not right away." 'SEELE 02' said. "We mustn't be hasty or our plans will be ruined."

"Well said, we must stay the course and not be our own greatest enemy." 'SEELE 01' said. "We will have to be patient, we've waited this long, another year doesn't mean all that much in the grand scheme."

"Well said." 'SEELE 06 replied.

"Let's get this started then!" 'SEELE 10' quipped.

"I'm glad we all agree then, considering I'm not hearing anyone dissenting." 'SEELE 01' said proudly. "Well then, we will authorize Katsuragi to begin experiments on site, immediately. Let us begin, gentleman." 'SEELE 01' concluded.

To Be Continued

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