Well who thought Kahlan would turn like that? And is this all it seems? What will happen when Cara finds out she's being decieved?

Richard smiled at the Mord Sith as he rode side by side with her.

"I'm glad you decided to come back."

Cara only nodded and glanced back at Kahlan who gave her a warm smile.

"Well, I had something to come back for." She said finally and a knowing smile touched her lips but only briefly.

Zedd spoke up from behind.

"Well of course you would miss us! We're the only family you've got left!"

Cara bit back a grin but said nothing.

"We'll make camp just over that hill." Richard announced. Cara inwardly rejoiced. She was tired even though she claimed that she never got tired and as she glanced round at Kahlan to see the Mother Confessor smiling again at her. The Mord Sith's gaze went to Richard and her smile disappeared; he could never know.

They all ate in comfortable silence and turned in for the night. All except Cara and Kahlan who had gone down to the river. Cara stood, looking back at Kahlan as she came through the trees. Instantly, the Mord Sith came towards her and kissed her deeply.

"I thought they'd never go to sleep." The blonde drawled with a grin on her face.

Kahlan nodded. "I know. It seemed like I was waiting for ages."

Cara chuckled darkly and stepped back, producing some rope from behind her back.

"I thought we could play a little game. What do you think Confessor?"

Kahlan looked at the rope that Cara snapped taught for effect and swallowed her fear. If she was tied, she couldn't hold Cara back but then if she didn't go along with this, Cara would know something was wrong.

Kahlan forced a smile onto her face and held out her wrists.

"Go ahead." She said playfully.

Cara shook her head slowly.

"Back. Against that tree."

Kahlan looked at the tree and then grinned but it was shaky and she hoped that Cara wasn't sensing any discomfort.

She stepped back and Cara went behind the tree, tying Kahlan's wrists behind it so that her arms were pulled back.

"Are you comfortable?" Cara asked with a grin.

Kahlan grinned back and laughed nervously. "Uh, not really no."

"Good. It's supposed to be that way."

She stepped back and stared at the Confessor for a long time before she pulled out one of her agiels. Kahlan's blue eyes widened.

"Oh...uh Cara, I don't think that-"

"How long did you think it would take?" Cara asked calmly, eyeing her agiel.

Kahlan frowned, confusion and fear of the pain of the agiel all mixing into one.


"Now is not the time to play dumb with me, Confessor."

Kahlan chuckled nervously once again. "Is this foreplay?"

Cara raised an eyebrow at Kahlan.

"You'll wish it was once I'm done with you." She snarled.

"Cara, I don't understand...did I do something wrong?"

"I admire your commitment." Cara said cryptically.

Kahlan frowned. "Commitment to what?!" She ended up shouting out of pure frustration.

"The lie."

Kahlan looked at the Mord Sith. "What lie?"

"You said you could have feelings for me. We kissed and suddenly you found some...did you honestly think that I would believe you? That you could decieve me?"

Kahlan looked down.

"So if you knew I was lying, why come back to us?"

Cara smiled. "Because you freed me of those ridiculous feelings. Once you lied to me, pretended to love me, I knew I could never love someone like you."

Kahlan looked guilty.

"I did what I had to for Richard. He wanted you back. A Seeker needs his Confessor but it seems that he also needs his Mord Sith."

Cara thought about this and nodded in agreement.

"I suppose that's true. I said I would serve Richard and I will."

Kahlan looked relieved. "I'm glad to hear that, Cara. Now, please, can you untie me?"

Cara looked Kahlan dead in the eye and the agiel in her hand pulsed as she brought it near Kahlan's neck.

"Cara wait, what good will this do? Please, think about what you're doing!"

"It will make me feel a whole lot better knowing that you're suffering as much as I am. The only difference is, your pain will be physical."

Kahlan frowned deeply as her breathing quickened.

"But you said you didn't love me anymore, that you couldn't love someone like me."

Cara grinned as she brought the agiel closer to Kahlan's pale flesh.

"Now who's the liar?" Cara revealed as she struck Kahlan with the agiel.

The Confessor's screams which mirrored the agiels could be heard through out the forest.

The Mord Sith simply watched without emotion as she tortured the woman she loved...


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