See Kevin Run... His Mouth!

Canon's End

"Integrity is a funny word." Daria said as she and Jane were forced to do cheerleading drills.

"Well, then," Jane replied, "At least tell me I'm marginally less corrupt than the jocks."

Then Daria began to go into a speech outlining the pros and cons of their decision not to expose the bye system, but not participate in it either.

As they did this, Brittany fell flat on her face after doing a split, again.

None of them, or Coach Morris knew of the shitstorm heading their way...

That Friday

"Yeah, I'm not actually doing all that well in school," Kevin said to Ken Edwards, a reporter for the Lawndale Herald who had just started an after game interview with a softball question about how school was going for him, "But the Coach got me a bye in... well... Everything and I got to play!"

"What's a bye?" Mr. Edwards asked, glad he had a tape recorder and quiet corner in the locker room.

"Oh, that?!" Kevin chirped in happy oblivion, "That's when the Coaches talk to the teachers, and they pass you."

"Really? Do go on..."

Newspaper Headlines

[Lawndale Herald: Sports Corruption at Lawndale High!]

[The Baltimore Sun: Dirty Sportsmanship: The Grade-Fixing Scandal at Lawndale High]

[The Baltimore Sun: More Rot: The Lawndale School District being Investigated]

[The New York Post: Angela Li: Most Corrupt Principal in America?]

Two weeks after that...

One Daria Morgendorffer woke up, went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, showered, got dressed, headed downstairs to get breakfast. Her parents were already there and the TV in the kitchen was on the local news.

"...And it was announced that Superintendent Cartwright intends to resign, effective next Monday."

"Wow," Daria said in surprise, stopping in her tracks, "What is that, the third resignation because of Gradegate?"

"The fourth or fifth, I think." Jake answered from the table before looking back at the comics and asking, "Why doesn't Dilbert just start a new career like I did?"

Helen just shook her head, "Oh Daria, if I had known that the school was that rotten, we'd have moved to Oakwood instead of Lawndale."

From behind Daria, Quinn's voice screeched, "Oakwood?! Ugh! Have you seen the way that their popular girls dress?"

"Which would have made you Queen of the School," Daria snarked quietly, thinking about how Cartwright had just joined Ms. Li, both Coaches, and Mr. Larson (the Principal of Oakwood) in resigning in the face of the 'allegations' of criminal activity on their parts.

Helen sighed as the news droned on, no word of when Lawndale High would open after it had closed last week when Li had finally given up trying to save her job. Though personally Helen suspected that Li was trying to destroy as much evidence as she could before she ran out of time.

As three of them sat down to eat breakfast, and Helen left since her firm was representing Cartwright, Daria couldn't help but remember what Jane had said to her when the scandal first broke.

"Isn't it ironic that Kevin's done more to better the school than either one of us?"

"Yeah," she had conceded, "But we're not the one's having to move out of state."

She had no idea when (or if) Lawndale High would reopen, who the new Principal would be, or for that matter how things would shake out now that the jocks had to study.

The only thing she had was that no one could trace it back to her or Jane, so they would be left alone.

Meanwhile Ken Edwards, the man who broke the story was in New York, walking out of an interview at the offices of the New York Times having just landed the job of a lifetime...