Chapter 1: The Beginning of the end

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Percy hates running. ESPECIALLY when there's a group of monsters practically on his heels screaming for blood. His blood.

Percy knows he's not the fastest guy around when it comes to sprinting, but he is pretty agile at dodging obstacles. Percy swung around a tree, grinning slightly as a hellhound smashed into a low-hanging branch with a loud crunch. He quickly ducked behind a bush, watching the rage-fuelled monsters sped by, allowing him to catch his breath.

Normally, as a son of Poseidon Percy would call upon his power over water to aid him in a sticky situation such as the one he is currently in now, but he is in the middle of a dense forest and the only source of water is the half bottle that Percy has in his rucksack. Leaning against a nearby tree, Percy gave a sigh and collected his thoughts. 'Damn,' Percy thought grimly, 'how did I manage to get myself in this mess? There's something I'm missing….'

At that exact moment, an ear-piercing scream came from the direction the monsters ran off. A human scream.

'Oh no…..OH SHIT!' Percy half-yelled. He remembered the exact reason he is in here right now. He is on a demigod rescue mission that nobody dared to take, especially after the Giant War and locating in a known monster-prone area, but 'being the hero he is, he needs to be a good role model to other campers', as said by Quincy, he took up the quest. Quincy is the half-brother of Percy, and yet he and Percy cannot be more different. While Percy is loyal, brave, good at swordsmanship and close combat, Quincy is mysterious, careful, calculating and good at archery. Although Quincy seems normal when with Percy, Percy had heard about his coldness and betrayals towards his enemies, sometimes even allies. Even Clarisse warned Percy that he cannot be trusted.

Back to the current time, Percy dashed towards the origin of the scream, and soon reached a clearing where one from the pack of hellhounds chasing him earlier, the one who crashed into the tree as seen by the rather big bump on its head, are attacking two people, trying to fight back with weapons that are clearly Celestial Bronze as the glint of bronze coming from their weapons. As Percy ran towards them, a hellhound swiped towards the shorter of the two and disarmed the person, who grunted in surprise and dropped to the ground, yet the figure struggling to get up indicates that there is still life. The taller one yelled, 'NO! Davis!' But the moment of distraction caused her to drop her guard, and was thrown back as another powerful swipe made her flew against the tent.

Davis's POV

As soon as the monster swiped at me, I knew I was dead.

Partially it was my fault, I was so tired that I let my guard drop for a second, and that was all it takes to disarm me. My trusty old blade flew away, and its claw knocked me over. I rolled over, and 4 diagonal slashes appeared on my chest. Strangely, I felt nothing. Not even pain. I struggled to get up, but fatigue overcame me and I started to black out. The last thing I heard before darkness clouded my vision is a female voice, 'NO! Davis!'

Aw, Liz and dad are so going to kill me.

3'rd Person POV

Percy closed the distance in an instant, flicking the cap off his trusty sword Riptide as he ran. The hellhound turned at the glint of bronze off Riptide, and gave a loud growl, seemingly recognising Percy as the one that caused its injury. It leaped forwards, a huge paw flying towards Percy. Percy rolled under the paw, and stopped with Riptide sticking upwards. The hellhound crashed into Riptide, and gave a loud howl of pain as it dissolved into monster essence.

Percy capped his sword, and walked over to the trio of demigods. He walked to the closest one, a girl with brown hair and was about to help her when she looked up and hissed, 'About damn time you come and save us. Dad said you would be here yesterday. And go help Davis first!' No time to dwell on what she said, as Percy rushed over to Davis and rolled him over. Four deep gashes oozing blood can be seen on his chest. Percy poured some nectar down his throat and Davis started to come around. A couple of seconds later, Davis groaned, 'Man, I'm so tired. Is it dead yet?' Relieved that he is alive, Percy replied, 'Yeah, and you better eat this.' He fished out a square of ambrosia. Davis's eyes shot open at Percy's voice, and stepped away from Percy. 'Who are you? Are you going to kill us?' Fear is evident in his voice. Percy said in a softer voice, 'No, I'm here to save you. Trust me and eat this, it will heal your injuries.' He broke off a bit of the square of ambrosia and handed it over to Davis, who took it, looked at it warily and ate it. His eyes widened as his tiredness went away and his wounds closed. Percy turned back to the girl, and also handed a bit of ambrosia to her. The girl said as she chewed on the ambrosia, 'Thanks. You're Percy Jackson right? My name is Elizabeth and this is my brother Davis. We were told by our father that you would come and help us. Strange.' she frowned. Percy couldn't help but ask, 'What's wrong?' 'Dad said he will be here to talk to you once you arrive. He told me to tell you this, and he will arrive as soon as you are here, yet he isn't here.'

'I did say that.' A deep voice came from behind Percy. Percy turned around, and saw a guy in a pure white suit, a pair of white sunglasses, which seems pretty out of place in this dark forest. 'Hello Perseus Jackson. I am Aether, the primordial god of light.' Before Percy could speak, Elizabeth piped up, 'Dad, you're late.' She ran towards Aether and wrapped him in a hug. Aether smiled, showing a row of brilliant white teeth. He returned her hug, and peeled Elizabeth off him. 'Where's Davis?' 'Hey dad, I was just picking up my sword.' Davis walked out from behind the tent and hugged his dad too. Aether then said, 'Both of you, pack up. I am going to have a little chat with Perseus here.' 'Sure.' Came the reply, and both of them walked off. Aether then turned to Percy, who raised his eyebrow. Aether removed his glasses, and looked at Percy with his eyes, which are twin balls of warm, white light. 'I'd like to ask a favour of you, young demigod.' 'Sure, fire away.' Percy took a liking to the primordial god's polite and calm attitude, which are pleasant when compared to the Olympians, who had improved a bit from their arrogant past attitude, but still really tiring to live with. However, Percy excluded some gods from his 'Assholes' list, in particular his father. 'As you know now, these are my children. As there is a dire crisis incoming and I cannot be of assistance to their lives as much as I want to, can you help me fulfil my duties as a father to them and watch over them, train them and help them in their demigod lives? It's the least I can do as a father, and you, Percy, are the best demigod around to guide them.' Percy grinned at this, 'Really? Who said that? And how can I guide them without knowing their powers?' Percy stated the problems. But the real problem to Percy is that he knows how much of a big deal children of primordial gods are, and Quincy may take advantage of them if they find out who Elizabeth and Davis are. 'Don't worry son of Poseidon.' Aether suddenly said, breaking Percy out of his stupor. 'I have already explained the situation to Apollo, and he had agreed to "claim" them as his children at that camp of yours in order not to raise any suspicion. So don't worry Percy. Just promise me you will train them and assist them in the best of your abilities. As for why, or why now, these prefer not to say at this time. Just promise me Percy.' Percy saw in his pale white eyes that it pained him very much that he will not be able to spend time with his children, but something important held him back, and Percy knew that. And so he said, 'Sure, Lord Aether. I swear on the Styx to help, guide and train Elizabeth and Davis to the best of my abilities.' After he said that Aether noticeably relaxed, and he smiled. 'Thank you Perseus. For this I would like to give you a gift.' Aether closed his eyes and pulled. From nothingness he pulled a sword that's almost the exact copy of Riptide, but this one the blade is pure light with a white hilt. Aether handed the sword to Percy, saying, 'This sword has a blade made from the core of a star. The sword can transform into a ring, just use your mind to connect with it. Now, fulfil your promise. Go.' Aether turned to his children, who have been silently waiting at their side for quite a while now, 'Kids, I may not be around for much, so Percy here has promised me to take care of you. Be nice.' Aether turned around and started to walk away, but Davis yelled, 'Dad? Will you be back?' Aether smiled and replied, 'Sure.' Then he walked behind a tree and flashed away.

Percy was the first to move. He looked down at the new sword, and gave it a few practice swings. 'Sweet.' Percy then shrunk the sword into its ring form, and put it around his ring finger. He then turned to Elizabeth and Davis, which regarded him with curious glances. 'Alright guys, we go to Camp Half-Blood.'