It was in the middle of the night, Harry was relaxing on his bed. It was very pleasant since he was lying low from any Death Eaters that could be after him. The funny part was the fact that none of them, besides Snape, knew where he was. But he trusted Snape enough to not betray the son of the woman he loved; Lily Potter.

Harry was visited by Winnie a lot but Harry hasn't been receiving letters at all. He had the knights keep a look out for the mail and he learned that the mailman does but them in the box but when they go to get the letters, their not there. Harry suspected that something was at work and somehow found him at the hotel.

However, Harry had to think about it later since he heard the door open and looked, seeing Mavis coming in.

"Hey honey." Mavis greeted "Your uncle Drac and grandpa Vlad are here with everyone else, they wanted to meet in the party room."

Harry nodded and began to head down. Both Harry and Mavis are heading down to the party room and when they opened the door, it was completely dark. Mavis closed the door and the lights turned on and-


Harry smiled and sees everyone was there and were celebrating him for his birthday. He loved it when his friends and family were around. He was then greeted by an old friend of his.

"Happy Birthday Harry!" A certain tall brown machine that had a black tie and top hat alongside a microphone that had a shape of a bear greeted with a mechanical voice.

"Hey Freddy, how is your family going?" Harry replied with a smile.

Freddy smiled "Everyone is doing fine. Bonnie somehow managed to get Mike Schmidt to come out of his office and come to your birthday. Foxy has still seen better days since he is still 'Out of Order' but he and his girlfriend Mangle managed to make it. Chica is making finishing touches to your cake. Golden Freddy, or Fredbear, is still trying to find out what has happened with your letters. Marionette is entertaining any kid monsters with a puppet show. The toys are going to perform on stage for your birthday party. BB is handing out balloons alongside JJ. And Springtrap is still isolating himself since he hasn't met you yet but we managed to convince him to come here."

Harry smiled "Alright, I'll talk with Springtrap to get to know him better." Harry walked away as Freddy began to talk to the others.


Harry was walking back to his room until he heard voices inside. He opened the door and looks, seeing a house elf bouncing on his bed. But Harry knew who this was.

'Dobby the House Elf. He works as the house elf and personal slave of the House of Malfoy. He is treated very poorly, often punished for things that aren't even his fault and gets extra punishment.' Harry thought as he looked at the said house elf. Harry had been studying everything he can learn from the House of Malfoy since the end of the first school year, looking for a way to peck and bother the Malfoys into going into Azkaban; the 'ultimate' prison for wizards but Harry digresses since he knows the backstory of the guards there.

"Mr. Harry Dracula," Dobby greeted while bowing to him "it is an honor."

"What are you doing in my room, Dobby?" Harry greeted back with some hostilities. He was thinking of conclusions like the possibility he was sent here to kidnap him or some other things.

"Oh, you already knows Dobby's name." Dobby stated with some surprise.

"Why are you here?" Harry stated, already ready to deal business "You wouldn't have gone through much trouble to get away from the Malfoys' if this wasn't important." Harry noticed something outside his window and points at it "And I have a friend outside, ready to restrain you if it comes to that."

Dobby looks out the window and sees Golden Freddy floating outside with his arms crossed. Dobby looked at Harry and was nervous "Mr. Dracula, Dobby came here to tell you to not go to Hogwarts this year. For Mr. Dracula's safety."

Harry raised an eyebrow "Oh? And why is that?"

Dobby looked like he was going to explain but he was straining now. Harry knew what this meant 'He can't tell me. Its a secret to the Malfoy family that prevents him from doing so.'

"Dobby... cannot... say!" Dobby stated in a strain voice. He grabbed a lamp that Harry had and Dobby began to bang his head against it. Harry grabbed it from him and grabbed him and put him on the floor.

"Why shouldn't I go back to school? I got a few friends there." Harry stated, hoping to get an answer for the reason.

Dobby replied "Friends who don't even write to Mr. Dracula!?"

Harry was about to reply when he caught something from what Dobby said "Hold on... how do you know I am not getting letters?"

This made Dobby have an expression of realization then horror as he pulled out some letters from his pillowcase outfit "Well... Dobby thought that if Mr. Dracula's friends didn't care for him, that would encourage Mr. Dracula to not go."

Harry could see some of the letters. One was from Hermione, some were from Ron, a few were from Hagrid, there was one from Snape. This made Harry very mad "Give them back. Now."

"No!" Dobby stated then ran for the door, opened it then shut it close and began to run down the hallway. Harry gestured to Golden Freddy, who nodded and teleported away. Harry got out of the room and ran to the closest armor knight.

"Listen to me; we have an intruder inside the hotel. His name is Dobby, he is a house elf. They are small creatures, he has brown skin, a pillowcase outfit, and tennis ball green eyes." Harry stated to the knight "Do you have visual on him?"

"Yes, sir! He's heading down to the lobby and into the kitchen from his current pace! And Golden Freddy is in hot pursuit of the culprit!" The knight reported.

"I want you to stop the elf immediately, is that understood!?" Harry ordered "And informed my friends and family!"

"Yes sir, we are on it!"

Dobby entered the lobby and hid from Golden Freddy, who entered the lobby a few seconds after Dobby did. He began to look around.

"Come out, come out; wherever you are." Golden Freddy stated with his white eyes scanning the room. "You can't hide forever."

Dobby snaps his fingers quietly and there was a noise from behind a door that causes Golden Freddy to look at the source and take off after. Dobby sighs and begins to quietly walk towards the kitchen when he heard the door open and looks, seeing 4 suits of armor with spears and swords looking at him and charging at him. Dobby yelped and began to run to the kitchen, only to have two suits of armor to block his way. Dobby stops and sees himself being cornered.

"Dobby the House Elf, you are coming with us!" A suit of armor shouted at Dobby.

Dobby smiled and snapped his fingers, making the suits of armor teleported on the ceiling on the room and making them fall down to the ground with a 'CLANK' and Dobby began to run inside the Kitchen.

Harry, in his bat form, was flying at the speed of sound through the hallways to the Kitchen. He arrived in the kitchen and sees Chica, Toy Chica, and Quasimodo Wilson were finish baking the cake and Harry came into the room and returned to his human form.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" Chica asked to Harry.

Harry replied "We have an intruder in the hotel. His name is Dobby the House Elf and he was spotted heading here with Golden Freddy in hot pursuit and I had the Suits of Armor in pursuit and capture."

"Oh my-" Toy Chica was about to say when the doors burst open.

Harry and everyone looked and see it was Dobby. Dobby looked at Harry and screamed in fear.

"Give me back my letters Dobby!" Harry stated to the house elf.

"You must promise Dobby that you won't go back to school!" Dobby replied as he held his hands ready to snap.

"I won't make one such promise!" Harry replied to the house elf.

"Then Dobby will do what it is necessary to make sure you do, sir." Dobby replied as he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, both animatronics in the room began to twitch wildly as well as their eyes changed to black with pure white pupils and began to head towards Harry. Harry looked at them and both tried to attack him but Harry used his Vampiric powers to freeze their movement. There was noise outside the chamber and Dobby smiled before snapping his fingers and disappeared. It was just in time to see Dracula and the others arrive at the scene before them. Harry scowled in anger.

"Damn you Dobby! When I get my hands on you, you'll pay for what you did to Chica and Toy Chica!" Harry shouted in anger at no one.