Title: The Unexpected Dance Partner part 1

Warnings and notes: This is a slash fic, which means that it involves two guys having strong feelings for one another. This is your only warning; so if you do not like reading about two men in love, then don't read. Go read some other fic. Do not harass the author, please.

Extra notes: There's a slight OC (original character) in this, but she's only in here because I need a pawn to beat up on, and be nasty to, and I wasn't sure about who was a woman in Voldemort's circle, so I made someone up. Easier this way. ;)

Special thanks goes to my lovely beta reader Brandy, for correcting any kind of errors that I have overlooked. She also helped me decide on which way this story should go. I had two ideas, pertaining to Draco 'asking' Harry out to the dance, and this one won her vote. Thank you, dear!

Contents: This fic will contain Slash, some sap, humor (which is the best), and something of a drama type thingy. This is a strange 'how did Harry and Draco get together' fic. It got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave me be, so I had to write it. ^_^

Pairings (to the ball): Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Ginny, Seamus/Dean, Terry/Cho, Justin/Hannah, Blaise/Colin

Rating: R

Year: 6th

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these characters! J.K. Rowlings is the wonderful person who does, and I wish her luck with her next book.


Draco Malfoy, son of a Death eater and resident bully of Hogwarts, woke up for the seventh time that night from a very strange dream. It wasn't like the normal nightmares or anything; it was actually odd. He wasn't scared in his dreams; he mainly stood in the middle of whatever was going on in the dream and watched the scenes unfold. They were usually bizarre with a capitol B.

So, deciding to get his mind cleansed of the odd dream, which, surprisingly, had those Gryffindor idiots starring in them, Draco went for a walk around the manor. He was home for the holidays, and today was the last day before he returned to school.

The ever handsome, and graceful, Draco found himself standing in front of his father's study. There Lucius Malfoy usually went to speak to his 'co-workers' and the Dark Lord himself. Draco was about to just turn around, wishing not to put any kind of burden on his father right now, when he heard a loud cackling sound. He placed his ear to the door to listen more carefully. It sounded like two people laughing and talking animatedly.

"Do I look like a rat, Hadria?" Draco heard a raspy voice ask.

"Of course, dearest Wormy. To me you always look like a rat."

*Wormy* laughed. "Flatterer!"

The giggling and squealing continued on. It sounded a lot like flirting to Draco, which really squicked him. Who'd want to flirt with *him*?

Before Draco could finish gagging, a low, booming voice halted the two's roughhousing. "Silence! Wormtail, what in blazes is going on?" It was his father.

Draco heard a small 'meep' coming out of Wormtail's mouth. There was a small pause before he heard the rat's reply. "I was just. . . talking with Miss Hadwig here. . ."

"Stop with the excuses, Wormtail!" Lucius snarled. Draco heard the sound of his father's footsteps, like he was walking closer to Voldemort's sidekick. That was what Draco called the low-life scum: a sidekick. "What if the Dark Lord apparated in here right now and saw the way you two were acting? I dare say that he wouldn't be too pleased, now would he?"

"Lord Voldemort isn't supposed to show up for another hour, Malfoy!" Wormtail growled. "Besides, I wasn't doing anything wrong."

"Just goofing off," Lucius retorted. "And you, Miss Hadwig, would be in even more trouble for flirting with this. . . person."

Draco knew that his father must have been giving Wormtail that evil stare. He chuckled under his breath at that. He loved it when his dear old dad got vicious with Wormtail, or even the other lower creatures. Well, there were some exceptions.

Hadria Hadwig giggled at Lucius' comment. "Oh, come now, Lucie." She purred, "Surely there is no crime against having a little fun, is there? Unless, of course, you're jealous?"

"Jealous? Not likely. Must I remind you, Miss Hadwig, that I'm a married man?"

"Not happily?" She cooed.

"Yes, very happily, actually. And I'm a proud father to boot. Don't forget that."

Draco gasped at that, and then he couldn't stop the grin growing on his face. He had never heard his father mention his feelings about him, to anyone. He was glad that his father loved him. Or was it love exactly? He was proud, so it must be some kind of adoration. Unless Lucius was just saying that to get Miss Hadwig to shut up.

"I understand that perfectly." Hadria said, sounding more serious. "But there's nothing wrong with adding some spice into your life, is there? Narccie hasn't been pleasing you in bed lately, has she?"

"Silence, woman! I will have you know that the Missus and I have a very well-balanced relationship in the bedroom! I will not stand here and let you talk trash about my wife!"

"Well-balanced relationship?" Hadria giggled. "Is she part of this complete breakfast too?"

If Lucius really did understand that insult, he made no clear mention of it. Only that he knew that she was insulting, and that the sound of something being whipped out of his robe made Draco believe that he must have taken out his wand. Draco hoped that his father would curse her from here to eternity.

"Hadwig. . ." Lucius snarled.

"Malfoy!" another voice hissed. Suddenly there was dead silence. Draco shivered involuntarily. He knew just who had entered the room, and it made him slink more back against the wall that connected the doorframe. He hoped with all of his might that the person who had just apparated into the room didn't know he was there, eavesdropping.

"My. . . my Lord!" Wormtail squeaked. "Thank goodness you're here! Malfoy was going to hex us for no good reason!"

"Shut it, Wormtail." Voldemort sneered. "I know of his temper and I know that he wouldn't try to hex you or my lady servant here without a very good reason. You have your wand out I see, Malfoy. Does this mean that one of them insulted your heritage, bloodline, family, or your looks?"

"My family, Lord Voldemort. Miss Hadwig here thought it was all in fun to tease me about my relationship with my wife, and in front of me!"

"Ah, yes, Miss Hadwig. She is a very slippery ally we have, Lucius. She is naturally a playful little witch, and that is why she is perfect for my new plan to getting Harry Potter."

There was awkward silence. Draco could only guess what looks were being exchanged inside the room. His father must be confused.

"What plan would that be, my Lord?" Lucius asked.

"There will be a school dance coming up soon, from what I recall that you have discovered, am I right, Lucius?"

"Yes, you're right."

"So, you see, during the dance, Miss Hadwig will pose as a student at Hogwarts. She's young looking enough to pass off as a teenager. When the students are told about the dance, and that they need a dancing partner, Miss Hadwig here will ask Harry Potter to be his date. She is attractive enough that I'm sure he will say yes. But if he doesn't," there was a pause. Draco could only guess that Voldemort must be giving Hadwig a hard glare. "There will be retribution. During the dance, Hadwig will get Potter outside, away from all, and she will use her portkey, disguised as a necklace, at a certain point and time. She will make sure that Potter will touch her portkey at the precise time, and he will be taken to me."

"Brilliant plan, my Lord!" Wormtail said.

"Yes, of course it is, idiot!" Voldemort growled. "Once I have Potter at my mercy, he will be tortured for information, and then. . . I will kill him."

"And I will be rewarded, right?" Hadria said.

"Of course." Voldemort said, almost reluctantly. Draco was sure that his father had caught the hint of malice in Voldemort's voice. "Now go and do your job, and if you don't. . . you know what will happen."

"Yes, my Lord!" Hadria said, and then there was a popping sound as she apparated.

"Um, if you don't mind me asking, my Lord. . ." Lucius said, "what of my son?"

"What about him?"

"Well, should I let him know?"

There was a slight pause. "No. No one else should know."

"Of course, my lord."

Draco ran back to his bedroom before his father caught him. He slumped onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling. "Not tell me?" Draco whispered. "Why? Am I not important enough? Am I not trusting enough to be told?" Many thoughts began to churn inside of his head. Voldemort really didn't care what happened to anyone else, did he? He didn't seem to care about his sidekick's feelings, nor those of his father's when he was trying to defend their family honor against Miss Hadwig. Voldemort just brushed their feelings aside like shooing away a fly. He didn't care what anyone else did or said, as long as HE got what HE wanted.

That's a Slytherin for ya.

But still.

Draco resolved in his plan. He was grinning from ear to ear as he slowly began to fall asleep.

"You've got to be bloody kidding!" Ron shouted. He and Harry were walking back from the school's entry, welcoming Hermione back from her Christmas vacation. Hermione had one of her new books out that she gotten from her father and she was tailing behind them until Ron stopped abruptly at something, making her almost crash right into him.

"Ron! Warn me next time you decide to stop like that!"

"Sorry, Hermione, but I just cannot believe what I'm seeing! I thought the teachers learned their lesson years ago!"

"What are you talking about?" Hermione closed her book and squeezed herself between the two boys that were staring at the school bulletin board. There, on a large bright yellow parchment, were the words: NEW YEAR'S EVE SCHOOL DANCE. ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND WITH A DATE AND WEAR THEIR BEST ROBES. THOSE WITHOUT DATES WILL GET PAIRED TOGETHER. GO TO YOUR RESPECTED HEAD OF HOUSE FOR ANY QUESTIONS. DANCE STARTS AT 8'O CLOCK, ENDS AT 1 A.M. PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME AND YOUR DATE'S NAME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PARCHMENT. THANK YOU.

They all looked down at the list. It was blank, so that means that it was just put up and no one else knew about it.

Hermione looked longingly up at Ron, who was still staring at the parchment.


"Yes, Hermione?" Ron said without looking at her.

"Are you going to ask me, or are you going to let someone else snatch me up?"

"Huh??" That startled him out of his thoughts and he looked over at her with a shocked face.

She put her hands on her hips and huffed. "Ronald Weasley, I am surprised at you! I thought that you'd take this opportunity to ask me to go with you before some other guy got their chance to. . ."

"OK, OK! Will you be my date to the dance, Hermione?"

"Yes I will. See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" She smiled, and then took out a quill to write down her name on the parchment. Ron took the quill from her and then scribbled his own name down next to Hermione's.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Ron grumbled.

Harry was in deep thought throughout the whole ordeal. He had some ideas of whom he wanted to ask to the dance, but he wasn't sure if he'd be rejected or not. Just the thought of someone saying, 'No! Why would I ever go out with YOU?' made his stomach do weird flip-flops.

"So who are you going to ask, Harry?" Ron asked.

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know yet."

Soon, the whole of Hogwarts knew about the dance, and there were many uproars on the fact that if they didn't find a date, they were going to be paired up automatically, and with someone they don't care for.

There was a rather large crowd around the parchment as people started to sign their names and read off the list to see who was already taken. Harry was there too, seeing if the people he had planned to ask out were taken yet or not. His eyes scanned the list, and then stopped on a name. Harry groaned and shut his eyes, he was too late. Cho Chang was going with Terry Boot.

Harry continued to read down the list when a familiar voice drawled out behind him, "Holy Hobgoblins, that Mudblood and weasel are going together? The world will surely be doomed if they decide to make it permanent."

Harry turned around and came face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy. He was only a couple inches taller than Harry this year, and he still had those amazing dusky blue eyes and silvery blonde locks, which were slicked back but there were a few strands falling around his forehead. He gave Harry that usual scowl, but with a raise eyebrow, to which Harry noticed was very thin and elegant. Harry continued to stare at those refined eyebrows until Draco cleared his throat, getting his attention.

"I see your name isn't up there yet, Potter." Draco said, eyeing the list behind Harry.

"Well, neither is yours." Harry scoffed. "What happened, lose your fan girls? Or did Pansy decide to get smart and stay away from you."

"Ha, ha. It just so happens that I declined her offer, and I declined the other's offers as well."

Ron and Hermione had made their way through the crowd to get at Harry when they noticed that Malfoy was there with him. Everyone that was standing around them took notice of the two straight away, and started to pay more attention to them then the sign up slip.

"Why? Not good enough for you?"

"No." Draco looked around, noticing that they had everyone's attention. "I just had someone else in mind."

Right before Harry could ask whom he was talking about (because he was curious), a girl with long, dark hair and bright blue eyes came bounding up to them. She was rather attractive, as all the boys had noticed. She was tall, very slim, and was really busting out all over.

"Harry Potter?" She cooed.

Harry and Draco's heads turned at the newcomer. Draco snarled, recognizing the voice right away.

"Yes, that's me. Can I help you?"

The woman beamed, "I should say so! My name's Harriett, and I would like to know if you'd be my date for the ball."

Many looked at Harry, waiting for his answer.

"Sorry," Draco drawled, stepping in front of Harry, "but he's taken."

"Excuse me?" The woman gasped. "I don't see his name on the sign up sheet."

"That's because we were just about to put our names on it, silly girl." Draco said.

"We?" Harry's eyes shifted over to the Slytherin, not believing what he was hearing.

"What do you mean?" Harriett asked.

Draco was aware that Harry's friends were there, he was also aware of the crowd's attention, but he didn't care what they thought. He had to get this bitch away from Harry, and fast!

"He's with me." Draco said, with a small smirk.

"WHAT??" Ron cried.

"EXCUSE ME??" Harry bellowed.

"HUH??" The girl, whom called herself Harriett, said.

"You heard!" Draco growled. He moved closer to Harry, placing an arm around the other boy's waist. "He just asked me to the ball a minute before you got here. So, I'm very sorry to say. . ."

"Since when?" Harry snarled. "I don't remember asking. . ." Draco put his hand over Harry's mouth. Harry looked down at the offending hand, fuming.

"The poor boy is still in shock over the whole thing." Draco said, smiling. "Minor memory lapse."

"Bullshit!" Ron shouted.

There were a lot of murmuring and whispering going on. Draco noticed that Harry's face was going red, and it wasn't from embarrassment. Well, at least Draco didn't think it was, because of the way Harry was glaring at him over the rim of his glasses. Draco kept his hand in place over Harry's mouth and looked over to make eye contact. Without saying anything, Draco was trying to tell him to play along, but it didn't seem to be registering through Harry's mind.

"Yes, he IS with ME. Does anyone have a problem with that?"

"Yeah! I do!" Ron sneered.

"Me too!" Hermione said. "What are you playing at?"

"Harry's friends don't seem too enthused by your sudden action. I think you might be lying to me." Hadwig tossed her head back, trying to make herself more attractive. "Besides, I don't think that same sex couples are allowed."

Draco's eyes went up to the almost forgotten list and he smirked. "I see that it must be. Unless, of course, Dean Thomas is a girl? Or even Blaise Zabini? They're going with another guy."

"They are?" Hermione looked back up at the list, not totally convinced. Sure enough, she noted that Dean was definitely going with another guy, and that other guy was Seamus! "Oh my. . ."

Slowly, Draco took his hand away from Harry's mouth while giving him a pleading look. Harry didn't say anything as he studied the Slytherin's face. He had never seen it look so open before.

Draco looked back over at Miss Hadwig, grinning. "You see? It's all right for us to date. So, if you'll excuse us, we have a parchment to sign."

Draco turned to the list, quill in hand, but then Harry grasped his arm and pulled him close, shocking the crap out of him. At first, Draco thought that Harry's mouth was about to descend upon his, but they went right on by and went straight to his ear. Draco shivered as he felt the hot breath tickling his skin.

"What the *hell* do you think you're doing?" Harry said in a low, harsh whisper.

"Just play along." Draco whispered back, almost pleading.

"Why should I?" Harry demanded.

"Because she's a Death Eater." Draco murmured softly in Harry's ear. He could almost swear that he felt Harry jolt a little.

"What??" Harry said heavily in Draco's ear.

"You heard me." Draco said. "so if you don't want to be the next plate special on Voldemort's menu, you will cooperate."

Harry would have said no to Draco, but the fact that many were watching, and the fact that Draco knew something was going on was proving to be too much for him. He just had to find out what Voldemort was up to. Strange how his scar hadn't been burning at all lately. Maybe Malfoy WAS pulling his leg, just so he could get him as a date? Or maybe Malfoy himself was going to be the one to take him to Voldemort. But then, why would he tell Harry that that woman was a death eater? Wouldn't Malfoy rather see Harry get what he deserved, or something?

"You better be telling the truth." Harry murmured back.

"I am. Trust me," Draco said.

"Trust a snake?" Harry snickered. "How ironic."

"Stuff it, Potter, and sign before anyone gets too suspicious." Draco shoved the quill into Harry's chest. Apparently, Draco had already written his name down. Harry looked over at the crowd, who were looking at him in anticipation. *Harriett* was staring at him, arms crossed, tapping a toe on the floor, and the corner of her lip was twitching. She looked pissed. No, wait, scratch that. She looked ready to kill.

"Harry?" Ron said, getting Harry to look over at him. He had that comical surprised look on his face that almost made Harry laugh. "You're not serious, are you? Is Malfoy really your date?"

Harry looked back over his shoulder at the woman, who was now glaring daggers at him. From the way things looked, Malfoy must be telling the truth. With a small sigh, and another look at his best friend, he made his decision.

Besides, the ones he originally wanted to ask to the ball were already taken.

The crowd gasped in astonishment as they witnessed Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, and Great Hero of all time, write his name beside Draco Malfoy's, Slytherin extraordinaire and all around Muggle hater and rival.

Before Ron or Hermione could voice their dislike in the situation, Harriett screamed out in rage and took out her wand. "BLONDIE!" She didn't know that it was Lucius' son. "You will pay dearly for taking him away from me!"

With a sexy smirk, and a raised eyebrow, Draco took out his own wand and pointed it at her. "Sore loser."

"I will show you a sore loser!" She bellowed, and raised her wand into the air.

Before Hadwig could even voice a spell, Draco swished his wand quickly and said, "Expelliarmus!"

Miss Hadwig's wand went flying out of her hand and up over the heads of a few people before Draco brought a hand up to catch it. Surprising the hell out of the blonde teen, many began to clap for him.

"Good one, Malfoy." Said Padma Patil, a Ravenclaw.

"Show that bitch you mean business!" Crowed a Hufflepuff.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other and shrugged. They were confused, but at least it wasn't that strange woman that won that little duel.

Draco was looking smug, "Looks like you lost. Pity that, eh? Even a lot of the Gryffindors are applauding my efforts. I guess that means that YOU just struck out, terribly."

Harriett, real name Hadria Hadwig, was so pissed off that she plowed through the crowd in a huff, leaving the scene. From behind her shoulder she called out, "This isn't over yet, Blondie!"

Draco snickered, "Apparently not." the crowd watched the woman leave and then many began to congratulate him on a job well done.

"Good show, Malfoy. Good show!" Said Parvati.

Draco bowed gracefully, "Thank you, thank you. You're all too kind."

"Never thought I'd say this," Said Harry, "But thanks, Malfoy."

Draco smiled triumphantly, "No skin off my back. Besides, now I have a date for the dance." He winked at Harry.

Harry felt his skin get warm, and he wasn't sure if it was from anger, embarrassment, or something else all together.

Suddenly Draco looked up at the list again and then clucked his tongue, "Ah, I see that we're not the only Gryffindor/Slytherin couple going." He pointed at the names Colin Creevey and Blaise Zabini.

"The world must be coming to an end." Ron groaned.

"Only yours, Weasley." Draco smirked. Before Ron could retort, Draco began to walk off, "Well, I guess I'll see you at the dance, Potter. Oh, no, wait, sooner than that. See you at supper!" He walked off with his head held high, knowing that all eyes were on him.

"Are you sure that he didn't have that girl act out for him?" Ron asked Harry, still not sure if Harry's decision was the right one.

"The way she looked and the way Malfoy just suddenly started adlibbing, I'd say no. besides, if he did set the whole thing up, he'll get the beating of his life. Wrestling around with Dudley has it's good points."

"Like getting bruises?" Ron smirked.

"No," Harry grinned, "Like getting stronger."


I was trying my best to make this a one-parter, but it seems that I have too much going on and I don't want to make it too long. ^_^