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Tris POV:

Driving back to my parents' apartment from school was madness. I hated them living in Chicago, and especially hated driving through it right around the time when everyone got out of work and school. The busy streets and honking cars always drove me nuts. It was Christmas break, and apparently everyone had places to be. Sitting in a three hour traffic line was not my ideal way to spend my first day off of schoolwork. Assholes cut in front of me, nearly drove me into the sidewalk, and I swear someone tapped my bumper more than once.

Finally exiting the highway at exit 23, I made my way through the outsides of Chicago, driving through the streets I grew up on. My parents' house was huge. Three floors, five bedroom, five and a half bathrooms. The kitchen was massive, per my mother's request when they built the place, she loved to cook. The living room complete with Christmas decorations, the fireplace stocked with stockings, crackling with fresh wood. The flat screen TV had some Christmas carols playing, and in the corner sat a huge 10ft Christmas tree all decorated with fancy balls and me and my brother Caleb's little kid artwork. The long dining table had decorations all over it, topped off with a mini tree and the snacks for tonight. The main hall was neatly polished with the hardwood floors that continued into every room. The staircase was decorated all along the railings, and a new red carpet cascading down the wooden stairs. My mother hung up the Christmas crystal chandelier, she has one for every occasion, and it shined brightly. Everything was so beautiful, just the way I remember every holiday growing up here. Hanging my coat up in the main hall's closet, I called out for any sign of life.

"Mother, Father, Caleb?" I called out, hearing my voice echo on the walls. "Is anyone home?"

My hair was let out of it's braid, falling down to my lower back, the golden waves tickling my exposed skin. I wore a skin-tight red dress that covered my shoulders, but was opened down the back and stopped at my knees. Typical Christmas attire, not.

"Beatrice, dear, is that you?" I hear my mother call out from the balcony upstairs. She takes one look at me and smiles, immediately covering it with her hands and walking down the steps. "My, how you've grown! It seems like just yesterday you attended your first day of kindergarten." she smiled as she pulled away from our hug, gripping my shoulders. Her hair was pulled back into a complicated bun, her red dress reaching her feet and trailing behind her, a v-neck front exposing more than I would like to see. My Father and Caleb would be wearing suits for tonight's banquet, where my father's and mother's coworkers would be showing up for our Annual Christmas Ball. You see, my father is the world's best doctor, and my mother owns a bunch of design and fashion stores all around the world. I grew up like this, rich, I mean. I don't see myself as a snob, obsessed with Mommy and Daddy's money. Actually, most people at my college don't even know who I actually am. I go by just Tris there, and when asked for a last name, I simply state I don't have one. My best friend Christina is the only one who knows, and a few of my other close friends; Uriah, Lynn, Marlene, Zeke, and Shauna. Even though Zeke and Shauna are seniors, I know them because Uriah is Zeke's brother, and Lynn is Shauna's sister. They will also be attending the party, and Zeke says he's bringing a friend, which I don't mind. Less adults to be "proper" to, as my mother would say. I honestly like being able to chill with friends and hang out in an oversized sweater and some leggings. I grew up wearing designer dresses and fancy hair styles, never able to be myself until I left for college. My brother Caleb married our childhood friend Susan just last year. They don't live in a huge house, or get attacked by press everywhere they go. Caleb actually had a private wedding and they took her last name. I would love to be able to escape and be normal for the rest of my life. But, I am Daddy's Little Princess, or so the press has labelled me. I go to school two states away just to get a breather.

I head to my room to look at what my mother's maid has chosen for me to wear tonight. Her name is Kelly, and none of us look at her as though she's lesser than us. Kelly has been a long-time family friend, and when she lost her job as a makeup and hair stylist, my mother offered her to work here when I was only about 2 years old. She also has dresses laid out for Shauna, Lynn, Marlene, and Christina, mostly because the dresses you wore for these types of events costed a fortune, and I would never make them buy some when I have so many. I had her tailor suits for the boys and Zeke's friend as well.

The girls should be here any minute, so I decided to get changed. Kelly chose a satin red dress that hugged every curve of my body, looped low in the back nearly showing my butt, and pooled around me, with a two-foot train I would say. It was an embroidered v-neck, and I admit it was quite comfortable. Kelly did my hair in a curled half-up/half-down style, simply waterfall braiding the back where it was pulled up. I had dark winged eyeliner and mascara, a grey smokey eyed eyeshadow, and deep red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Kelly always did an excellent job.

"Kelly this is amazing," I said casually but maintaining my formality. "As always," I smiled giving her a wink. I had to be a "proper princess," as my Father would joke with me. But I knew he meant it. I had special classes on etiquette and formality from a young age, as well as Caleb.

Hearing my phone ring on my desk, I asked Kelly to give me a minute. It was Christina.

"Heyyy gurrlll!" Christina squealed into the phone. "We're here, can someone let us in?"

"Yeah give me a few seconds. I have these ridiculous high heels on, and two flights of stairs to run down. But don't tell my mother that, she doesn't like running, especially in dresses." I chastised into the phone, an audible smirk in my tone. I hung up, and quickly raced down the stairs, checking for any sign of my parents before doing so. It was "unladylike" and "dangerous". I flung open the door and Christina and the rest of the girls looked shocked.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, curious on why they weren't speaking and standing there with their mouths agape.

"Tris, you look-" Shauna started, but Christina finished. "Fucking hot! God damn girl! What happened to sweat pants and oversized teeshirt Tris?" Christina laughed. I gave her a glare and motioned for them to enter.

"I know the house is huge, but you guys are late and the party starts in three hours. We have to get you guys upstairs, get you changed, and makeuped. Ha, that's a funny word. If it is a word.. Anyway, where are the guys?" I questioned.

"Oh, they said they'd be here in a few, Uriah won't stop complaining about his 'monkey suit,' and Four's shoes didn't fit, along with Zeke's, so they had to get new ones." Marlene supplies for me.

"Oh okay," I say as we almost reach my room, "So I'm guessing that 'Four' is Zeke's friend?"

"Yeah," Shauna says opening my door, "He's a senior with me and Zeke. He's new this year, but apparently Zeke and Uriah have known him their whole lives." Shauna finishes before walking in. Again, they all stop and gaze. My room is nothing to be surprised about. It's basically the same thing as me and Christina's dorm, which they've all seen.

"Guy's seriously, we have to get dressed. KELLY?" I ask, inviting her back into my room.

"Hey Tris, Tris' friends." Kelly entered. "How can I help?" she smiled. She was the only one outside of college that ever called me Tris, mostly because she created the nickname.

"Oh! I'm so stupid! Kelly, this is Christina, Marlene, Shauna, Lynn, and vice versa," I fill in, "Guys, this is Kelly, my long time friend and my mother's maid. I still hate that word. This is my mother's assistant." I corrected myself.

"Kelly you did an amazing job with Tris. I can't wait to see how we all look by the end of this!" Christina squealed.

"Trust me, you all will look fabulous," she promised, "Now, let's get started!"

After hours of dresses and makeup, the girls I once had as friends were long gone, and replaced with people I barely recognised. They all looked stunning.

Christina's black dress reached her feet, but was flowy, unlike mine. It had diamonds entrusting the sweetheart neckline, and brought out her brown eyes. She had the same style of makeup on as me, but her eyeshadow was green, making them pop even more. Her hair was slightly curled, but not designed because it was short, and Kelly said it looked amazing down. Marlene had on a pink fluffy ballgown, the one I wore for my 16th birthday party, with pink eyeshadow and a light pink lipstick. Marlene's hair was pulled up into an intricate bun, letting her bangs fall across her forehead. Lynn's dress was red, like mine, but it was an A-line. She had sleeves to reach her elbows, and lace that covered the whole top half. A simple brown smokey eye brightened her eyes, and her hair was just combed back with a pin I had. Shauna's black one-shoulder dress was form-fitting and had a slit up her opposite leg. She had on one of my giant diamond necklaces to add some fun to the plain dress. She had the same makeup as me, but hers had some blue added to it. Shauna's hair was pulled to one side and curled down her bare shoulder. We all had high heels and clutches, just like I would at any of my mother's parties. We all looked stunning. Kelly excused herself and I wondered where she was going.

"Here," she said carrying in my black accessories box, "Tiara's for the princesses." she said gleaming. She placed each one atop our heads, mine being different from the others, who's were the same.

"Kelly seriously, thank you," I said giving her a hug. All of the girls joined in, thanking her and telling her how amazing she was.

"Okay, okay!" she laughed, "You guys have a party to attend!" she smiled.

"Wait a minute," I said walking to my closet, "You're coming too." I placed out a bright yellow dress, the same exact thing as mine, just a different color. "I couldn't possibly let you not attend after everything you've done tonight for my friends."

"Tris, I really appreciate it, but you don't have to repay me. I've done this my whole life." she smiled.

"And that's why it's my turn to dress you up." I smiled even wider. "And you can't take no for an answer because my next break is in spring and I won't see you until then so you have to." I said. She was still hesitating, so I said, "Tris' code"

"Oh fine!" she sighed exasperated.

"What's 'Tris' code'" Shauna asked while Kelly was going to get changed.

"When I was younger, and I was sad or mad, instead of pinky promises and swearing across your heart and stuff like that, we created Tris' code. Whenever someone says it, depending on the situation, the other has to promise or do something for the one asking," I said, "We kind of just stuck with it, and it's been awhile since I used it." I smiled.

Kelly came out of the bathroom in the dress, with her makeup and hair already done, and we all gasped. She looked amazing.

"Beautiful," we all said.

"Okay, now that that's done, we have a party to attend!" Christina cheered. And with that, we stood at the top of the stairs, gaining all eyes on us, and took our steps into my parent's party. This was going to be a looong night.

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