Fangs slick with blood, the Headmaster gazed down into the murky depths of the river below, the corpse of his most recent victim sinking all the way to the bottom. His victim, a teenage girl by the name of Lacey Mathers, had died only ten minutes ago, and the Headmaster had to admit to himself, that he had overstepped his boundaries by draining the girl's life away.

Usually, he only took the amount of blood that was necessary to sustain him for a few days, not because he was sympathetic to the humans, but because he wanted to be IN CONTROL. Controlling his power effectively by containing himself during his feeding and not letting his urges get the better of him. That signified a true holder of power. Someone who could resist all of their urges, in order to come out on top. Which he had been doing, for years.

However, tonight, he had slipped up. Given into his urges, and amidst his blood lust, Lacey Mathers had lost her life, and now, he was having to deal with the disposal of her body. Not that it was too difficult, evidenced by the dumping of the body in the river, but the Headmaster was now content with berating himself for being so… animalistic in his most recent feeding, but, per usual, he decided to place the blame onto someone else.

'That boy… Harvey Hunter… I fed from him once, and now, his blood has tainted me! Filthy human!'

Yet, the Headmaster had to give the boy some appreciation. His blood was one of the finest he had ever tasted. It was so rich, so pure. And… he couldn't get enough of it. So, that was when the Headmaster made a decision. Instead of retiring to his residence, he set off on a new venture, scaling the rooftops with grace and stamina envied by younger vampires, towards his favourite food source.

Once he was outside the Hunter house, the Headmaster came to a stop and crouched down, his cape engulfing his lean frame. As he envisioned himself feeding from the boy, the blood coating his fangs was licked away within seconds. He snarled, and his eyes, shielded behind his glasses, gleamed with hunger. The Headmaster waited for a few minutes before moving towards the house, lips curling up into a smile as he noticed that the window leading to Harvey Hunter's bedroom was open.

'Just like last time….'

The Headmaster chuckled under his breath, as he soared up to the second floor of the house. The boy was such an idiot for leaving his window wide open. For anyone could get in.

'Including myself…. His blood is so tantalising….'

The Headmaster forced himself to halt the ramblings in his mind, and pressed on with the task at hand. Slipping through the window silently, the Headmaster closed it slightly, then slunk forwards, huge, carnivorous grin sketched onto his pale face.

As he had expected, Harvey Hunter was asleep.

What he did not expect, was for the boy to be gripped by a nightmare.

Harvey thrashed beneath his sheets, the bedcovers pooling at the end of the bed. Sweat adorned his brow, and his mouth was stretched in a silent scream, although due to his hearing, the Headmaster could detect small whimpers emerging from the boy. Realising that he had to quieten the boy before the child either; alerted the rest of his family that he was in need of 'saving' from his nightmare or startled himself awake, which put the Headmaster in jeopardy of being seen, the vampire darted towards the boy and hovered over him, licking his lips as he gazed upon the flesh that he had tasted mere days before.

Lowering himself down, the Headmaster suddenly plunged one finger into the boy's mouth and prodded his tongue sharply. This jolted Harvey out of his nightmare, and as his eyes flew open, the Headmaster knew that he had to act fast, otherwise his planned feeding session would never commence.

Throughout the time it took for the boy to wake up properly and sit up, the Headmaster had whipped his glasses off, and was now concentrating with all of his might. The child was one of few Immune to his hypnotism, but he was a Vampire, and one of the rumours about vampirism was that they possessed the ability to hypnotise humans. What the Headmaster was hoping for, was that his heightened abilities would be powerful enough to finally render the boy under his control.

After gathering all of his concentration, energy and strength, the Headmaster snapped open his eyes, his pupils tinted with a yellowish glow. His grin slithered upwards as Harvey's eyes connected with his, and he noticed how drawn in the boy was getting, and that, per usual, he was correct.

Chuckling, the Headmaster hissed: "Little one…. Tilt your head for me."

Pliant as anything, Harvey titled his head to the side, baring his neck for the Headmaster. The man in question relished the sight, before closing in the distance, murmuring:

"Stay quiet. Do not utter a sound."

His fangs sunk into the meaty flesh, and above him, no noises were made. Yet, the Headmaster could imagine the vision of the boy's face. Lips parted slightly, heartbeat thudding against his chest before transitioning into a slower rhythm, sweat stained pyjamas from his nightmare, slowly sticking to his skin. The Headmaster shuddered as he sank deeper into the skin, one of his large hands moving up behind the boy to cradle his head. Once Harvey's head was supported by his hand, the Headmaster laid him down flat on his back, the man himself shifting into a more comfortable position, so that he could feed much easier.

For twenty minutes, he fed, and when he eventually pulled back, the Headmaster could tell that, once again, he had given into his blood lust. The boy was clearly fading, and although the Headmaster loathed the boy with a passion that spanned half a decade, his blood was just too sweet and rich to waste. So, with a sigh, the Headmaster set about changing the Hunter boy into a…. better person.