Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode II: Attack of the Seeds

Chapter 5 – War Never Changes
Earth – Twelve Hours after Second Impact

–––Begin Transmission–––

"War. War never changes.

The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.

But war never changes.

In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons: Petroleum and Uranium. However, the tide of this never ending struggle for resources was turned upside down one day in the year 2000 when a meteorite vaporized Antarctica and caused a massive tsunami, wiping out over two billion lives in the Southern Hemisphere.

That's when the minor powers of the world saw their chance. Their chance to get a king's share of resources that have been stretched dangerously thin for decades, so war was declared and lives would be lost and governments would collapse in the ensuing chaos.

However this war was no different than any waged before this disaster known as the Second Impact, because war never changes."

–––End Transmission–––

September 13, 2000 – A massive wave emanated from the South Pole and spread toward the southern continents causing massive damage and killing 2.2 billion people. The tsunami rose over a kilometer in the air and crashed down, taking out all of South Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Fiji, and causing massive damage to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia, India, Malaysia, China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico. The wave eventually dissipated after several hours, but the rising sea levels had changed the face of the Earth. 70m of water flooded the coastal cities and other low lying areas of the globe, leaving those not killed by the tsunami or rapidly rising waters stranded in buildings above the new waterline, cut off from power, food, and help, they would end up dead before help could arrive. The humanitarian crisis created by this Great Calamity. Immediately after this, the world fell into chaos. Countries who had been allies, dissolved their treaties, NATO and any other alliance became null and void (save for the U.N.), and it was every country for itself.

September 14, 2000 – The day after Second impact, the U.S. Navy began deploying its fleets to protect its overseas interests, once the massive tsunami had calmed and it was safe to make passage on the open sea once again. One fleet was dispatched to the area were the tsunami was said to have originated, the Antarctic. The fleet was led by an aircraft carrier on its maiden deployment designated CVN–75, the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman. It would take them several days to arrive on site and begin to investigate what the fuck happened to cause the deaths of over two billion people. Other navies had begun the same process, and these fleets would eventually, in all of the chaos begin to engage each other, not knowing who had caused the Great Calamity. A massive crisis was also occurring between India and Pakistan, where the Indians were fleeing north to avoid the receding coastline. However, Pakistan did not want the refugees, and the borders were closed, but were still overwhelmed, this crisis was beginning to escalate, and Pakistan issued an official warning to keep their people away from the border or face the consequences.

September 15, 2000 – The border issue with Pakistan and India has come to the breaking point. After Pakistan issued several warnings to the government, Pakistan launched its entire arsenal of nuclear warheads at India. India, in response to this act of aggression, India launched its entire arsenal of nuclear warheads at Pakistan, and when the weapons impacted their targets, both countries were rendered nuclear wastelands, incapable of human habitation. Elsewhere in the world other nuclear nations began to arm their arsenals, the U.S., U.K., France, and Russia sent their Ballistic Missile submarines to several key strategic points, while China kept their own close at hand. The U.S., now worried about nuclear war, began to move those deemed essential to the survival of the human race into fortified, self–sustaining shelters deep underground. A revolt in France began, which was cut down in the bloodiest of ways to keep the government in control, blood once again ran through the streets of Paris, the government victorious.

Across the world, the remaining governments began to set up shelters for those displaced by the Great Calamity within their own countries. Conditions were not the greatest due to the lack of goods available, but it was better they said, then being stuck on the streets. Borders around the world were also sealed off after the Indian subcontinent had become a nuclear wasteland to keep any other tensions from boiling off in such a destructive manner. It was also meant to isolate the countries and keep their people within the borders, where they could be protected from any potential harm.

September 18, 2000 – U.S.S. Harry S. Truman, CVN–75, Antarctic Remnants

The Truman was approaching the area where Antarctica used to be, and her Captain, Michael Trudeau, was looking out the windows of the bridge in complete shock. "What the fuck happened here. The sea is as red as blood, and there is nothing left of the landmass." The Captain took off his hat and continued to look out the window, quite solemnly. "Smith! Launch the Helicopters and look for anything that may indicate survivors! Also launch a CAP to protect the fleet, have all other fighters prepped for any inbound threats and keep all other vessels on high alert status!"

"Aye, aye sir! Flight control, bridge, launch the helicopters to begin SAR operations, and eight Tomcats to patrol the fleet from any hostile threats. Have all other fighters ready to launch in case of attack." Commander Smith relayed.

"Copy that bridge." Said the Air Officer. "Launching will commence immediately, as will the armament of all other fighters."

Commander Smith then switched to a secured channel. "This is a message from Captain, all ships are to remain on high alert with CIWS armed to intercept any incoming ordinance." Commander Smith turned off the comm system and went to the captain "All orders have been relayed, sir."

"Very good, Commander." The Captain sighed. "I hope there are some survivors out there, otherwise this is an awful waste of resources."

"Quite so sir." The Commander replied.

After several hours, and a few refuelings later, one of the Helicopters, saw something in the water. "Lone Warrior, this is SAR 3, we have spotted a metal cylinder in the water, should we dispatch rescue divers?" The pilot asked.

"This is Lone Warrior, do not dispatch rescue divers, hold your position and we will recover the object with a V–22." The Air Boss replied.

"Copy that, we are holding position." SAR 3 replied.

A few minutes later the tilt rotor aircraft sent out to recover the object could be heard in the distance, a capture net slung underneath it, the Osprey lowered the net into the water and positioned it under the object and lifted it gently from the water. "Object capture, returning to base." The capsule was safely slung under the aircraft, and was brought to the carrier and gently put down the object. It had sustained severe burn damage and had several dents. Faded blue lettering that said "Link Tube Mk. II" was on the side. The main hatch would not open, and could not be pried off, however, the emergency hatch on the side, that featured butterfly handles, took some time to pry open due to the warping from what must have been a fairly powerful explosion. Inside the tube was dark, and smelled of blood. The crew who opened the tube shown a flashlight inside to see a young girl with passed out in a seat, covered in blood. "MEDIC!"

In sick bay, the girl was found to be barely alive, with a severe injury to her chest, running diagonally between her breasts. It was stitched up as well as it could be and covered in antiseptic gel to keep the infection away. Her other lacerations were tended to as well, and were not that serious. "She's lucky to be alive." The doctors kept saying. They were now waiting for the lists of individuals who had been present in Antarctica at the time of the explosion. Only one person matched the description of who was unconscious in the sick bay, a young girl, and daughter of the head of the Katsuragi expedition, Misato Katsuragi.

Misato awoke to an unfamiliar ceiling. She looked around and didn't understand where she was. A man standing nearby noticed she was awake. "Doctor, the girl, she's conscious!"

The doctor rushed over to see Misato awake. "Ms. Katsuragi, I'm Doctor Green, how are you feeling?"

Misato didn't respond, her eyes were lost in what some call the 1,000 yard stare, lost in the sad and painful memories of the past. Only one memory playing out in her head, the experiment, her father carrying her to the Link Tube, and the great Being of Light, Adam.

Misato felt around her neck absentmindedly for what her father had left her, the Greek style cross he placed around her neck, and it wasn't there. Misato began to freak out, she frantically began to search for what was missing, and saw it on the table next to her. She grabbed it and placed it around her neck. "Ms. Katsuragi, you can't wear that at the moment, I'm sorry." Dr. Green reached out to take the cross off of her, but Misato reacted badly, and screamed as loud as she could. The doctor took his hand away from the cross, and she immediately calmed back down, and continued to stare blankly at the wall.

The Captain had come down to see the survivor they had brought aboard, but was directed to see the doctor instead. "Doctor, why am I speaking with you and not the girl?"

"It appears that she's still in shock from what happened. She has been mute since she came to, other than a violent scream when I tried to take the cross off her neck." Dr. Green said. "Not that we can blame her, any combat we've ever seen is nothing compared to the Armageddon she must have witnessed that left the South Pole like…" He motioned out the porthole. "…this."

"Very true, doctor, very true." The Captain said looking over at Misato. "So she's got PTSD, then. Poor kid, can you have your report ready in the next few days?"

"Yes, sir. But why so soon? It'll take much longer to get to Japan than a few days." Dr. Green asked.

"No, the U.N. is sending an aircraft to pick her up from here and bring her back home. One of their subcommittees is handling it. A long range transport will be meeting us on our steam back to U.S. territory, then we transfer the girl to them. We haven't found any other survivors so we've been ordered back home for defense." The Captain said.

"Alright sir, I just wish we could help this girl out instead of dumping her off on someone else." Dr. Green said sadly as he looked over at the young girl sitting quietly on her bed.

"Doctor, it's a new world out there." The Captain mimicked the motioning he'd gotten earlier from the Doctor. "It's a brand new and deadly world out there, humanitarian problems are no longer solely the problem of the United States of America, it's time for the countries of the world to sink or swim without big brother Uncle Sam to protect them. So, she, as a Japanese national is not our problem anymore, Doctor, and that's something you'll have to, unfortunately, get used to."

September 20, 2000 – Airspace over Tokyo, Japan

Fighter engines had a howlin' roar. A flight of JASDF F–15J's were moving to intercept several enemy aircraft heading straight for Tokyo. The lead plane, callsign Shinigami, with the name "Yui" painted on the side, and a chibi anime caricature of the namesake next to the name, had one Colonel Shinji Ikari thinking back to the briefing he'd given those under his command a short time ago.

The pilots under his command clamored into the briefing room, spouting anger at being pulled from their assignment of disaster relief near the coast, where survivors were still being pulled from ruins of coastal cities and towns

"Colonel, what the fuck is going on?" One of the pilots in the briefing room, Shinji's second–in–command, Sakura no hana asked. "We were called back from relief duty on the coast? It had better be important."

"It is…" Shinji replied. "Well, kiddos, it looks like WWIII is on our fucking doorstep, and there's a nice nuke with Tokyo's name on it." Shinji replied, indicating to the pilots to take a seat. "So, those fucking Chinese assholes have about 40–odd fighters escorting 3–5 bombers." Colonel Shinji Ikari said to his squadron. "Due to the EM interference from whatever the fuck happened in Antarctica, we have sketchy information at best." Shinji turned on a projector, which displayed a map of the airspace around all of Japan, with lines drawn in different colors. "Now, we have 24 planes ready and waiting for us to go and intercept them. The U.S. won't be of any help for the moment, they cleared the fuck out right after those fuck heads on the Indian peninsula started nuking the fuck out of each other. So, we're on our own." Shinji smiled manically. "Now, the plan is simple, we're going to intercept these assholes and blow them out of the sky before they make it to good ol' Tokyo City." Shinji changed slides to a listing of the pilots in the room. "I will lead 4 planes to take out the bombers, while the rest of you lumps will be engaging the fighters. Active guided missiles will be loaded on as passive guidance will be of no use with the interference. Your Gatling Guns will also have additional ammo in a pod mounted on the underbelly of your planes for increased dogfighting ability. God knows we may need it." Shinji turned off the projector. "Now let's go out there, and defend the pride of Japan!"

"Yeah, let's go kill those motherfuckers!" Yelled Sakura no hana's wingman asashin, and the rest of the pilots all shouted in agreement.

"Doesn't it seem ironic that we're about to get nuked, again?" Sakura no hana said rolling his eyes. "What the fuck did we do to China anyway?"

"Really, ever heard of Unit 731 or the Second Sino–Japanese War? Well do you remember reading anything about those in school, or were you too busy rubbing one out during class." Retorted crack pilot and Shinji's other wingman, sutabakku. "And, no, none of the rest see the irony of Japan about to get nuked a third time."

Shinji, nonplused by the exchange his pilots had just had continued on. "Well, then drop your cocks, and grab your other favorite joystick, we have some assholes to wipe out."

Shinji was interrupted however by the few female pilots in room, and senior among them was crack pilot, sutabakku. "Hey, boss, for those of us lacking actual "cocks," what should we drop instead, our tampons?" She said coyly, and with a wide smirk. "Or maybe a maxi pad will suffice?"

Shinji, who was expecting something like this after he had finished speaking, retorted in kind. "Well, I know you guys can't drop yours, but maybe dry off your hand so you can actually grip the joystick." Shinji replied to the smirks of his female pilots. "Pre–flight is in 20, wheels up is in 35. Dismissed!" Shinji said as the other pilots jumped and saluted. Shinji returned the salute and went to his office and closed the door. 'Fuck me, this going to be tough, maybe impossible. 40+ versus 24 is hard, not to mention how many bombers they may have.' He looked at the picture on his desk of his plane with him, and the plane's namesake, his sister, Yui, standing in front of it. Yui was smiling widely, and had been so happy to visit her very important brother on the base. She was even more excited that she got to see his plane with the chibi anime caricature of her drawn on it. 'I should call her, even if it's against regulations, if I die, they can't do much about it anyway.'

He picked up his phone and dialed Yui's house, the line was down. "Fuck! Maybe I'll try her office, those lines should be intact."

He tried her office at the Artificial Evolution Laboratory, and it rang, however, she didn't pick up, but it at least went to voicemail. "Hey, sis, guess who? I guess you're not in your office right now, I hope you're ok though. I know it's been a fucked up week." Shinji chuckled. "Oh, sorry, I know you hate when I swear. Uh… listen, about that promise I made, way back when, about not doing anything dangerous?" Shinji sighed. "I have to break that promise, sis. I have a mission that'll probably be a one way deal, I can't give you more details than that, but I just want you to know how much I love you." He sighed deeply again. "I know we haven't seen much of each other recently, and I just want to tell you all this in case I bite the big one. I also have some good news for ya, to balance out the shit I'm letting out. I fell in love, but it's one of my subordinates, her name's Ayumi, she smart, pretty, and damn good in the cockpit. I think she'd be a better flight instructor though, so if we make it through this, I think I'll have her transferred and maybe we can start dating without it being against regulations. I don't know, I haven't really talked to her about it at all, I haven't even told her how I feel…" Shinji got lost in his thoughts on the matter, but slapped himself back to reality. "Sorry to get off track sis, now what did I want to say? Oh, right. Now, I know you're married to that Gendo fellow now, and I just want to say that I think he's a nice guy. I heard he made it back from that expedition in Antarctica in one piece, so I'm glad for that, because if I'm gone, then at least you'll have someone who can take care of you." Shinji teared up a bit, but persevered through the rest of his message. "I know I'm sounding a little sappy right now, but I'm worried I won't make it. I really am, but I had to get this all off my chest, so I just didn't want to end things without calling you. I don't want you to feel guilty about my death like you do about your cute friend's death. Anyway, please don't cry when you hear this message, because I don't like when you cry. Just remember that whatever happens to me, I'll always love you, sis. Sayonara amai imōto, sewa o shimasu." Shinji hung up the phone and let the tears that had been welling in his eyes for some time. "Goddamn it, why am I crying?"

Back in his plane, Shinji was getting a contact alarm on his radar. "What the… 60 fighters, and… 10 bombers? How the fuck could they muster all of that?" Shinji switched on his comm lines to the other planes. "Alright ladies and gents, this is Shinigami I have one final order to give you. Due to the massive number of enemy hostiles, the government has given permission to use a tactic not permitted since the ending stages of World War II. In the event you have no ammo left, and there are still bombers in the air, you have the authority to use Kamikaze attacks against them."

There was stunned silence from those under his command, however, his own wingman Sakura no hana replied. "We must be pretty fucked if we're allowed to crash into the other planes." He chuckled. "I guess we have no option but to take them out before we run out of ammo then."

"Good, I'm glad we understand each other." Shinji replied. "Sakura no hana, asashin, sutabakku form up on me, our target is the bombers, everyone else, find a few fighters and pick them off as quickly as you can." Shinji laughed. "Now let's go out and be heroes."

The fighters broke off and swarmed towards the advancing J–11 fighters and H–6 bombers, engines blaring at full speed. Shinji got on an intercept course on one of the bombers, and a tone lock issued from the radar, showing he'd locked onto one of the bombers, "Fox 3!" and fired a missile at it. The missile impacted and took off the left wing of the bomber, sending it careening towards the water. "Got the fucker!" Shinji exclaimed. "Nine to go." Shinji's fighter veered off, followed by his three wingmen to intercept another bomber. Meanwhile, the rest of the squadron was having trouble. Being outnumbered 3–to–1, meant the odds were not good to combat the Chinese air forces. While Shinji's squadron had taken out 9 enemy fighters, they had lost 4 for their efforts. Missiles and bullets were flying everywhere, turning the sky near and above Tokyo into a shooting gallery.

Shinji had now split his bomber killers into two groups, himself and sutabakku in one group, and Sakura no hana, and asashin in the other, to spread out the bomber killing abilities of his group. Asashin moved into position behind bomber number 2 and began to fire his Gatling gun into its tail and engines to send it to the ocean below while Sakura no hana engaged two enemy escort fighters and took them out with gusto.

While sutabakku took out bomber number 3 with a fantastic missile strike to its fuel tanks, causing it to explode in a fireball that Hollywood would drool over. Shinji took the support position against the escort fighter, and engaged in a dogfight, rolling across the sky at high speed, he could hear the metal of his aircraft straining to keep up with his maneuvers. He got in behind the poor bastard in front of him and truly showed them why he was named Shinigami. "Come on you fucker, try and get away from my guns." He opened fire with a few small bursts, and disabled the engines and damaged the right wing of the enemy fighter, sending it careening into bomber number 4. "Yeah, eat that, you pieces of shit." Shinji said, glad the threat was beginning to dwindle. "I'm still seeing 6 bombers and 37 fighters, with 15 of our own fighters still in the fight." Shinji sighed, there were still a lot of guys left to take out. "Alright, I have a plan, all remaining fighters, engage the enemy bombers as your primary target, and ignore the escort fighters. Sakura no hana, asashin, sutabakku split up and engage any enemy that you see. Stay frosty everyone."

"Boss, what are you going to be doing." Sutabakku asked.

"Earning my callsign once again." Shinji said with a grin on his face, and with that he pushed his engines into afterburner and shot off towards the enemy fighters like a scene from an Ace Combat game. Shinji shut off the audible buzzers of his radar and his comm systems, and focused his sights on the cockpits of the enemy fighters. He fired short bursts at the cockpits of any fighter he crossed paths with, killing the pilot or destroying the controls, taking the enemy fighters out of the battle, in a single pass, he killed eight enemy pilots, while conserving ammo to use against more enemy combatants. "29 to go, you fucks." Shinji moved his plane at its limits in a tight wingover maneuver, and turned back to engage the enemy fighters. "Stay away from my pilots!" Shinji shouted as he continued to push his fighter to the limit and keep more of his men from dying. 'A pyrrhic victory won't mean a fucking thing. We have to win, without being killed off by these crazy bastards.' He thought as he approached another few enemy fighters. However he was a few moments too late. He watched as he saw four of his men get shot down by multiple missiles. Enraged, Shinji roared and fired his gun at them and took down six in flurry of bullets. "Bring it on you bastards! 23 to go!" Shinji checked his radar to see how many bombers and his own men were left in the air. "9 including me, and still 5 bombers to go." Shinji looked out in front of him and saw several more of his men were being swarmed by enemy fighters. "There are just too many of them, and I don't have enough time to intercept." Shinji watched as his men cried out for help, and only asashin came to help those in need.

"Hold on guys, I'm right on their tails." Asashin cried out. "I'll get these fuckers off your backs." He fired the rest of his missiles and used the last of his bullets to save 1 of the 5 who were targeted. "I was too late…" Asashin took out 7 fighters, and now knowing he was out of ammo, turned his plane toward the nearest bomber and pushed the throttle to maximum "Sir, I'm sorry, I have to use that last option you gave us…"

"NOOOOOO!" Shinji's scream went unanswered as he watched as one of his good friends flew himself into bomber number 6. "BASTARDS!" Shinji knew there were 3 bombers, 16 fighters, and only 4 defenders including himself left to fight. 'We don't have much of a chance.' He thought. Shinji turned his plane and headed for a group of fighters and a bomber. "Time for some revenge." His plane shrieked as he approached the six fighters and the bomber. He armed 3 of his remaining missiles and launched them, targeting the bomber and the fighters. Two missiles exploded above the one the fighters, as it was turning causing it to break apart and because the enemies were flying so close together, they were shredded by this plane braking apart, sending 4 more enemy fighters to watery graves, and bomber number 7 took the missile hit on its left wing, causing the engines there to flame out and caused a fire to backdraft into the fuel tank, making the thing burst into flames. It kept flying forwards for a bit before it exploded, sending its intact nuclear bomb to the ocean away from Tokyo. Its right wingtip flew off taking out one of the remaining fighters in Shinji's sights, slicing it down the middle and bisecting the plane before it too went up in a ball of flames. Shinji rolled over to the right to engage the now lone enemy and fired his Gatling gun in two short bursts, killing the pilot, and removing one of its tail fins, and sending it into a flat spin all the way down to the coast, where a small fireball erupted on impact. "10 fighters to go."

The next sight Shinji saw was one of the remaining defenders go up in blast of fire and smoke, after being swarmed by 4 enemy fighters. Sutabakku was hot on those asshole's tails, taking out all four in one swift motion with his Gatling gun. However, their disintegrating planes sent lots of shrapnel behind them, which tore into sutabakku's F–15J, damaging his hydraulics and engines, leaving her in a dead plane. "Sir, I'm sorry, I have to eject." Sutabakku said. "Sorry to leave you with clean up duty Shinigami, Sakura no hana, but this bird has had it." Sutabakku pulled the ejection handle, but nothing happened, no canopy removal, no seat rockets firing. "Oh shit, ejection failed…"

"Hold on sutabakku, can you bail out manually?" Shinji asked, now watching in horror as the woman he loved was about to eat it, as an enemy plane saw the damaged fighter and was moving to intercept. Shinji, throwing caution heavily to the wind, pushed his throttle once again to full, to try and take out the enemy before it could take out sutabakku. "Ayumi hold on, I'm coming to save you… because I… because I love you." Shinji cried out.

"You have the best timing, as always Shinji." Sutabakku said, laughing. "I love you too, you dumbass, but I guess this is goodbye…" The rest of the transmission from sutabakku was just static, as Shinji had been too late. As Shinji fired a missile at the enemy plane, it fired one at sutabakku, and simultaneously the hunted and the hunter were shot down.

"5 to go…" Shinji was unable to handle this particular loss, due to the fact he was heavily vested in her survival. He was simply in shock, and within moments that shock became the worst kind of rage anyone would ever see, the kind of rage that boils up whenever someone has nothing left to lose. "I'll kill you… I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" He roared, moving towards one of the remaining three bombers, this one without escort. Without thinking, Shinji fired all his remaining missiles into bomber number 8, and blew it wholly out of the sky, and he broke left as it exploded, avoiding any shrapnel and debris from the floundering aircraft.

Sakura no hana however was engaged with three fighters and bomber number 9. He was out of missiles, could hear his commanding officer's cries of sorrow, and was low on ammo. 'What a fucked up day.' He thought, as he maneuvered behind one of the fighters, and fired a short burst at its engine cowling, causing it to flame out and another burst at its right wing, causing fuel to ignite, and taking the enemy plane out of action. He maneuvered above the second enemy fighter, and fired directly at the cockpit, and making a red streak emanate from the cockpit. The third fighter was proving far more elusive, and did not want to be hit. "Come on you shithead, let's dance." Sakura no hana said trying to bring the enemy in for a clear shot. Sakura no hana feinted right and then moved hard to left and down, which caused the enemy to go down and to the left, because they only saw him move to the right. The enemy had maneuvered right into Sakura no hana's kill zone. "Gotcha, fucker!" Three short bursts later, the enemy aircraft was plummeting towards the ground, and crashed into a hillside below the fight. Now he maneuvered into position above, behind and on the left of the bomber number 9, and pulled his trigger, however, nothing happened. "Fuck me sideways, I'm out of ammo!" He decided on his final plan of attack and moved his fighter to intercept the front of the enemy bomber. "Hey, boss, sorry to lay this on you too, but I guess I didn't take out those bombers before I ran out ammo. My bad." Sakura no hana said as he plowed his plane into the leading edge of the enemy bomber's right wing, breaking it off and causing it to fragment and explode, and taking with it the last man Shinji had left to back him up.

"Goddamnit all!" Shinji yelled. "One bomber and two fighters to go…" Shinji was now all alone, without missiles, and with probably not a lot of ammo left, and only 5 minutes before the enemy bomber was in range to nuke Tokyo. "I have to get rid of those fighters, otherwise I'll never be able to get a clear shot at the bomber." Shinji was in so much shock from the fact that all of his friends were dead, and that he had lost the woman he loved, his emotions simply gave out. He had become a broken man, and became detached from reality. But with that, he no longer feared death.

His radar pinged, showing the two remaining fighters were on his tail, one directly behind him, and one offset and to the right of his tail. Shinji decided he could push his plane to the limit and performed a Kulbit, a tight loop no longer in diameter than his aircraft, and a maneuver which his aircraft technically can't even perform. He pulled it off anyway, hitting the airbrake and pulling hard on the controls, and extending the flaps with alarms about exceeding his wing load limits, and almost blacking out from the strain (not to mention almost ripping his aircraft apart), but he was now behind his pursuer's wingman and fired. He took off the fighter's tail fins and right aileron. The enemy began to roll uncontrollably until it ripped apart from the strain, and was no longer a threat. "One to go."

The second fighter realizing what had happened, moved as quickly as it could to maneuver around behind the now slowed aircraft Shinji was in. Shinji hit the throttle, and heard the airframe around him creak and strain. "Hold together, Yui, I still need your help here… Tokyo needs your help." He said quietly focusing on the fighter behind him. He let it get in close, and wanted the fighter lined up behind him. He increased his altitude as well, because what he was about to do would need it. When the enemy was in position, he once again slammed on the airbrakes, and pulled out every flap he had, and pulled up hard while lowering his thrust output. He was performing Pugachev's Cobra, which brought aircraft just past a vertical position, and he had slowed down so much the enemy perusing him flew directly over Shinji's nose because Shinji had lost some altitude with the maneuver. Shinji's aircraft screamed in defiance as its airframe was pushed beyond its structural limits, but held together, just barely. Taking his chance Shinji fired directly at the underbelly of his pursuer with impeccable timing, causing critical damage to the avionics, cockpit, engine intakes, wing roots, and engines themselves, causing the plane to begin to smoke, and sending it down to the ground below, with a fiery crash. "Just one bomber, and then this mission is fucking over." Shinji said to no one in particular.

He lined up behind the bomber and fired the remaining ammo he had in his Gatling at the enemy, taking out its engines, damaging its wings, and causing it to look like a phoenix as the bomber was engulfed in flames. However, even in its death throes, the bomber was able to open its bomb bay doors and drop its payload, a single, large, nuclear bomb. The bomber then, after completing its mission, broke apart and headed for what would become a nuclear wasteland.

The nuke exploded just north of Tokyo Tower, and blew apart with an explosive force of 240 times the strength of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, and it wiped out the city, turning it in an uninhabitable area. Shinji was flying relatively low, and could not pull up in time to avoid the shockwave from the bomb, or the EMP that emanated from its detonation. His plane was disabled, and damaged, and left to spin uncontrollably as it broke apart around its pilot. "I'm sorry, Yui." He said as he knew his death was close. "I guess I won't make it back to let you know I'm ok, but I'm glad I called you before I left." He smiled while looking up and closing his eyes. "Ayumi, I'll be seeing you soon." What was left of his plane exploded on impact with the ground, killing Colonel Shinji Ikari, and ending the battle of Tokyo once and for all.

It was no victory, or loss, it was simply a tragedy.

October 31, 2000 – Battles have been raging around the world since Tokyo was nuked, and the U.S. found that it had been wrong to leave Japan undefended with only a defense force for protection. The U.S. moved the U.S.S. Enterprise and her Carrier Strike group into position to protect Japan from any other hostile threats and also to retaliate against China for the unprovoked revenge attack for acts committed during WWII.

The U.S. had been well insulated due to its military might, and Russia was in the same position. The two Cold War enemies had come to an agreement that would keep them from fighting each other, and also to protect each other from any attacks by other nations.

On this date, the U.S. led a massive air raid on China with the support of Russia and the JSDF in retaliation for the death and destruction caused the month before by the nuclear bombing of Tokyo. The air raid was comprised of what planes were available and totally decimated China's military, industrial, and political might, leaving the nation weakened and not in a good position.

The remnants of the government in China protested that the U.S. had nuked japan twice in 1945, and had no right to judge others. Russia countered that the U.S. did that in a time of war to force a surrender, and it was not unprovoked. The U.N. did not have an opinion either way, but was glad the U.S. and Russia didn't nuke China in response. China was then faced with another threat, the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.

Meanwhile in the Middle East with the attack on China underway, Israel finally saw its chance to get rid of its enemies once and for all, and in a massive show of force, declared war on several states, had its military invade and purge all of the Palestinian lands inside Israel's historic borders and reclaim them permanently for Israel. They also launched a massive strike of nuclear warheads at every Middle Eastern country within their reach, wiping the governments (and majority of the people) of Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria off the map, turning a large swath of inhospitable land into an uninhabited wasteland. In the space of 20 hours, Israel rained death on those who had been poised to destroy them for decades, and secured their safety for a long time to come. This would be named in the media the One Day War, or the One Sided War, considering Israel suffered no casualties during the short duration of the war.

November 14, 2000 – In the few weeks since China was decimated by air raids that leveled the industrialized areas of the country, the Republic of China successfully invaded and defeated the communist regime, and took back the power they had lost in the civil war after WWII. The Republic of China on Taiwan once again became the Republic of China, and the People's Republic of China ceased to exist.

Also in that part of the world, more communist forces were defeats after an invasion by Russian, U.S., and South Korean troops into North Korea. Pyongyang was taken in 36 hours, and the rest of the country fell within days of the invasion after their leader had reportedly died defending the capital from the coalition forces.

Greece and Italy had been in a state of open war for months, and the battle was coming to a head on this day, with bombing campaigns that had leveled both countries, a final battle in the Ionian Sea between the remainder of the air forces and navy of both countries left completely decimated, and no longer of any threat to anybody else.

The world as a whole is continuing its spin into decay and ruin. Disease and famine are running rampant, with minimal resources to combat them, as much of the world's food was destroyed in the disaster, and doctors are scares and spread thin, while war and death plague all the peoples of Earth, as conflicts escalate and countries still able to fight engage in a war with no real purpose. The Four Horseman ride free.

December 25, 2000 – The U.N. was beginning to regain control in world politics. After the tsunami wiped out many nations, and India and Pakistan's nuclear brawl, after the defeat of the people's Republic of China, the U.S. and Russia becoming allies, Italy and Greece fighting to what could be called an all–around loss for both countries, battles between the U.K. and France, and the forced subjugation of Ireland to U.K. rule, there were fewer countries to be concerned about, and with the two superpowers of the world working together to try and regain order, the U.N. could begin to function again as an international peacekeeper. Bu the U.N. also wanted more, the power to be able to direct governments and control a military allowed to fight against threats to the planet. Legislation began to be drafted by the U.N. to dictate this when peace was once again restored.

Also on this day, a discovery was made in a lab in Germany quite by accident. By using a certain compound codenamed LCL, one could turn a nuclear weapon into an even more destructive weapon, without any radioactive fallout. This important discovery was made by a young scientist by the name of Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, and she decided to name her discovery Nuclear Nullified or N2 to denote that it was still a nuclear weapon, but did not have dangerous fallout from use. Larger countries that heard of the discovery wanted to begin to convert their existing stockpiles of nuclear warheads into the N2 format.

February 14, 2001 – One word: Peace. On board the ship stationed near Japan for protection there was a very large delegation. The reason for this delegation was to sign a treaty ending the hostilities around the world. The countries that still existed and other territories that wished for protection were all on the deck of the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise, CVN–65. On the deck was a table that held the signatory page that everyone had to pass to sign they agreed to the terms and conditions in the treaty. The full document was sent to all the governments of the world, whether they were interested or not. A short version with summary headings was next to the signatory document and read as follows:

Valentine Ceasefire Accords
Treaty for the Cessation of War on Earth

Article I:
This treaty, when signed is to bind the signatory to cease all aggressions against any
other signatory country or territory.

Article II:
All signatories of this Treaty approve to allow binding international laws to be ratified
by the United Nations and to give funding to the United nations per your country or
territory's percentage of world population.

Article III:
All signatories of this Treaty approve to give up control of the majority of their military
forces to United Nations control to create a new world military force. All nations and
territories that are signatories on this Treaty are allowed to keep and maintain their
own militaries (all branches) at reduced levels as designated in the full Treaty document.

Article IV:
The maintaining of standard nuclear warheads is now strictly prohibited. With the
discovery of the Nuclear Nullified (N2) technology, all signatories must convert existing
stockpiles, and create any new weaponry using the N2 technology.

Article V:
All signatories of this Treaty are entitled to call upon the U.N. military force to augment
their own forces as needed and prescribed in the full Treaty document.

Article VI:
All signatories hereby are required to have a staff of no less than 7 and no more than 30
assigned to the U.N. at all times.

Article VII:
All signatories are requires to ratify this treaty and all other U.N. resolutions into law
as per Article II.

Article VIII:
In accordance with terms works out in the United Nations General Resolution 45877,
this treaty is authorized for signature by a unanimous vote of the U.N. General

Article IX:
This Treaty has an effective date of Wednesday February 14, 2001, 12:00 UTC.

Article X:
By signing this treaty you, as the designated signatory of your country or territory,
acknowledge the contents of this treaty are understood and accepted by the country or
territory you represent, and are binding upon signature.

The treaty was signed by all but one country left in the world, Spain, as it did not want to give up its military. However with the other delegates in attendance, and in particular the German Ambassador, Keel Lorenz was instrumental in convincing the man representing Spain, and the rest of the Spanish delegation to sign the treaty. With Spain having signed (after a lot of convincing) the world was once again at peace, however, it was no longer in control of its own destiny.

February 25, 2001 – Geofront–01, Hakone, Japan

After the massive cataclysmic events emanating from Antarctica, and the wars that followed, more effort was put into the construction of the Geofront. The six kilometer diameter circular chamber that tapered up to a two kilometer wide hole (which itself was at least 200 meter deep) in the ceiling 900 meters above the floor. The ground at the bottom was still only raw earth, however, there were plans to plant a forest, grass, and create an underground lake to compliment the new facility. Excess dirt was shifted to the south side and turned into crude hills rather than transporting it out of the hole it fell into. They too were to be planted with trees and grass.

Gendo was standing over what was to become the Gehirn Research Institute. Its pyramid frame had begun to be laid out, and its sub–subterranean chambers were being dug out to begin construction on a massive facility in and under the Geofront. However, unknown to the majority of the staff assigned to this job, they were looking for something else, the other beast that fought Adam from the apocrypha, Lilith. There were only two who knew what they were actually looking for, Gendo Ikari and Naoko Akagi.

They had been digging for months, ever since the Great Calamity, deep within the Geofront floor, towards the center of the Black Moon. Today, Gendo was on duty, which he did regret slightly considering his wonderful wife was pregnant with their child. Gendo approached one of the workers. "How is the digging progressing?"

"We're 2 klicks below the Geofront floor." The worker responded. "We're going slowly in case we run into any large objects, as ordered."

"Excellent, please continue." Gendo said as he went back up to the observation post to relax, and wait patiently for his shift to end. So he sat back in the chair and waited patiently. He hated waiting, and because whenever he was home he tended gingerly to Yui's requests, he had rarely gotten any sleep. So, being as bored as he was, he fell asleep in the chair.

Several hours later, Gendo was awoken by shouting coming from the intercom on the desk "…you there Ikari?" Was what Gendo woke up to. "Ikari, I repeat, we've found something. We're not sure what it is, but its here."

Gendo came out of his drowsy haze immediately upon hear they had found something 'We've found you.' He thought happily. "I'll be right down, cease all digging operations." He got up and rushed to the spot where they had uncovered a blank, white head, with no discernable features other than what looked like ears. Gendo stood proudly over the find and spoke very quietly. "Hello Lilith."

To Be Continued

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