Title:  The Unexpected Dance Partner part 4

Warnings and notes: This is a slash fic, which means that it involves two guys having strong feelings for one another.  This is your only warning; so if you do not like reading about two men in love, then don't read.  Go read some other fic.  Do not harass the author, please.

Extra notes:  There's a slight OC (original character) in this, but she's only in here because I need a pawn to beat up on, and be nasty to, and I wasn't sure about who was a woman in Voldemort's circle, so I made someone up.  Easier this way. ;)

Special thanks goes to Brandy, for helping me decide on which way this story should go.  I had two ideas, pertaining to Draco 'asking' Harry out to the dance, and this one won her vote.  Thank you, dear!

Pairings and other stuff:  see part one.

Oh and a quick reminder:  this is a romance/humor story.  Not supposed to have a real plot! ^_^

I have lost face of this fic, so this part might not be on the same wavelength as the previous chapters.  My muse didn't want to give me much more than I had, so I had to think of something else to do with it.  Hope you like it all the same.

And I deeply apologize that this is late.


          Ron was pacing back and forth like a caged tiger.  Hermione, Seamus, Dean, Neville, Ginny, Colin, and Blaise were sitting at a table, watching Ron pace.

          "Ron, will you stop pacing like that! You're making me dizzy." Hermione grumbled.

          "What is taking him so long?  Damn it, I should have gone with!  He must have been involved in this the whole time and now poor Harry is being tortured because I let that stupid, slimy son-of-a-bitch go without me!"

          "I heard that, Weasley."  A voice sneered.

          Everyone's heads turned.

          "Harry!"  Hermione shouted.

          "Harry!"  Ron smiled.

          "Draco!"  Blaise said, racing over to them. "Thank goodness you're still alive!"

          Draco smirked, "And why wouldn't I be?"

          They all got up and crowded around the two who had returned.

          "You okay, mate?"  Seamus asked, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder.

          "I'm fine, now.  Thanks to Draco."

          They all looked over at Draco, some looking shocked at how easily Harry used Malfoy's first name.

          Hermione was starting to weep, "Oh, I'm so glad you're ok.  I thought for sure that. . . oh. . ." She moved and put her arms around Harry's neck.

          "It's okay, Hermione.  No need to cry."

          Ginny then moved and wrapped her arms around Harry's waist. "Oh, Harry!"  She was sobbing into his shoulder.

          Then Colin began to weep. "This is so touching! I wish I had my camera on me!" He wiped at the corner of his eyes with the sleeve of his dress robe.  Blaise patted him on the back reassuringly.  Colin took this as some sort of insinuation so he laid his head onto Blaise's shoulder, wrapping his arms around the Slytherin's waist.  Blaise rolled his eyes.

          Ron was arching an eyebrow at the display while Draco was ogling the two girls that were hanging off of Harry.

          "Right, that's enough!"  Draco said, fuming, "Hands off of my date now!" He started to pry Hermione's hands from around Harry's neck.  "You two have your own dates to hang on!  Shoo!"

          "Someone's jealous,"  Seamus said, laughing.

          Draco glared at the Irishman, "I'm just speaking the truth, Finnigan.  Potter's my date for the ball, therefore I'm the only one that gets to hang on him!"

          Harry got the hint, and removed Ginny from his person. "Draco's right, we have a dance to finish."

          "Damn straight!"  Draco said, and then grabbed Harry's hand and led him toward the middle of the dance floor again.

          Everyone's jaws dropped.

          "I don't believe what I'm seeing,"  Blaise said, a smile growing on his face. "Draco actually wants to keep dancing with Mr. Two Left Feet!"

          "Harry's not even resisting!"  Ron said, eyes still bugging out of his head.

          "And it looks like he's blushing,"  Hermione said, also in shock.

          "I wonder what happened between them during the rescue."  Ginny said with a slight frown.

          Hermione sighed, "I don't know."  They all watched as Harry and Draco continued to slow dance, Harry was smiling. "Whatever happened, I'm sure that Draco's father isn't too happy about it."

          They continued to ogle the two strange pair for a while more, and then turned to look over at Ginny, who was crouching on all fours on the floor, looking at something.

          "What're you doing, Gin?" Ron asked.

          Ginny straightened herself back up and lifted a small square wrapper, which held a round object inside.

          "Um… I think Malfoy dropped this."

          It was the condom.


          Harry never, ever, in a million years, would have thought that being in Draco Malfoy's arms would be this wonderful.  It was a bit odd, but yet, comforting.  Malfoy's body felt really warm against his, and Malfoy's hold on him was kind of tight.  Harry kept his head down on Malfoy's shoulder, and Malfoy had his chin rested on the top of his head.  He could feel Malfoy's heartbeat vibrating through his ribcage.  It was beating almost as fast as his.

          Why had he done it?  Actually, it was a stupid question.  Why did Draco save him from that Death Eater and Voldemort?  'Because,' said a voice in Harry's head, 'he's in love with you, that's why.'  This thought made Harry's heart skip a beat and his head swim.  It felt nice knowing that he was loved, but. . . this was Malfoy!  There had to be some kind of catch, right?  And he's a boy!  Yet. . . Seamus was with Dean, and no one knew about this until the dance.  Colin Creevey was with Blaise Zabini, and Harry didn't know about them (being gay) either.  He heard about Colin possibly being gay, but he had a girlfriend once.  Maybe Colin was bisexual.  So, was that what HE was?  When Harry felt Draco sigh and squeeze him tighter, he felt a very intense surge around his groin.

          Yup, he was bisexual.

          But with Draco Malfoy??

          Harry felt Draco's hands trail up from his waist to the middle of his back, rubbing it lightly, and then bringing them up to his front.  One of Draco's hands was on his chest and the other was running up to his face.

          "Malfoy?" Harry said, drunkenly.  Although he hadn't had a drop of alcohol.

          "Yes?" Draco said, gently touching the side of Harry's face.

          Harry moved his hands to Draco's waist and tugged him closer.  Their faces were about two inches away.

          "Do you hate me?"

          Draco sniggered lightly, his eyes dancing in the dimly lit ballroom.  Someone had turned the lights down and started the music again without them knowing.

          "No.  I don't hate you." Draco said, looking very amused. "Would I have saved you if I hated you?"

          "Guess not." Harry was about to ask if he loved him, but was interrupted by his date's drawling, thick voice.

          "I still think this is tacky."  Harry looked down and saw Draco's finger pointing at his carnation.  Harry chuckled under his breath, and then grabbed his carnation and ripped it off his robe.  He tossed it behind him while he was looking straight into Draco's eyes.

          "Not anymore it isn't." Harry grinned.

          Draco smiled a little.  "I'm hoping that neither is this. . ." He let go of Harry and started to fish through his pockets.  He frowned when he couldn't find what he was looking for.

          "Neither is what?" Harry asked, trying to stay as close as possible to his date.  He was missing the warmth of his body already.

          "Oh, crap. . . I lost it." Malfoy sighed. "Oh well.  C' le vie."

          "Lost what?" Harry asked.

          Malfoy looked sheepish. "Nothing.  Never mind." He stammered.

          Harry noticed Ron and Hermione dancing together.  Poor Ron was trying his best not to step on her toes while she decided to take lead.  Not far from them were Blaise and Colin.  The young photographer was looking very happy to be in the arms of his Slytherin date, and Blaise was looking very possessive.

          He decided to question Draco about it later. "Ok, tell me later.  Let's just dance.  I was warm and comfortable."

          Draco snickered.

          "So was I."


          Since Hadwig had been captured and sent to Azkaban, and the whole threat of Harry dying was over, Seamus and Dean went back behind the stage to continue with their little –ahem- exploring.  Neville was still sulking, in which Harry had noticed, so he reluctantly removed himself from Draco's arms.

          "Now what's the matter?" Draco said in an exasperated tone.

          "I need to find out what's wrong with Neville."

          "Oh, yes.  The ever-caring Gryffindor must tend to his friend's distress and leave his date on the dance floor.  Yes, very endearing of you."

          Harry narrowed his eyes, "Don't get me started, Malfoy.  I need to find out what made Ginny pissed at him and I want to see if I could help."

          Draco huffed, folding his arms in a disgusted manner. "Whatever.  He's your friend, I guess."

          "Yes, he is my friend, Draco.  I don't mean to stop our dance like this, but I have to.  And in case you didn't realize, I've actually liked it.  I have to see if I can help him.  It's what friends do."

          Draco just snorted and rolled his eyes.

          Harry ignored him this time and went to talk to Neville.  His clumsy friend was sitting in the corner again, looking even worse than before.  Harry hoped that he was better from the hex that Draco had accidentally placed on him.

          "Hey," Harry said.

          "Hey." Neville didn't even look up.

          "Um, are you all right? Is there something I can do?"

          Neville shook his head. "I don't think so.  Thanks anyways, Harry."

          Harry looked over at Ginny, who was talking to Parvarti.

          "What happened between you and Ginny?"

          Neville still didn't look at Harry.

          "She's mad at me."

          "About what?" Harry asked.

          "Well. . . it's not a big deal, Harry.  Don't you worry about clumsy, idiotic me.  I'll just try and enjoy the rest of the dance.  Alone."

          "Look, Neville, I want to help.  Did you say something that would upset her?  Did she say something to you?"

          "I. . ." Neville gulped, "I accidentally said something about her crush on you, and she went ballistic.  She's apparently still not happy with you going with Malfoy.  Then, I was stupid, and I asked her if she said yes to me because you were taken, and she wanted to find some way to get close to you.  You could just imagine the look on her face. . ."  He choked.

          "Well, why don't you just apologize?"

          "Apologize?  Are you crazy?  I'm right, and she knows it!"

          "But, you can't keep being angry at each other.  And anyways, you brought the subject up, and I'm guessing it was a rather delicate subject for her.  If you really like her that much, you should apologize."

          There was a minute of awkward silence, and then Neville said.

          "You know, you're right, Harry.  I don't want her to hate me for the rest of our lives."

          "Good for you, Nev." Harry slapped him on the back in a friendly manner, "Go get her, tiger."

          Neville laughed nervously, and then got up and made his way to Ginny.  Harry found Draco sitting at a table with Blaise, Colin, Ron and Hermione.  It seemed that they were all sick of dancing by now and decided to get a bit to eat.  Harry slipped next to Draco, across from Ron and Hermione.  Draco was next to Blaise.

          "About time, Potter.  I thought you had deserted me for Longbottom for a minute there."

          Harry laughed. "No.  I'd never do a thing like that.  Besides, Neville's not my type."

          "No, but Slytherins are, right, Harry?" Colin grinned.

          Harry blushed.

          "Not all of them." He eyed Blaise quickly, and then looked back over at Draco with a small smile.  Draco half-smirked, half-smiled back.

          "Harry?  Can I ask you something?"

          "What is it, Ron?"

          "Are you. . ." he looked at Draco with disdain, "And this git- seeing one another now, or is this a one time thing?"

          Harry and Draco turned their heads toward each other at the same time, gazing intently into each other's eyes.  The way it felt in Malfoy's arms was still lingering on his body, and the warmth he felt. . . Harry smiled slowly.

          "I would like another time. . ." he swallowed thickly.

          Draco raised a brow, and then his face brightened.  It wasn't much, but it wasn't looking very arrogant anymore.  His eyes continued to wander over Harry's face, trailing from those glittering green eyes, down to those lush lips.

          "Are you asking me out on a date, Potter?"

          Harry gave him a lop-sided grin.

          "Are you going to reject me?"

          "Don't answer my question with a question!" Draco huffed, "It's either yes or no, Potter."

          "Then, yes." Harry's eyes glittered challengingly.

          Draco gave his best smirk, and everyone thought for sure that he was going to pull on Harry's chain.

          "There's your answer, Potter."

          Harry's eyes widened, as did everyone else's.

          "You- you will?"

          Draco took Harry's hand into his and brought it up to his lips.  He kissed it very softly, watching Harry's reaction.  Harry's shock increased, but only a fraction.

          "Someone's got to watch your back for you while you're sleeping."  Draco said.  Then he winked.

          Harry felt his face go suddenly warm.  Ron was about to protest, or at least it looked like it, but Hermione silenced him with two fingers over his lips.  Over Draco's shoulder, Harry could see Blaise and Colin both smiling like idiots.

          "Oh, and you don't think Ron could watch my back?"

          "Good going, Potter, you've ruined the moment."

          Harry blinked.  "We were having a moment?"

          Draco scowled, in a very cute manner, and then he folded his arms over his chest, much like a pouting child.

          "Yes!  And to think I was going to kiss you!  Well, never mind. . . just forget it.  I'll just mull it over a bit more in my head before I decide to do so again and. . ."



          Harry was smiling, clearly very amused by the way Draco looked at him now.

          "Shut up and kiss me, then." Harry leaned forward.

          "No.  You've ruined it, Potter!  The dynamics and romantics and such- gone!  Poof!  Up in a misty cloud!  And it's all YOUR fault!" Draco turned, sitting forward in his seat once more, pouting like he had been properly punished.

          "You're such a drama queen!" Harry said, sounding both amused and annoyed.  "Fine.  If you really don't want to kiss me, then don't.  I don't care."

          "Don't you try pulling your funky psychology on me, Boy Wonder.  You're not getting a kiss that way."

          Harry groaned out loud, "You're so. . . so. . . insufferable!!"  he stood and stormed off toward the entryway.

          "Good one, Malfoy." Hermione said.  "Now go and apologize to Harry right now, or you'll regret it."

          Draco was about to argue, but Blaise elbowed him in the ribs, "Do it, Draco, before I hex you.  You're letting your pride get in the way, and I don't want to see you two falling apart so soon.  You're good for each other."

          Draco scowled and was about to say something, but the way they were all staring at him made him shiver.

          "Fine.  If that's what you all want."  He looked at Ron.

          Ron stared back.

          "Go to him, Malfoy." Ron said, sounding like he was forcing it out, "Even though I don't think you deserve him. . . or his love."

          After Ron said that, he looked like he was going to be sick.  Hermione patted him on the knee and smiled, showing her appreciation for what he had just done.

          "I don't think you deserve him either," Said Seamus from behind.  Next to him was a worn out looking Dean.  "But I swear, Malfoy, if you ever hurt him. . ."

          "Well, since the odds are against me. . ." Draco stood and went after his dance partner.

          Neville and Ginny had just got onto the dance floor, looking happier then they had all night.



          "Go away, Malfoy!"

          "Damn it, Potter, slow down!"  Draco was practically jogging to keep up with his elusive date.

          "I don't see why you care, now." Harry said.  He stopped, though, and turned to face the Slytherin.

          Draco stopped about a foot from him.  "I care, because you're my date, and hopefully future boyfriend."

          "Oh?  Well, from the way you act with me sometimes. . ."

          "I'm sorry, all right?  I didn't mean to be rude to you."

          Harry's brows shot up to his hairline.

          "I did save you," Draco pointed out with a shaky voice, "So the way I see it, you owe me, Potter.  You owe me a date. . ."

          "Malfoy. . ."

          "And a chance," Draco said quickly, "to prove that I can be a good boyfriend.  That I can be good for you."

          Harry blushed lightly at that.

          "I want to," Draco continued, "I want to be good to you.  Will you let me, Harry?"

          Harry was speechless, for a bit.

          "L-let you?  Will I let you be. . . good to me?"

          Draco nodded.

          "Draco. . . coming from you. . . that was incredibly sweet." Harry smiled.

          "So. . . that is a yes?"

          Harry smacked him lightly on the shoulder.

          "Of course it is, dummy!  Just promise me you'll be nicer to my friends."

          "All right."

          "And also. . . I want that kiss.  Now.  Don't make me tell you again, Malfoy, or I swear. . ."

          Draco didn't want to know what Harry would do to him if he didn't, so. . . he kissed him.

          His unexpected dance partner turned out to be his unexpected true love.

~The End!~

Oh, I'm so glad that I finally finished this.  And I actually like how I ended it.

Thanks for reading!!