Last Time

''Interesting very...interesting'' Ozpin said

''oh no'' Glynda groaned

''what glynda?'' Opzin said with a hint of amusement

''you're probably gonna ask him to join beacon aren't you'' Glynda exclaimed

''you know me too well glynda'' Ozpin said with a amused smirk

Lets head towards the group

The group of 9 teenagers are walking back towards the beacon cliffs then wiess stopped and looked towards naruto.

"So who are you'' Wiess said looking naruto

naruto stopped and looked behind him and looking at wiess,jaune,pyrrah,ruby,ren,nora

''What? oh im Naruto Uzumaki.'' Naruto exclaimed with a 2 finger salute

''So who are you ice princess'' Naruto exclaimed

''Name's Wiess Schnee heiress to the Schnee Dust Company!'' Wiess exclaimed proudly popping her chest out.

Naruto examined Wiess she has light blue eyes with a scar on the left eye,snow white hair color putting in a side pony tail to the right, she has a dress thats white at the top and blue at the bottom, she had a jacket that was white on the out side and red on the inside, she had a silver rapier, wiess also stood at 5'3, paled skin

''Ok'' Naruto said and look at Pyrrha

''And you are?'' Naruto said to Pyrrha

''Pyrrha Nikos'' Pyrrha said

''beautiful scarlet hair'' Naruto said bluntly

Naruto examined Pyrrha she looked like a spartan with a shield with intricate designs and also sword/spear/rifle weapon that looked like red metal laced with gold she had a bronze breastplate a brown skirt that clinged towards her skin with a red hit cape, also have shin guards and leg guards that were bronze, also she was fairly tan,green vivid eyes,hieght 6'0.

''T-thank you'' Pyrrha said with a little blush

Naruto moved infront of Jaune

''You are?'' Naruto said to Jaune

''J-Jaune Arc'' Jaune exclaimed

Naruto examined Jaune he had blonde hair,deep blue eyes, navy blue jacket with a breastplate and right & left shoulder guards Naruto thought we as some sort of knight he has a broad sword with a collapsible shield that turns in a sheath jaune was wearing blue jeans and on the inside of the jacket was orange height 6'1 pale white but not paler than wiess.

Naruto looked at Ren

''You are?'' Naruto said

''Lie Ren'' Ren said back

Naruto examined Ren, green chinese shirt pink cuffings black hair with a strand of magenta and the inside of the shirt is red Ren also wearing whites pants and black boots and pink eyes Naruto saw Ren put his twin green uzi's into his pink cuffing height height 5'9 pale

Naruto moved infront of Nora

''You?" Naruto said

''Nora Valkyrie'' Nora said happily

Naruto examined she had orange which he loved, black corset, pink fingerless gloves and skirt with light blue eyes, she had a white undershirt that had a heart that showed the middle of her chest height 5'1 pale

Naruto stood infront of ruby

''You are? Little Red'' Naruto said joking at the Little Red part

''It's Ruby Ruby Rose!'' Ruby said with a huff and looked to the right folded her arms over her breast.

Naruto examined her aswell but he saw silver eyes,black hair tinted with red black corset laced with red belt with silver bullets on the left and a silver rose, ammo pack on the right a black combat skirt thats inlayed with red, a red,black,silver rectangle on her lower back thats a foldable scythe/sniper a red cape with hood, black boots inlayed with red and red laces,soles grey stockings with a black shirt under neath the corset height 5'2 pale white

''Silver Eyes huh?'' Naruto said mysteriously

''U-u-uhh yeah? so'' Ruby said

''It's nothing got lost in thought sorry.'' Naruto said

Naruto points towards Yang and Blake

''Blake Belladonna and Yang Xaio Long'' Naruto said towards Blake and Yang

Blake and Yang both nodded, Naruto both examined them

Blake has amber eyes,black wavy hair goes to her upper back, black corset white under shirt black bow, purple and black stockings, black boots, white shorts she had a black pistol-katana with a sheath that could also use as a sword on her back.

Yang had blonde wavy hair more wavy than Blake's Yang's reached down to her lower back lilac eye brown jacket laced with yellow, black biker short,brown hipcape laced with yellow with a belt black fingerless gloves with yellow bracelets which he found out were her shot gaunlets

''Now now we gotta go.'' Naruto said with a toothy grin

Naruto started walking away everyone followed him everyone, examined Naruto wearing his orange & black jumpsuit with a whole through the stomach area because of the deathstalker before that Naruto had a few slits at the bottom of the jumpsuit with what looked like red swirls on the upperback andwhite swirls on the shoulders he has a sun blonde hair more so than Yang he has 3 wisker marks on each cheek which are birthmarks but with his tail and ears it makes him more of a fox but it also made him look cute towards Blake and Yang he had a headband with a weird leaf symbol on his forehead he has these impossible sky blue eyes that seemed to be a whirlpool of emotions.

Team Ceremony

''Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrush, Sky Lark, Dove Bronzewing you four have collected the Black Bishop piece's you four will be known as Team CRDL (Cardinal) led by Cardin Winchester''

''Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie you four have collected the White Bishop piece's you four will be known as Team JNPR (Juniper) led by Jaune Arc

''W-what'' Jaune said surprised

''Congratulations Young man.'' Ozpin finished off

Pyrrha slapped Jaune in a playful matter Jaune fell down and a couple laughs went on Nora jump on Ren poor guy people thought for Ren Naruto and everyone else clapped and applauded for them

''We have uneven students and so by this we will have a five man team Ruby Rose, Wiess Schnee, Naruto Uzumaki, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long you five have collected the White Knight you five will be known as Team RWBYN (Rubin) led by Ruby Rose

''This year sure be...interesting'' Ozpin siad with a little smile while narrowing his eyes on Naruto 'Just Who are you 'Naruto Uzumaki''

The five were suprised

''I'm do proud of you~'' Yang said sisterly grabbing her sister

''Good Job Taichou'' Naruto said happily also patting ruby's back

Team RWBYN were going to there Naruto walking in the back practicing his rasengan his favorite move the rasengan was a size of possibly a golf ball though it was tiny it was powerful at the sametime Naruto Stopped when Team RWBYN got there they opened there door and saw a dresser four beds.

''Welp tight fit so what'cha we do Taichou'' Naruto said

''Well you can sleep with one of us if you want but you don't have too'' Ruby said casually

''Whoa sis! didn't know you were going to hit it up with him'' Yang said pointing to Naruto

''What do you mean?'' Ruby and Naruto said couple seconds later

''EWW YANG GROSS NO!'' Ruby said with a bright red face that put the brightest of red's to shame

''Huh i don't understand?'' Naruto said and lean down towards Blake and wispered ''What are they talking about?'' Naruto wispered to Blake

''Nothing you need to worry about'' Blake wispered back

''So am i going to sleep on the floor or with one of you're girls'' Naruto

''You can sleep on my bed Foxy'' Yang said with a playful smirk and a flirty wink

''O-ok'' Naruto said with a pink hue on his cheeks

''Welp shall we change'' ruby said going to the bathroom

After a while when Naruto just got out

Naruto got out of the bathroom with just his boxers and shirt

''Come on foxy get the shirt''Yang said with a smirk

''Something personal Yang sorry'' Naruto said while looking down in those impossible sky blue eyes that seemed to be whirlpools where with the emotion of sadness and a little bit of fear

''We will respect that Naruto but make sure you tell us in due time we need to trust eachother ok?'' Ruby said

Naruto smiled a bit and look at them Wiess had a light blue gown, Ruby has pajama bottoms that were light pink with strawberry's and a black pajama top with a mask of some sort, Yang had a yellow top with a flaming heart symbol of sort with black shorts, Blake is wearing a black kimono with white outlines

''Ok thank you Taichou'' Naruto exclaimed happily

''Come to think of it you keep calling her taichi or something ever since she became leader'' Wiess said

''Oh Taichou means captain in a respectable way'' Naruto said

Ruby gleemed at the compliment Blake narrowed her eyes at Naruto

''Why did you learn the dead language'' Blake said

''Dead language? This is my native tongue'' Naruto said which surprised the four girls

''Let's just got to bed and worry about it tomorrow'' Ruby said

everyone went to their beds except Naruto because he needed to sleep with Yang


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