Harry and Winnie were in the Room of Requirements. After two weeks since Nyx's encounter. The end of the year was approach and the closing of the school was imminent. So the Order of Heirs began to make a silent move. Winnie had tracked the scent down to Myrtle's bathroom. When they arrived, they began to look around in the bathroom and traced it to the sinks. Harry began to look around until he sees a symbol of a snake hidden on a fountain. How Harry never noticed it before was probably due to it being hidden among the sinks.

"Open." Harry and Delphi said in parselmouth.

The sink responded by moving. Harry moved away and everyone was in awe as it opened, revealing a hole.

"How did we not notice this?" Cedric asked.

"Let's get down there, we need to get to Ginny before Tom comes back to life." Harry said before he turned into his bat form and jumped down the hole. Winnie jumped after him followed by Delphi, Cedric, and Brian.

The four made it down to the bottom. They began to notice so many bones everywhere and Harry was looking around the area.

"Ew! This place needs to be cleaned." Delphi said with disgust.

"Come on, we need to keep going." Winnie said as she sniffed the air "Ginny's scent is close."

The five began to proceed and after a bit, they found themselves in front of scale remains. Harry went to it and began to collect some leftover scales for future use, even managed to get some old fangs and put the stuff in his pocket dimension bag that he had on hand. After a bit, they left the remains and found a door.

"Ladies first." Harry said, gesturing Delphi.

Delphi looked amused "Open."

Everyone sees a snake traveling through a way and the door opened. The five went inside and went down the old ladder. When they got to the ground, Harry sees Ginny on the ground and the group made their way to her. They got to her and they see the diary next to Ginny, it was wet.

"Looks like you were right." Cedric said "All we need to do is find a way to save her."

"Hello Tom." Harry said suddenly and they heard footsteps and all looked, seeing Tom.

"You knew the whole time, didn't you?" Tom said with a smirk "I underestimated your knowledge."

"Now we can meet formally." Harry said as he got in front of the group "Harry Dracula; Heir of Gryffindor."

"Cedric Diggory; Heir of Hufflepuff." Cedric said as he went to Harry's side.

"Brian Bones; Heir of Ravenclaw." Brian added.

"Delphi Riddle; Heir of Slytherin." Delphi said and went to join them.

"And Winnie Werewolf; Harry's zing." Winnie said and went to Harry's side.

Tom was surprised to see all the heirs of the founders, and even more surprised when he learned that his future self had a daughter, were gathered in one place "So the founders' heirs are all gathered. I'm actually honored to meet all the heirs in one place. As I was the Heir of Slytherin from the previous generation, I never thought of gathering the heirs."

Harry smirked "Well, we heirs need to stick together against our common enemy; Dumb as a door."

Tom blinked before bursting into laughter. Why, oh why, did he NOT think of calling Dumbledore that before! It was just so hilarious to that, especially from the mouth of a heir who probably hates Dumbledore's guts.

"Oh, why didn't I think of that one!" Tom laughed a bit harder before he finally stopped and pretended that he removed a tear of joy "Oh, I will never forget that one." He turned back to seriousness "Now, back to business, why are you here?"

"You know why we are here, father." Delphi hissed at her father's past ghost "You have been attack Hogwarts."

Tom grinned "So you came to stop me."

"Of course, Voldemort." Cedric said with a brave expression. Harry and the Heirs had no reason to fear the name "Now surrender!"

Tom growled as he looked at the statue.

"Wrath of Slytherin, come to me! Intruders have come to kill your master's heir!" Tom hissed in Parseltongue, making the mouth open and the a pair of eyes appeared.

"Everyone but Delphi, close your eyes! Delphi, time to show who is the more worthy heir!" Harry ordered as all but Delphi and himself closed their eyes. Harry reached to his back, ready to pull the Sword of Gryffindor when necessary.

The Basilisk came out and appeared out of the water and looked at the intruders.

"Hail great snake!" Delphi said in parselmouth, making the Basilisk look at her in surprise "The speaker who had called you is nothing but a forgotten memory of the past. But I, Delphi Riddle; daughter of the speaker who called you, am the Heir of Slytherin of this generation! I desire a challenge of the right of the TRUE Heir of Slytherin!"

"She… She…" Tom tried to counter but couldn't as he the one weakness of the Parselmouth.

You cannot lie in Parselmouth.

"What's wrong, Tom? Can't lie in Parselmouth?" Harry hissed at Tom, which caused both the Basilisk and Tom to look at him "Did you really think we of the House of Dracula didn't know about that little weakness?"

"You bare the Mark of Salazar, my master." The Basilisk hissed at Harry, sensing the Mark of Salazar surrounding him "By the mark, I cannot kill you or I will suffer the wrath of master."

The Basilisk lowered its' deadly gaze, changing the yellow eyes to green, making them non lethal.

"Alright, it is safe to look." Harry told his comrades and they did, looking at the Basilisk, seeing them not dying. Delphi and Tom looked at each other, each had their wands ready. Then, the two began to attack each other with spells. Delphi fared very well, since Harry was teaching the Order of Heirs on how to be very powerful wizards and the process was successful so far. Tom was more experienced but Delphi had more skill and cunning. The battle lasted for a solid three minutes before Tom was the one defeated.

Harry pulled out the Sword of Gryffindor and stabbed the Riddle Diary, making the kneeling Tom scream in pain and he looked, seeing the diary destroyed. When Harry finished, I got up and jumped up high and stabbed the Basilisk's head where his brain was. The snake died instantly from the attack and fell to the ground.

"Well, that ends that." Harry said as he pulled the sword at and used a simple cleaning spell to make the blood disappear and he put it back in its' sheath and looks at Ginny, who was still knocked out "Now to finish business."

"What are you going to do to her?" Cedric asked.

Harry only grinned with a look of evil.


Harry was in the Headmaster's office with Winnie and a conscious Ginny. Harry lied to the Headmaster, telling him that he found Ginny with a dazed look that instantly spelled 'Imperius Curse' and Harry learned about how a black Diary seemed to have an enchantment on it that allowed the caster to control their victim to whoever holds the Diary for a long period of time. And with Harry making fake memories, Dumbledore BELIEVED him! And the best part was that Ginny was under the possession of Tom at the time and when she woke up, she only saw Harry and Winnie holding her with a destroyed diary, making the evidence solid of what happened.

Harry mentally smirked as Dumbledore awarded both him and Winnie points. Also, exams were cancelled. Then the Weasleys arrived and thanked Harry for saving their daughter. When they left, Dumbledore tried to get more information from Harry about anything specific else happened but Harry denied him of any new information. Harry was about to leave when he sees Lucius Malfoy walk into the room.

"So… I heard you were reinstalled into Hogwarts again." Lucius said with a dry tone. Harry looked at Lucius' feet, seeing Dobby behind his master's feet. "Who was the culprit?"

"We do not know." Dumbledore said with a sigh "Someone had possessed poor Ginny Weasley. Harry and Winnie here," He gestured to them "saved Ginny from becoming another victim like Myrtle."

"I see…" Lucius said before turning "Come Dobby, we're leaving."

Lucius kicked Dobby down and forced him up and the two left. Harry grinned and took the Diary and went after Lucius.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Harry called and Lucius came to a stop. Harry handed him the diary.

"What is this for, Mr. Dracula?" Lucius asked him with a bit of venom.

Harry gave an innocent smile "Well, Winnie said that the diary had your scent on it. I thought that I should give it back to its' original owner as a sign of faith and perhaps a warning in the future."

Lucius looked at Winnie then back at Harry and sneered "You have no proof, Dracula."

Lucius gave the diary to Dobby and began to continue walking "Come Dobby."

Dobby looked at Lucius "Open it." Dobby looked at Harry and did as he was told, that is when he sees a shirt with a golden 'D' on it, making Dobby's eyes widen in shock and surprise.

"Come Dobby!" Lucius cried out again.

"Master has given Dobby a shirt." Dobby said to Lucius, mostly to himself.

"What?" Lucius turned around "I didn't-"

That is when Lucius noticed the shirt in Dobby's hands "Master has given Dobby a shirt." Dobby looked at Lucius with a grin "Dobby is freed."

Lucius took a moment to realized what happened and glared at Harry "You lost me MY SERVANT!"

Lucius took out his wand from his cane and Dobby went in front of Harry "You shall not harm Harry Dracula!"

Lucius was about to cast a spell before he was knocked back by Dobby, who had launched a magical spell at Lucius. Lucius looked the house elf before looking at the vampire-wizard boy before grumbling and left. After that, Dobby turned to Harry.

"Thank you, Harry Dracula." Dobby said with a smile "If there is anything you need Dobby to do, then Dobby will do it."

"Well," Harry said with a smirk "I could use a House Elf to help me in the future. Here is my proposal to you, Dobby." Harry said as he kneeled down to the house elf "You become the House Elf of House Dracula. You will be treated well, paid as well if you wish, and you can do work around the Hotel if you wish. But I will restrict your self punishment acts for messing up."

Dobby smiled "Of course, Lord Dracula! I accept!"

Harry smiled and went to show Dobby the way.


The end of school arrived and it went by fast. Exams were cancelled, Hagrid returned from Azkaban, and everything was normal. Well, except for the Order of Heirs' planning. Pieces were falling into place and another year was approaching. Gryffindor won the House Cup again and school came to an end.

It was a quiet and peaceful journey and Harry couldn't wait for the next year.

Another year gone by with another just right around the corner. While not as long as the first one, I am making the chapters' longer.

No change on Harem status. I am discussing with aspygirl about Luna Lovegood and we may make her part or half Fey. I am still thinking about it. Besides that, I hope you loved the story.