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A Walk Out Of Reach

Chapter 23-Final Chapter

The group halted the horses at the bottom of the steps and Aragorn glanced at his father before sliding off his horse. The tall Elf was still studying them, his gaze unrelenting and his expression stern. The ranger took a deep breath and tried to make his stomach cease its nervous fluttering. Trying to elude the inevitable, Aragorn turned back to his friend and helped Legolas slide from the back of the horse. He did not notice Lord Elrond's frown grow even deeper at the gesture.

Legolas swatted his hands away trying hard to be inconspicuous. He whispered in the ranger's ear, "Stop it Aragorn. Your father will notice for sure."

Aragorn jerked his hands away from the prince and held them stiffly at his sides. He had automatically aided his friend without even realizing he was doing it, forgetting they were under the scrutiny of his watchful father. Lord Elrond would know they were trying to hide something for sure now. They might as well just give in and throw themselves upon his mercy rather than suffer the torment of waiting.

He followed his brothers and Legolas up the steps, a forced smile upon his lips and feet dragging. Lord Elrond embraced each of his sons as well as Legolas. "Thank Illuvitar you are all home, safely." He stressed the last word and looked hard at Aragorn and the woodland prince when he said it.

Legoals swallowed and nodded his head. He hated when Lord Elrond gave him 'the look'. "Yes, though our journey was long my lord, it was quite uneventful." He looked at Aragorn for help but the ranger only shook his head and pressed his lips together tightly.

Elrond followed the prince's gaze and caught his human son's gesture. With a sigh, he turned to Elladan and Elrohir. Both were grinning widely at seeing Legolas and Aragorn squirm but their grins quickly disappeared under their father's glare.

"Was your journey as *uneventful* as well?" the tall lord inquired of his sons.

Elladan's eyes widened a little and he felt his twin jab him in the side. He sputtered , "No Ada, I mean yes Ada! We have learned much but nothing happened you need to know about, I mean nothing of importance, that is…" He trailed off knowing that he had just confirmed his father's suspicions.

Elrond shook his head and tried to keep his expression stern. "I thought as much. From the looks of you all, especially Legolas," he nodded towards the prince. "it would seem that trouble was met at every turn."

Elrohir interrupted his father, "Ada, how do the horses fare? Are they well?"

The Elven lord nodded and his expression softened, "They are well my son and are resting comfortably."

Elrohir sighed in relief and Aragorn closed his eyes in silent thanks.

Before anyone could say anything further, Elrond turned to Lenthion. Aragorn had not even noticed his friend behind him, so worried had he been about his father's reaction. "Lenthion, you will inform me of what you know while these unruly four make their way to the house of healing."

Legolas started to protest but was silenced by a look from Lord Elrond. "You will wait for me there. I am sure it will not take Lenthion long to tell me what he knows."

Lenthion looked at Aragorn with dismay and the ranger knew his friend had no chance at all of keeping their secrets. Lord Elrond steered the Elf towards his council chambers.

The other Elves took Legolas' and Elladan's horses. They would be well tended at the stables. Before long the three Elves and human were left standing alone on the stone steps.

Elrohir turned to Elladan with a scowl and swatted his brother's arm, "You certainly did it brother. We may have fooled father had it not been for your bumbling!"

Elladan shook his head in denial. "Nay Elrohir! He already suspected something had happened. One only has to look at Legolas here to know that!" He turned to Aragorn, "And didn't I tell you brother that he would notice you wore not your own cloak? He was looking at it strangely. We should have done as Elrohir suggested and looked for a stream to wash in. Then we would have been more presentable. Now we shall have to listen to father lecture us on the do's and don'ts of traveling safely!"

Aragorn stifled a groan. It seems they would be subjected to the torment of waiting after all for the lecture that was sure to come had only been postponed and not avoided. His shoulders slumped in defeat. "It would seem that there really was no way of avoiding it at all. Father is too perceptive to fool, we all knew that."

"Come. I for one do not wish to defy Lord Elrond's orders. If he expects to find us in the House of Healing, then that is where he shall find us." Legolas raised his eyebrows in question, "Unless you wish to incur his wrath even further?" He looked at the others expectantly.

Aragorn spoke quickly, "Not a chance Legolas. Things are bad enough as it is." He sprinted up the steps with Elladan and Elrohir on his heels. Legolas followed more slowly still feeling the ache of his healing injuries.


"Tell me Legolas, how did a woodland Elf fall out of a tree?" Lord Elrond was truly puzzled for Legolas was as just at home amongst the branches as he was here in Imladris. He had never known the fair Elf to falter in his steps amongst the boughs.

Legolas flinched causing Elrond to press a bit too hard on the healing wound at his side. He gasped softly and bit his lip. Though the wound was healing nicely, it was still a little sore and tender to the touch.

Elrond froze, his eyes sorrowful as he looked at Legolas. "I am sorry young prince. I did not mean to cause you pain."

"It is nothing my lord."

Lord Elrond raised his eyebrows doubtfully. He continued his examination of the prince's injuries in silence.

Legolas' mind was in turmoil. The entire ride back to Imladris he had tried hard not to think about Beleth. But now, memories long tucked away in his mind had begun to resurface, demanding attention he was not yet ready to give. Memories he had thought he would never have to deal with again.

Yet, Beleth was still alive. If you could call it living. After all, the creature left in his place, that vile creature, was all that remained of his childhood friend.

"There, I am finished young prince. Estel did a exceptional job of treating your injuries. Though I must admit, they were far more serious than I first thought." Elrond moved back and surveyed his handiwork.

Legolas was brought out of his thoughts by Lord Elrond's voice. Mutely, he glanced at the clean bandages then stared at Aragorn's adopted father for several moments before dropping his gaze to his feet again.

Elrond was becoming increasingly alarmed at the prince's continued silence. He tried to pinpoint exactly when Legolas had withdrawn and played recent events over in his head.

After he had gleaned all he could from Lenthion he had sent the Elf on his way and had made his way to the House of Healing only to find three very nervous Elves and one very flustered human. He had ignored the scathing looks Aragorn threw towards the twins as he bid the young ranger to tell of all that had passed since they first set out from Imladris. Reluctantly, Aragorn began to speak and at first Legolas had listened to Aragorn's tale attentively but as the story went on, he seemed to withdraw into himself and had spoken little since then.

Elrond had questioned the group relentlessly until he was satisfied he had heard the whole story. All the while he continued checking and treating the numerous cuts and bruises they had managed to acquire leaving Legolas for last. The prince's injuries had been more grievous than the others and he had wanted to examine the Elf thoroughly.

Lord Elrond had been upset by what he had heard. But what had upset him most was the recklessness his sons and Legolas had displayed. How could they have been so careless as to allow orcs to take them unaware? Had they not been taught better than that?

He chastised Aragorn for forgetting his medicine pack when it had been desperately needed. He scolded Elrohir for losing his horse. He lectured Elladan for allowing a warg to put on him on his back and he admonished Legolas for running off into the woods alone regardless of his good intentions.

He had softened his tone and cut his lecture short when he noticed Legolas pale and sway unexpectedly. Deeply concerned, he had sent the others to clean themselves up and take refreshment in the dining hall despite Aragorn's protests. It had taken 'the look' to get the young human to leave his friend and he voiced his displeasure vehemently.

Elrond frowned unconsciously as he studied the Elf seated before him while cleaning and bandaging the prince's wounds. He suddenly realized when it was that Legolas had grown quiet. It had been as Aragorn described the Elf's condition when he had been brought back from his foray into the woods by Elrohir. Something must have happened to him before Elrohir found him. Something that troubled the young Elf greatly.

"Legolas." When the Elf did not respond he put his finger under Legolas' chin and gently forced his head up. He almost gasped at the torment reflected in the blue eyes. "What happened in the woods Legolas? What is it that causes you so much anguish?" His voice was soft and gentle.

The woodland Elf no longer had the strength to push the memories away and he was tired of trying. Perhaps talking about them would help ease the painful burden. He took a deep breath and whispered so softly, Elrond had to lean forward to hear the quiet words. "Beleth is alive."

Elrond looked at Legolas in shock unable to speak.

Legolas seemed to find strength at saying the name out loud and he repeated the words, almost as if he were trying to convince himself they were true, "Belethharmaion is alive."

The tall Elven lord seated himself next to Legolas and shook his head. "It is not possible."

"It is for I saw him with my own eyes, though you would not recognize the creature he has become." The Elf's expression was grim as he continued. "The surprise I felt at seeing him alive caused my attention to wander for just an instant. I lost my hold upon the branches and fell. He would have slain me where I lay if not for Elrohir. Your son wounded Beleth with his arrow and he fled into the woods." Legolas wrung his hands helplessly in his lap.

Seeing the usually calm prince so upset tugged at Elrond's heart to no end. He covered Legolas hands with his own to still their agitated movements. "Did Beleth speak of what happened to him, where he has been these long years?"

The prince shook his head. "Nay, he did not but he has apparently gained his master's trust, as he said, for far was he from Dol Guldur." Legolas shook his head tiredly and continued, "He spoke of getting revenge. I fear he thinks I left him purposely to that evil fate."

Elrond squeezed the slender hands beneath his. "That is not true Legolas. You know that as well as I for you almost died in your efforts to save him. Had it not been for my sons, your fate would have been far worse than his." He shook his head vehemently, "Nay, it was not your fault, do not blame yourself for something you can not change."

The woodland Elf sighed heavily. He knew Lord Elrond was right. He was blaming himself for things that were beyond his control. He tried hard to smile but all he could manage was a small uplifting of the corners of his mouth. "You are right my lord. But guilt is not an easy thing to dismiss. I fear this shall be with me always and I must make my own peace with it."

Lord Elrond released the younger Elf's hands and placed the palm of his hand against Legolas' cheek, smiling sadly. "You are right of course. My words will not change the past but I gladly offer what little comfort they may bring you."

Legolas placed his own hand over the larger one on his cheek and squeezed it gratefully. "Long have I counted myself blessed to be part of your family my lord. Thank you."

Elrond nodded folding his hands in lap once again. "I will soon travel to Lorien. Lady Galadriel and Celeborn should know how busy the woods beyond your father's realm have become. And though I am loathe to say it, I fear Beleth will bring evil even closer to our Elven realms."

The older Elf continued, worry creased his forehead. "The shadow over Middle Earth grows darker with each passing year Legolas. I can feel it. Some ill is coming and soon. The Elves will no longer be able to ignore it and soon, we shall have to find a way to defeat it for all of Middle Earth." With visible effort, Elrond shook off the oppressive feeling of dread weighing heavily upon his shoulders. He paused and looked at Legolas hesitantly, "You will inform your father?"

For a moment, Legolas wished he were a child again so that his father could take care of him and all his worries. But a child he was no longer. He must face his own fears both real and imagined. He took a deep breath and answered softly, "I will my Lord. As soon as you allow me to travel."

Elrond chuckled softly for he knew he would be unable to keep Legolas confined for long. He stood up and reached out his hand. "Come Legolas, let us find your friends. I am sure they are causing trouble…somewhere." He smiled knowingly.

Despite his somber mood, a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as Legolas took Lord Elrond's hand and let the older Elf pull him up. "I am sure you are right my lord."


"Ah, here you are! I wondered where you had disappeared to."

Legolas turned his head to look at his friend. A small smile graced his face and he scooted over a little to make room for Aragorn. "I did not know you were looking for me," he said softly as Aragorn seated himself next to him.

"Yes, I was! Since noon I might add! Elladan said you would probably be up here. " Aragorn leaned forward to peer at the ground far beneath his feet. "It figures, only an Elf would find comfort so high off the ground!"

Legolas laughed merrily. It was easy to see his friend's discomfort at being so high in the branches. "Here, trade places with me. Then you can lean against the trunk, it is a more secure place."

Aragorn did not argue. He grasped the branches tightly and allowed the Elf to step around him so he could scoot over even more. Feeling more stable with the tree trunk at his back, Aragorn allowed himself to finally relax.

He studied his friend seated next to him worriedly. "What trouble you my friend? You have been far too quiet of late." He hesitated, then continued on before he lost his nerve. "Even spending time with the horses does not seem to bring you the comfort it once did. It is almost as if you have withdrawn from everyone around you. There is sadness lingering in your eyes and I know not how to banish it. "

Legolas drew his breath in slowly. He did not want to burden his friends with his dark thoughts. And he certainly did not want to tell him of Beleth. Aragorn would worry far too much. The Elf shook his head and smiled sadly. "I am sorry my friend. I do not mean to shut you out. There are…things…that I must work out on my own." He looked at Aragorn pleadingly before the ranger could speak. "Please my friend, grant me this small thing I ask. A bit of time…and space."

Aragorn dropped his eyes and looked at his knees. Something was troubling his friend greatly, causing him a lot of pain. But he knew if he persisted, it would cause his friend only more pain. Reluctantly, he nodded his head looked up at Legolas. "Very well," he spoke softly, "but if you need to talk of what troubles you my friend, I shall gladly lend an ear."

The Elf smiled softly. "Thank you Aragorn. I know you will always be there for me."

The ranger nodded, "I will." He grabbed the branches and pulled himself up.

"Where are you going?"

Aragorn frowned, "To give you some space." He was puzzled at Legolas' question. Had the Elf not asked for space?

Legolas clasped Aragorn's hand in his own and carefully pulled him down until he was sitting again, "Nay my friend. Space I do not need at this very moment. I would welcome your company if you wish to stay."

Aragorn smiled broadly and settled himself comfortably yet again.

After several moments in comfortable silence Legolas spoke softly. "Do you hear it Aragorn?"

The ranger turned his head but could hear nothing unusual. His eyebrows drew down in puzzlement yet again. "What do you hear my friend."

"I forget sometimes, that you are not an Elf Aragorn. Here, I will show you."

Legolas took his friend's hands and placed them upon the rough bark of the tree. He gently placed his hands on top of his friend's and pressed against them firmly. "Now, take a deep breath and clear your thoughts.

Aragorn did as he was told and waited. He had no idea what Legolas had in mind.

"Close your eyes…and listen."

At first Aragorn heard nothing but the soft rustling of leaves in the wind. Then, slowly, he felt a glowing warmth beneath his palms. It spread quickly. First through his hands, then up his arms and down his torso to his legs, even all the way to the tips of his toes. His ears began to tingle and the rustling sound became something else. No longer was it random and haphazard but clear and precise. Feelings of joy and happiness flooded his senses and he realized that for the first time, he was actually hearing the trees talking.

A huge smile of wonder lit his face. He was so entranced, he was even afraid to even breathe for fear that this incredible experience would end.

Legolas opened his eyes a little and watched his friend enjoying the moment. Aragorn looked as he had when he was eight and had seen the light of Glorfindel for the first time. He smiled happily and closed his eyes again, letting the feelings and gentle sounds wash through him and into his friend. At times like this, the darkness and haunting memories seemed so far away. Far away indeed.


Elrond shook his head in frustration and muttered softly. "I cannot believe he still forgets to unpack!" The Elven lord pulled several dirty tunics out of Aragorn's bag and wrinkled his nose. Yes, these were definitely in need of laundering. He pulled out several other items then frowned when he saw Aragorn's cloak shoved into the very bottom of the bag.

He pulled it out slowly and shook it out. His brows furrowed in confusion then puzzlement. This could not be Estel's cloak. What in the Valar was an elfling's cloak doing in Estel's traveling bag? He shook his head again and sighed. It seemed the mysteries never ended as long as his son was involved.

Gripping the fabric tightly in his hands, Elrond left the room to look for his son.



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Again, I'd like to thank everyone who read and reviewed this story and even those that didn't! Writing this story was a wonderful experience and I think I am truly addicted now to writing and getting reviews! LOL

Gwyn: I'm not sure but I think simply my love for LOTR and Legolas have a HUGE part in my inspiration to finish writing a story. Another HUGE part of what motivates me is the fans, readers and reviewers. J Not to mention all the death threats, begging, pouting, temper tantrums and reviewer's impending deaths!! :D And yup, new story is up. J Thanks for the review!

Lady Jaina: I wish I could take another, really I do. Alas, that is out of my hands. L Ayway, before you die, I got this new story started. J Enjoy and thanks for the many reviews! ;)

Imbefaniel: Yeah, no one died! Aack! I could never do that! *gasp* Kill off a character??? NEVER! ;) Hey, don't feel bad about crying for Sirius, I DID TOO! I can't believe she actually killed him off! And just when Harry found him too! L I'm hoping against hope with everything I've got crossed that she brings him back somehow. Remember the part in the book where there was that door and Harry heard voices behind it? Well, I think that is where he is and somehow, he will come back! Maybe he did not even die, we only thought he did. I know, I may be grasping at straws here but I refuse to believe that Sirius is really gone! Ok, enough of my blabbing! Thanks so much for all your wonderful reviews! I've enjoyed them. ;)

Elenora1: Yes, yes, a sequel will come eventually, and a prequel too. But I'm leaving that for later. My brain is fried from all the angst and I've still got to work some details out. I've got this new little ditty here and though it doesn't have any Leggy in it, there are the twins and Aragorn to read about. And yes, I was particularly proud of that little tree scene at the end. I thought it was a nice little way to end all the anguish that our poor prince went through. J Thank you so much for all your reviews too! And yes, if I come across any exceptional stories, I will e-mail you too and you do the same. Although, great minds think alike cause you like so many of the same ones that I do! LOL I look forward to more e-mails from you! J

Silent Angel2: Wow, so glad you found it again! J I know exactly how you feel about not being able to get into a chapter. That happens to me a lot, especially when I am reading Shirebound or Budgielover's stories! *shrugs* Who knows what goes on with FF! LOL I hope you were able to actually finish the story and btw…thanks for the review! J

slg: So glad you liked it! Thanks for the review! ;)

Vaire-the-Weaver: Yeah, I miss the angst too but I don't want to kill the poor Elf, only hurt him a bit! Heh, heh! So, I had to lay off for a bit cause he was starting to look a little pekid! Besides, my Leggy plushie was actually starting to shoot me some serious attitude! LOL Hey, don't forget to give me your handcuffs when you are done with them too! J And thanks for the review! J

O.B.I.M.: Glad you liked it and thanks for the many reviews! ;)

merrylyn: Ha ha! Yeah, my smiley face comes out all jacked up! *shrugs* Oh well, blame my computer's automatic changy thingy! LOL I must correct you though, I've now seen Pirates of the Carribean 3 times! *sigh* I just can't get enough of Orli! *sigh again* While I liked Johnny Depp, he cannot hold a candle to Orli! Hey, you better not let your Leggy plushie hear you say that you can't make up your mind! He's gonna get jealous! And then he'll give you a spanking! *eyes widen* Hey, that might not be too bad of an idea! *turns to tell Leggy plushie how sexy Johnny Depp was* Ok, he's promised me some serious punishment later for that comment! *rubs hands together gleefully* I can't wait, but don't tell him ok?! LOL Yeah, Aragorn is a lousy actor! But he learned from the twins so you really can't blame him can you? LOL Elrond is just too sharp to fool and he actually let Lenthion live! Though I think for a time the others probably heard the bells of doom too! LOL Yeah, I've been giving some serious thought as to where I can take this story. Prequel and sequel(s) come to mind but I'm leaving that demon for a later time. My brain is too fried right now to tackle a beast like that. I've been hit hard with this other little ditty I started though I must say, it will probably be a lot shorter than my first one. It's just a ditty! J Ha ha! I love the way you put his Evil Eyebrows of Doom! That was too funny! LOL Yeah, the tree scene; I was especially fond of that little scene. Leggy is so sweet isn't he?! *sigh* Oooh, wouldn't it be interesting to hear what Elrond says when he finds out the cloak is actually Aragorn's!? Ha ha! Hey, don't get rid of those Depends just yet! We may still h ave use for them! ;) I kinda liked the ending too for all the same reasons you just stated! Life is like that indeed! More than I care to admit sometimes! Yes, we had immense fun with our insane reviews didn't we!? Too much fun. Everyone probably groans each time they have to listen to us! Well, don't you let your Leggy plushie be intimidated at all with all the costume changes and the Gimli death-stares! Leggy 'needs' to be changed frequently! He likes it! *wicked grin* Not to mention we do too! And take those Dead Marshes Speedos away from Gimli! *groans* Oh, the picture in my head that conjured up! Ugh! Ok, keep him for awhile, but just remember, you do it at your own risk! If he causes problems just let me know and we shall dispose of him, FAST! Oh, and I must tell you. I've simply stopped chasing my Leggie plushie every time I try to put a new costume on him. He really seems to enjoy wandering around 'natural' *blushes* so I've stopped trying to get his costumes. Instead, I simply sit back and enjoy the view. *ahem* It's getting a bit hot in here, don't you think? *shifts in her chair uncomfortably* Darn, hold on a sec, I'm gonna go turn up the cooler! …..Ok, I'm back! *watches Leggy plushie with appreciative eyes* *sigh* You should see the view I've got now! ;) Heh, heh! Ok, *clears throat* I better go now cause my Leggy plushie is throwing me some pretty seductive and inviting glances my way! I'll talk to you for my next story! Can't wait! ;) Thanks so much for all the wonderful fun we've had! I look forward to more!! ;)

Xandranda: Well, I'm planning on getting more written. I'm just giving my brain a bit of a break for now. J Thanks for the review!

Krisnkriss: I'm glad you liked that little ending scene. I kinda like it too, makes me smile every time. J As for the prequel and sequel, they will come in time. J In the meantime, I've got a new little ditty for you. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the many wonderful reviews! ;)

Eclipse: I'm glad you enjoyed the ending so much. I surprised myself with it and I found that I like it too! J Thanks for all your wonderful reviews. I've enjoyed them!

Prince Legolas: Thank you so much for the review. I've got a new short little story out that. Hope you enjoy it. J

Andrea42: Yeah, it's ended at last. I didn't think I'd ever get there but it came, finally. Whew! Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm so glad you liked the story and I've appreciated all you great reviews! Thank you! J

Nomad6: No problem. At 2:30 in the morning I'm pretty out of it too. And yes, I've even stayed up till 3:00 and 3:30 to finish a story. Man, talk about being a ZOMBIE! LOL Thanks for the review! J

Tereza: That is ok, you reviewed now; Thanks! ;) So glad you liked it! BTW…I did start a new story. Hope you'll give it a looksee. ;)

Shauna: Aw, I didn't mean to make you cry. I wanted to make you smile! J Yes, your predictions definitely kept me on my toes. Though most of the time I did know where I wanted to go with the story, sometimes your predictions got me thinking in a different direction or inspired me to expand on a thought I had. It was interesting to see where someone else might take this story and you always gave me great ideas. ;) Your latest prediction will come true, just not yet. ;) I'm in the process of writing a short little ditty about Aragorn and the twins. Wow, I'm so glad to hear you say that you felt my story was close to the book. That is a hard thing to do and I've tried hard to be true to the characters and the spirit that Tolkien intended. I know, I know, I've said that MANY times, but it's still true. I wouldn't want to deviate from how Tolkien meant each character to be, then it wouldn't be LOTR. ;) Thank you so much for the compliments, predictions and for each and every one of your reviews! ;) I've enjoyed them immensely and I definitely look forward to more of them. Hope to see you around! J BTW, glad you're enjoying those awards! LOL And yeah, you got it exactly why Leggy healed so slow! LOL

Szhismine: Ha ha! Yes, the sequel will come in time. Right now, this little story about Aragorn and the twins just won't leave me alone. So, I had to get it on paper (so to speak) before I went mad! J Yeah, Beleth is the bad guy, though he wasn't always. ;) Anyways, thanks so much for your many wonderful reviews! ;)

White Wolf1: Yes, yes, sequel will follow. Just not exactly sure when. I've also thought about doing a prequel too. But right now I'm giving my brain a bit of rest from all the angst. Though I love it, it's not easy to write. Anyway, thanks so much for all your great reviews! Hope you enjoy this next little story I've got started! ;)

Lady of the Forest1: Woo hoo! Another satisfied reviewer! I'm glad you liked the ending cause I really liked it too! It makes me smile every time I read it! ;) Thanks so much for sticking around and writing so many wonderful reviews! ;) And I will continue to write. I've already started a new short story. Hope you give it a looksee! ;)

Anime Soccer Lobos: Yeah, I tried to make it a touching scene and it seems like that is how it turned out. So glad you liked it. J Ooh, can you imagine the smell of his clothes?! Blech! And eventually, I will write a prequel and a sequel. The temptation is just too great to resist! Ha ha! Thanks for your many kind reviews and I hope to see you on my next story! ;)

Lady Lenna: Wow, glad you liked it! Thanks for all your reviews! I've enjoyed them. ;)

CarDi: Yup, sequel to follow and prequel too. Right now though, I'm doing a bit with Aragorn and the twins. Hope you like it! ;) Thanks for all your reviews. I'm glad you took the time to let me know what you thought ! ;)