One Month Later

Blood staining his lips, Harvey Hunter snarled at his Mentor and Creator, freshly sharpened fangs providing the Headmaster with a sense of amusement, which caused his Creation and Apprentice to falter, as amusement was definitely not the reaction that he had wanted out of the Headmaster.

As Harvey pouted, the ends of his fangs skimming his bottom lip, the Headmaster chuckled darkly, murmuring:

"You shall have to be FAR MORE effective than THAT, my boy. I understand that you are young, but your vulnerability is evident from miles away."

Harvey growled. "I'm trying, Sir! I really am! I'm just so HUNGRY all of the time!"

"I know. The first few years are of blood lust and adjusting to your new life, but I do not want you to fail me."

"Of course not! I would never fail you, Sir! You CREATED me! Chose me to turn!"

The Headmaster scoffed. "Only because there were slim pickings. My main target was always Dinah Glass."

"Yeah, you keep saying." Harvey sighed, not caring if his tone of voice was aggravating the Headmaster. "But as I keep saying, you couldn't get to Dinah, so you chose me, and I am thankful, eternally will be, now that I'm Immortal…. But I am annoyed that you won't let me bite him."

The Headmaster scowled, snapping: "For the last time, you will not bite Jeff Morgan."

"But I want too! He made my life a misery, and now, I'm stronger than him! He's the weak one! A pathetic human, who I can feed off of!"

"Harvey, forget it. You are not feeding from Jeff Morgan. No matter how much you crave the idea of draining the life out of that boy, I may still need him for my future plans. Now, let us try our practice again."

Sighing in defeat, the young Vampire licked the sheep's blood from his lips and adjusted his stance. Atop the town hall, he once again, attempted to intimidate his Creator, only to be met with a bemused expression from the powerful man standing a few feet away from him.

"That was the worst one yet. I am severely disappointed in you, Little One."

Harvey hung his head in shame, only to raise it again when the Headmaster said:

"Come along, Baby Fangs."

Glowering, his brown eyes glinting red, Harvey snarled; "Don't call me that! My fangs aren't small!"

"Yes, they are. They will lengthen over time, but for now, they will remain the same length, and I do not suggest that you continue to become riled up over their shortness. Now, come along."

Still clearly annoyed, but knowing best not to display his annoyance, Harvey followed after the Headmaster, the thrill of the hunt pumping up his excitement and heartbeat.

If his heartbeat had not ceased to exist….

One whole month of being a Vampire, and Harvey James Hunter could say that it had been the best time of his entire life. The negatives of being isolated from his family and friends were outweighed by his newfound strength and power, as well as being on 'good terms' with the Headmaster. The blood of humans had only graced his lips twice, during a feeding session where the Headmaster had actually been up to sharing, but other times, Harvey had had to settle with the blood of animals.

His girlfriend's love of animals resonated with Harvey, and although he drank their blood, he did not fully drain them, meaning that, after a short while, the animals were back to full health. Unless the Headmaster fed from them…

The biggest issue that Harvey had to deal with, was his family and friends. The Headmaster had aided him in dealing with them, and after hypnotising Dinah and the Hunter parents, they had been tricked into believing that Harvey had gone away to a camp for several months, in order to 'toughen him up, both mentally and physically.' Yet, even the Headmaster's abilities could not deceive Lloyd and the rest of SPLAT, so Harvey had left a letter for them, explaining that even though he was at 'camp', he would write to them every week and be back soon.

Which was what he had been doing before practice. He had posted the letter, with a private note for Ingrid encased within the envelope as well, and then commenced his training with the Headmaster, SPLAT in the back of his mind.

And now, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Harvey found himself dwelling on the wellbeing of his friends. Ahead, the Headmaster halted on the rooftop of a bowling alley, the man whipping his head round to locate his pupil's whereabouts. When he spotted him dragging his feet towards him, and mellowing in his thoughts, the Headmaster rolled his eyes.

He had given the boy a gift, and still, he focused on useless emotions!

As Harvey halted in front of him, the Headmaster crouched down and crooned:

"What is wrong, Baby Fangs?"

Not bothering to cringe at the nickname, Harvey sniffled, beginning to tear up. He guessed that he was the weepiest Vampire in all of England, but he couldn't help it. He missed his loved ones!

"I-I miss my parents! My g-girlfriend! My brother, and D-D-Dinah! Ian and M-Mandy! I miss e-everyone I'm f-friendly with! Hell, I e-even miss my next door neighbour and he's horrible!"

Tears flowing down his cheeks, Harvey wailed: "I want to b-b-be with t-t-them! I w-w-want them!"

The Headmaster grimaced at the crying, and to his utmost reluctance, forced himself to coil an arm around the boy's shoulders.

"Do not cry, Baby Fangs. Crying is not for Vampires, only for Humans. Now, I think that I may be able to help you out…"

Whilst he was comforting his pupil, the Headmaster's mind was racing. The child's wish could benefit him, as if the Hunter family and the bratty group who had destroyed his plans were transformed, then Harvey would have received his wish, and all of those people would be under his control.

The beginnings of a grin tugging at his pale, cold lips, the Headmaster purred:

"Yes…. I have a plan, Little One. If I turn your family… and friends into Vampires, then you can be with them again, and there would not need to be any hiding what you truly are from them anymore. Of course, they would be under my influence, as you are now, but would you rather they be with you again… or remain as Humans and be distant from you for the rest of their Mortal lives?"

Eyes wide throughout the offer, Harvey's face cracked into an expression of happiness, and before he considered his position, he flung his arms around the Headmaster's waist, his own cape shrouding around the Headmaster's legs, and exclaimed:

"Oh, that would be great! Please do it! Please turn them! I c-c-couldn't cope being apart from them for years on end!"

The Headmaster patted the boy's head, crooning: "As you wish, Baby Fangs…"