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My Mary Sue

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Chapter Five

"That's the library, that's the ice cream store, that's…" Malik continued to dead tone all the places he named as he and the others walked down the street. "That's a fire hydrant, that's an ant hill, that's a crack in the side walk, that's…"

Ryou sighed, bored. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with Malik - err, Malik's sister. Blaze was just so interesting, so beautiful so…perfect. He almost sighed again, this time dreamily.

/ Pathetic mortal. / He heard Bakura growl and he winced. The day had been going so well too. / Slobbering over some girl like a lovesick puppy dog. Maybe they should call you the dog instead of Wheeler, huh mutt?/

Ryou was about to reply with the usual 'yes master' when there was suddenly a change in Blaze as she stopped in her tracks and tensed. Something happened and she'd suddenly changed. Her long hair, blonde like Malik's, began pointing upward, like Marik's. (Malik's evil and hot, droolworthy psycho yami. At the moment, he was busy thinking about a white-haired evil and hot, droolworthy psycho yami. !cough!)

Blaze suddenly turned to face Ryou and the smirk on her face promised pain…or a good time. Perhaps both. "I see you're still tormenting the weak. Haven't changed a bit, have you Bakura?" Blaze snarled, glaring at Ryou.

Ryou gasped as he felt Yami Bakura separate from him. The evil, hot and…you get the idea, yami glared at the girl. "Flame." He spat the name, "I should have known that you'd somehow find a way to irritate me again. Even in the next life, you can't leave me alone." Yami Bakura growled in his gruff, low, sexy voice and crossed his arms.

'Flame' huffed and stuck her nose in the air. "You clearly are insane if you think I'd come back for the likes of you tomb robber." She growled then glared at him. "I'm here to collect all the Millennium Items since my husband isn't here to stop me!" She laughed, "And I think I'll start with yours. You're weak pathetic excuse for a human being will be easy to kill."

Ryou 'eeped' as Malik threw himself in front of his friend, protecting him. "I won't let you hurt my lov—err Ryou!" He declared and a flash from his back pocket, where he stashed the Millennium Rod (how can he fit anything in those tight pants? And how could he fit the Millennium Rod?), caught everyone's attention as Marik appeared as well.

"Neither will I!" Marik growled. Everyone looked at him and blinked in confusion. "What? I want the Millennium Ring damn it! Then I can make Bakura do anything I want." He began to cackle, completely forgetting about the task at hand – protecting his fuck toy—err, Millennium Ring.

"It's my Millennium Ring, and while I'm still around, it stays with my hikari." Bakura rolled his eyes. "Even though he is a weakling." The spirit muttered.

"And I hate to disappoint you Flame, but you're husband is here to stop you." A deep voice caused everyone to turn around and at the exact same time three voices growled.



A NOT SO RANDOM …you know the drill.

(For those of us who can't stand the het any longer…)

Malik sighed dreamily as he stared at the picture of his white-haired beauty. He stared into the deep eyes and grinned lazily to himself. The two of them were going to be having supper that night and Malik had been ready since they'd made the date.

It was a fancy restaurant and a very private table had been reserved for the two of them only. They didn't want to be disturbed during their meal, or…dessert.

"Malik! Your boyfriend's here!" Marik's voice called from down the stairs.

Grinning to himself he jumped off of his bed and flew out of his room. He took the steps two at a time and then launched himself at the body standing by the door.

"Makky!" A voice laughed as he was caught.

"Hello Peggy." Malik grinned, smiling up at Pegasus.

- - -

Malik: …you are too evil.

I could have made you kiss him.

Malik: O.O There are things more eviler than you.