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Star Trek/Star Wars – Galaxy at War: Prologue

Star Wars Dimension

CIS Fleet

Count Dooku stood on the bridge of Malevolence. The newly minted Subjugator-class heavy cruiser was an achievement of CIS engineering. There was nothing like her in the known galaxy. Her gigantic ion pulse canons would render any enemy vessel who dared oppose her helpless. Literally at the last minute Dooku had decided to be part of her maiden voyage rather than leave her at the mercy of that sadistic bungler Grievous. The cyborg had disappointed Dooku far too often as of late. If it were possible Dooku would have seen Grievous scrapped, alas Grievous was still vital to both Dooku's and his Master Darth Sidious' war aims.

"Our fleet is ready to depart Count Dooku." General Grievous said walking up to stand in front Dooku. The Count's unofficial apprentice the ever scowling Asajj Ventress stood to Dooku's right.

"Very well General order the fleet underway." Dooku said waving Grievous away.

"At once," Grievous said bowing low before scurrying off to carry out his master's orders like an obedient pet. Dooku chuckled slightly finding the mental image amusing. This earned him a cocked eyebrow from Ventress but nothing more. By now the female Dathomirian knew better than to question her powerful master over such trivial a matter.

Aside from Malevolence the fleet comprised twenty other Separatist battle cruisers of varying classes and a droid factory ship. Once movements were coordinated the entire configuration jumped into hyperspace. They didn't progress far beyond their first jump when they detected an approaching Republican Fleet of comparable size.

"Battle stations," Dooku ordered his voice calm betraying no emotion.

Republican Fleet

"Enemy fleet entering visual range, potential targets spotted. How should we precede General Kenobi?" Command Rex asked on the bridge of the lead Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer, one of ten such vessels which along with another ten battle cruisers of more scaled down designs comprised the Republic fleet.

"It is imperative we destroy the Separatists' latest super weapon. Order all ships to target Malevolence." Obi-wan commanded.

"Sir we're picking up odd readings." A clone trooper stationed at tactical informed his commanders.

"Define 'odd' technician," Anakin Skywalker who stood by the seated Obi-wan's right side, along with his Padawan Ahsoka Tano who stood to the elder Jedi's left, snapped somewhat harshly at the clone. Anakin immediately regretted his actions, not least of all because of the questioning stares he received as a result from both Ahsoka and Obi-wan. He'd been antsy ever since leaning his secret wife Senator Padme Amidala would be present on this mission by virtue of her senatorial transport being overtaken by the fleet. Anakin offered up a silent prayer to the Force for Padme's safety. He didn't know what he'd do of any misfortune befell her.

"Sorry sir. All I know is sensors indicate this region of space is currently experiencing some type of unknown spatial-temporal anomaly. Exotic subspace energies are appear unusually active here." The clone explained.

"Is there any indication of immediate danger to the fleet?" Obi-wan asked a note of concern evident in his usually placid voice.

"Undermined sir," The clone stated.

"Sir we've been spotted by the enemy. They have charged weapons. They are firing upon us." Commander Rex said with alarm.

"Return fire," Obi-wan commanded the unknown anomaly, along with any risks it may pose, was for the moment forgotten in the heat of impending battle.

CIS Fleet

"We have them." Grievous said clenching his metal hands into fists.

"Uh sir we are detecting unexplained subspace energy readings." A Neimoidian technician, one of the few organic soldiers onboard, said from his station next to the wondering General.

"Disregard the readings they are of no importance," Grievous said. "Charge our primary offensive batteries. Let us see how the Republican scum handle our new ion pulse canons."

"Sir I don't think that would be wise, given the extant of the unidentified subspace energy readings." Another Neimoidian technician squeaked disturbed by the strange readings displayed on his consol.

"Shut up," Grievous barked almost backhanding the flinching technician. "Do as I command or I'll bisect you with my lightsabers."

"Yes sir, charging now," The second Neimoidian technician said followed by an auditable gulp.

Battling Fleets

Three things then happened near simultaneous fashion; the ion cannons released their massive crackling charges, several incoming Republican laser beams intercepted and interacted with said charges defusing intermingled energy all throughout the area, finally a chain reaction occurred rippling through already weakened subspace violently tearing open a massive rift of unknown variety. Within less than three standard minutes all CIS and Republic ships alike were pulled inside the swirling anomaly. The rift then collapsed in spectacular fashion as quickly as it had formed stabilizing space around its former zone of contact with normal space.

Star Trek Dimension

Captain Jean-Luc Picard commander of the USS Enterprise-D hated portal duty. In fact Captain Picard hated everything about the war between the Federation Alliance, which the Romulan Star Empire had recently joined, and the Dominion- Cardassian Pact. He hated the wanton destruction of what it had taken decades or in certain cases even centuries to build, the senseless loss of sentient and non-sentient life and the wasted resources that could be better spent expanding horizons than decimating solar systems. At heart Picard was an explorer not a warrior, a diplomat not a conqueror. True he'd seen more than his fair share of combat however he always felt peaceful exploration and discovery was his primary duty as a Star Fleet officer, not battle and bloodshed. Yet here he was conducting gunboat diplomacy with his beloved ship, the flagship of the Federation USS Enterprise-D, maintaining a menacing presence along the current border of Dominion space. Following the enemy withdraw after the liberation of Deep Space Nine he'd hoped peace would soon once again reign in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. That a negotiated end to this madness would prove at long last possible, how wrong he'd been.

"Sir long range sensors indicate an unexplained spike of unusual subspace emissions nearby." Lt. Commander Data informed Picard from ops.

"Can you localize it Mr. Data." Picard said.

Data's chalk white fingers flew over his console for several seconds before he replied. "Yes sir, the subspace emissions are strongest in an area roughly zero-point-five light years from our current position." Data reported.

"Ensign set course," Picard commanded thankful for a distraction of any sort from the war. "Let's investigate these mysterious emissions more closely."

"What do you think we are dealing with captain?" Commander William T. Riker asked from his positioned seated to Picard's right.

"I'm not sure Number One." Picard confessed with a weary smile. "However I feel a good old fashioned douse of exploration for exploration's sake is what this crew, and I myself need right now. I'm sure the war will still be here when we're finished, regrettably."

"Understood sir," Riker said with his trademarked broad grin.

In well under a minute the sleek Galaxy Class starship arrived where the anomaly had been detected. Nobody onboard had time to conduct a full scan however. The region of space ahead of their position abruptly began destabilizing.

"Sir sensors indicate a rift in subspace is forming directly ahead." Data said.

"Ensign assume a safe distance where we can observe the emerging rift with minimum risk." Picard commanded.

"Sir something is…." Data started but never finished.

Without further warning Enterprise-D was impacted by cascading waves of energy which tossed it to and fro. When the waves finally ceased the bridge crew of the Enterprise-D looked on in awe. Nearly two dozen large vessels, several larger than the Enterprise-D herself, of alien design dominated their view screen.

"Contact Streel Fleet Command, tell them we have a potentially volatile situation on our hands." Picard commanded picking himself up off the floor. He adjusted his uniform with a downward tug then turned his full attention on the main view screen. One thing could be said with brutal honesty concerning life in Star Fleet these days Picard thought with mixed feelings, it was seldom dull.

Cardassia Prime, afternoon

Weyoun Eight couldn't believe she was really gone. How could a god died? What kind of cruel, abnormal universe allowed such a thing to happen? Standing by the Female Founders' remains, which consisted of little more than a pile of grey-white ashes, Weyoun felt very small and alone. Worse the Vorta was gripped by intense, almost debilitating fear. With all the Founders on this side of the Wormhole, damn Benjamin Sisko and his crew for once more mining the entrance, gone responsibility for controlling the rowdy Jem'Hadar laid strictly on the Vorta's collective shoulders. Weyoun feared his follows weren't up to the task nor were their Cardassian allies such as that detestable drunkard Damar. Begrudgingly Weyoun mentally conceded Dukat may have been able (if the dictator hadn't gone mad following the murder of his half Bajoran daughter Ziyal at the hands of the aforementioned Damar) to find a way to control the drug dependant soldiers. Alas Weyoun only hoped somehow, some way things would work out.

Weyoun didn't know it at the time but a new type of "god" had arrived in the galaxy. Before long the genetically enhanced minions of the Dominion would know new masters, darker masters. They would be in the Sith's evil thrall and their galaxy would never be the same.

CIS Fleet

"General Grievous what have you done fool!?" Count Dooku shouted lifting himself up off the deck plating. He levitated towards his command platform.

"This wasn't my doing." General Grievous snarled after regaining his own footing. "What happened worthless idiot?" General demanded painfully slapping the once more seated Neimoidian technician who happened to be closest to his position in the back of the poor, confused being's head.

"I don't know sir." The Neimoidian technician confessed. "Our star charts appear out of sync. Nothing makes sense, the readouts have gone haywire."

"Both our long range and short range sensors are scrambled sir." The second Neimoidian technician reported studying his displays.

"Reset sensors," Dooku ordered.

"Right away Count Dooku," A third Neimoidian technician said then added several seconds later as a loud beeping sounded. "Automatic reset sequence has failed only alternative is manual rest."

"Initialize manual reset," Dooku said calmly hiding his annoyance.

"At once," A fourth Neimoidian technician said relaying Dooku's command to the engineering section. More than a solid minute later the technician continued. "Engineering reports manual reset sequence successful, short range sensors coming back online now."

"Finally some good news," Dooku said sitting down in his throne type chair which was situated on a raised platform in the center of the main bridge Asajj Ventress assumed her usual position by his right side.

"What is wrong master?" Ventress said watching as Dooku grimaced in pain rubbing his head undercurrents of genuine concern and trepidation evident in her voice. She had never before seen her master so distressed.

"Don't you feel it my apprentice?" Dooku asked blinking his eyes rapidly. "His presence I can no longer detect even a whisper of his magnificent force signature. Lord Sidious is, gone. How can this be?" Dooku looked almost pleadingly at Ventress. His eyes full of confusion, regret, a hint of sadness and something else Ventress could quite identify, joy perhaps?

Ventress reached out into the Force then gasped. Her master was right. Sidious' dark, brooding shadow his living black hole of power was no longer detectable in the background as it had always been but why? Wait there was more amiss beyond Sidious' absence. Where were the Jedi? Their bright, nauseatingly joyful signatures had also mysteriously vanished. In their place there was simply, nothing. Ventress would have been elated if she weren't so troubled by this wholly unexpected development.

"They are gone the Jedi all of them, as is Lord Sidious." Ventress said not believing her own words.

Dooku let out a shuddering breath. "Indeed they are my apprentice."

"What does it mean master?" Ventress said.

"I am unsure." Dooku stated then grinned knowingly. "They aren't all gone. I sense three yet remain, three familiar Jedi not far away from us."

"Obi-wan, Skywalker and Skywalker's pet." Ventress said her eyes narrowing.

"Yes, they are nearby." Dooku said.

"Count Dooku sensors are registering the enemy fleet from earlier remains in close proximity." One of the Neimoidian technicians reported. "What's more they appear dead in space."

"Any indication why their ships are in a nonoperational state," Dooku asked.

"In all probability their systems were at least partially impaired by the earlier effects our ion pulse canons." Another one of the Neimoidian technician replied.

"We must strike before they can recover." General Grievous said his voice dripping with malice. "Crush them completely while we have the chance."

Dooku titled his head considering the General's bloodthirsty words before replying. "Order the fleet to train all conventional weapons upon the enemy vessels. I want total annihilation of all opposing forces, spare not a single ship."

"Yes Count Dooku, relaying your orders to the fleet and targeting nearest enemy vessel." The same Neimoidian technician said.

Republican Fleet

"Incoming enemy fire General Kenobi, our shields remain inoperable." The Clone trooper at tactical reported his expression grim.

"Kriff," Anakin Skywalker said angrily.

"Master," Ahsoka said in shock at her master's blatant use of profanity.

"Sorry Snips, I got carried away," Anakin said scratching the back of his head with his organic arms.

"Ahsoka is correct Anakin there is no need for profanity," Obi-wan said crossly from his position seated in the command chair.

"Maybe not, but we are taking one Sith Hell of a beating master." Anakin contended as the ship rocked from multiple impacts. "If our deflector shields don't come back online soon we're toast along with the whole fleet."

"I know Anakin, but do remember we've gotten out of worst situations than this one." Obi-wan said although secretly admitting he couldn't think of many.

USS Enterprise-D

"One group of alien vessels has commenced attacking the other group. Sensors indicate the latter group appears defenceless, taking heavy damage and is not returning fire." Data reported from ops.

"What are your orders captain?" Lt. Commander Roderick, a native of Mars and recent addition to the Enterprise crew who had replaced the Klingon Worf, said from his position manning tactical.

"Hail the largest of the attacking vessels." Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered.

"No response," Roderick reported.

"Open a channel all frequencies," Captain Picard ordered.

"Channel open," Roderick reported a split second later.

"Lead attacking vessel this is Jean-Luc Picard captain of the Star Fleet flagship USS Enterprise. You are violating Federation territory by committing seemingly unprovoked hostile acts against a defenseless opponent. Explain your actions at once."

"Receiving a response, audio only," Roderick reported.

"This is a private CIS matter alien vessel. If you interfere we will destroy you. This is your only warning." The voice of Count Dooku stated dryly.

"Nice guy," Command William T. Riker said corking an eyebrow.

"Orders sir," Roderick asked.

Picard carefully considered his options then said. "Contact Star Fleet Command advise them we have engaged the hostile alien fleet which has identified itself as 'CIS'."

"Yes captain," Roderick said his nimble fingers flying over his console.

"Take us over the hostile fleet in a large arch, full impulse." Picard ordered. "Once in range target the hostile vessels full phaser and torpedo spread, engage."

CIS Fleet

"Now what," Dooku groaned feeling the bridge rumble around him.

"The alien vessel known as 'Enterprise' is attacking us and our fleet." One of the Neimoidian technicians squawked in alarm from his station.

"Target the alien vessel." Grievous barked.

"Republican vessels weapon systems are coming back online." Another Neimoidian technician warned sweating profusely his bulbous eyes bugging further out of his head than usual.

"Delay that order," Dooku said "Coordinate a hyperspace jump with our other vessels. Then jump to a randomly determined set of coordinates generated by the navigational computer."

Republican Fleet

"Thank the Force for that alien vessel 'Enterprise'." Obi-wan said.

"Weapons systems coming back online General Kenobi," One of the Clone troopers reported.

"Good target the Malevolence." Obi-wan ordered.

"Can't do it, enemy fleet has jumped into hyperspace." Another Clone trooper reported.

"Cowards," Anakin said.

"Once more thank the Force." Obi-wan said with a heavy sigh. "Alright let's contact our new friends shall we?"

"If they are our friends," Anakin pointed out.

"Why must you always be so negative Anakin?" Obi-wan said palming his face in frustration at his former student's dour attitude.

"I prefer to think of myself as a realist master." Anakin said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Masters please stop your bickering." Ahsoka said her brow knitting with intense concentration. "Something is, wrong I can feel it. The Force I can no longer sense the others within it."

"Ahsoka's right, I don't sense anyone throughout the Force other than us and weak traces of Dooku and Ventress along with grabbled, indistinct raw signatures." Anakin said.

"Oh dear," Obi-wan said stroking his beard thoughtfully this was quickly turning into one of the most complicated days of his life.

In orbit over Cardassia Prime

The CIS Fleet exited hyperspace between Cardassia Prime and its main moon. Onboard Dooku was far from impressed. How could the fleet almost impact with a planetary body? Had their navigational network been more severely damaged than first thought?

"Count Dooku six unknown vessel are rapidly closing on our position." A Neimoidian technician reported nervously.

Dooku closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The Force was trying to tell him something. This world was ripe with Dark Side energy. He could feel it in his very bones. Finding this place was the will of the Force he was certain of it. He sensed however he most move quickly before all was lost.

"Contact those on the surface." Dooku ordered. Once a link was established, a standard 2-D visual one as the holo emitters couldn't sync properly for some unknown reason, Dooku beheld the placid face of Weyoun and the surly countenance of Damar.

"Alien fleet this territory belongs to the Dominion withdraw immediately or be destroyed." Weyoun warned.

The Force screamed at Dooku that a demonstration of power was called for if he were to break these beings resistance, and then bend them to his own design. "I will do no such thing." Dooku said his eyes turning a sickly yellow. Reaching out with the Force he choked both Weyoun and Damar half to death and using a powerful mind trick paralysed every soldier in the command center, Cardassian and Jem'hadar alike. "I am Lord Tyranus dark lord of the Sith and your new master. Transmit your coordinates. I shall join you shortly. Fail to comply I shall break your feeble minds, and call off the attack vessels at once or else I shall destroy those onboard slowly one cell at a time."

Fifteen minutes later Dooku stood alone in Command Central on Cardassia Prime surrounded by formerly hostile beings which had been turned to his service. Once he'd landed they'd tried to ambush him but he'd easily taken care of that with an awesome display of chained force lighting, almost in truth a full-fledged force storm. By this point Weyoun the Vorta and his Jem'hadar troops were outright worshiping Dooku as another god made flesh and sent down from on high. The fact he could so easily read their minds only added to his allure. Only Damar seemed unhappy realizing he'd traded the Founders for a new perhaps worse oppressor, the Sith. Within less than three hours tens of thousands of CIS battle droids or all shapes and sizes had landed on Cardassia Prime as Weyoun slavishly brought Dooku and later Ventress, Grievous and finally Cad Bane (the Duro bounty who had been present with the fleet to negotiate a bounty with Dooku when it had been tossed into this strange area of space) up to speed concerning the war with the Federation Alliance. By day's end it was decided Alpha Quardrant Dominion forces would be reorganized under Grievous and merged into the CIS to former the new Sith Empire, darkness had fallen across the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way.

To Be Continued

I am reposting this series with expanded content and better editing. Some of you may have noticed I used the Enterprise-D rather the E. This was no error on my part. Rather I prefer the first TNG ship over the second, as I am far more familiar with in. Thus in this AU timeline the Enterprise-D survived the events of Star Trek: Generations.

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