Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode II: Attack of the Seeds

Chapter 7 – Rebel Without a Cause
July 1998 – Sendai, Japan

A young boy was sitting in his room with his younger brother, playing F–Zero X. He had brown eyes, and brown hair that was short in the back, and just long enough in the front that it covered one of his eyebrows. 'Damn, he may be four years younger, but that's still no excuse to be this bad at videogames.' Ryoji Kaji thought as he played, even when he tried to let his kid brother win, it just wouldn't happen.

"Ryoji, you're so good at this game!" Taichi exclaimed.

Kaji had a thought. 'I'm not good, he just doesn't have the hand eye coordination yet, poor kid.' Kaji had a large grin on his face when he replied. "I know, and it only came out last week. I guess I haven't had anything better to do seeing as school is out for the summer."

"Can you teach me how to play this game better?" Taichi asked, looking at his brother, and causing his in–game racer to crash headlong onto a guard rail.

"Sure, first lesson." Kaji turned his brother's head to the screen. "Pay attention. Otherwise, you're liable to crash into things."

Taichi laughed at his brother's instruction. "Ok, what comes after that?" He asked.

The two boys could hear their mother calling from downstairs for them to come and eat.

"Well we'll go over that after dinner, bro." He turned off the N64. "Let's head downstairs before mom gets pissed."

"Alright." Taichi said, following closely behind his brother.

The boys arrived downstairs to see their mother fully engrossed in setting out the food she had made. 'What the hell is with all this food?' Kaji thought raising his eyebrows. As they came to the table they saw what was for dinner, American Cuisine. Their mother was quite the cook and had a good grasp of western food seeing as their father enjoyed it so much from his dealings in the States. It was a large sampling of food (with enormous portions) from across the U.S.; Hamburgers, French fires, steak, hot dogs, barbeque ribs, Spanish rice, potato skins, mac & cheese, fried beans, potato salad, and pasta salad. The boys looked at the food ravenously. 'Jeez, she went all out didn't she, wonder what the occasion is?' Kaji thought as he approached the table to sit down.

"Mom, why so much food? Isn't this a bit much?" Kaji asked. "I mean you could feed an army with all this food, or maybe just a platoon."

"Well, young man, your father just got a promotion, and I know how much he loves this American food, so I decided to treat him to a huge dinner." His mother replied. "And none of the recipes I found had any smaller portion sizes…"

"Really, mom, hot dogs can be cooked in smaller quantities…" Kaji said, smirking at his mother. "And that goes for hamburgers too. What's the real reason for the food mom?"

"Well, I was excited, and couldn't restrain myself, so I just started to cook my heart out." His mother responded. "But it's really none of your concern how much food we have, young man, just be grateful." She said sternly. "Now sit down and eat to your heart's content."

As Kaji and Taichi were sitting down to eat, their father walked in. "A, bikkurishita!" He exclaimed. "What's all this?"

"It's a surprise for your promotion darling, congratulations." Kaji's mother said.

Kaji answered with a mouth full of mac & cheese. "Yeah dad, congratulations!"

"Can you get promoted more often?" Taichi said, while he used two forks to eat fried beans and French fries "Because I love all this food."

"Well, kiddo, it's not an everyday thing." Kaji's father said, taking a seat at the table and throwing his hat on the sideboard. "Now let me get some of this delicious food."

Kaji looked as his family sitting around the table, joking and laughing, and living life 'Man, I love my family,' Kaji thought as he ate. 'I don't know what I'd do without them. I mean, I know it's supposed to be a kind of unconditional love, but a lot of people don't have that. But I do, and I'm glad I have a loving family. '

The family sat and ate together not knowing what would happen in a few short years, and that the happiness they shared would be shattered by a few men seeking godhood.

September 13, 2001 – Fukushima, Japan

'War is everywhere around us, no one knows what's going on and no one is helping us. We are the forgotten, the children forgotten in the tides of war while the four horsemen ride.' Kaji thought sullenly to himself. 'Things don't look like they're going to get any better, and where we are, that can't be a good thing.'

In the last year so much had changed. Kaji and Taichi had survived because they were in Yamagata at the Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum for a school day trip, protecting them from the devastating tidal wave, unlike their parents and the rest of their school. So with nowhere to go back to, seeing as their previous home was now underwater (what hadn't been destroyed by the tidal wave anyway) Kaji and his younger brother were sitting in a mass shelter for children. The shelter, as described by Kaji. 'It's more like an orphanage for unwanted survivors.' Kaji thought. The orphanage, or dumping ground, was a converted office building, with no walls separating the large amount of cots that were inside for the children. There were so many children inside the shelter however, that there was not enough cots or blankets or clothes to go around, the water was constantly not working, leaving the showers unusable (not that they had soap anyway) and don't even think about cleaning your clothes, what you had on your back was it. Coupled with the fact that the inside was also poorly ventilated, leaving a stench that smelled like a locker room left to rot. 'I hate it here, there's so much fighting just to get room to lay down on the floor, it's like we're sardines. Did the government forget about us?' Kaji thought as he made sure his brother was kept safe from the other, more violent kids, and the severe adults.

Because of a lack of adults (and funding) the rules inside the orphanage were strict. Not following the rules resulted in extreme corporal punishment, which consisted mainly of whatever physical punishment the guards came up with. 'I still have the marks from last time I stepped outside of their retarded rules and kept my brother from getting hurt.' Kaji thought, thinking back to the beating he took from the guard on duty, he had used a nightstick and beat Kaji until he was barely conscious. 'Those bastards, they beat us just to keep us in line, then we beat each other just to get what little resources we have from one another, I guess it's true what Lord of Flies was about, when society falls, people fall into total chaos and savagery.'

Food was even scarcer than any other resource the government could have offered. Most of it was rotted or stale leftovers from military bases or government facilities that made its way to the orphanages. 'They can't even feed us right, half the time we starve, and even when we do get food, I wouldn't exactly call it edible, or even food.' Kaji mused as he looked over what appeared to be curry rice, however it looked more like a rust red cement mix. 'Man, I'd rather eat shit…'

After a year of hell in that shit ass orphanage, Kaji had had enough. 'I need to get me and my brother out of this place. We'd be better off on the outside, at least we wouldn't be crammed in here and at the mercy of the government.' Kaji began to hatch a plan to escape the orphanage. 'I need to think of a way out of this place, and to take Taichi with me.' Kaji thought while he and his brother found a place sleep. 'We can't escape alone, we'll need help, from people we can trust, people that want out of here as much as I do. People who aren't assholes. But how do we get out of here? I know there isn't a lot of security. High tech stuff isn't really used much now, but there's still that fence outside.' Kaji saw it outside the window he was passing, it was made of concrete pillars with iron bar sections mounted between the pillars. They looked a little rusty, and some of the concrete pillars were cracked. 'Well, we could probably get over the bars, but the building is locked tight at night. Maybe if we get to the roof, the door is kinda weak, and there's a fire escape we can use to sneak off the side of the building.' Kaji sat down and kept watch over his sleeping brother. 'But the plan can only work if we have allies to help us, and if the adults are distracted by something. What could distract them? A fire maybe? No, that's too extreme, it could hurt the others in here. A power outage? Nope, they won't care, it's not their problem if the power is out. A fight could work, but that seems a little too small to get all the adults involved.' Kaji was running out of ideas, but then one struck him like lightning 'What about a brawl, they love breaking those up. They'll be distracted by that, but it'll take time to set up a brawl. There are seeds of discord to set with the few gangs that are in here.' Kaji's plan was starting to take shape, and he thought it could work 'With the time I need to bring those idiot gangs to each other's throats, I can make a few friends, get some supplies hidden away, and get the fuck out of here.' Kaji however, stopped himself. 'What supplies do we need? Where would I hide the supplies?' Kaji needed a secure place to hide what was needed to escape with, but drew a blank. 'Well, I know we'll need some kind of food, and definitely water. Maybe we can start to swipe some of that beef jerky they keep hoarding in the office, and some of the rice cakes they have too, those don't taste great but they'll keep us alive, that's what matters.' Kaji frowned a bit. 'But water could be a big problem, we don't have anything to store it in. And without it, we'd be in some big trouble.' Kaji sighed as he leaned back against the wall and looked at his brother. 'Well, I can't make up a plan all in one night, I'm no Hannibal Smith. I'll need time to make a good plan, to plug the holes, and to figure out who I can trust.' He chuckled. 'Time, something people never have enough of, but always want more of…' Kaji looked at his sleeping brother's form. 'I just need to get a plan together before it's too late.' Kaji's face became rigid and tense. 'I've lost my mom and dad, my home, and my life to that damn tidal wave and the Great Calamity, I won't lose Taichi too!'

February 8, 2003 – Utsunomiya, Japan

It had taken Kaji and Taichi six months to finally escape the orphanage. Kaji's plan had worked like a charm. They had stolen enough beef jerky and rice cakes to last them a few weeks, and found some old thermoses to store water in to drink. Kaji had found a few old friends, kids he recognized from his old life, between his age and his brother's age. With their help, the plan came together. A brawl was started by the two largest gangs that kept the adults (and other kids) occupied long enough for the seven of them to get their food and water, break onto the roof, climb down the fire escape, and leave over the fence in the dead of night. It had been a wonderful plan.

In the months since then Kaji, Taichi, and their five friends had been on the run from the orphanage, or whoever might want to put them back into one of those places, trying to find somewhere safe to stay, and places to loot for essentials, like food, water, and clothing. They traveled southwest and found Koriyama after a few weeks, the area was pretty well picked over. Kaji always said. "We need to keep going guys, if we stop, they'll throw us back in that damn hellhole they call a safe haven."

They passed Ishikawa next, and found it had been stripped of anything useful, most likely by the government. Kaji, however was undeterred, and pushed the group on to Higashishirakawa, a village in the Gifu Prefecture. The village was devoid of people, but it was a nice place to stay for a few months. The boys had stocked up on food, and rested, before realizing they needed to keep going, as this place was unsafe, because troops were scouting the town for resources, the boys fled with their supplies before they were found.

Next on their journey they wandered to Kuji, where supplies were once again scarce, and they continued on until they found Nasukarasuyama and Sakura both stripped of supplies. 'This lack of materials and food is becoming a common theme, and I don't like it.' Kaji thought as they passed through the second area devoid of anything useful. 'What a pain in the ass this is.' After almost six months on the road, traveling in what seemed like near starvation, the boys finally stumbled into what they found to be a fantastic to camp, the remains of Utsunomiya, on what appeared to be the new coastline.

They looked around the city for somewhere to stay and hide, and found a wonderful abandoned building near the highway. It was a large empty warehouse, big enough for all of them. They began going out and scrounging furniture from the surrounding area to fill the warehouse with. 'With a little furniture, this place could be livable.' Kaji thought. After a month or so, the warehouse was furnished, and the boys had found an old out of the way store that still had food and other supplies on the shelves. 'Man, this place has got everything we need, even a portable camping stove, and small tanks of propane! We'll have light and be able to cook too. No more beef jerky!' Kaji had thought when they found the place. It took a week, but the boys were able to clean the store out and live quite comfortably for a while. However in the last few weeks, supplies were running low, and the boys began scouting for new place to get food from, and they found it near the water, a military base. 'Oh, this looks like a good place to get supplies from.' Kaji and the others thought.

On closer inspection, it was revealed that there was no physical security or alarms that would be tripped if they snuck in, just a simple chain link fence and guards on patrol. 'Good, as long as only one of us go in at a time and take only what we need, they shouldn't notice anything.' Kaji thought. They had been sneaking onto the base for the past month and a half. This particular night, it was Kaji's turn to nab the goods so they could eat. Kaji was getting ready to go, when his younger brother came to talk to him before he left.

"Hey, Ryoji, why don't you ever let me go and get the food from that military base?" Taichi asked.

"Well, I don't think it's safe for you to go, that's all. I just don't want you to get hurt." Kaji replied. "I know it's stupid to be so protective, but that's just who I am."

"I get it Ryoji, I just wish you'd trust me a bit more. I can take care of myself ya know." Taichi said, punching Kaji lightly on the arm.

"I know, Tai, but you'll be safe here." Kaji rustled his hair. "I'll be back in an hour or so, so sit tight." Kaji grabbed the backpack they had found to transport food, and left the warehouse.

Kaji left and headed down to the base. He found the place in the fence where the damage was hidden by a temporary shed and snuck in. Kaji went to the warehouse, avoiding the guards and sneaking inside, Kaji looked around for somethings to take 'Alrighty, I have to find stuff that they have enough of and won't miss.' Kaji thought as he looked around 'Well, they have lots of jerky and instant noodles, I guess we'll take some of those. Ugh, rice cakes, I guess taking some of these won't be so bad either.' Kaji wandered to a few different shelves and found some drinks. 'Juice in can, this will be a nice change from just plain water.'

As Kaji was loading up his bag he heard a voice. "Hey! Who's there! Show yourself!" It was a guard, shining a light in the direction of Kaji. Kaji stayed very still, so as to not attract any attention. "We know you're there! Come on out, or else!" The few cans Kaji had left in his hands clattered to the floor. The guard walked over to the noise and shined the light on Kaji. When they came closer it was revealed that five men were standing there looking over him. The guard that had been shouted moved forward and swiftly kneed Kaji in the gut. Kaji was on the ground, gasping for air.

The guards watched in amusement as Kaji was on the ground "Well, well, well. This worthless little punk thought he could get the five finger discount on our shit, like you have been for a while, you little punk." The guard that had hit Kaji pulled him up by his hair. "Where are your friends you little fuck?" He spat. "Rats got nests right? Where are they hiding?!" He shook Kaji by the hair. "We got proper places for little shits like you. You're going back where you belong, got it?"

"Wh… What're you sayin'? I'm alone, it's just me." Kaji realized he needed to protect his friends. "I don't got any friends…"

The guard punched Kaji hard with a right hook to the face. "DON'T YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" He yelled. "We know you…" He punched him again. "Hang out in a…" He slammed Kaji into the wall. "PACK!" The guard kept hitting him as he continued to speak. "You wanna tell me where they are yet, dipshit? You think this is as bad as it can get?!" He threw Kaji at the floor.

Kaji, who had a little fight left in him had a coy response for the bastard beating him up "Go ahead… make my day."

"Well, well, this kid's got balls, a regular, fucking Harry Callahan." The guard quipped as he pushed his foot into Kaji's back. "I guess he's not so much of a punk after all." He moved his foot to the back of Kaji's head and pressed down "Well, if violence isn't going to work, why don't I appeal to your intellect instead, alright?" He pulled his sidearm from its holster. "Regulations state that deadly force is authorized." He released the safety. "Towards trespassers at military facilities." He cocked the gun. "You know what that means?" Kaji turned his head to see the gun being pointed at him. "It means that no one will give a fuck if we kill you right here, right now." The guard lifted Kaji off the ground by his shirt with one hand and pushed the gun against Kaji's cheek with the other. "Kid, this is your last chance. Tells where the others are hiding, and I'll spare you're your worthless little life." The sadistic guard decided he wanted to push Kaji just a little bit harder and looked him straight in the eye. "And just so you know, the manual for this gun says the trigger pull is about two and half kilos. So, I have one last question for you. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?"

Kaji was afraid 'What should I do… I don't want to die, but I shouldn't give up my friends for my life.' Kaji thought, his face was bloodied and bruised from his beating.


Kaji couldn't think, he was so scared. 'I can't protect my brother if I'm dead. If I die, he'll have no one else to help him, he'll have no family left.'


Kaji needed to make a choice. 'I don't want to die… … … … … I don't want to die… … … …I don't want to die… … … I don't want to die… … I don't want to die… I don't want to die. I don't want to die! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!' Kaji spoke, and as he did, he also started to cry. "Down at the abandoned building… near the highway."

"Okay." The guard said, and he turned the safety for his gun back on. "Good boy." He turned to the other men. "Let's go guys. You…" He pointed to one of them. "Stay here and watch him, until we confirm his friends are where he says they are."

"Yes, sir!" The other guard said, as the rest of the guards left, leaving Kaji to sit and cry quietly while this other guy berated and teased him. "I guess we're going to play house together, huh kid?" The guard turned away as he chuckled at Kaji's misfortune.

'What did I do? I put everyone in danger just to save myself.' Kaji thought, as he sat there and endured the pain. 'I have to get away and warn them, before that sadistic guard gets to them. I have to get to Taichi.' Kaji saw that near his hand there was a can of juice he'd dropped. 'If I throw this hard enough at the back of his head I should be able to knock him out cold, or at least distract him long enough to get away.' Kaji picked up the can quietly and hurled it at the base of the guard's head. It made contact, and made him stumble. Kaji grabbed the backpack next to him and ran off.

The guard regained his composure and fired his rifle in the direction Kaji had run of in "Come back here you little fuck!"

Kaji ran and ran, not looking back until he was off the base. He got under the fence, and hightailed it back to the abandoned warehouse. By the time he got back, he saw a military truck burning rubber. 'Oh no…' Kaji thought as he ran to the door. Kaji saw that the door had been blasted off its hinges. And inside, the sight was too much for Kaji to take. All Kaji could make out were six lifeless lumps covered in blood, and riddled with bullet holes.

Kaji saw his brother was on the couch, his chest was full of holes, and his lifeless eyes were staring at Kaji. "I didn't mean to!" Kaji yelled at his brother's dead stare. "I didn't think that they would kill you!" He walked over to his brother's body and shook it. "I didn't want to die, I didn't think I had any other choice!" Kaji started to cry. "I'm sorry, Taichi… I just didn't want to die…"

"What have I done?! I traded my life for all of theirs! They didn't deserve this! I did!" Kaji screamed at the ceiling. "I killed them! I'm a murder! I deserve to die!"

"IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" Kaji screamed while holding Taichi's lifeless body.

April 8, 2003 – Nikko, Japan

It had been two months since the death of his brother, was Kaji was in a haze. He wandered away from the warehouse after setting it on fire, and taking whatever he could carry to survive on his own. Kaji was now alone. "I don't deserve to live, I got my brother killed, I just want to die." He kept telling himself. "I took his life, and my friends lives just so I could live in this shit hole of a world. I was stupid, and I need pay for what I've done."

Kaji took his things with him, and got up from where he had been crying, and walked towards the mountain. It was time to pay back those whose lives were lost because of him. "I'm going to jump." Kaji said. Kaji was now at rock bottom, and all he wanted to do was die and atone for his sins.

As he walked up the mountain Kaji was talking to himself. "I just want to die… … … … … I just want to die… … … …I just want to die… … … I just want to die… … I just want to die… I just want to die. I just want to die! I JUST WANT TO DIE!" He shouted as he reached the top. He put down his bag, and walked over to the ledge, it was a long way down. Kaji gulped. "I'm coming to see you again, Taichi."

However, before Kaji could jump, the ground beneath his left foot gave way and he fell, and as a reflex he grabbed something so he wouldn't fall, a thick tree root. "Fuck!" Kaji exclaimed. "I was wrong, I don't want to die!" Kaji yelled, as he struggled to not fall. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

With some effort, Kaji pulled himself up and onto himself to solid ground again. "I'm a coward, a total coward. I was going to do it, but the ground broke free, I couldn't go through with it. I deserve to die, but I can't even let myself fall to my death!" Kaji passed out where he had dragged himself to, sleeping next to the backpack he brought up the mountain with him.

In is dream he couldn't escape what he was thinking. He saw his brother standing there.

"Why Ryoji, why did you kill me? Why couldn't you die to protect me? You said you'd protect me." The apparition of Taichi said.

"I didn't want you to die, because if I died who would protect you?" Kaji yelled.

"But I am dead, Ryoji, by your actions, you gave us up to save your life." Taichi said. "What can you do to atone for your sins other than dying?"

"I don't want to die, no matter how much I deserve to, I just can't! I'm not ready!" Kaji yelled back.

"I wasn't ready either, Ryoji, and yet, I am dead." Taichi said calmly. "But I have died with no purpose to my death, a senseless killing."

"What do you mean?" Kaji asked.

"Why did I have to die? Why did mom and dad have to die? Why did all those people die in the tsunami? Why did they deserve death?" Taichi said, looking right at Kaji. "What caused all of this to happen, Ryoji?"

"I don't know why it happened but it did! I wish I knew, but I doubt anyone will ever know!" Kaji yelled back, unsure of what his brother meant.

"Ryoji, do you really believe no one was behind this disaster, this Great Calamity?" Taichi asked. "Are you that dense as to not see that something else was behind this, that Mother Nature is not the cause?"

"What do you mean?" Kaji asked.

"Perhaps the only way to atone is to find out what happened to ill three billion people, including your beloved family. Bringing them to justice may be the only way to atone for what you have done." Taichi stated, giving Kaji the answer to what he was looking for.

"I will, Tai, I will find out who did this." Kaji said confidently.

"Good, Ryoji, I'm glad you understand what you must do…"

"Wait, Taichi!" Kaji woke with a start covered in a cold sweat. "TAICHI!"

"I will avenge you, Taichi, I will avenge you and every other person who died because of this." Kaji said to the moon. "Even if it kills me, I will find out who's responsible and take their life to avenge half of the world."

August 1, 2003 – Azumino, Japan

It took Kaji a few months, but he finally found somewhere to start his life again. A life he stole from those he cared about, a life he stole from his brother, Taichi.

He found relatives living in Azumino, his mother's cousin and his wife who he had seen a few times. He remembered them during another dream where his ghostly brother appeared to him reminding him of exactly that. He arrived on their doorstep, and they could barely recognize who he was. However, Kaji explained about everything that happened, and how he had ended up there after escaping from the orphanage, and the deaths of his friends and brother at the hands of the military. They were appalled at what he had gone through, but were glad he had survived, and took him in. 'They're nice people, I'm glad I remembered I had family that may not be dead.' Kaji thought.

Instead of enrolling him at the local senior high school, and allowing him time to recover from his ordeals, his guardians asked if he would take the Kotogakko Sotsugyoteidoninteishiken instead of putting him through school. Kaji wasn't stupid, and had never skipped class before the Great Calamity, and decided it was the best option for him, so he could start college sooner rather than later. He would have been in his last year of high school anyway if this had not happened, so he didn't see a problem with studying to take the exam. He studied hard, and as he walked out of the test center that day, he had the results in his hand. "I got a 98 overall!" Kaji was proud of himself, and looked at the grade report he was given:

99 – Japanese
99 – Math
99 – English

World History
95 – World History A

Geography and History
92 – Japanese History B

100 – Ethics
100 – Politics and Economy

99 – Basic Physics
97 – Basic Chemistry
100 – Basic Biology

'Well, with these scores, I can apply to that new university in Tokyo–2, I should be able to get in. When I do, I can find some easy degree to get that will help me out in my search for the truth.' Kaji thought. 'I'm not sure how to start looking into stuff, but seeing as the new capital is in Tokyo–2, and that the U.N. will be moving there in a few years, it's as good a place as any to start searching.'

On his walk home, Kaji saw a pamphlet in a store window, being distributed by the government, with permission from the U.N. Its title was quite explicit, "The Destruction of Antarctica and its After Effects, Causes and Explanations"

'What a title.' Kaji thought, he went in, and bought a drink, and took one of the pamphlets. He'd been studying so hard, he didn't even realize that a report on what had happened had come out. 'Clearly this is the cliff notes version for us stupid civilians.' Kaji thought, looking the pamphlet over as he walked. 'The event, to be further referred to as the Second Impact… blah, blah, blah… detected the meteor 15 minutes before impact… a small meteorite, no larger than basketball struck the ice cap in Antarctica near Mt. Markham at approximately 95% the speed of light… For this reason… ice caps melted… Katsuragi Expedition, the team investigating meteor activity in Antarctica were killed… sole survivor's identity to be hidden to protect their privacy…First Impact killed the dinosaurs, Second Impact almost killed humans.' Kaji read. "What bullshit!" He exclaimed, starling the people walking next to him.

Realizing he had said hat out loud, he walked a little faster and got to the loop train. He sat down and buried himself in the pamphlet once again. 'How could anyone identify something the size of a basketball that was approaching the speed of light? I'm no scientist, but that seems hard to believe.' He thought. 'I wonder who wrote this report. It seems full of inconsistences that I can't explain, but I know are there. I'll have my work cut out for me, with bullshit like this being spread as government propaganda of what happened.' Kaji sighed, and looked at the cover of the pamphlet. 'All I know is, someone is responsible and they need to pay for what they did, for all the lives they took.'

Kaji sat back in his seat and pocketed the pamphlet, and opened his juice. 'Whatever it takes, I'll find out what really happened, and then, I'll get my revenge, and then, I'll finally be at peace.'

To Be Continued

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After this chapter, it's back to the main story line, and there won't be too much more jumping around. I'm trying to get in a place where the story will become linear at some point, which will happen by the start of Episode IV. There will however be one more origin story in this Episode, dealing with Misato (Part II), after Second Impact, and the loss of her family, going to school, and college, and adjusting to life knowing that a meteor didn't cause Second Impact, an experiment with something humans didn't understand did, and that you can't tell anyone the truth about what you saw.

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