Chapter 11 - Lance

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Keith and I immediately broke apart, basically stepping to opposite sides of the hallway as soon as we saw Pidge and Hunk. What would they think? Was my reputation ruined?! I could feel myself being to get nervous, and I looked over at Keith who was looking at me, actually a little worried. Could he tell I was nervous about us around Pidge and Hunk? Well, clearly he did, since I let go of his hand and got as far away from him as I could. Oh, that sounds worse when I say it over.

Hunk handed over the ten dollars Pidge asked him for, and she pocketed it with a smile. "Well, well, well. I see I turned out to be right." She walked up to me with a smirk that shockingly looked like one of mine.

My eyes darted around the area, trying to look at anything but her or Hunk. "Wh-what do you mean? Nothing happened!" Oh god, I was stressing out way too much! What happened to the cool, calm, and collected guy I usually was?!

"Sure they didn't. And I just didn't see you two holding hands." She pointed between us two. She started to walk away, and called to us, "I don't care what you guys are, I'm just here to say it's cute."

Hunk followed behind her, giving us a wave goodbye, quickly catching up to Pidge. I was surprised he hadn't put his two cents in about the whole situation.

Looking at Keith, my eyes darted again. If Pidge saw us, who else could see us in the future? I told Keith before it didn't care who looked at us, but now I was starting to doubt my advice to him. Do as I say, not as I do, right? It didn't really help if I was one half of the relationship I was giving him advice to and I wasn't following my own advice. If he was listening to my advice, but I wasn't, then how would our relationship work?

Maybe I was just overthinking things. Or maybe I should follow my own advice. I wasn't sure, but all I was sure of was my feelings towards Keith, even if it was still hard for me to admit them.

One thing I knew for certain, was Keith looked really cute. Was I allowed to say that about him now? That he was cute? I shook off the dumb thought and went over to him, his mouth slightly open, his blue eyes staring into mine. We didn't say anything, just took his hand and continued down the hallway, ignoring any weird glances we might've gotten. "So, where are we going now?" I looked at the clock, reading the time as 12:07. "Lunch?"

He nodded, closing the gap between us. Why was he getting so close? It was fine, but why? We'd known each other for a few years, but rushing into things might not be a super great idea. I didn't know how he felt on the whole situation, but I edged away from him just a bit, still maintaining our handhold. "I'd like some lunch." He said with only a tinge of awkwardness. Did he find it weird we were together eating lunch for lunch?

I mean, we ate together before and it wasn't weird, so why would this, us, change anything? I could see where he was coming from though… it was just a little awkward, but it didn't matter as long as I was with him. The old me would never have said that, which kind of frightened me. Was Keith making me soft? Oh God, all of these questions would need to be answered eventually. Maybe I could talk to Keith about them? Would it be weird, or would he have the same questions? We were rivals for so long… It would be hard to get those feelings behind me, to let room in for these new feelings I was having.

The first thing I needed to do was to relax, accept things with Keith as they were. Pidge didn't care what we did, so why should I? Maybe I would text her, ask her to eat lunch with us. Then she could help us and me figure things out. It wasn't a terrible idea, but I'd have to ask Keith first. He was the one I was going to lunch with. A guy. Keith. Together.

"So, uh, Keith…" I started to question him, "Should we invite Hunk and Pidge to eat with us?" hopefully he didn't think I was trying to put our friends between us so it wouldn't be awkward. If anything, they might make it more awkward.

Surprising me, he gave a simple, "Sure." and shrugged. A smile had seemed to be on the edge of his lips ever since we'd started holding hands. Did he really not care what anyone else said or thought? He seemed really content with this, us. Maybe I was stressing a little too much.

Instead of just turning to face forward, I gave him a smile and then turned forward. Hopefully he could see that I was attempting to put the past behind us. Of course, he'd told me before that the past didn't matter and that it was all behind us, but I just wanted to reassure it. Maybe to him, maybe to myself, maybe to others, it didn't matter. Maybe it was all behind us. There would still have to be a bit of growing for the both of us to do, but we'd get through it.


Stepping into the cafeteria, the smell of several varieties of lunches wafted to my nose, and I smelled the air. It was a mixture of meat, breakfast food, and just a plain old building smell. Garrison University offered so much, they even had breakfast at lunchtime! I loved it so much.

I could feel eyes peering at us, the newcomers, I suspected they were thinking. My grip loosened from Keith's, but that only made him hold mine tighter. "It's okay, Lance. You said yourself that it doesn't matter what others think." And he was right. Maybe it was time to take my own advice and ignore anyone else.

Reinvigorated, I held his hand tighter and slightly jumped as we made our way to the line of people waiting for food. "Lance!" Keith laughed just a little, even some of his teeth showing! "Slow down!" dragging him behind me, our arms stretching just to keep on holding the other's hand.

"But Keith." I stopped in my tracks to look at him, faking a serious look. "It's breakfast food. The best food ever invented. We have to get it while it's hot!"

He shook his head, "Lance. If the food goes, then it's replaced by new, hot stuff. It'll be hot no matter how long we take." he explained to me.

For once Keith was the logical one?! Usually I had to stop him from tearing into someone that had bothered him or me, Pidge, or Hunk, but his words had a point. The food would always be there, but how long would the breakfast food be there?! "Keith, what about the best food ever? It's lunch, so it could be gone soon! And besides, I'm starving!"

Keith shook his head and sighed, "Fine, we can go fast now."

"Nah, the moment for being fast is ruined. Besides, I like just walking slow and savoring my time with you." I slid a small flirt in.

Although I was unsure he even got the flirt, because he didn't even blush and just said, "I like being with you too?"

Laughing a bit, I motioned him forward and we stepped in the back of the line. Grabbing our trays, we moved along and separated. I guess we couldn't hold hands and hold plates at the same time. First up was the breakfast foods, including hashbrowns, pancakes, sausages, biscuits… The whole shebang! I piled my plate with the glorious food, but Keith only grabbed a biscuit. He was probably getting normal lunch food. I couldn't blame him, normal people did that. I, however, wasn't normal, and grabbed butter and syrup packages.

Later down the line Keith grabbed the chicken sandwich they were serving along with some fries on the side. Generic Keith, am I right? Once we were settled, I set my plate down and took out my phone, bringing up Pidge's name.

Lance: We r at lunch. Wanna eat with us?

Pidge took no time in responding, (she always had her phone in hand) and said,

Pidge: Oooo, us?

I didn't try to hide it anymore, and just told her,

Lance: Yes. Would you like to or not?

Pidge: Duh. I'm waving at u rn

I looked up to see a small Pidge waving at Keith and I. How she got to the lunchroom before us was a mystery, but there she and Hunk were. I pointed them out to Keith and he nodded, following me over to them.

We put our trays down on the opposite side of our friends and sat in unison at the table. "I'm starving for this breakfast food! For lunch!" I told them, excitedly digging into the items on my plate. Keith ate his chicken sandwich methodically, eating, chewing, not talking at all. He just focused on his food and no one else, seeming intent on getting his meal done before conversing.

Pidge only stared at us, making me wonder why she was doing so. "What's up Pidge?" I asked her, setting down my fork.

"You two… Are too natural. What happened between you two?" She questioned.

I was about to answer when Keith just casually set his sandwich down and simply said, "We talked."

Not satisfied with his answer, Pidge's looked grew stranger, and she pursued more in depth. "About what?"

Growing more afraid something would come up about us, I spoke up, "He just said it! We talked, Pidge. That's all that happened."

She smiled, laughing a little. "Lance, I know you well enough now that something did happen. Whenever I bring you and Keith up, you get nervous, anxious, maybe even a bit afraid." She stressed the last word, breaking through my wall.

Did she know everything? I knew she was good with logical things, but was it that obvious?

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"We talked Pidge, why do you have to blow things out of proportion?" I half-yelled at her throwing my hands up in the air.

"Yeah," She raised her eyebrows, "I blow things out of proportion says the one literally exploding into the air with his hands."

She was right. I would need to come clean eventually but I wouldn't until Keith and I reached a- "We kissed, happy?" Keith cut off my thoughts and sliced through me with a knife.

Pidge's expression grew wide and she clung to Hunk's arm in excitement as my heart sank into my stomach. "Keith…" I tired to input my response before Keith raised a hand to stop me.

"She would've learned eventually and if we really want to be happy, we needed to tell them." Keith told me, straight faced. He put a hand on my shoulder and almost instantly I relaxed. God he was cute. Oh wow, before I would've shied away from even thinking that phrase but now that Pidge and Hunk knew about us I could just… say it out loud!

Mustering up my courage I smiled brightly and slightly stuttered out, "Thanks Keith. You're so cute and calming." my face was most likely bright red and I could see Keith's face also gaining a darker hue.

He laughed and moved his hand from my shoulder to side of my face and giving me a quick kiss. "So a-are you." He said. Damn, I thought he was usually so collected but I guess my charms were too much for him this time. Oh, and I was completely blushing at this point.

Meanwhile, Pidge and Hunk were dying from happiness. "We knew you two would get together! Well, I doubted it but Hunk was right!" Pidge exclaimed.

"I was, wasn't I?!" Hunk cried incredulously. "I was right! Ha!"

Amidst the Jubilee I looked over at Keith and realized that everything would be okay. I had no idea what I was worrying about.

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