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Two hours later and the end of a lortab high....(makes a wolvie face) Cassi is trying to
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some more vomit pills...as I really need them about now....before I take another pain
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Long short pause....it's now an hour and a half later..

Down in the morgue, Kovac, Wolvie and Snaggle were heading out the door. Lucy, not
considering Wolvie's adamantium, had not made the cage to withstand it. The result
of this was that they were freed as soon as they were sure the base was deserted.

"Well, that was easy." Wolvie bragged as they left the room.

"I can't believe they didn't think of this." Luka replied.

"Well, she hasn't been on the set that long." Snaggle reminded him.

"Yes, but everyone who has been on the set for any amount of time would know about
Wolvie having claws." Luka pointed out.

"Yeah, but they also thought we were going to be knocked out longer." Wolvie smirked.
"Healing factor won't really let us stay out longer."

"So we head for the ER then?" Snaggle asked.

"Yeah, that's probably where everyone is....Jigglypuff included." Kovac answered.

"And if she's already sang by the time we get there, we won't be asleep." Wolvie reminded
them. "And none of the girls except Elizabeth can stay awake."

"And Elizabeth isn't playing the game." Snaggle added, grinning.

"She's also all grown up now and disqualified." Kovac smirked. "This shouldn't be all
that hard."

In the ER, Jiggly was pitching a fit. Almost everyone had fallen asleep during her song.
True, there was a few people who weren't...the authors, their assistants...one of the little
girls...but this was just not right. They were supposed to listen to her sing! "Jiggly
PUFF!" She shouted, enraged. "PUFF!" Glaring, she pulled out her marker, and joined
the awake ones in coloring faces.

"Want some colored ones?" Romano asked her.

"Jigglypuff!" She exclaimed, grinning.

"Here you go." Elizabeth replied, handing her the blue and orange markers.

In the corner with the kids, Lucy looked around. Why was she the only one awake?
Well, this certainly made things easier. Grinning, she created a cage around Carter and
Ardeth, successfully trapping both of the boys leaders. "I WIN!!!!" She cried,
triumphantly, causing all the awake ones to look over at her.

"What?" She asked. "Don't I win?" Lucy paused. "Or is this cheating?"

"No...I think you won." Elizabeth told her. "And judging from the fact that you're still

"We've just found the other new Assistant." Romano proclaimed. "Excellent choices."

"Thankyou." Sven and Cassi answered, returning to happily coloring on Dorkett and
Edson's faces.

Romano stepped over to look. "Nice goatee." He commented. "And I love the horns
you put on Kerry." He looked around. "Where's ole Fat Butt?"

"Fat Butt!" The parrot called out. "Fat Butt HERE!"

Elizabeth, hearing the bird, shook her head, laughing.

Romano grinned as he moved to color in Anspaugh's face. "I think I'm getting a pet
parrot, Lizzie." He replied. "Do you think Gretel would like a little brother?"

"Good!" Cassi spat out. "Keep the [darn] bird! I HATE that thing!"

"Martian pigs!" The parrot called. "Evil Martian pigs!"

"Run for your life! The Evil Martian Pigs are upon us once again!" Becca yelled,
reminding all that the Evil Trio were still awake.

Dor frowned. "Why are they still awake, but the other authors here aren't?" He asked.

Sven gave a guilty look. "Oops, I knew we forgot something." She remarked. "Um, just
don't color on them."

Jiggly, hearing this, ignored Deb and Kekelina, and moved on to color on Frank Donovan's
face instead.

"Where'd Fiddles go?" Emmy asked, looking around.

"Beats me." Sven answered. "Probably back up to see Penny."

From the doorway, Wolvie, Snaggle and Luka entered, and stared in shock. They had
not expected Lucy to still be awake.

"Newsflash!" Lucy called to them. "Your side lost!"

Luka eyed the cage. "There must be some rule against that." He muttered.

"No, the girls won." Sven told him. "Let's face it, you guys were coming up here to use
your ability to stay awake and win, so don't complain because Lucy beat you to it."

The three did the Wolvie pout.

"Lucy's an Assistant?" Wolvie demanded.

"I think that part is obvious." Romano told him. "Be a good sport....color on some of
these people so we can get done before they wake up."

"In the meantime...." Cassi spoke up, snapping her fingers. "All good things must come
to an end."

At that moment, all the transformed people in the hospital....except Babcock, were returned
to normal.

In the corner, Pepe looked up at Coburn. "Excuse me." He spoke up to her. "You
wouldn't by any chance have seen a beautiful young lady skunk around here, would

Coburn handled it the way most people would....she fainted.

Pepe looked down at her. "I have that effect sometimes." He sighed. "Oh well, who
can explain love?" He calmly bounced away.

"Okaaay, that was different." Elizabeth mused.

Romano looked at all the doctors and nurses asleep on the floor, now returned to their
adult forms, and shook his head. "Fun while it lasted." He remarked, smiling.

Elizabeth stepped over beside him. "I've been thinking, Robert." She spoke up, quietly.

"What?" He asked, not turning.

"Why not?" She answered, with a sly smile.

"Why not what?" He asked, confused.

"You'll figure it out." She told him, before going over to talk with Lucy.

"Aww, why'd we have to grow back up again?" Becca whined. "This was FUN!!"

"So how do we wake them up?" Luka asked, pointedly. "Just scream really loud?"

The question was answered by a loud explosion, coming from the direction of the
Ambulance Bay.

As the entire lobby wakes up, Ryan, Murdoc, and Blue stagger in, coughing.

"I told you NOT to drop it!" Ryan cried. "Now we have to start all over again!"

"I didn't drop it!" Murdoc argued. "That paramedic bumped me and it fell!"

"Is the paramedic still alive?" Sven asked.

"Oh sure....more or less." Blue remarked, with a grin. "But I doubt he'll ever bump a guy
holding a vomit basin full of home-made C4 again."

"You didn't blow anything important up, right?" Romano questioned.

"Awww, nothing important....that ambulance, fire hydrant, basketball hoop, somebody's
food stand, couple of cars......" Murdoc began. **key word: BEGAN...meaning there's

"Well, I'm glad my car's out of range." Romano answered. "It wouldn't start this

Meanwhile, in the lobby, everyone was waking up and doing the usual post-Jigglypuff
ranting....with bits of "aww, we're all grown up again" thrown in.

Dave stood slowly, his face a rainbow of colors. "Aww, did we have to grow up THAT
soon?" He complained. "I was just starting to have FUN!"

"Uhhh, speak for yourself." Carter spoke up from the now very small cage he and Ardeth
were enclosed in. "What happened?"

"Lucy's an Assistant." Kovac informed him. "Oh and she seems to have a talent of
Transformation involving inanimate objects."

"Your cage was a quarter!" Lucy told them, proudly. "The girls won!"

Susan grinned. "That was fun, too!" She replied. "We should do it again sometime."

Ardeth sighed. "Right, so we lost the game....can we get out now?" He groaned. "This
is rather small."

"Oh, I think they're cute!" Kekelina announced. "Keep em in there!"

Carter stared at her. "But I thought you loved me!" He whined, giving her bambi eyes.

"Ugh, vomit pills." Romano moaned.

Sven held out a prescription bottle. "They're really good ones." She told him, grinning.

Shrugging, he took the bottle and helped himself to one.

Gallant stared at him. "You're supposed to be a doctor!" He scolded. "You're not
supposed to be sharing prescription drugs!"

"He's a rambling idiot." Romano explained. "Please don't shoot him. He doesn't know
any better."

Gallant opened his mouth to comment as Sven fingered her gun.

"One more word, and you're diggin' your own grave, pal." Romano warned.

The smart med student closed his mouth and walked away.

"I've shot people for less than that." Sven muttered.

"We already saw the two you shot for looking at you." Sandy remarked, drily. "Now
what's with all the marker on everyone's faces?"

Cassi gave her a "duh" look. "Jigglypuff?" She informed her. "You fell asleep while she
was singing. She takes that personally."

"You can wash it off in the bathroom....if it all comes off." Sven finished, grinning.
"Those markers Romano and Corday had were permanent...and they gave two of them
to Jiggly."

Irene glared at Dor. "You did it AGAIN!!!" She yelled. "I HATE you!"

"Someone's sleeping on the couch tonight." Emmy stated, smirking.

"Daddy's in trouble!" Ivy declared, loudly.

"Can we get out now?" Carter whined again.

Lucy rolled her eyes and changed the cage back into a quarter.

Sven leaned over and picked up the quarter. "Aww, come on!" She complained. "You
could have changed it into a hundred dollar bill, you know!"

Lucy brightened. "Wow, I never thought of that." She cried, happily, as she was then
surrounded by nearly everyone in the room, all holding out various objects they wanted
changed into money.

"Hey!" Sven yelled. "Leave my Assistant alone!!"

"Yeah, if she's making anyone money, it's us!" Romano snapped.

"Oh yeah?!" Carter demanded. "You wanna fight over it?"

Robert's face changed to a grin. "Okay, Carter!" He answered, igniting his lightsaber.
"Let's fight over it."

Carter ignited his own, and the two began to circle.

"Just as long as it ain't to the death." Sven muttered. "We'll be here for the rest of our

Elizabeth frowned. "Why is that?" She asked. "Robert's not directing right now."

"Yeah, but his talent won't let him get killed." Cassi told her, matter-of-factly. "And
quite frankly, neither will Carter's....so this could go on for a long time."

Benton stared. "Wait a minute...." He spoke up, quietly. "Romano can't be killed?"

Sven gave a guilty grin. "Ummm, no. That's his talent." She informed everyone. "It's
a Magician class, and we don't really know how far it goes. He might not be able to get
seriously injured, either."

Romano rolled his eyes, as he circled with Carter. "Figures." He muttered. "Where was
that when I NEEDED it?!"

"Sorry." Cassi answered. "We didn't know about that."

"Yeah, YOU didn't, but that POKE kid sure did!" He fumed. "I'm gonna kill that kid."

Sara cleared her throat loudly.

"And you be quiet, or I'll cover you in frogs!" Romano threatened.

Sara stared in horror. "NOOOO!!!! NOT THE SLIMEYS!!!!!" She cried, and let out
an ear-piercing raptor scream....thus deafening the entire set. Then she ran out the door.

"Now where were we?" Romano asked Carter.

"I was going to pound you with a lightsaber." Carter answered, smugly.

"In your dreams." Romano retorted, as the two lit into each other with their lightsabers,
making it the biggest lightsaber battle ever to take place in the ER.

As the two battled, everyone watched, in shock....including the security guards who
had finally awakened.

"Am I seeing this?" Anspaugh asked quietly.

"If you're not, you should get your eyes checked." Groucho told him, flicking cigar ash
into a nearby trashcan.

"You shouldn't smoke in here." Abby told him. "The last guy that smoked in here blew
something up. It nearly killed him."

Groucho eyed her, and put his cigar out.

Sven stepped over and gave Abby a pat on the back. "Nice job." She told her. "You
finally got him to put that lung frying stinky stick out."

In the middle of the lobby, Romano and Carter continued their fight, slicing everything
that got in the way...including people.

Pratt, having learned from the last time, stayed clear, jumping out of the way as they came
near, as did the security guards, who were watching interested....most likely as they had
never thought they'd see the Chief of Staff and the Chief Resident duking it out with
lightsabers in the middle of the ER.

Elizabeth looked impressed. "Robert's very good, for someone who can only fight with
one hand." She pointed out.

Luka nodded. "And Carter is pretty good with a sword." He told her.

Sven shrugged. "I don't even think they're serious." She remarked. "They're just
messing around. You can tell."

As the fight continued, the small dragon flew back in, followed by Mid.

"SPARKLES!!!" Mid called, catching up, then she stopped, watching the fight. "Wow.
When did I get to Star Wars?" She asked, in awe.

"Who are you betting on?" Susan asked Chen.

"Hard to say." Chen answered, watching. "Romano can't die, and they said Carter can't
really die either."

"If they were actually serious, I'd say maybe Carter." Luka suggested. "Romano has a
disadvantage without his left arm."

"Don't underestimate him." Cassi told him, sharply. "Romano doesn't exactly reveal all
his hidden talents."

"Like his singing voice." Sven retorted, smirking.

"Romano can sing!?" Susan asked, laughing. "Are you serious?"

"He was in Fame." Cassi informed her. "I would think that says he can sing."

"NO!" Susan shot out. "Who was he in Fame?! I've seen that movie a few times!"

"The redheaded guy." Cassi told her.

Susan frowned. "Really?! That guy?" She asked in disbelief. "No way!"

Sven pulled her scrapbook out of her bag, and flipped through the pages. "Here!" She
said, as she found the page. "That's him."

The ER doctors crowded around to look.

"Oh man, it IS!" Abby shouted, laughing. "I can't believe that!"

Elizabeth stared and rushed over to look. "Wow, this was when he had hair." She
exclaimed, in awe. "He was kind of cute."

"I'm gonna tell him you said that." Lucy teased.

"I'll deny it." Elizabeth replied, laughing.

"What do you think they're doing over there?" Carter asked as his and Romano's
lightsabers clashed.

Romano shrugged. "Not a clue, but it looks like it's not good." He answered. "They
keep looking over here and giggling."

"Are you bored yet?" Carter asked, blocking another swing.

"Nope!" Romano answered, attacking again. "You giving up?"

"Never!" Carter cried. "You give up!"

"Not a chance." Romano told him, knocking him off his feet.

Carter landed flat on his back and Romano posed above him, grinning. "By the way...."
he replied, cryptically, and looked up. "ABBY!"

Abby looked up. "What?"

Romano grinned. "I AM YOUR FATHER!" He put his lightsaber away, and pulled out
a folded piece of paper. Then he strode over and handed it to Abby.

Abby stared at it in horror. "NOOOOO, IT'S NOT TRUE!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!" She

"Where did you get that?" Sven demanded. "That's classified."

"You people left it on my desk." Romano informed her.

"What were you doing in my office?" Cassi snapped.

"Taking it back!" Romano retorted. "You left your darts, too." He turned to Abby.
"And what is so terrible about you being my daughter?"

Abby rolled her eyes. "Who cares about that?!" She spat out. "I wanna know why I'm
getting paired with DAVE!"

Dave's head snapped up. "What?!" He cried, running over. "Where?!"

Abby handed him the sheet. "You're playing the hero." She informed him. "Maybe I'll
run off with Dark Helmet."

Dave eyed the cast sheet. "Hey cool!" He replied with a grin. "I get to fly an RV with
wings....and Jerry's my dog."

Jerry, looked over his shoulder. "That's MOG!" He corrected.

"Whatever." Dave smirked. "Sounds like fun."

Carter looked at the paper then walked over to Ardeth. "You're the president." He told

"I am?!" Ardeth asked, staring. "Who are you?"

"Dark Helmet." Carter answered, trying to sound like Darth Vader. "This promises to be
fun. Romano's the King and Col. Sanderz...." He frowned. "Man has to kidnap his own

"How fun." Ardeth replied, with an evil grin.

Carter sighed and pulled himself up onto the main desk. He looked down abscentmindedly
and noticed a silver package, reading "Fruit by the Foot". He raised an eyebrow,
recognizing it for something the Evilauthors ate all the time. He looked around, checking
to see if any of them were watching before he slipped it into his pocket, and slid off the
desk. **hehe another one bites the dust**

"So, now that all the action's over, what do we do?" Malik asked, pointedly. "Now, I'm

Romano gave an evil grin. "Party's just getting started, buddy." He muttered under his
breath. "Lizzie?"

Elizabeth moved her hand into her pocket at the same time Romano did, and both picked
out their targets.

"Oh Kerry!!!" Romano sang out.

Kerry turned with a glare. "What?!" She snapped, as she had just washed her face and
was not in a good mood.

"Thirsty?" Romano asked as he threw a small balloon as hard as he could.

The coffee balloon hit her in the chest and she was instantly transformed into a child.

Anspaugh opened his mouth to object just as he was hit with a balloon by Lizzie,
changing him as well.

As the others watched, Romano pulled out another one, and threw it at Pratt, who didn't
see it coming fast enough to duck.

And naturally as all are watching Romano, who has his hand back in his pocket, they miss
seeing Elizabeth, who already had the balloon in her hand.

"Oh Peter!" Romano called out.

Benton turned and took a defensive pose, blocking it with a chair....unfortunately, the
balloon came from the other direction, as it was thrown by Corday. The result of this
mess was four children at about five years old...Kerry, Pratt, Benton, and Anspaugh.

"You have no idea how wonderful that felt." Romano breathed, happily.

"Nice shots." Carter congradulated. "That was cool!"

Kerry looked at herself and then up at all who were watching. "I'm going to kill you,
Robert!" She yelled.

"Good luck." Murdoc smirked. "They just said that was impossible. Remember?"

Benton gave an evil grin, befor he charged over and kicked Romano in the shin.
"Payback's a *beep*, isn't it?!" He proclaimed with a laugh.

As Romano glared and rubbed the sore spot, Benton gave him an evil look. "I oughta
pelt you with water balloons, too!" He spat out. "After you hit ME!"

Romano frowned, confused. "Peter, I never hit you with a balloon." He informed him.
"If you got hit with one, it wasn't me."

Benton stared. "I was hit with TWO!" He cried, glaring.

"Well, it wasn't ME!" Romano repeated. "But you might check with a few others. I
wasn't the only one throwing them, you know."

Benton frowned. "It was before the others were out." He answered. "You're lying."

Romano rolled his eyes. "No, I'm NOT!" He insisted. "I pelted Babcock and Weaver!
Anyone after that was someone ELSE! I was trying to get the others up the rope to
get out!"

Off to the side, Carter and Elizabeth exchanged a glance, and innocently, stepped back,
looking at the ceiling. Romano, who had turned to eye the others, caught sight of the
looks instantly, and he gave a grin.

"I think you might want to ask Carter and Lizzie about that, though." He suggested.
"They seem to know more than I do."

Benton turned to stare at them. "What?!"

Elizabeth bit her lip and her face took on a slight blush.

Carter backed away, trying to maintain an innocent look, and failing miserably.

Peter shook his head in disbelief. "I don't believe this!" He fumed.

Romano watched as Peter faced off to the two culprits, and he slowly backed away,
headed for the doors. As he went through the metal detectors, he set them off. A
wave of the lightsaber and security backed away, letting him pass, as he left the building,
headed for the street outside.

In the middle of a huge argument, all in the room heard a loud gunshot from outside,
followed by screeching tires.

Everyone came running to the Ambulance bay, with security following. The first thing
they saw was Sara Raptor helping Romano off the ground. He looked slightly shaken.

"What on earth was THAT?!" One of the security guards demanded.

Romano shook his head. "I don't know!" He answered, looking pale. "I come out here for
some air, and then there was a gunshot!"

"Did you see anything?!" The guard asked, quickly.

"Just the van that drove off really fast!" Romano answered, honestly. "Aside of that, I
saw absolutely nothing!"

As security examined the skid marks in the street, Romano reentered the hospital, once
again, setting off the metal detector. Tossing the gun to Cassi, he smirked to Carter and
Gallant. "Closed my eyes as I pulled the trigger!" He retorted, sounding smug.

Sven raised an eyebrow, knowing exactly what had happened. "He did deserve that for
not telling Lizzie he was leaving her with a clone." She muttered, making a note of the
death. **Bye bye Mahk!**

Cassi looked around at the now trashed hospital. "Well, I guess we'd better fix this."
She told Sven.

"Yeah. I guess so." Sven answered, sighing.

The two of them snapped their fingers, and the entire hospital was put back in complete
order.....except the four five year olds still in the lobby.

"Come on people." Cassi called out. "Break's over! We need to get back to the spoof

All in the room groaned.

"Do you have to?" Deb moaned. "That's not fair!"

"Can we come?" Kekelina asked, hopefully.

Cassi and Sven exchanged a glance. "Wait and see." Sven answered.

"Everyone OUT!" Cassi yelled, loud enough for the Zombies to get the point and leave.

"Hey!" Mid cried, triumphantly. "I caught him!" She held up Sparkles for all to see.

"Cool." Becca remarked. "Now we can take him to the set and let him loose there."

"Oyy." Cassi muttered under her breath. "As if that stupid parrot wasn't enough."

Romano grinned as the stupid parrot in question landed on his shoulder. "Script now!
Script now!" The bird called out as he exited with Corday, Shirley, Lucy, Carter, Abby,
and Ardeth.

Weaver stood next to Sandy, watching them all leave. "HEY!!!" She yelled. "WHAT
ABOUT US?!?!?"

The authors ignored her as they left, following the characters through the metal detectors,
which were going off again.

Logan glared, and stabbed the noisy machine with his claws, killing it. He smiled,
satisfied, as he followed the others.

Outside Ryan was heard as they left. "Bill!! HERE BOY!!! TIME TO GO NOW!!!"

The ground shook as Bill Spino followed his friends, wagging his tail, and chewing
a milkbone....a BIG milk bone.


So what happened to all the five year olds? Well.....read Chameleon! We'll get there
eventually! In the meantime, thankyou for your time and we're glad you enjoyed this
mess....and hopefully!! We'll get another chap up to thank all of you for your reviews
and for your constant laughter, that motivated us to actually finish this one.

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